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Amateur Bound Spankings Vol. 2

Video: Amateur Bound Spankings Vol. 2
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Nothing looks better than a pretty girl spanked until her ass turns bright red. These naughty sluts get what they deserve as they go over the knee and receive brutal spanking punishment. They all promise to be good but it's a lie and they all need to be taught a lesson they won't forget.

Stripped and humiliated that have no choice but to submit and receive the pain they secretly wish for. Each one treated as the slut they are and forced to admit their disobedience.

You can see the pain in their eyes as their asses are slapped over and over again in brutal attacks that leave them stunned and bewildered and yearning for the safety and comfort of their own homes. Their pleas of mercy and promises of good behavior in the future are ignored.

Stars: Tabitha, Chloe, Trina, Lydia McLane, Ashley Edmonds, Nicotine, Lt Smash

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