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A Session With Persephone

Video: A Session With Persephone
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Studio: Syren Productions
This video is just what the title suggests. Mistress Persephone takes slave Bart into her dungeon and proceeds to beat the daylights out of him for a full hour. As a reward for being such a good slave Mistress Persephone ties poor Bart to her St. Andrews cross and delivers blow after punishing blow to his ass; using her hand, various paddles, crops, whips and canes. She then takes him off the cross and has him hang from her suspension bar while she continues the beating. The lashes get harder and harder as the session intensifies. Mistress Persephone looks simply delectable in her black cat suit and 2" long nails, which she teases Bart with constantly.

Stars: Mistress Persephone, Bart

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