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3 Girls Spanked in Punishment Session

This is an action-packed, multiple-spanking punishment session! 3 girls need to be punished and the Headmaster will take care of all of them together. He starts in the office-lounge. Cortney is spanked OTK with 55 slaps. Jenna has the hairbrush used on her 34 times. Zara gets spanked with 44 slaps. Cortney then receives 40 strokes of the hairbrush OTK, then the Ping-Pong Paddle with 20 strokes and the Discipline Paddle with 20. Jenna then bends over and grabs her ankles to receive 20 strokes of the Discipline Paddle, Cortney gets 10 and Zara gets 20. Off to the bedroom and Zara receives 104 slaps OTK, Cortney gets 84 and Jenna 60! Then each kneels in turn on the bed to be strapped with the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap: With feet kicking, Cortney receives 101 strokes, Jenna 111 and Zara 130. Then, Cortney gets special treatment in the Punishment Room with 50 strokes of the Slut Strap!

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