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Thrill Seekers

Video: Thrill Seekers
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Remember the first time you were really scared? Pretty intense, right? How does it make you feel in the pit of your stomach when you see a beauty get her just due by getting a whipping into total submission?

Well, if you're like me, you live for that feeling. And you'll get it good with THRILL SEEKERS. Bondage, whippings and the erotic stimulation that comes with the taboo await you inside! Now watch the action!

Stars: Tianna, Erica Boyer, Jeanna Fine, Ca See

Das Eichen eines Sklaven ~~~ The oaks of a slave

The oaks of a slave: From master Tom supplied, from mistress Hera and her Mistress Jin stamped: This is slave Guenter! Tied-up he must endure the eggs whipped and the bag the hard slashes of both ladies distorted with pain... and may cost of the Mistress wet pussy! 14:48 min - 888 sek ~~~~~ Das Eichen eines Sklaven: Von Master Tom zugefuehrt, von Herrin Hera und ihrer Mistress Jin geeicht: Das ist Sklave Guenter! Die Eier gepeitscht und den Sack abgebunden muss er die harten Hiebe der beiden Ladies schmerzverzerrt ertragen... und darf zur Belohnung der Mistress saftige Fotze kosten ! 14:48 min - 888 sek ~~~~~

The Power Of Summer – Revenge!

Video: The Power Of Summer - Revenge!
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Summer Cummings is dropped off on Bruce's doorstep awaiting the sting of his endless whip. But what he doesn't know is that with each painful crack, a demon grows inside her with a thirst for vengeance. Who's going to quench her voracious appetite?

Lia Baron, the ambidextrous trainee and heir to Bruce's throne? Melanie Moore, the submissive slave and recipient of Lia's passion? Or Alexis Payne, who gives Summer a painful reason to seek out her revenge? Some days you're better off staying home - or in bed.

Stars: Summer Cummings, Melanie Moore, Lia Baren, Alexis Payne

Mistress Manor

Video: Mistress Manor
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Plastic wrap, whips, chains and DOMINATION! These mistresses love to be in control of their beautiful slutty slaves, doing everything and anything they want to them!

But don't feel bad for the slaves, they love it! This is the best girl on girl domination action that you'll ever get to see and who knows, maybe you'll want to be dominated too!

Stars: Felony, Summer Cummings, Mistress Aradia, Roxy Deville, Alexia Milano, More...

Paddle your stupid ass – Brutal Princess & Worzel Gumage

Brutal Princess bends her slave over the table with his hands cuffed in-front of him. She takes her leather paddle and begins to thrash his ass with it. The Brutal Princess is dressed to kill in this clip with her sexy white skirt and pink satin corset. The slaves ass becomes more and more red with each thrash from the paddle as Brutal Princess walks around him taunting him. Why are you shaking asks Brutal Princess? im cold replies the stupid slave. Brutal Princess promises to warm him up.....

Smack That Ass!

Video: Smack That Ass!
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Studio: Bacchus
Whack, whack, whack! Who doesn't love the sound of firm, strict, hand smacking the quivering butt cheeks of a willing submissive? Cum on baby-smack that ass!Have you been bad? I think you have and because your bad, I'm going to smack your ass over and over, then you can go jerk off till you cum all over yourself!

Stars: Ricky Parker, Steven Richards, Hot Boi, Mark Lopez, Black Hawk, More...

Abi’s Confession – The Thin Rattan Cane

Video: Abi's Confession - The Thin Rattan Cane
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Abi has been sent to stand in the corner by Headmaster Tom and he goes in to see if she is regrets her actions. When he learns that she does not have any remorse it fuels his rage with her he begins to taunt her with sounds of the cane whizzing through the air.

He administers a severe beating with the cane across her bare bottom. Once he has finished he sends her back to the corner where he interrogates her to find out whether or not she has learned her lesson. Do you think she has? You'll have to find out for yourself.

Stars: Abi, Headmaster Tom

Bad Attitudes

Video: Bad Attitudes
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Michael has received several reports from other colleagues regarding Simone's bad attitude at the school. He calls her into the office to confront her about why she has been misbehaving so badly.

Her response is quite cocky, so Michael has to punish her for her actions. He believes a swift hard caning will do just the trick. Will one whack teach her a lesson, or will more be required to set her straight?

Stars: Michael, Simone

Fetish Fanatic Disc 1 – Scene 4 Clip 3

Woman gets milk sucked out of her breasts by machine, then gets whipped while lapping up the excess with her tongue.

Sisters Of No Mercy

Video: Sisters Of No Mercy
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
Punishment and mercy go hand and hand in most cases, but in Master Seven's dungeon these girls show no mercy for each other.

They all beg to be tied and spanked into submission until the can stand it no longer. This is one group of ladies who will show you what it's like to receive no mercy, and you'd better like it or else!

Stars: Jill Kelly, Tianna, Summer Cummings, Jeanna Fine, Tia, More...



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