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Strict Stepmother

Video: Strict Stepmother
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Tara has a new stepmother and isn't adjusting well. Julie has tried the nice approach but Tara keeps rebuffing her efforts to be friends. Julie decides a stricter demeanor is necessary in order to have a harmonious household. Julie knows that the only way to get through to a stubborn girl like Tara is with judicious application of hand and paddle.

1. Stepmom's Conversation

Tara declares that although her father may have n'{married Julie, she did not and therefore doesn't have to associate with her. She storms off to relax in a warm bath, but Julie is waiting for her when she steps out of the bathroom. She whisks away the snotty brat's towel and tosses her over her knee and surprises her with a spanking.

2. Wardrobe Change

Julie decides that not only is a change in attitude required, but a change in wardrobe too. She hands Tara a modest, juvenile style dress and orders her to put it on and then tidy her room. Tara begrudgingly slips into the dress but chooses to curl up on the couch to rest instead of clean. Julie delivers a tough hairbrush spanking to her stepdaughter for not minding her.

3. Skipped

Tara gave herself a half day off classes and left after third period. Julie is home waiting for her and uses a narrow paddle to send a message to her stepdaughter that such behavior is unacceptable.

4. Hang Up Now

Julie wants her stepdaughter to help her prepare dinner but Tara refuses to get off the phone. Julie remains calm, hangs up for her, and informs her that she will be spanked before the night is through. Shortly before bed, Tara sheepishly appears in her pa.!amas for her punishment5. Birthday Party Tara is displeased with every detail of her birthday party and is whining about it loudly in front of her guests. Julie takes the spoiled girl in another room, pulls up her party dress, and spanks her well within earshot of her friends.

Stars: Tara, Julie Simone

Leather Dommes: Rubber Toy

Video: Leather Dommes: Rubber Toy
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Scene 1: Mistress Servalan visits the Mistress Irene’s Compound, where She and Ms Boss celebrate their reunification by playing with a new rubber doll! They hoist him up in the air, teasing him with their leather and whipping his upper back and ass. Mistress Servalan unzips his package to unleash his man meat and `Woman handles` it! Next the salve endures a paddling while Ms Boss enjoys his front and makes him eat some of his own goo off of Her leather gloves. Rubber face and body slapping takes place too, as well as hand spanking. Ms Boss enjoys whipping his cock and Mistress Servalan gags him with an inflatable rubber device during his cock caning.

Scene 2: Leather Ladies move their rubber boy to the rotating table for more BDSM fun! Leather glove fetish play with CBT is explored while he hangs sideways. He is turned upside down for boot worship and more cock whipping! The Ladies then decide to take him for a spin. He is woken up with leather implements and glove slapping.

Scene 3: French maid on the Berkely Horse Punishment Stockade is punished for poor domestic service. A good hand spanking is in order!

Stars: Irene Boss, Mistress Servalan

New Model Keagan Punishment Day – Angle 1

Video: New Model Keagan Punishment Day - Angle 1
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Headmaster Tom bangs on Keagan’s door to remind her what day it is – punishment day. She was supposed to be in his office at 7 am! She makes him angry when she says she overslept on this important day. Headmaster sits down and immediately gives her an over the knee spanking with a hairbrush. He lets her know that this was an extra punishment, not for past deeds. When he is done Keagan is sent to the bathroom to get dressed and meet him in his office.

Stars: Keagan, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Samantha

Video: New Resident Samantha
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The Headmaster has allowed Dana to have her friend, Samantha, visit for two weeks. When she arrives the Headmaster goes over the rules with her - no smoking, no alcohol, no boys, no noise and proper clothing. As he moves out of the room, Samantha makes a face at his back, while Dana nudges her and indicates that that is not a nice thing to do.

The girls were supposed to go swimming, but instead Samantha decides to raid the liquor cabinet, despite Dana’s protestations. Suddenly the Headmaster returns. He has forgotten his keys and finds that Samantha has imbibed. Samantha hasn’t been in the house an hour and she is now across the lap of the Headmaster. He gives her a lecture on drinking and gives her barely clothed bottom a good hard hand spanking. She wiggles around until he has to hold her down with his leg across hers.

As Samantha stands against the wall, the Headmaster retrieves a variety of canes. This will allow Samantha to fully understand where he is coming from. As we get a close up of Samantha’s welted bottom, she promises Headmaster Tom that she has learned her lesson. When he leaves she ends up sobbing in Dana’s arms. This should be an interesting two weeks.

Stars: Dana, Samantha, Headmaster Tom

Linda, Now It’s For Real!

Video: Linda, Now It's For Real!
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Headmaster Tom is very angry as he roughly shoves Linda into the library with instructions to completely undress. Linda slowly complies and anxiously awaits his return.

The Headmaster returns shortly with the paddle. When Linda hesitates to get across his lap, he gives her a quick hand spanking where she stands. He pulls her across the room for an over the knee hand spanking on her bare bottom while she struggles to escape. Midway, without a word, he switches to the paddle.

When he is finished Linda slowly falls to the floor. The Headmaster will return in one hour.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Cockmommie 6: Men In Trouble

Video: Cockmommie 6: Men In Trouble
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
They are unrelenting, unmerciful mistresses who will do anything to humiliate, chastise, harass, and otherwise antagonize their submissive male slaves. BDSM is now in session!

Episode 1: Casual Day at the Compound! "Big Top Cock and Customer Circus"!

Men have a dress code to follow at the Compound. Women on the other hand, do not. Irene Boss meets Cock Mommie (Madame Nadine) in punishing this casual clown. He is even dressed like a clown to emphasize the point, with a ridiculous mask. He is going to be used as a demonstration tool for Ms Boss to show Madame Nadine what goes on at the studio a little more fully. The Ladies restrain him to a CBT chair for manual NT and CBT. NT clamp are then attached with a "chicken wing" predicament arm bondage position. Ms Boss then demonstrates electric CBT via the Eros Tech. The Ladies decide to get out the clothespins to create a Pinata for their office party. Electric nipple play is explored on many settings. Madame Nadine removes the clothespins with a riding crop. Ms Boss and Madame Nadine speak in Pittsburghese. Corporate Clown is moved to the Cross for a double flogging as well as a paddling and cropping. Round 2 commences. It's worse the second time around. While Madame Nadine twists and electrifies his nipples, Ms Boss whips the clothespins off and Madame Nadine has a turn with a riding crop. The action then progresses to the sling for a double bang. Take the Mandingo cocks!

Episode 2: "Hotel California with Cock Mommie".

Truly a date from hell! Reality FemDom filmed at Dom Con LA. Cinderfella is so shell shocked from having to serve CockMommie for days on end that he goes to the wrong room for their scene. She is a Giantess who towers over him! He is made to worship feet and then commanded to strip. The weekends play is evident on his body. He is locked in a kali's teeth bracelet for chastity, and his balls were recently infused by Ms Boss and Mistress Chase. While she snaps her gum she spanks his pasty ass and twists his nipples. The horror of the clothespins again! He is tied face down to a glass table for foot worship and foot gagging. He is flogged in the bathroom and humiliated with his head in the commode. Madame Nadine straps it on, removes her shoes, and becomes a butt pirate. He eats a banana from her strap-on as well!

Episodes 3 and 4: "Man Maid" / "Ass Slam Toe Jam"

Domestic Discipline gone awry! Madame Nadine alights the stairs at the Compound in gorgeous black lingerie to find her slave for the evening who has been under the The Boss for the last 3 hours. Ms Boss has shaved, enemized and feminized him so he is ready for duty. Ms Boss comments on their height discrepancies. He looks like a shrimp next to Madame Nadine who he must address as "Cock Mommie". He is a slovenly housemaid so must be trained on how to make his slave bed. She verbally berates him constantly for his ineptitude. Since he is sweating all over the place, Madame Nadine turns a large fan on which makes his job even more difficult. Ms Boss becomes so annoyed she walks back upstairs, shoves him to the side, and makes the bed herself in about 2 minutes. He is then made to dust the Ladies bedroom like a sissy fairy. He is disciplined with the very implements he has cleaned. Wood, lexan, and leather are explored. There is a cock sucking lesson followed by proper boot service with culinary humiliation. He is made to eat his dinner from Madame Nadine's toes and consume a nasty cocktail. How embarrassing. Show Mommie how the piggies eat! This debacle is wrapped up with foot kissing.

Stars: Domina Irene Boss, Madame Nadine, Mistress Chase, Cinderfella

Whip The Lying Bastard

Video: Whip The Lying Bastard
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Slave R has decided to attempt a mind fuck on Ms. Boss when he was told to mail his chastity key in before his scene was to take place. Ms. Boss received the envelope all right, minus the key! She decides to teach the slave a lesson by having a little mind fuck all her own against the slave. Ms. Boss happens to be feeling hormonal and slave must be punished for his macho bitch behavior.

He is damn lucky that she has the kindness to give him a warm up with a big heavy leather flogger first followed by a double flogging. Then she breaks out the brand new 24 plait signal whips. Slave is restrained over the CBT chair in chastity for upper back whipping beginning with 2 nylon bullwhips followed by an 18 plait signal. This is a great video for those who are new to whipping and bull whipping and want to learn about different length and types of whips and also to watch a harsh punishment on a genuine masochist and whipping enthusiast, by a genuine whip sadist. The slave receives a nice soothing alcohol rub from Ms Boss on his upper back to bring out the marks. She moves him to the St. Andrew's cross for ass whipping. She begins with a good hard flogging to warm up the area followed with a double flogging. Educational yet extremely cruel punishment whipping with skin loss from the bullwhips. He is berated constantly for his behavior.

Stars: Irene Boss, Slave R

Playing Games

Video: Playing Games
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Emma is so engrossed in her video game that she doesn’t hear the Headmaster call for her to come to his office. Finally, he is fed up and goes to retrieve the girl from her room. When he finds her playing video games he becomes enraged, commands her to set up for a punishment, and leaves. Emma faces the wall, bends over and lowers her trousers.

When he returns, Headmaster begins to cane her rear end. Soon it is red and welted. And she keeps forgetting to thank him for each stroke, which leads to more punishment. Caning over, she sits down and he makes her hold her legs under her knees. She is to maintain that position and think about things for at least half an hour.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Lizzy

Video: New Resident Lizzy
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Lizzy, head bobbing and listening to music, doesn’t hear the multiple knocks of the Headmaster at her door. She is late for physical training, just lying around wearing improper clothing, sandals and cosmetics. She also seems to be… smirking. For all these things and the mess in her room the Headmaster puts her over his knee. He leaves the room and comes back to a nude Lizzy. He gives her another over the knee spanking, makes her clean up her mess and sends her to physical training. She is still nude so everyone can see her shame.

Stars: Lizzy, Headmaster Tom

Maintenance Of Discipline

Video: Maintenance Of Discipline
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Studio: Mood Pictures
Mood Pictures is excited to present a new sensual spanking movie directed by AVN awarded performer Steve Holmes. After completing the EliteClub’s Wife disciplinary Program, Steve and his wife must be maintained and with the usual painful methods including spanking, flogging, caning, restraints and more!

Stars: Alexa, Steve Holmes



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