Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time


Anal Suspension, Full Feature

Sometimes I just wonder what I can get away with in my dungeon. Well, it appears I can get away with whatever I want as long as it amuses me. So I play with my slave in inescapable suspension bondage taking his ass, using him as an ashtray and using him as a boot cleaner. 26 minutes

A Simply Divine Spanking (Entire Movie)

Kelly is a very, verrry naughty young woman. She is also very, verrry easy on the eyes. Miss Divine's real claim to fame however, aside from her not inconsiderable boudoir skills, is her simply outstanding bubble butt. Now, when confronted with a very, verrry bad girl with a very, verrry fine bottom, any gentleman worth his salt knows there is but one course of action.

Spank Until Red #4 – Betty

Video: Spank Until Red #4 - Betty
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Studio: Scorched
Betty's back once again, this time with two curvy brunettes to spank on the stage during a stripper class. In 6 scenes watch Betty caress and punish these two cuties for sucking during their lesson. One brunette has a tramp stamp that accompanies her bubble butt while the other has natural large knockers. Betty puts a hurting on both, along with making them pleasure each other during the pain!

Stars: Betty

Syren Paddling Scenes 2

Video: Syren Paddling Scenes 2
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Studio: Syren Productions
This DVD features some of our best and hardest paddling scenes featuring Mistress Gemini, Mistress Mallory, Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Jinx, Mistress Isabella, and Mistress Victoria. A full hour of nonstop punishment packed paddling action featuring some of our most sadistic ladies.

Stars: Mistress Gemini, Mistress Victoria, Mistress Mallory, Mistress Isabella, Oui Madame, Mistress Aiden Starr, Mistress Jinx

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 3

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 3
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Studio: British Discipline
Meet Katie Leigh, a spunky, short haired blonde who is always getting into some type of trouble. Along with her brunette schoolgirl friend you can watch Katie as she spanks and gets spanked. The film begins with some girl on girl spanking but that quickly changes to male on female over the knee spanking when the older master arrives.

Stars: Katie Leigh

Hands & Feet

Video: Hands & Feet
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Keagen left wet all over the floor from walking out of the shower and is accused for leaving the apartment a mess. Headmaster Tom complains to her about having to pay the maid extra because of the excessive mess Keagen leaves. She is then ordered to go in the bathroom to wet her hands and feet. Keagen goes into the bedroom where she has her hands and feet whipped by a leather tawse. After all the pain, Keagen will never leave the place a mess again!

Stars: Headmaster Tom, Keagen


Video: Victimized
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Studio: Mood Pictures
An interesting experiment awaits applicants who agree to move into the experiment's settings. The rooms where the inmates must spend two weeks for 10,000 USD are monitored 24/7 by the mandators. The exact point of the experiment gets clear for the applicants only when they are already in and they cannot get out. This movie introduces the viewer to the powerful strokes of the huge Texas Prison Strap.

Stars: Sophia, Elena, Carlos, Vicky, Jessica Lee, Nelly, Mistress Zita, Mistress Larissa, Cindy Blu, Olie Fritz, Mallory King, Rita Goord, Maya Florini, Big Apple

Awakening Of The Cocoon

Video: Awakening Of The Cocoon
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Studio: Kshara Productions
The industrial area gendered its lusty nature... the plastic cocoon! Extreme Corporal Punishment waiting for her!

Scene 01: The cocoon must be punished! The first painful beats come with a metal stick giving her impressions about the real suffering! Full body whipping is the next nonstop action!

Scene 02: Full body table bondage! Her moving hands can make extra pussy pain! The corporal punishment continuing! Hard riding stick attack for her ass and extreme bullwhip lashes to her back!

Stars: Lola Velvet

18 Year Old Submission Bondage & Torture

Video: 18 Year Old Submission Bondage & Torture
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In the bowels of the world famous Hellfire Club, in New York City, blonde 18-year-old bondage virgin, Barbi wants to explore the world of B&D by volunteering to appear in one of Rick Savage's bondage videos. She admits that her boyfriend put handcuffs on her once, and she liked it, but she's never been placed in any form of rope bondage before. Master Rick explains to her that nothing less than strict obedience will be acceptable, if she wants to work in this bondage video. She agrees to submit, so Rick puts heavy leather restraints on her wrists, and then uses plenty of rope to tie her wrists to big pipes just over her head. She tells us that being so defenseless is turning her on. The master's camera explores her lithe body. His right hand holds the camera while his left hand squeezes her tit, fondles her body, lifts up the hem of her mini-dress and feels her damp pussy. Rick places another rope over Barbi's neck, passes the rope down inside the arm holes of her dress, then uses the ropes to pull her dress up to her neck and tie it there in place. We now get a nice view of Barbi's slender body, small tits, hard nipples and sexy black thong. He turns her beautiful ass towards the camera and gives it a taste of bare-handed spanking. The loud slaps echo off the dank walls of the old Hellfire Club. Almost immediately, her white ass cheeks take on a shade of pink. The spanking continues as Rick presses his left hand against her pussy while his right hand spanks hard. As the spanking intensifies, Barbi groans in pleasure as her young, firm butt cheeks turn a glowing shade of red. He takes his leather flogger and gives her flaming butt cheeks several blows. Then he turns her toward the camera so we can watch as his flogger covers the entire front of her torso....her tits, her firm tummy, her pussy and especially her hard nipples. Rick slides her mesh thong down to her knees revealing a pretty, totally shaved pussy. Again and again Rick's flogger nails her right between the legs and each time, that shaved snapper, trembles and jiggles.

The focus shifts to nipple torture. A couple of pinches and we find out that Barbi has the kind of nipples that come right out and say "hello." After more pinching and twisting, the intensity of the nipple torture gets ramped up when Rick pulls out the clover clamps. He applies the first one directly on a hard nipple and Barbi's face winces, nearly an expression of shock. The other nipple feels the cruel bite of the clover clamp and again her face contorts. Persons familiar with S&M, know that clover clamps tighten when you pull on them. So, with his right hand holding the camera, his left hand pulls on the strings attached to the clamps....upwards, sideways, all to the delightful groaning of Barbi. He then tells his 18-year-old little pain slut to open her mouth and bite on the strings. He then commands her to lift her head, so that SHE now inflicts her own nipple torture. While she holds the strings attached to the clover clamps, tightly between her teeth, Savage resumes flogging the entire front of her torso.

Furthering her introduction into the world of B&D, Savage strips Barbi naked and does a "compression" form of breast bondage, tightly wrapping her chest in thin nylon twine so that the twine bites deeply into her boob flesh. He then dresses Barbi in a very sexy black see-through blouse and see-through panties. So, we can see the bondage right through the blouse. She is placed on her knees on the cement floor right next to an antique gyno table. Her hands are pulled up over her head and tied to the table. Soon enough, Rick pulls the blouse up to her neck so that he can soundly flog her tortured titties and rock hard nipples. It appears Barbi went out and got herself a little sunburn recently. Savage remarks how he SO enjoys flogging a woman's flesh when she's got a sunburn. Again and again, his flogger nails her directly on her hard nipples, on her sunburned chest-flesh. Next, the devious Rick places large hair clips, with very sharp teeth directly on Barbi's tortured nipples, AND....proceeds to bend and flick the hair clips, causing our blonde 18-year-old to moan and cry out so sweetly. After the very painful process of removing the hair clips, Savage announces, "You're being such a good slave, I'm going to reward you with more spanking. Barbi is forced to stand up, turn around, with her hands still tied to the table. The sheer, black panties are cut so high, that her red ass cheeks protrude entirely beneath the panties. And that red ass of hers looks utterly gorgeous. Rick holds the camera in his left hand while his right hand spanks. This way we get a great view of every smack and ass jiggle. Eventually Rick cuts to a wider camera shot so we can see beautiful Barbi's body twitch and thrash with each spank to her pretty tushie. Master Rick pauses the action to add a little more rope bondage to the mix, tying her knees together and tying her ankles together. Then....the harsh spanking continues. Small purple bruises form amidst the patches of redness on Barbi's glorious buns. So....Master flogs her ass with his flogger.

For her final taste of the S & M world, our blonde teenager is bound to the antique gyno table with her feet tied into the stirrups. She is wearing just pantyhose and her pink high heels. Rick determines right away that the pantyhose are simply in the way. A rough nylon rope that circles her waist, also passes between her pussy lips, pulling her pantyhose up into her wet slit. Using a pair of scissors, Rick cuts out the crotch of the pantyhose, so that now, the ropes bite into her wet slit. Repeatedly, he pulls up and down on the nylon rope, essentially fucking her pussy with the rope. A ball gag is tied into Barbi's mouth. A spreader bar is placed between her knees, thus holding her legs open. Rick puts on a doctor's smock and says, "Time to play doctor." Barbi's medical scene is brief but quite exciting. Rick announces, "First we must clean the work surface, and he now brushes her inner thighs and pussy and hard nipples with a rough whisk broom. After torturing her nipples and pussy for several minutes, Dr. Rick cuts the rope passing between her wet pussy lips. He looks at her twat, pulls the lips wide apart and announces, "My word. You're broken! You have a big hole down there. Well....don't worry. I'll go to the hardware store, buy some industrial strength thread and a needle and we'll fix you by sewing up this big, wet hole. Beneath her ball gag, Barbi screams her displeasure at this idea. Rick takes out one of the big, sharp hair clips and says, "We'll just put this clip on that nasty hole so you don't fall apart more while I'm gone." At this point, Rick leaves the frantic girl alone as the camera fades and she's left to wonder "Could he possibly be serious?"

Stars: Barbi, Master Rick Savage

Bedtime Punishment

Video: Bedtime Punishment
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Keagen learns what discipline is all about after coming home from the dentist with tooth pain. Headmaster Tom orders her to go in the corner when she thinks she did not do anything. She lied about going to her dentist appointment and now must pay the cost for her misdeed. She is then ordered to go in the bedroom where she is put back in the corner before receiving an over the knee spanking and is finished off with a paddle. After all the pain it is Keagen's bedtime, hopefully she will learn not to lie again!

Stars: Headmaster Tom, Keagen



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