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Michele Meets Mistress Dana

Video: Michele Meets Mistress Dana
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Studio: Fetish Empire
After being beaten by her father, Michele is taken to see Mistress Dana who finishes the job for him. As if his beating of her wasn't bad enough, she gets it again and this time, Mistress Dana takes no prisoners. She beats that little girl's ass till it's a nice purple and red.

A Painful Lesson

Video: A Painful Lesson
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Studio: Scorched
When you fuck with this girl's friend, you better hope she isn't around or you'll be in for a very painful lesson, one that will take your ass to task in a rainfall of strokes and humiliation! Of course if that's your bag then...sit back and enjoy. THese two girls destroy this man's ass, spanking him adn fucking him with a strap on.

With An Ass Like That!

Video: With An Ass Like That!
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Studio: Firm Hand Studios
How could anyone resist spanking their girl when her tush is as pretty and scrumptious as the gal's in this hard hitter from Firm Hand Studios? The answer is: It's impossible. How pretty is the booty? Take a look here and see it get spanked.

Tardy’s Scars

Video: Tardy's Scars
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Studio: Desade Productions
Tardy is finished. She has received a torturous beating from Mark E. Desade and has vowed to never arrive late again. See the finished product of intense conditioning. Ouch.

Bad Report Card

Video: Bad Report Card
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Charlie is sitting on the couch in her schoolgirl outfit chewing bubblegum. Today is report card day and hers is not very good. Her father is going to be upset with her and she will get a good deserved spanking. Little does he know that she really enjoys getting her ass spanked. Her dad comes home and checks out the bad report card. Well Charlie he says, you are going to have to get a spanking. He bends her over and pulls down her cotton underpants and spanks her ass cheeks until they turn red. Then her puts lotion on her red behind to cool her down, but instead it turns her on. He begins to massage her tight ass spreading her wide open and putting his finger deep inside of her pussy then her asshole. Now she is really getting turned on. He takes an anal toy and sticks it way up her ass, then a big dildo and fucks her hard with it. Then he unties her shirt and takes her breasts into his mouth kissing her until he leaves to make dinner. Charlie sits on the couch and plays with her wet pussy spreading it wide open.

Stars: Charlie Love

Mature Spanking

Video: Mature Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
This horny mature blonde mom is hungry for some sexual contact. She acts naughty and gets exactly what she wants! She just loves it when she gets thrown around and spanked until her ass is bright red and possibly bleeding.

Indian Spankings 2

Video: Indian Spankings 2
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Studio: India Galaxy
Two horny little Indian babes get together for a jolly good time during the day. They take a little swim in one of the girls' baby pool where they touch each other and suck on each others busty breasts. After some kinky fun one of the girls' mother walks in on them and freaks out. She then starts spanking and slapping the girls on all their bodies and making them cry. Then, it gets even hotter!

Miss Strictland 1

Video: Miss Strictland 1
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Studio: British Pound Productions
Get to know this bad ass butt-bustin' bitch and see how she shows absolutely no mercy to submissive male ass! Smack smack smack! And then, even more smack, smack, smack!

Cutie Pie Spanking

Video: Cutie Pie Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Sexy cutie pie teen gets her tight ass violated by the big black hand. She first thought her next door neighbor was her friend until he totally stripped her down to nothing but her shoes and threw her in the corner of a room. He then pursued to slap her fine ass with his big stiff hand until she cried and cried from pleasure and for her mommy and daddy.

Bring Me That Ass

Video: Bring Me That Ass
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Studio: Scorched
When it's time for a spanking, you better bring your ass or miss out. What's wrong? Butt too tender? Well simply watch then. But your turn is coming!



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