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Spanked Tails

Video: Spanked Tails
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Bizarre Video brings you a hot compilation feature with some of the best in paddling, slapping and teasing BDSM clips! There's more paddles here than in the ping-pong world championship - two hours of ass red fun and you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen!

Red-Assed Office Girl

Video: Red-Assed Office Girl
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Studio: Scorched
This naughty secretary has offended her boss and failed to do her job. There's only one punishment that will make her straighten up and fly right. She will have to be spanked until her little hinny is red and covered with marks - and she's going to like it, or else! Otherwise she'll be looking for another job...

The Therapist

Video: The Therapist
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Studio: California Star Productions
What must a girl do when she wants a good spanking and her partner wont oblige? Well if she lives in Hollywood it's really no problem, if she has the money that is! There are plenty of Therapists in town who for a fee will role-play her most intimate fantasies with her! They will take her to the heights of sexual eroticism she never dreamed existed. These Therapists are very good at what they do and their clients return again and again! As these two young ladies know only too well. (Strong discipline, not for the squeamish!)

The Head Girl’s Mistake

Video: The Head Girl's Mistake
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Studio: Red Stripes
The new head girl at St. Stripe's school has caught one of the fifth formers smoking and bulling a younger girl. She decides to deal with the matter herself, instead of reporting the girl to the headmaster. The fifth former is taken to the detention room, where the head girl begins to punish her. She soon has the unfortunate little blonde over her knees, and after pulling up her little school skirt and exposing her white knickers she starts to administer a sound spanking. The fifth former is protesting but the head girl not only ignores her protest but resents them and pulls the white knickers down, so as to really drive the message home. Very soon the naughty fifth former is squealing, as her bottom turns a bright shade of red. Her protest becomes loud.............

Jessie’s Bad Day

Video: Jessie's Bad Day
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Jessie is an 18-year-old cheerleader who has been misbehaving. She has been staying out late at night past her mother's curfew, and last night she didn't come home at all. Her mother just being fed up has told her she is going to get a spanking. She thinks she is too old to be spanked. Her Mother decides to teach her a real lesson and invites her boyfriend over to the spanking. He is more than glad to help. He puts her over his knee and begins.
After he is warmed her up by hand and strap, he takes her into the bathroom, and to further humiliate her takes her temperature with a thermometer anally. The he sits on the toilet seat and begins again. She is very quickly crying with tears streaming down her face. But remember, her mother asked him to do a good job and teach her a lesson she will never forget, and so it continues.
Her ass is bright red and you can see the handprints clearly. Then she is told to put her nose in the corner and leave her skirt off so her bright red bottom is displayed. She turns around but her Mother says sternly "keep your nose in the corner young lady!" and she does, all the time rubbing her well-spanked bottom. Jessie thought that was the end of her punishment, Jessie is wrong!
"Off with your clothes young lady" she barks, and says to her boyfriend" I will fetch the strap for you". Now it's completely nude and bent over a table for the strapping of her young life. She is soon dancing from the pain, and the tears are flowing again. We don't think she will ever disobey her mother again.

Stars: Jessie


Video: Viki
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Studio: Scorched
This mistress in black is one evil bitch and she takes out every bit of aggression she could possibly have on these two poor little innocent lesbian asses. By the time she is finished whipping, paddling, spanking and tormenting these poor girls, their backsides are torn to shreds!

Stars: Viki

Weekend Punishment

Video: Weekend Punishment
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Studio: CruelAmazons
Wanting to have some fun, Mistress Kyra takes a walk with her slave on a sunny weekend. When they get to an old castle, she ties the slave to the gate of the castle and punishes him very hard with her cane and whips...just for fun. As he is restrained with ropes at every possible escape he endures a punishment that he will not soon forget.

Stars: Mistress Kyra

Painful Summer

Video: Painful Summer
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Two girls go and spend the summer with relatives. They quickly learn that discipline is taken very seriously in this household. Over several weeks the girls are punished severely for not following the rules that they have agreed to obey. In this film, you will see Jessica and Brandi punished with switch, belt, wooden paddle, hairbrush, spatula and by hand.

Stars: Jessica, Brandi

Nina Hartley’s Guide To Spanking

Video: Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking
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Studio: Adam & Eve
Sometimes the nice need to be naughty! Increase your naughtiness factor when you learn the truly erotic expression of spanking. Watch as industry veteran Nina Hartley shows how spanking play can enhance your intimate engagements. This is a video that will both amuse and arouse. No matter the case, it's sure to add creativity to your libidinous journeys.

Stars: Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer

It’s Not My Fault

Video: It's Not My Fault
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Studio: Red Stripes
A pretty young teacher and her favourite student are fed-up, and decide to go to a rave. They get very drunk and are arrested. A male teacher is just settling down for a quiet evening, when he receives a phone call from the local police station to come and bail out the two girls. This he does, and when he gets them back to the school, he tells them that he is going to deal with them both next morning.

The young ladies report to his study, and he informs them that he is going to punish them. He spanks the teacher for leading a student into bad ways, then spanks the schoolgirl for allowing herself to be lead into bad ways. He is about to begin administering the strap to both bare, sore bottoms, when a couple of other girls report for punishment. He tells them he will deal with them later, but allows them to stay and watch him strap the two naughty girls.

They are bent over a vaulting horse together, with their skirts up, and their knickers down. They both receive a sound strapping, which is both painful and embarrassing, particularly for the teacher. The climax is when each girl is told to bend over and touch her toes for the cane. This they do, amidst much protests and pleas, and when they try to avoid their punishment, they are awarded extra strokes.



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