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Spank Me Red # 3

Video: Spank Me Red # 3
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Studio: Scorched
Two submissive girls have misbehaved badly so they'll get their just do! Both girls are whacked on their plump asses until it turns red. Both girls are subjected to getting their breast fondled and caressed. They also get their asses paddled until it turns red just when they think it's over their wet pussies are teased licked.

Rick Savage Redhead Bondage & Submission

Video: Rick Savage Redhead Bondage & Submission
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Elektra, a redhead Russian secretary from Philadelphia confesses that she is turned on by the abusive treatment she receives from her boss at work. She describes him as dominant, overbearing, always barking orders at her, and says that some days he just "treats her like a dog." She then tells the camera that in recent months she has discovered bondage videos depicting submission and bdsm, and...she likes them. So, she wrote a letter to the address on the back of the box cover of one movie and now, here she is, in front of Master Rick's camera. Rick explains that her total submission, nothing but complete obedience is essential if she wants to be filmed on this day. Elektra immediately pledges to submit and be totally obedient. Her first command, "Stand up and turn around slowly so we can get a good look at you." Elektra obeys. She looks quite prim and proper in her suit jacket and skirt. Our Russian redhead is not fat, but she's firm, slightly chunky. Rick lifts her skirt to reveal her full, curvy, tan ass. Her panties have ridden up into her ass crack. Rick holds his camera in one hand and feels her smooth, bronze ass flesh with the other.

The next step in her journey is becoming acquainted with the helpless feeling of rope bondage. After tying her ankles together and tying her knees together, Rick ties her wrists together behind her back. As he uses another rope to pull her elbows closer together he exclaims that the tight bondage might cause some...discomfort, but that to be a good slave, she must be willing to endure discomfort if her master so desires. Rope is now tied around her upper torso just above and below her boobs, which are jutting forward nicely thanks to the rope pulling her elbows together. A ball gag is tied into her mouth. The fully clothed Elektra is now tightly bound. Rick unbuttons her jacket and slides it open under the ropes. Then he pulls down her top allowing her firm, plump, tan boobs to bulge out. The S&M part of Elektra's journey now begins as the devious Rick inflicts a bit of tit torture and nipple torture, using cold steel tongs to "massage" her tits and pinch her nipples. As the metal painfully squeezes her boobs and chewy brown nipples, Elektra moans beneath her ball gag. Savage now puts down the steel and uses his bare hands to pinch, squeeze and twist her succulent tits. Finally sturdy red clothespins are affixed to Elektra's tender nipples. Our redhead begins to really squirm and moan when Master Rick begins flicking and twisting the clothespins.

For her next taste of bdsm, the rope bondage is removed and Elektra is stripped down to nothing but her sexy black lace panties and black high heels. Leather wrist restraints and chains connected to an eyebolt in the ceiling are used to hold our secretary's hands high up over her head, leaving her nearly naked body completely at the mercy of the wicked master. Rick selects his favorite flogger and begins giving his enslaved secretary a sound tit beating. Elektra's eyes open wide as the strands of leather collide with her tender tit flesh. It's fun to watch her tits jiggle with each blow of the flogger, and Rick cannot resist occasionally stepping in for a little barehanded tit torture, giving her soft, natural tits a firm squeeze. After several minutes of hard tit flogging, Rick pauses to make a minor "wardrobe adjustment," sliding her lace panties down to just above her knees. We now discover that our redhead's pussy is completely shaved. Rick likes the view so he commands Elektra to strike some poses for his camera. Then...her tit beating continues. Eventually, dissatisfied with her flinching, Rick blindfolds our chunky Russian so she doesn't know when or where the flogger will strike. After a hard tit flogging, knowing how sore her nipples now must be, Rick attaches very sturdy nipple clamps, connected by a small chain, to her aching nipples.

In her opening dialogue, Elektra mentioned that she had dreamed about receiving a spanking. So...more rope bondage is used to secure our tan-bodied secretary to a sturdy spanking horse. Master now selects a paddle made of hard leather on one side and fur on the other. What follows is an ass paddling that is both punishing and erotic. The blows from the leather quickly redden her full, round butt cheeks, and the kiss of the fur, relaxes her. But...never for long, as the fur is always followed by the immediate smack on the tush by the harsh leather. After thoroughly reddening our redhead's beautiful behind, a now totally nude (except for her heels) Elektra is placed on her back on a large bondage bed. Rope is used to bind her thighs to her shins; her hands are tied together and then attached to a chain that keeps them over her head. Ball gag still in place, her totally shaved pussy is now teased with the tips of Master's rubber flogger. The flogger might be smaller than his other floggers but the strands of rubber pack a far more vicious bite than the strands of leather from Rick's other floggers. A little pussy torture is the order of the day as Rick smacks her wide open wet slit several times with the flogger. Then, for her final demise, 8 sturdy clothespins are affixes to Elektra's bald pussy lips. THEN the clothespins are taped to the insides of Elektra's thighs, painfully holding her wet, pink pussy open for all of the world to see. Squirming in pussy pain, Elektra is now left alone to meditate on her torture as Master Rick goes off to think up more cruel and unusual punishment for his new slave.

Stars: Elektra, Master Rick Savage

L’Apprentie Dominatrice

Video: L'Apprentie Dominatrice
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Studio: S-Marquise
Mistress Anthynea and Pricillia are Dominant to their male servant who will serve as guinea pig to both of these ladies. Spanking, whipping, humiliation, slap rides leaves nothing more exciting for the apprentice dominatrix. This meeting ends with the servant being sodomized and he stands afterwards like a good dog.

Stars: Mistress Anthynea, Pricillia

Lana – Ace

Video: Lana - Ace
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Ace is a lazy piece of nothing. He won't get a job and he sits on his butt all day getting nothing done. That is, until Lana gets fed up with his lazy ass, literally. She lays him over her knees and spanks that ass until Ace finally succumbs and agrees to get a job. This is 15 minutes of Female on Male spanking that you won't forget anytime soon.

Stars: Lana, Ace

Spanked For Their Mischief

Video: Spanked For Their Mischief
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Sherrie thinks that every girl she meets wants to enjoy sexual play with her. But at only 18, she doesn't realize that not ALL girls go in for that sort of thing. When she tried her moves on Brandi, in her hot tub, Sherrie got a surprise.

Brandi didn't think anything was wrong when she and Sherrie got naked and into the tub. She didn't even think it was too much that Sherrie put her arm around her, and cuddled a little. But when cuddling turned into some tit and clit fondling, Brandi snapped out of her daze, slapped Sherrie, and prepared to leave.

Sherrie, angry about getting slapped, leapt from the hot tub and chased Brandi down, tackling her. With her wiry strength Sherrie easily overpowered Brandi and in no time, was laying a good, hard bare-assed spanking on the surprised girl.

Incensed, Sherrie wailed away on the poor girl's tanned bottom, until it turned a deep red color. Brandi struggled throughout, but suffering the stinging spanking, she just could not get out of the embarrassing and stinging predicament.

But when Sherrie let her guard down for just a second, Brandi made her movie. She shoved Sherrie off of her, and wrestled with her to get away. Then the idea popped into her head: why not give Sherrie a taste of her own medicine?

In no time, it was Sherrie face down, with Brandi giving her a long, hard naked bottom spanking. Sherrie squirmed and wiggled, but Brandi just kept blasting her butt with a barrage of handspanks.

Arguing and yelling at one another, Brandi decides to ream Sherrie's pussy with her fingers. Spitting on them, and shoving them deep, Brandy wants Sherrie to feel the violation and even pain of her fingering!

Unexpectedly, Sherrie's boyfriend gets home to discover this mayhem taking place in his apartment. And the culprits? He finds them sprawled in his bed.

That's enough for him. Now the girls are going to get even more spankings, but this time, from a real man! And you get to watch it all. It's a man-in-control, girls getting spankings scene you'll thoroughly enjoy!

Stars: Brandi, Sherrie

Clare 1

Video: Clare 1
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Clare Fonda refuses to let her son leave the house wearing his jeans half way off his butt. But her son pleads and explains to his a mother that everyone wears their pants this way and it's in fashion. He deserves a proper spanking and just a few whacks are not going to get it .His mother refuses to be humiliated by the sight of her son wearing those jeans. Let's see if her boy learns his lesson before his bottom turns red from the firm hard spanking he receives. Will he learn that his behavior is unacceptable?

Stars: Clare Fonda

Spanking Salesman

Video: Spanking Salesman
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Studio: California Star Productions
There's a pretty blond in a schoolgirl outfit. It seems as though she, along with other girls has been up to no good. Therefore she has to pull down her panties, expose her nice round behind, and expose it to the lashing of switch. Isn't the mere thought of that enticing? In "Spanking Salesman" there is plenty of action as beautiful ladies are put through their spanking paces!

Audrey – Tom

Video: Audrey - Tom
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Gorgeous fem dom Audrey Knight has been hired as a spanking mercenary to take care of a deadbeat dude. Tom's family wants him spanked and strapped so he will get his life together and stop tearing thru his trust fund. Audrey is just the girl to handle him and she struts in with cowboy boots and whips his ass.

Stars: Tom Byron, Audrey

The Girlfriends

Video: The Girlfriends
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Studio: RGE-Films
A hot summer night, locusts, a dark luxurious house... We're in the 60s - on one hand the time of "flower power" and bright colors - and on the other - hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness and the misunderstanding older generation. This is the setting of the new movie by Lupus Pictures called "Girlfriends".

The slamming of a car door, the sound of an eight-cylinder engine made by the receding Cadillac, and a girl lithely walks across the silent area in front of the villa. If only her father won't wake up, if only he won't see her coming home so late... Unfortunately this is only her wishful thinking.

The silence of the hall is disturbed by the clock-striking. And then we hear the click of a light switch as a beam of light shines on the terrified daughter. This is going to be bad.

Just before he spanks his daughter, the father realizes that something is wrong. Her dress is inside out and her underwear is missing completely. Where the hell has his daughter been and what has she been doing?

And then the first spanking comes - a long and intense session. The girl is bent over her father's knee and her bottom is slapped by his tough punishing hand for a long, long time. But this is not enough - after some time the father fetches a leather slipper and starts all over again. This is going to be severe. And very painful. The poor girl is crying her eyes out.

But how can he prevent his daughter from continuing her immoral behaving? Particularly when we learn she's not a virgin anymore? Well, the old generations knew their stuff. And why shouldn't her father use a lovely chastity belt, which proved to be so useful and effective in the past?

The mother understands her daughter. Once the father - a corvette captain - is on duty she wants to relieve her poor daughter. She tries the key - but it doesn't fit the lock! Why not? Yes, the lock is different now; somebody must have changed it. This is serious. It's necessary to call the father.

And here comes the scene you've never seen before. In the office of the honorable navy officer we witness the hardest paddling that has ever been filmed. Fifty strokes with a heavy wooden paddle swung with all the strength of the master's muscular arm. She has no other choice than to confess who changed the lock on her chastity belt. And here we go - it was her best friend, Dana. "Dana, Dana, Dana!" she cries between the final blows as the horrible tool ravages her dark purple, swollen buttocks.

After one more phone call, Dana is brought to the house by her own father. The good men sympathize with each other. It is necessary to punish the other naughty girl as well. Now a heavy belt comes into play - the belt of a stern man, which will make an impression on the bare bottom of a delicate girl. Between the individual strokes, her father barks threats and warnings at her. Again we can witness fifty blows with the thick heavy belt to her delicate little bottom. He won't tolerate this.

The crying girls stand half-naked in the corner. Their fathers can have a toast. They have done the best that they could for their daughters. Really? After these good men understand what has really happened, the mother knows the only proper solution...

A simple but lovely plot that doesn't neglect any of the things you like - shame, nakedness, spanking, crying... And as with all movies by Lupus Pictures, the great setting and fast-paced events will definitely draw you in. Enjoy it!

Stars: Eva Sulistova, Pavel Statstny, Kira Amsto, Helena Kubecova, Zybsek Podhajsky

English Punishment Series 30

Video: English Punishment Series 30
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Studio: California Star Productions
Fair Measures: This is about an unscrupulous Trading Standards Officer who forces Mandy and Nicola, two bar maids, to submit to some old fashioned English discipline when he threatens to close down the bar. The way the red welts form on their silky bottoms allows us to see that he is an expert with the discipline implements!

The Punishment: In The Punishment a homeowner reports one in a series of burglaries. When the police become suspicious and send a WPC officer to see what may truly be happening, she becomes the victim of his rage when confronted with their theories. Both hand spanking, a leather paddling and a cane are used against her tender behind.

Navy Stripes: Two attractive naval cadets see red when they are called to a tribunal at headquarter. Their AWOL attitudes are punished by more than 50 strokes of the cane and their bottoms are striped sufficiently to insure that this never happens again.

Caning In The Rain: A persistent offender at St. Margaret's School for Ladies is summoned before the headmistress. Her mindless vandalism incurs a series of spankings again her bare bottom. Finally she is ordered outside and given a sound canning in the relentless rush of the rain!

St. David's Boarding School For Girls (The Music Lesson): Mr. Jenkins the music teacher is no stranger to corporal punishment. An advocate, he decides to teach Cooper, a tardy student the finer points. After a few spanking the headmaster arrives and declares that the punishment needs to be more substantial. Fetching Padgett another student to be dealt with he then teaches Mr. Jenkins the proper way to administer the thwack of the cane.

Stars: Mandy, Nicola, Cooper, Padgett



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