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Spank Until Red #2 – Betty

Video: Spank Until Red #2 - Betty
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Studio: Scorched
Betty is back and this time she catches a shy girl trying to put on makeup. Betty strips the clothes off the girl and begins to do what she does best, spank her until her cheeks become red. We all know Betty loves to mix pleasure with punishment; she makes her submissive one lick spanking implements while she fondles her big tits! Tune in to see more!

Stars: Betty

Punished By Couple

Video: Punished By Couple
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Studio: 6666 Productions
A sophisticated couple must whip their lazy housekeeper into shape. When the husband discovers his help's lack luster performance he uses a variety of paddles on the maid s quivering ass. When his wife enters the room the couple breaks out an arsenal of erotic tactics. This maid learns the true meaning of sexual teasing from dildos to sucking her boss's cock .This girl works hard for the money!

Welted Wednesday

Video: Welted Wednesday
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Studio: Paintoy
The perfect Milf, Wednesday Harrington is beaten and abused in this Paintoy original. Clothespins are attached to her natural round ample tits, only to be ripped off in swift fashion. Her bald pussy is whipped and she cries out in pain and pleasure. Her tits choke on rope, turning purple as she's suspended in the air, willing to suck her master's dick. Find out what else happens!

Stars: Wednesday Harrington

The Amber Pixie Wells Stories

Video: The Amber Pixie Wells Stories
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
When Amber comes into the house to a cleaning Chelsea, she drops her bag onto the floor. Chelsea becomes irate about Amber's messy habits and begins to spank her. Next, Chelsea is repeating task for Amber to write down and repeat back to her. Amber proceeds to repeat them back and Chelsea becomes annoyed with Amber's sassy attitude. Amber knows it's time for a spanking! Chelsea puts Amber over her knee for a nice spanking then proceeds to give her a paddling until her bottom is rosy red! Later, Amber gets a beach spanking!

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amber Pixie Wells

Spanking Down The Highway 4

Video: Spanking Down The Highway 4
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
The Mardi Gras party rages through the French Quarter of New Orleans every February. And Raven Hill Studios, the premier authentic spanking production company had the cameras rolling, catching not only the breast flashing, but also convincing naughty, naked girls to experience some old fashioned spankings!

Jacqueline, a normally shy Texas girl though nothing baring her breasts to strangers on the street, in return for strands of beads. We talked her into our RV, and out of all her clothes, and got her to submit to three, five-minute bare-naked spankings. Her tight young ass is blasted good and hard with an over-the-knee hand spanking, and strong, stinging paddling, and a welt-raising caning.

Then, petite, friendly Wendy, all the way from Ohio, was looking for a wild night of drinking, flashing and partying. She got both, plus and total butt blistering! We talked her into the RV and got her stripped down to her birthday suit. Then it was over the knee for a nice, long, ass-reddening hand spanking. From there, it was a hard paddling that made her little butt ever more sore. Sobbing, but willing to continue (to collect the full amount of money offered), little Wendy bent way over and offered her rear to the sting of the cane.

This is REAL. Girl-off-the-street action you can't see anywhere else.

Stars: Wendy, Jacqueline

Time For Punishment

Video: Time For Punishment
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Studio: California Star Productions
Brandy loves "sleepovers" at her best friend Emma as she is allowed to stay up late. This is because Emma's parents are always allow partying until 2am, however the girls are instructed to go to bed at midnight as college starts early. On this particular evening the girls are enjoying playing with mothers cards and lose track of time.

The two girls are still up when Emma's parents return home and an argument breaks out which culminates in the two having to take some severe punishment. Brandy is horrified as the spanking, paddling and caning makes her lovely bottom go a glowing red. She can't complain as it is made clear that her parents would be told of her misbehavior. Emma however is no stranger to her parent's cane and knows its painful sting!

Stars: Emma, Brandy

Wehrloses Fleisch Zur Nutzung Freigegeben

Video: Wehrloses Fleisch Zur Nutzung Freigegeben
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Studio: Pleasure Entertainment
Five gorgeous women - two are Doms and 3 are subs - the combination is erotically alluring. The Doms waste no time in restraining and humiliating the three subs. The subs are debased with paddles, hot wax, clamps, whips and switches to the enjoyment of the Doms. Cellophane wraps, dildos and rope are also used on the subs. This video covers everything a fetish connoisseur desires!

Rick Savage Submission, Bondage, Torture

Video: Rick Savage Submission, Bondage, Torture
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Young Audrey is applying for a job as a slave at the Royal Castle dungeon in Philadelphia. Master Rick Savage is conducting her "audition." Audrey tells Rick that she has fantasized about spanking and bondage, but has no professional experience. He explains that "the Castle" has very high standards, and their slaves must demonstrate the ability to be completely obedient, have a submissive nature and be able to accept pain from the dungeon's clients. Audrey is excited and wants to be....auditioned. Master Rick gives her a collar and tells her to put it on. She obeys. He tells her to stand up and strip. As our hot, potential slave removes her blouse, a succulent pair of natural torpedo tits jiggle free from the confines of her clothing. Rick tells her to slide her black pantyhose down to her ankles and leave them there. Audrey obeys and we catch a glimpse of her totally shaved pussy.

She is given a blindfold and instructed to put it on. She obeys. She is instructed to kneel, which she manages to do with her pantyhose still around her ankles. Audrey is now instructed to touch herself, use one hand to rub her pussy, and to put the other hand behind her back. She obeys. In silence, Rick's camera circles and watches as Audrey rubs her pussy. His next instruction is for her to slide her hands up her body and feel her breasts, squeeze her breasts. The site is quite erotic, as the blindfolded, kneeling young redhead squeezes her fantastic natural tits and we watch the tit flesh bulge between her fingers. She is now instructed to squeeze her tits HARD. She obeys, but Rick now plays one of his famous mind games. Although she is being obedient, wicked Rick says, "I said hard. Do you know what the meaning of the word "hard" is? Audrey squeezes harder, but Rick tells her, "I don't know if this is going to work out Audrey, I said to squeeze your tits hard. And you're choosing not to be obedient." Audrey's face is a picture of strain as her hands squeeze her fat, natural boobs as hard as she can. "Good girl."

After affixing a leash to her collar and taking her for a blindfolded walk around the room, Audrey is introduced to rope bondage. Her hands are tied behind her back, and another rope is used to pull her elbows closer together, causing those gorgeous tits to jut forward nicely. Another rope circles her waist, then passes between her shaved pussy lips, pulling tightly up into Audrey's horny little slit. Savage circles his prey, caresses her wonderful tits, and veteran Rick Savage followers can easily guess what is about to happen, as there's no way Rick can resist inflicting his favorite kind of tit torture - barehanded tit torture, on tits as full and beautiful as these. He stands behind her, squeezing deeply into both boobs. The site is fantastic. He then stands in front of her, holding the camera in his left hand, while squeezing deeply into her breasts with his other hand. Audrey winces, gasps. Her tit pain is quite serious now. With the camera back on the tripod, Rick again stands behind his new slave and squeezes painfully deep into both tits, then presses her wonderful boobs hard, against her ribcage. He holds her collar with his left hand and begins a vicious tit spanking with his right hand. WOW, is he smacking those soft torpedoes HARD, making them jiggle and dance. Rick steps behind her and squeezes brutally deep into Audrey's tits. She gasps, her breathing is fast and deep now. Rick says, "Now the next time I tell you to squeeze your tits hard, you'll know what I mean, right." More hard tit spanking and our young redhead's nipples are now fat, hard & swollen. So....Savage takes his favorite leather flogger and gives his willing pain slut a very sound breast beating. Fans of tit torture will be ecstatic. According to Rick, this is one of the most severe sessions of barehanded tit torture he's ever administered.

Suddenly Rick's flogger finds a different target, nailing Audrey right on her pussy. Taken totally by surprise, our young lady naturally flinches, bending slightly forward at the waist. Savage commands, "Stand up strait." Audrey now struggles to keep her body standing strait while Rick's flogger continually smacks her pussy. Finally, the flogger pauses. Audrey's breathing is very heavy and she now gets another surprise, nipple torture. Savage puts sturdy clothespins on both nipples and his new "pain sponge" gasps. She's informed, "I"ll now leave you like this for the next ten minutes. When I come back, if you're still standing and willing....we'll continue your audition."

After ten minutes of this cruel nipple torture, Savage returns, unties his potential slave and has her dress in sexy black lingerie, stockings and garters. But he has yet to remove the clothespins brutally pinching her nipples. She's still wearing them UNDER her bra. Finally, PAINFULLY, wicked Rick removes the clothespins. Rick compliments her on her efforts. Our young redhead is now instructed to face the bondage table. A spreader bar is placed between her ankles, holding her legs wide apart. Her arms are now tied to the sides, leaving her voluptuous ass ready for the spanking and paddling portion of her audition. Rick warms up her bum with his flogger, then switches to barehanded spanking. Audrey is taking a good lickin', so Rick paddles her ass with a wooden paddle. A bear claw is blended into the ass torture, as Rick occasionally rakes her fiery red ass with the claw immediately following a blow by the paddle. After a harsh ass-thrashing, a ball gag is tied into Audrey's mouth. Her bra and panties are stripped away, and Audrey is bound to a wooden rack so that Rick has total access to her soft breasts and shaved pussy. Steel tongs are used for pussy torture, then a firm pussy spanking is administered. A blow from a "horse hair flogger" has been described as being struck by a hundred needles. So, Audrey's totally vulnerable, shaved pussy now receives a nasty flogging from Rick's horse hair flogger, causing our young lady to virtually lose hr breath beneath her ball gag. The same flogger finds its' way to Audrey's tender breasts and nipples. With her pussy stinging from the flogging, Master attaches sturdy clothespins to each shaved pussy lip, then duct tapes the clothespins to Audrey's inner things. She is left to "meditate' in this painful situation.

For her final pain test, a blindfolded Audrey is restrained to a St. Andrews Cross. Her tits, now sore and swollen from her first bout of tit torture, get a sudden wake-up call as Rick's leather flogger violent collides with breast flesh. A startled Audrey gasps loudly. Then...another hard flog. Now, Rick's barehanded tit torture is truly unbearable because her tits are already so sore. But with tits as fine as these, Savage just can't resist another minute or two of deep, painful squeezing. With her tits in engulfed in pain, one might think a pack of ice, or maybe a heating pad would bring relief to our new slave. Well, with no heating pad available, the always considerable Master Rick, therefore douses Audrey's sore tits in scalding hot candle wax. Whadda guy!

Stars: Audrey, Master Rick Savage

1930’s Greek

Video: 1930's Greek
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Studio: Classic & Vintage
This is a vintage piece of cinema that is guaranteed to delight and titillate. The movie is brought to us from the Greeks and it's a spicy little film. Three ladies start off the plot in a classroom. The teacher decides the students need some punishment and she dishes it out. Then an older gentleman enters the room and engages in the action himself.

I’m Gonna Kick Your Fucking Ass_mp4

Miss Ixora shows off her strength all over her slave's back and ass! She slaps and punches, then flogs and whips! As if his body isn't red enough, she digs her nails deep in his skin and scratches down! Enjoy!



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