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Household Affairs

Video: Household Affairs
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How do you deal with a young girl who refuses to be responsible and do her chores? Dishes are everywhere, and she's just lying in bed sleeping the entire day away. Perhaps a little spanking is in order? Maybe even a lot!

And just maybe, she needs to be put over your knee and spanked with a hairbrush until she's crying, and her bare ass is completely red. And if that isn't enough, if she still doesn't get it, a little caning will always do the trick!

New Resident Justine

Video: New Resident Justine
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The new girl at school, Justine, is having trouble figuring out her lessons, so her teacher has stayed after school to try and help her. The problem is that Justine just can't seem to figure it out!

He has to resort to corporal punishment to try and help her to understand! He uses a paddle and turns her backside bright red! Then, it's back to the lessons!

Warsaw Session 13.5 – Full version

Lady Diana and Lady Mica want to show Lady Samantha and Veronica, how they can slap slaves faces, and spit on them! Lady Samantha and Veronica shows them that they can do it much harder. Great spitting and face slapping action! In the second part of the clip the slaves get spanked and kicked!

Jenna Spanked for Being Bitchey

Jenna had been bitchey all day. She was sent to her room to be punished. Her Headmaster made her kneel on her bed so he could use the Punishment Strap on her bare bottom. She received 40 strokes and was then made to pull her pillows under her hips and lay down on them to present her bottom round and firm. In this position she received 62 strokes of the Punishment Strap.

Punishment Podium

Video: Punishment Podium
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Studio: California Star Productions
A right little madam has been put in charge of finding girls for a special assignment involving spanking and caning. Her advertisement in Stage Magazine, however, doesn't clearly say what the girls are required to do. When the first young woman arrives, she is put on a modeling podium for examination. The poor girl is humiliated when the Madam points out that she has lied about her age on the application and gets angry with the Madam.

The Madam anxious to try out some spanking and caning for the lucrative contract, and unwilling to take any of the young woman's lip, orders her to strip.

It proves to be her lucky day though, as this recruit is very much into the subject herself and is only too happy to teach her some of her methods. When a Russian girl turns up, they both smack and cane her together, changing the color of the poor tearful girls bottom. Meanwhile in preparation for her interview, one other young woman is having her gorgeous bare bottom smacked by her boyfriend.

Jenna Spanked for Getting a “C” on a Test

Jenna is required, as are all the girls, to get all "A's" in her courses. She came home with a "C" on a test. She is taken to her bedroom and over her Headmaster's knee. He used the Ping-Pong Paddle on her bare bottom hard with 110 strokes. Then she was made to kneel on the floor and bend over the side of her bed so he could spank her with 110 more strokes!

Jenna Spanked for Dropping Out of School, Session #5

Jenna's punishment continues for dropping out of school. Here she receives 80 strokes of the Jokari Paddle for trying to sneak out at night.

Warsaw Session 13.4 – Part 2

May we introduce: Lady Diana new and beautiful Mistress on femdomuncut! The ladies force the slaves to lick her shoes and feet, Lady Diana slaps the faces of the slaves, the other ladies spank them! Starring: Samantha, Diana, Veronica, Mica This is the 2nd part (of two) of the clip "Warsaw Session 13.4 - Full version".

English Discipline Series – Preliminary Interview

Video: English Discipline Series - Preliminary Interview
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Studio: California Star Productions
The producers of this series have unique credentials in the field of corporal punishment video. They are authentic English disciplinarians of the traditional school. Exquisite punishments are meted out with that distinct air of authority which is so characteristic of the European style. We are pleased to bring you this time honored tradition of genuine English Discipline as depicted in this series, and we hope you enjoy them as we have.

Two attractive young girls attend an interview with a well known producer of CP videos and magazines. Tryouts begin with a nude modeling session. Then they must demonstrate their acting ability in an impromptu scene involving corporal punishment. The paddle, the whip, and the cane bring out the best in these starlets. Acting can be a painful profession. But in this business, one must start at the bottom, the bare bottom.

Stars: Kathryn Neilson, Peggy Landing

One Per Day

Video: One Per Day
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One Per Day is a paddle lover's dream come true. It's quick and to the point. There's a young brunette taking her daily lesson on corporal punishment.

Her teacher has her write out the same sentence over and over while he gives her a powerful paddling from behind. "Physical punishment keeps me in line." Or at least it should!



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