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Employee Blues

Video: Employee Blues
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
In "Employee Blues," find out what happens when Mistress Irene Boss leaves her 58 year old houseboy alone with the new 19 year old intern. He tries to get over, but Missy prevails in controlling him! Witness OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, face slapping, servitude, severe humiliation and foot worship. Very verbal.

Stars: Missy, Irene Boss

She Did it (Part I)

New Stripper Allie has broken the house rules. A funny thing happens when big breasted Allie goes over Outlaw's knee for her first ever punishment. It's not that she starts crying, almost all naughty girls do that when Outlaw gets them OTK, no Allie cries and offers to give up the identity of the girls stealing from the register at the bar.

Mistress Linda – Nicola’s Bad Day

Video: Mistress Linda - Nicola's Bad Day
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Mistress Linda enjoys dominating two slaves! Nicola leaves Mistress Linda's office and goes into another room where she is forced to give a blowjob and is fucked in doggystyle position by a random guy. Mistress enters the room and takes Nicola into another room of the place where she gives an OTK spanking and cane to her bare bottom. After hearing some information about what took place Mistress has the random guy bend over while she puts a cane to his bottom. Mistress shows both of her slaves how much she does not play!

Stars: Nicola, Mistress Linda

Royality Get’s the Cane

Royality has been a very very naughty stripper. She thinks the rules at the strip club do not apply to her. Her boss tells her she either can take a spanking or she will be fired. He spanks her hard OTK then makes her assume the position for ten strokes with the cane. This is an incredibly hard spanking.

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 17

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 17
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Studio: British Discipline
Watch young submissive girl Ellie-May and Jenny receive punishment for being bad in this spanking flick. It begins with Ellie-May put in detention for being caught smoking again. In scene two Ellie-May puts on a strip tease show. Scene three Ellie-May is late again and gets a hand to her bare bottom. Jenny puts on a strip tease show in scene four. Scene five Jenny gets an OTK spanking. The last scene Jenny receives another OTK spanking for being a lazy assistant at her job.

Stars: Jenny, Ellie-May

Caught Red Handed

Video: Caught Red Handed
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Two roommates catch a neighbor in their apartment with a pair of their panties on. Instead of reporting him to authorities they decide to have some fun with his pussy ass. First he is taught a lesson with a hard OTK spanking. Then his ass is strapped across the bed until it is blistered. He is spit on and humiliated by being forced to suck each girls large strap on dildo. After he gets them nice and wet the ladies take turn fucking his virgin ass. He is forced to suck the others while his is fucked hard and deep. He is also forced to worship their sweaty feet.

Stars: Joe, Racquel, Daisa

A Session With Sable

Video: A Session With Sable
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Studio: Syren Productions
Bart visits Mistress Sable for an intense corporal punishment session. Sable puts Bart over her knee and gives him a good hard hand spanking. The sadistic vixen then makes Bart bend over the couch for some very hard strapping using several different leather and rubber straps that turns Bart's ass tomato red. She then paddles Bart with the even more painful Spencer paddle.

Bonus Scene Young punk Cary is sent to Janet Beckwith by his mother to see if she can straighten out his horrible attitude. Ms. Beckwith subjects Cary to OTK spanking & Hairbrush, strapping, birching, paddling, and tons of verbal scolding.

Stars: Bart, Mistress Sable, Janet Beckwith, Cary

Caned To Climax & Disobedient Brat

Video: Caned To Climax & Disobedient Brat
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Studio: California Star Productions
Caned To Climax

Our first story is about a girl that wants to be put back in time. When she was younger she would receive spankings in the bedroom. The spanking would turn her on sexually. So she calls Soma, just the person to call when bringing a fantasy to life. She starts with a good OTK and follows with a few leather straps. Finally she is brought to full climax with the cane.

Disobedient Brat

Sonya is sent to stay with Miss Soma for a few months while her parents go on vacation. Sonya is a very disobedient brat that needs some discipline. The unruly college student thinks this is all silly fun until Miss Soma really cracks the whip, or should I say a leather tawse and a swishy cane! This is one brat that will defiantly change her ways.

Stars: Sonya, Soma

Beatdown From Hell

Video: Beatdown From Hell
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Studio: Syren Productions
Gemini and Kelly somehow are dating the same guy and neither knew about it that is until Tony gets busted trying to schedule two dates in the same day. The two irate ladies decide to teach him a lesion with some severe corporal punishment. Both ladies take a turn putting him over their laps for OTK hand spanking followed by a duel strapping that has to be seen to be believed. It's like the two vixens are in a contest to see who can hit him the hardest and fastest. Then Tony's already welted ass takes a dose of the paddle and hairbrush.

Stars: Tony, Mistress Gemini, Kelly Payne

Discipline In Russia 10 – Thieves In The Bathhouse

Video: Discipline In Russia 10 - Thieves In The Bathhouse
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
Two Russian Mafia members with girlfriends caught two young cleaning girls stealing $5000.00. Cruel wealthy couples ordered the cleaning girls one by one to strip stark naked and to lie down on the bench ass up. Afterwards, a scolding cane was lustily applied to their naked asses. Regardless of their cries and tears one of the Mafia men reduced their young tender white bottoms to dark red raw quivering flesh.

Stars: Jerry Geroshvili, Nadezda Velikanova, Irina Nikitina, Toma Lotkina, Ekaterina Dzubina



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