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Spanking Videos – You Can Get Off My Lap Now

Starring: Alex

Studio: Content Broadband

Running Time: Approximately 1 Minute

Alex is lying sprawled out over the knee. Her bottom is bare and as his hard hand makes contact with it, she gasps and cries out.

Spanking Videos - Lying OTK

The spanking video only lasts for one minute, but for the OTK bare bottom spanking enthusiast, it’s one minute of pure unadulterated pleasure.

Then he asks her if she’s going to be good in future and in a sweet little girl’s voice she says, ‘Yes daddy.’ So satisfied that he’s done a good job with her, he tells her, ‘You can get off my lap now.’

Spanking Videos – An American Brat in London

Studio: Strictly English

Approximate Running Time: 38.25 minutes

Nicky is in such trouble with her uncle.

What can she have done to bring this upon herself? Standing in front of him – she’s confused as to why he’s reading the riot act to her.

He soon makes it clear to her, that as a guest in his house, she has certain responsibilities regarding the smooth running of the house.

Her uncle is extremely annoyed with her – she is so slovenly. After taking a bath she leaves the bathroom looking like a bomb site – her dirty clothing is lying strewn around the room. And she eats a meal and walks away from the table, leaving the dirty dishes still sitting there.

So he goes on to tell her that unless she bucks up her ideas by taking on some household chores, he’s going to have to resort to teaching her some good old fashioned English discipline.

The silly girl pushes him too far and finds herself lying over his knee. Despite her struggling to get free and protesting loudly – he goes on to turning her virginally white bare bottom into a very red sore looking one.

Spanking Videos - she finds herself over his knee

He continues with the spanking until she shows some signs of being sorry – genuinely sorry, not just paying lip service.

After she agrees to wash her own clothes and wash the dishes, not to mention tidying up after herself in the bathroom, he ends the spanking, but with the threat that if he has to spank her again it will be with the cane.

Spanking Videos - using the hairbrush on her bare bottom

He has reason to spank her again the very next morning, when she expects to be waited on hand and foot. It’s eleven o’clock and she wants to know what’s for breakfast. She is rather put out when he tells her breakfast was two hours ago. Meanwhile, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and she should wash them immediately.

Again, she goes full steam ahead, being a cheeky brat – ignoring his warnings of what’s to come if she continues along that route.

Once more her slim shapely body is lying face down over his knee. With his hand, he soon brings her still reddened bottom back to a deep cherry red.

He keeps his promise and fetches a cane, allowing her to hold it and spitefully she snaps it in two. He’s very annoyed with her, but tells her that he’s going to get another cane, that’s thicker and heavier than the one she broke.

This cane viciously bites into her tender young flesh, bringing raised blue / white weals to the surface.

Spanking Videos - Trying in vain to rub away the soreness

She threatens that she’s going to phone her parents in America – she is sure that they will be aghast at the way he’s treating her; he tells her to go ahead and points to the phone. A few minutes later a rather subdued Nicola puts down the receiver.

Her parents had approved of the way her uncle was treating her. They hoped some good old fashioned English discipline would change their spoiled brat of a daughter – into a daughter they could be proud of.

Nicky does not change her ways overnight, but her uncle persists in spanking and caning her until finally she does.

This is a movie for the otk enthusiast. Nicky’s flouncing about and her constant back chat – you know what’s going to happen to her, but she doesn’t seem to realize.

Free Spanking Videos – Disciplined By The Headmaster

Free Spanking Videos - Disciplined By The Headmaster

These four naughty school girls think that they can get away with whatever they want whenever they want. Little do they know the headmaster keeps a close watch on everybody and no one will escape their OTK spanking punishment if it is deserved. These girls get spanked to no end and you won’t want to miss out on their bare bottoms being taught a valuable lesson!

Click on the free spanking pics below for a free spanking video from Disciplined By The Headmaster. This little brunette tart bends over like a good girl and takes her over the knee spanking by the fire place.

Free Spanking Videos – The AnnaBelle Lee Stories 3

Free Spanking Videos - The AnnaBelle Lee Stories 3

In Naughty AnnaBelle, AnnaBelle was nosing around in Chelsea’s room and found a stash of spanking magazines under Chelsea’s bed. AnnaBelle was so enthralled with the discovery, she brought one of them out to get a better look at it. That’s when Chelsea caught her, and dealt her a hot OTK spanking.

In Well-Centered, AnnaBelle is paying the big bucks for private yoga instruction. But, when instructor Chelsea finds that her student isn’t trying hard enough, she finds it’s become necessary to apply some exterior, or rather, posterior spanking motivation to her gluteus maximus.

Free Spanking Videos – Master of Paris

Free Spanking Videos - Master of Paris
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Hired for her good looks rather than her housekeeping skills, new domestic Paris spends her first morning at work doing exactly what you’d expect her to do, which is not much. But her boss Butch Simms has guests coming that evening and needs for the house to be perfect, so he keeps following her around and catching her being lazy and inattentive to her duties. Finally, after the third or fourth time she annoys and exasperates him, Simms threatens to spank his new employee, who looks fantastic in her clinging uniform, with her voluptuous bosom (pushing against its buttons), her gracefully tapering waist and her shapely bottom so seductively outlined by her glove-tight skirt. After repeated warning and scoldings, Paris pushes the envelopes a little too far, letting her strict new boss catch her smoking a joint in his back yard. It is all over now but the kicking and screaming.

Butch drags Paris back into the house and straight to his bedroom, administering a good, hard, OTK spanking to the idle, rule breaking house maid. Paris feels Mr. Simms’ hard hand through her fishnet tights and panties and then on creamy bare bottom, until it is cherry vanilla.

Spanking Paris (and intermittently finger fucking her to wetness) gives Butch a giant erection and another good idea, so taking full advantage of his position, he demands she pleasure him with her sensuous mouth. Paris proves a lot better at giving head than she was at dusting and sweeping and in no time at all her employer’s lusty hard-on grows even more robust.

In characteristic style, Butch initiates several rounds of pile-driving sexual intercourse, in a series of classically revealing positions, all of which expose the ravishing allurements, including the tight, pink pussy, of the fully nude, auburn-haired beauty to perfection. After a number of rounds of vigorous and completely explicit sex, during which the luscious young lady lubricates like crazy, Paris inspires her employer to gush with praise for her, at least in respect to her skills as a partner in bed.

This slightly hard-edged but basically traditional male dominant-female submissive scenario features an adorable gen-x aged spankee enticing, submitting to and subsequently satisfying an athletic, well-endowed and virile older man. It’s Paris Kennedy’s first sex and spanking video and it is drenched with her own brand of Hollywood bad girl charm. We first featured with Paris in “The Mischief Makers” (SLV-096), which was shot when she had just come out in the scene and started making movies. Six years later she’s become daring enough to star in a movie like this one, playing every spanking man’s costumed fantasy girl, a delicious submissive who goes all the way in a scene.

Spanking Videos – In The Christmas Spirit

Spanking Videos - In The Christmas SpiritIt’s Christmas Eve and elf Carolyn is busy wrapping gifts for Santa to deliver the world over. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus is in her cups, again, complaining about her problems with life at the North Pole. Then she turns her negative attention to poor little over-worked Carolyn!

Santa’s mistress bends Carolyn over and deals this hot santa helpers bare bottom a righteous holiday OTK hand spanking. As she continues to make Carolyn’s rump closer and closer to the shade of Rudolph’s nose, Mrs. Claus does not notice her nice points slipping deeper and deeper towards the naughty side.

Uh, oh! Mrs. Claus finally went too far and little elf Carolyn is suddenly not so forgiving. In fact, she’s bent on dealing some holiday spankings of her own. This hot santa helpers gusto finally reaches it’s peak, and she flips Mrs. Clause into some reciprocal over the knee punishment. OTK spanking for all, and to all a good night!

Spanking Videos - In The Christmas Spirit 1
Spanking Videos - In The Christmas Spirit 2

Watch this Spanking Video HERE

Russian Slaves #7 – Old Fashioned Boss

Video: Russian Slaves #7 - Old Fashioned Boss
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Studio: Nettles Corp.

English sub titles. Three girls and one vulgar cossack. Some negligence around the office is going to be met with some girl on girl punishment with male supervision. White panties and a nice, furry bush too., what a change from today's bald roadways. OTK with the bare hand as we begin.

She peed on her spanker and the blonde with glasses thinks its funny. She won't think some otk is very funny as the other watches, contrite and shamed. The blonde is so cute as she screams with each hand across her cheeks.

Its apparent that the brunette spanker needs more experience as she shakes her hand after contact, but the male director keeps barking at them. Good pink cheeks, though, so she is doing the best she can.

Not good. Some pellets on the kneeling bench and our blonde pee comic is forced to kneel on them., panties down, skirt up. Blondie is a little cutie. Looks like lima beans she is kneeling on and that is not pretty.

Notice the half-empty bottle of vodka on the table. Now, the male takes the paddle to the brunette pixie. This is deliberate, Iron Curtain shame and correction. She has such a pretty little fannie too. Won't be pretty much longer.

And one ugly welt appears cuz he hit her so hard, she broke his paddle. Must be that cheap Ruskie craftsmanship. The skin has peeled off her right cheek. A metal paddle?? You gotta be kidding. And he wears a Nike jacket, what's wrong with this picture??

They built Panzer tanks out of this paddle. That is one mean tool. Someone lost count, she was only supposed to get five swats. Time for blondie to get hers. He's gonna belt her with the strap and says ten, panties down and smart money says its going to be more.

This is in the company handbook, go figure. The female office manager holds her arms to the table. And he is getting a running start. The poor girl is so pretty as she sobs, you want to just grab her and hug her and wipe away her tears.

Her yelps now border on delirium. We switch to the first punished girl who is secured to the table with a rope. No wonder the neighbors can't hang their laundry up outdoors. All the clothespins are being used on this girl.

Vulnerable bottom suspended in the air now, pics for the company party. What's trussing without a wax job? Shifting to the bath house, our sobbing blonde has a cute nightie on. But even the girl who did nothing wrong, has to get some just as a reminder over a pool table. Billiards in a bathroom, leave it to the ruskies.

The dude looks totally stupid in his designer towel. Blondie has to take a few more and she is shuddering at the thought. She is truly a sobbing little angel. Be very careful answering employment ads for Russian office girls.

Spoiled Rotten!

Video: Spoiled Rotten!
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection

Domestic and at-home correction has obviously fallen off of the "to do" list. English femmedarme, Ms. Kelly is now dealing with another filthy, sniping, sass-talking little slut girl. She thinks she is too old for some good, old-fashioned discipline. That is about to change in this entry.

Its time for stepmom to take charge and does she ever. She knows this is going to be extra-taxing so a change of attire is needed here. Soiling mom's dress and messing up her closet is the impetus for the ordeal.

What is exciting here is that the ladies are similar in appearance and age. White panties showing under her nightie as Ms. Kelly assumes the classic, otk pose and begins a rapid-fire flaming of her fanny.

She has a big arse so plenty of room for Ms. Kelly to snap that bare hand on the target. Panties down to the cheeks and now the bare flesh becomes a quick pink. And then, making her remove her own panties, that is shame and back over the knee she goes.

A supple, jiggling bum this one has. And now, the slipper. Slippers and shoes really blister the shanks. Lots of rapid-fire attacks here. No wasted time or motion. The little step-bitch is still mouthing off so out comes the hairbrush.

Alternating cheeks, one well-placed stinger to each side, very rhythmic and in step. And the leather strap. Bared to her maximum shame across the bed, she is going to be welted real good. What a nice, chunky can she has and is this bitch jumping now.

Now, her mooned rump must jut skyward to really absorb the impact of the lash. Some great back-handed slashes from Ms. Kelly, relentless and methodical she is with her punishment to this tart.

The sassy brat is crying now and her mouth is contrite as opposed to snotty. That hole of hers looks pretty filthy, so maybe her choice of activities needs a good blistering too. Its wooden paddle time.

And with gusto, the new implement is taken to her bottom. And another. She is really whimpering and the shame of being called a bad girl, furthers the excitement. Ordered to pick up dirty panties, that is a trip.

An encore with the hairbrush, so for all you snotty little teasers out there, misbehave and Ms. Kelly will find you and the correction she has for you will be lasting indeed.

Stars: Michelle, Kelly Payne

Final Warning

Video: Final Warning
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Studio: Connoisseur C.P.
Step mum Suzanne arrives with Morgan and Kara from the school as they've been suspended for a week for smoking & drinking, AGAIN! Mum threatens the pair with Reform School if they do not behave whilst she is away at a business meeting; this is their final warning.

She leaves them in the charge of their sister, Monica, who berates the two girls and then, before going out for more food, tells them to do some housework whilst she's gone. Some hope; the temptation is too much and they help themselves to mum's cigarettes and wine. they soon spot mum's new camera and decide to take some saucy photos. Monica returns as the pictures are being viewed on mum's computer, but she doesn't quite catch them. However, Monica notices that the girls have been at the cigarettes and wine and haven't done a stroke since she's been gone. Now she wants her "pound of flesh" by giving both Morgan and Kara a spanking.

Dissatisfied with the result, she gives Morgan a taste of the paddle and strap, quickly followed by the same treatment for Kara. Is this the end of the punishment? NO! Monica sends both her sisters up to their bedroom to change into their pyjamas and when both girls return, Monica has decided on a finale and introduces both girls to the cane, 24 strokes each, pyjamas up and pyjamas down.

The next day mum comes back and checks her email for an important message. Unfortunately Morgan & Kara realise that the saucy photos are still on there! Mum is not happy, having to look at "that filth". It's off to the Reform School, but only after a sound spanking from mum. The trouble is that both girls are still carrying the marks of the punishment they got from Monica and the whole truth comes out. Now mum is furious with all three girls. Firstly Morgan, then Kara and finally Monica are given an OTK spanking and paddling before being told they are all to be sent to Mr. Bottomly for some attitude adjustment.

Bonus... but that's not quite the end, we've included a slide show of the photos that caused all the problems.

Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 – Spanking Some Divas

Video: Red Assed Lap Dancing 18 - Spanking Some Divas
Watch This Video!
Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Maklaryn...what kind of a name is that? I mean, I understand the need to remain pseudonymous when you're trawling around on the edges of X video, but pick a fruit flavor orsomething, sister. Anyway, Mak's expansive mouthiness is matched only by her ample assets, as she tromps around the motel room looking like Meadow from the Sopranos, grousing about her current spate of unluck. "I can't believe this is what I've deserted to," she complains. Of course, the word she meant is 'resorted', but you get the picture. After some half-hearted, sour-faced lingerie modeling, the Spank Man hands her a banana, and asks her to treat it right. She bites it in half. I get it now. It's the banana that always makes him go berserk. She tosses the offending fruit at the wall. He grabs her by the ear and puts her over his lap. Maklaryn has a lot of ass to punish, so Mr. Red Hot has his work cut out for him. Whack! "That's for the ugly heart tattoo - what, did GG Allin give that to you in jail?" Whack! "And that's for eating too many fuckin' Twinkies!" Whack! "And who do you think you are, stretching out my lingerie?" Ok, he doesn't actually say any of that, but I'm sure that's what he's thinking. At first, Mak takes her lumps with resolve, seething and protesting and threatening lawsuits, but after the first hundred or so lashes, she's bawling like a baby. How old are you?" the assmaster asks her.

"22", she sniffles.

"Ok, count after me...1!" Whack. "2!" Whack. She should've just told the truth, might have saved her self some misery. Once her pale white rump is suitably glowing, spank-dude drops her on the floor and slaps a $20 on her quivering cheeks. When she gets up to leave, we see that she's got an even worse shamrock tattoo on her back. He gives her one last whack for that on the way out.

Next up is Liz Tyler. Once again, the unsuspecting model is taken aback by the 'studio'. Liz thinks she is there to introduce her new line of lingerie and intimate wear. She too is very nasty about the shoot and the surroundings. Boy is she surprised when after the third change of apparel she starts to smoke a cigarette and is told "I have asthma, and I would appreciate your not smoking". Liz responds by telling him basically '"to go fuck himself" and once again, it's by the ear and over the knee. Liz takes one of the most intense hand spankings that I have seen in a RHV production. All of the RHV spankings are very hard, but this one is a cut above. After some serious ass swatting, the Red Hot Man has some fun with Liz by having her select which cheek she wants him to swat next. Of course, he then smacks the opposite one. The thing that is really great about this scene is Liz's reactions. She totally breaks down near the end of the scene and starts bawling her head off. It gets so bad that her nose actually starts running uncontrollably. If you enjoy seeing a woman crying while being spanked then this is a scene that you most certainly don't want to miss. Ok, all the guys that Liz Tyler has dumped, all the girls whose boyfriends she's stolen, and every family member she's disappointed - gather 'round, because it's judgment day for Liz.

First of all, let me just say that Liz is a serious beauty, a blonde, doe-eyed, lips and hips sensation who looks stunning in the see-through white teddy she's modeling in this jaw-dropping segment. She's not quite so pretty, however, when she's screaming her head off, and snot is pouring out of her nose. The scene starts as the first one did, with a mock-modeling session. "I'm here to introduce my new line of lingeries", she says to the camera. The word is already plural, Liz. Spank man keeps making her go back into the bathroom to change, and she grows more impatient with every twirl. Finally, she just lights a smoke and announces that she's done with this nonsense. She is not done with this nonsense, though. Not by a long shot. The butt nazi knocks the cigarette out of her hand, leaving it to smolder on the motel rug, as he puts Liz over his knee, and gets to work on her shapely ass. She holds out for a long time, keeping up her show of haughty displeasure. "You don't even deserve to look at me," she spits, as her hide gets slowly tanned. He's relentless though, and you get the feeling that there's an actual animosity at work, because this is some serious goddamn spanking, baby. Innovative picture-in-picture technology allows you to watch the beating from two angles - the rapidly blistering cheeks get the full screen, the howling protests pouring out of her panicked mouth at the bottom. By the time this cat is through, Liz is on the floor in a fetal ball, whimpering like a puppy, her face covered in snot and drool. Intense. If ever there was cause for 'behind the scenes' footage, it'd certainly come in handy here. When the camera stopped rolling, did she just sit down in a bucket of ice, light up a red, and count her hard-earned dough? Or did she run out of there, screaming for the cops?

Anyway, if you were looking for realism, well, here's your fucking realism. A good choice was made in placing Alexis third on this program. We just finished one of the World's Great OTK Spankings, tears and snot everywhere. We know that spanking hurt. Alexis plays her role with a dry sense of humor just beneath the surface. No potty mouth this time! This segment portrays a woman - young, blonde, beautiful to be sure - in stark contrast to those spoiled pottymouth little kids who preceded her. Does the spanking hurt? No question about that! It hurts - and she handles it. No caterwauling here. She's a class act. The lingerie segment earns her a spanking - who would have guessed - but the by-play is delightful. Once across his lap, the by-play continues. That is, she continues the comments in the same disdainful tone of voice. Sure, she's across his lap, and thanks to Liz Tyler's performance we know it hurts from almost the very first smack, but she doesn't bother to notice she's being spanked. Long past the point where Maklaryn and Liz Tyler were bawling their eyes out, Alexis is continuing the sarcastic conversation. She is pure class - and smart - refraining from taunting Our Man about not spanking her hard enough or anything. She simply keeps up the disdainful by-play, ignoring the spanking completely. When it's over, she has to kneel on the ground for a few moments to absorb the reaction. She does not lay on the floor snuffling like her predecessors. She's not bothering to feel sorry for herself. There's no doubt that it did hurt. She's very cute, kneeling there covering her chest with her arms - funny how they all end up topless when Our Man's target is the other direction. She's pure class, calmly assimilating the pain, and then she's up and still game. Alexis makes the tape, in my opinion, by showing those two snotnosed wannabes how it's done. Spank man tries his best, whacking her firm ass with his usual enthusiasm, but the chick will just not break. Finally, he shoves her flaming red ass off his lap. "Fuckin' asshole," Alex snarls, as she walks off to bathroom, counting her winnings. I dig this girl. I'm bringing her with me to my next fistfight

Stars: Alexis, Liz Tyler, Maklaryn, Mr. Red Hot



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