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Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 7

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 7
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Yet another intense medical scene from legendary Master Rick Savage. Alexa and her big tits were so popular with viewers in her first Rick Savage bondage video (19-Year-Old Breast bondage & Tit Torture, on this site,) that Rick has brought her and her big boobs back for some pussy torture, spanking, breast bondage and tit torture, all coming her way in the form of a medical scene. Almost as soon as she enters the exam room, the innocent-looking 19-year-old is told to strip. She shucks her duds and is soon standing before us, buck naked with her slacks and panties around her ankles, showing off her big tits and her completely shaved pussy. Only now that she's nude does the wicked doctor ask her what her problem is. Insomnia, she confesses. Master Rick now sounds like a deranged evil scientist from a sci-fi horror movie. In a stern voice, he tells her, "Well, the cause is obvious. Any half-assed doctor right out of medical school can tell you the cause of your problem. Your "energy channels" are all clogged up. Well, you've come to the right place, I'm very good at un-clogging a lady's energy channels." Amazing the doctor can make a diagnosis simply from staring at the naked teenage girl. The doctor discovers a pair of black panties in the pocket of his lab coat. He realizes they were left behind by his last patient. He tells the youthful Alexa to hold them for her mouth. The big-titted girl obediently opens her mouth and Rick inserts the dank panties.

The first medical procedure that will unclog Alexa's energy channels seems quite similar to one of the evil doctor's brutal breast exams. And as fans of Master Savage are well aware, his favorite form of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. Alexa's full, ripe, big tits are simply perfect for the type of tit punishment that Rick loves to administer. His strong hands squeeze deeply into Alexa's succulent, 19-year-old torpedoes. We are now treated to some vintage Rick Savage tit torture as the wicked doctor brutally squeezes and twists Alexa's big succulent sweater stuffers. He then adds tit-spanking to the procedure.

The next medical procedure amounts to good old fashioned OTK, over-the-knee spanking. This will surely unclog the young lady's energy channels. The naked Alexa goes over-the-knee, panties still stuffed in her mouth, and her big tits dangling on the camera-side of master's lap. The hard, barehanded spanking produces glowing red area's on the youthful Alexa's firm, jiggly, lily white butt cheeks. The spanking continues until the entire surface of Alexa's alabaster tushie is crimson red. Next the ingenious doctor combines TWO medical procedures as he brutally squeezes her boobs with one hand while spanking with the other. The doctor then bends his naked patient over a gurney to continue her spanking treatment. After more barehanded spanking, the doctor uses a large black leather paddle to paddle Alexa's crimson butt cheeks. Rick tells his patient to climb onto the gurney and lay on her tummy. Alexa's big natural boobs look great as they press against the gurney. Seems like somehow, a proctology exam will help unclog Alexa's energy channels because Doctor Rick puts on a latex glove and plunges a finger deep into Alexa's 19-year-old asshole. The busty teenager squirms as Dr. Rick tells her, "this'll definitely unclog some of those energy channels." Determined to get to the bottom of things, the doctor now uses TWO fingers to probe deeply into Alexa's anus.

Next, the doctor rolls Alexa over on the gurney so he can once again administer more brutal breast examining. In this position, Alexa's boobs kind of float on her ribcage and Rick zooms his camera in close to give us a phenomenal view of the barehanded tit torture. The udderly amazing. After a thorough, very cruel breast exam, including more tit-spanking, rope bondage is used to affix our 19-year-old patient to the gurney, One of the ropes cuts directly across Alexa's boobs, causing the all natural tits to bulge beautifully on either side of the rope. The doctor now places a spreader bar between Alexa's ankles. The bar holds Alexa's legs wide open giving us a splendid view of the young lady's shaved pussy. Dr. Savage now uses the sharp Wartenburg pinwheel on the front of Alexa's body paying special attention to her boobs and her pussy. After plenty of painful pussy torture with the pinwheel, the doc gives us some barehanded pussy torture as his fingers pinch, twist and pull her pussy lips WIDE open. Rick does this using an extreme camera close up, so we get a phenomenal view inside Alexa's wet pink tunnel. Rick uses some fingers to spread it wide open for the camera while using another finger to rub her clit. This is some severe pussy stretching, pussy torture.

A very interesting, antique "medical instrument" is now brought into the pussy torture as Rick uses a truly antique, noisy, old vibrator with many small rubber nubs to torture Alexa's clit. The clit torture continues until Alexa orgasms. Yes...Dr. Rick seems determined to unclog Alexa's energy channels.

The doctor decides it would now be best to apply tourniquets (breast bondage) to Alexa's big natural tits. The tight, circular rope bondage causes Alexa's natural breasts to turn a nice shade of lavender. While Dr. Rick allows the breast bondage to work it's magic, he has the totally nude Alexa stand on the medical scale to he can check her height and weight. Well...nude except for a pair of 8-inch, red, spike high heels.

For the final portion of Alexa's "treatment," Rick uses more rope bondage and his spreader bar to affix his nude, big-titted 19-year-old to the gyno table. He places her big natural boobs in a different style of tight breast bondage. Alexa is blindfolded and a ball gag is tied into her mouth. Bare handed pussy torture is resumed as Rick twists, pinches and pulls her dripping wet pussy wide open, again using a finger to stimulate her clit. Suddenly, the unsuspecting patient gets a warm, hot, rude surprise as Rick douses her shaved slit with lots of hot, melted candle wax. Our youthful patient squirms as the hot, liquid wax finds its' way into the crevices of her wet vagina. Finally the doctor announces, "I think today's medical procedures have been successful. I suspect you will have no trouble sleeping tonight!" What a good doctor!

Stars: Alexa, Master Rick Savage

Spanking Video Review – Nikki the Maid

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Nikki Dublais

Approximate Running Time: 40.35 minutes

Nikki knocked on the door, she waited for a moment, but getting no response she lets herself into the hotel room of a new guest.

The room was a tip and she grumbled to herself about not knowing where to start.

Try as she could – she couldn’t get up any enthusiasm for her job as Room Maid. So she wandered around the room aimlessly, until she saw a large holdall that was gaping wide open. Her curiosity was aroused as she brought out a few of the contents – she was puzzled as to their possible use.

She was so engrossed in her voyage of discovery that she didn’t realise she was no longer alone. The hotel guest came out of the bathroom, taking in at a glance what was going on – he sat down on the bed, pulling her squealing and protesting over his knee.

He hauls her over his knee for an otk spanking

Her grey trousers are tightly stretched across her very shapely bottom. As his hand makes contact with her squirming bottom – it bounces back.

Then when she has a very sore bottom; he orders her to stand in a corner and not to rub.

The spanking continues

When he comes back into the room he catches her rubbing her tender bottom. So she finds herself once more lying over his knee.

Eventually, at his insistence, her clothes come off and he continues with the spanking on her very red and sore looking bare bottom.

A knock on the door and it’s the hotel manager, doing a spot check. He enters the room and sees his Room Maid lying over the knee of one of the hotel’s guests.

She has been truly well spanked

He is all in favour of corporal punishment, especially as Nikki has been stealing from the guests for some time.

However, he doesn’t think the spanking she has received up to that moment is sufficient – so he asks the hotel guest if he may carry on.

Nikki finds herself lying over her boss’s knee for a further spanking.

He introduces her to a couple of the items from the holdall that she had been looking through. She finds the hairbrush particularly painful.

Once he is satisfied that she has been dealt with adequately, he lets her stand up and rub her poor bottom, before he orders her to redress and get on with her duties.

Free Spanking Videos – American Punishment Collection 18

Free Spanking Videos - American Punishment Collections 18
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American Punishment Collections 18, from California Star Productions, brings us another sultry free spanking video from one of it’s two hot spanking scenes. In this free spanking video, Sandy is feeling a little bored and horny. What could she possibly do to fill these issues? Well, of course the phone might help.

Sandy makes a call over to Mr. Liam, a burly tattooed alternative guy who can get very creative with spanking. She asks Mr. Liam if he would like to play some spanking games with her, and the two waste little time getting into some hot otk spanking. Mr. Liam is such a tease with his spanking rhythm, and his visual enjoyment as the spanker is amongst the best we’ve ever seen.

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It’s Not Your Fault

Video: It's Not Your Fault
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Studio: HydroMadam Productions
Alli is back from her 'Punishment in Paris' but still can't understand why her mother is so strict with her. She sits on the floor, her beautiful face & big brown eyes looking at us as she listens to her Nanny Strix explain how her mother's strait-laced lifestyle goes back to the wild ways of her grandmother who was a "Flapper" in the 1920's.

Good Old Fashion OTK Discipline... is what the pretty Flapper get - a good hard bare assed hand spanking. Nanny's hand is hurting from giving a OTK bare assed spanking so she decides to use a WOODEN PADDLE on the Flapper's red hurting ass. But punishment doesn't end there...

It's time for an old fashioned enema but administered in a very interesting position Over the Lap, feet over head. When Nanny steps out, the naughty Flapper who likes enemas more than she admits gives it to herself.

Stars: Alli, Nanny Strix

Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 6

Video: Rick Savage Medical Scene Torture 6
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Brunette pain slut, Spanky pays a visit to Dr. Savage. She waits for the doctor in the exam room, wearing a short black skirt, black top and black open-toed high heels. Seems the young bondage bimbo is suffering from insomnia. Spanky's medical scene begins rather abruptly, or one might say rudely with a not-so-gentle proctology exam. Savage puts on the latex glove, instructs her to bend over, slides her panties down, instructs her to pull her butt cheeks apart, apologizes because he ran out of K-Y, then roughly pushes his finger past her sphincter. As wicked Rick's finger explores the depths of Spanky's Hershey highway, Spanky grimaces. Much to her discomfort, Rick's finger twists and plunges with abruptness. He announces, "Boy, you must really be having a hard time sleeping." Hmmm. Strange that the doctor can develop such a diagnosis from plunging a finger deep into the girl's asshole. But, "strange" is an appropriate word when it comes to describing medical scenes perpetrated by the wicked Master Savage. Rick explains to his young patient that he has deduced that the "energy meridians" in her body are all blocked up. Hence, during the day time she's not able to expend a normal amount of energy. Therefore at night, when you go to sleep, you have all this pent up energy, and you're restless. Rick explains that he has a medical "treatment," that is able to unblock these pathways. He warns that the treatment is rather painful, but he tells a willing Spanky, "When we're finished here today, I think you'll get a good night's sleep." The first medical procedure performed will be good old fashioned OTK, over the knee spanking. Dr. Rick informs Spanky, "Good, hard, traditional spanking does wonders at loosening up those clogged energy meridians." Spanky's spanking is hard from the start. No gradual warm up in this procedure. After some harsh bare handed spanking, Rick blends a large leather paddle into the butt punishment. For several minutes, the ass thrashing is conducted on the outside of Spanky's sheer, see-through panties. But soon enough, Rick drops her sexy panties to just below her butt cheeks so we can see just how red her young, firm butt globes are glowing. The brutal spanking and paddling continues with Rick occasionally following the harsh blows with a raking from his sharp bear claws. We don't know if this will help Spanky's insomnia, but WOW, this is some damn serious spanking and paddling.

Apparently some rope bondage will be a necessary part of Spanky's medical scene, as the doctor now binds Spanky's hands behind her back and uses another rope to pull her elbows closer together. The elbow rope causes our patient's natural breasts to jut forward nicely. As fans of the legendary Master Savage are well aware, wicked Rick's favorite type of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. SO, makes sense that Dr. Rick would conduct, a long, and very painful breast exam as part of any medical scene. With the very first breast squeeze, Spanky winces. Savage digs deep with both hands, squeezing brutally deep into Spanky's tits, twisting, squeezing, pressing them hard against her ribcage. The breast exam is...extreme. Savage pauses to put a large ball gag in Spanky's mouth, explaining to her that the next part of the medical procedure is extremely harsh and he doesn't want any of the patients in the waiting room to be scared by any screams that she might make. Gag in place, her merciless breast exam continues, but hard tit spanking now becomes part of the procedure. Savage takes his favorite leather flogger and now nails young Spanky's boobs and the tips of her nipples, several times. After lots of harsh tit flogging, the doctor's bare hands get back into the action. At one point he holds the camera with his left hand, and inflicts the tit torture with his right, giving viewers that POV perspective on this painful procedure.

For the next part of Spanky's medical scene, Rick alters the rope bondage so as to tie Spanky into a chair with her tits exposed, ball gag still in place. It's time to incorporate that medical procedure known as nipple torture into Spanky's treatment. Sturdy, plastic forceps are attached to Spanky's erect nipples. Then, rope is attached to the forceps, and the other end of the rope is attached to an overhead winch. Slowly, our cruel physician cranks the wince, pulling upwards on Spanky's throbbing nipples. The camera zooms in close and the view of Spanky's distended nipples being hoisted and stretched away from her body is utterly amazing. Just...WOW, what a site! The doctor informs Spanky that he will now leave her alone in the room for 30 minutes so the forceps can work their magic and help unclog those energy meridians. He knows that this will be very painful, but kind, caring doctor that he is, he will go to no end to help his young patient cure her insomnia.

Half an hour later, Rick returns to the exam room to find Spanky in the exact, painful position in which he left her. But to add to her nipple pain (and unclog those meridians of course) Savage now presses a vibrator against the forceps. The pain sensations are wild and Spanky moans so beautifully.

For the next portion of her medical scene, we find a totally nude (except for her high heels) Spanky standing with a spreader bar holding her ankles far apart and her hands held high over head by the winch. Pussy torture seems to be the next procedure the doctor will use to "help" Spanky. The doctor now places large rat traps on Spanky's completely shaved pussy lips. AND, to heighten her pussy pain, Savage again uses the vibrator, pressing it against the rat traps. The doctor decides that adding weights to the rat traps will increase the pain and therefore increase the effectiveness of the treatment. SO, he affixes a heavy pair of shackles to the rat traps, then attaches several fishing weights to the shackles. The doctor holds the camera in his right hand, and uses his left hand to swing the weights. The close up view of Spanky's bald, pinched pussy lips is simply breathtaking. And again, the doctor now leaves Spanky in this miserably painful position for 30 minutes so the procedure can be effective.

For the final portion of her medical scene, the nude patient is bound to the gyno table with her feet in the stirrups. Except for her ball gag and high heels, she is completely naked. I guess pussy torture will also help cure Spanky of her insomnia because the doctor begins flogging Spanky's bare pussy with a wicked little rubber flogger, also blending bare handed pussy spanking into the procedure. When his patient has difficulty holding her legs open, the doctor affixes a spreader bar between her knees. After more pussy flogging and pussy spanking, Rick now puts 5 sturdy wooden clothespins to each of Spanky's shaved pussy lips. The clothespins are connected with twine, so we all know what's coming - a pussy zipper. Again, the doctor leaves her alone in her pain. Before tearing the clothespins off her lips, Savage wants to wait until they're good and throbbing. After 20 minutes, he returns, and swiftly rips the zippers away from her pussy. Spanky's body contracts in pain, then she seems to relax in a dreamlike trance caused by the intensely shocking pussy pain. Her breathing is deep, blissful as the pain sensations wash over her body. Drifting in a sea of endorphins, Spanky looks beautiful, peaceful. But Dr. Master Savage has even more pussy torture in store. He puts the wooden clothespins back on his patient's throbbing pussy lips and uses large pieces of tape to tape the clothespins to her inner thighs, thus holding her bald pussy wide open and vulnerable. He now approaches with a large, red candle. Spanky's eyes open wide as she realizes that with the clothespins holding her pussy open, her delicate pinkness has no protection from the scorching hot candle wax. With each splash of hot wax, Spanky's body spasms, she yelps beneath her ball gag. Eventually, her lips, her pussy, her clit are all coated in wax, and again, Spanky seems to be floating in a world of bliss. As the camera zooms in close to give us a great view of Spanky's waxed private parts, Master Rick assures us that his patient will be getting a very good night's sleep tonight.

Stars: Spanky, Master Rick Savage

Keith’s Girl Friday

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Samantha Woodley

Approximate Running Time: 53.55 minutes

Keith takes Samantha into his confidence – he needs to lose some weight – and he’d like her to go shopping for him. He gives her a list of the kind of food he should be eating. She assures him that she understands and will go to the shops immediately. He gives her some money, but she tells him she needs more – so he ends up giving her $300.

She comes back loaded with parcels. He’s had nothing to eat for several hours, so he’s looking forward to starting on his new eating regime.

Spanking bent over a chair

But as she brings out one packet at a time – he’s beginning to despair – it is either loaded with fat, salt or sugar. When she brings out the final item – she has hit the jackpot. It’s a piece of turkey and he can eat it without killing himself.

He asks her for his change and she hands him $3. He’s horrified to think he has paid $297 for a load of unsuitable food. However, she corrects him; the food only cost a few dollars. So where’s the rest of the money gone – she spent it on herself because he doesn’t pay her enough.

That’s the final straw – he determines to show her what can happen when he’s an angry, hungry man.

Sore spanked bottom

She finds herself bent over a chair, with him hand spanking her. Her bottom changes from creamy white to pink and to red. A change of position and she is lying over his knee and despite her squirming about and protesting, he carries on spanking her relentlessly.

Then comes the second story in the series. Keith has been relying on his Girl Friday to make sure that a very important contract is typed up ready for work to begin the following day.

Apprehensive about this spanking

He thought that she was busy with the job, as she had been typing for a solid six hours. How wrong he was, she’d been chatting online to her latest boyfriend.

She again finds herself bottom side up – her nose only inches from the carpet. His hand again changes the colour of her bottom to a deep cherry red.

She is told that the job must be finished before morning, as he’s going to arrange for the various workmen to start the work first thing in the morning.

But his right hand girl further hinders his progress by not completing the work she was supposed to do.

Her third OTK spanking

He is livid – when next morning the workmen arrive ready to start work, but thanks to Samantha’s help a lot of things were not in place – so he had to pay the men and tell them to go home again.

Now for the third time, Samantha is on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking. He also uses an assortment of implements – finally giving her six hard whacks with the cane.

He explains to her that her job is essential to the smooth running of his business.

At the end of the third spanking, her bottom is indeed very sore and the scene closes with him hugging her.

The question is – did Samantha deliberately set out to get spanked?

Workplace Discipline 3

Video: Workplace Discipline 3
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Studio: British Discipline
The boss returns from a business trip to find his house keeper sitting around reading a magazine instead of cleaning. He's quite ticked off. He humiliates her and demands she takes her trousers off. He bends her OTK and spanks her till her bottom is nice a red. He soon discovers that she has lied and has two parties while he was away. She gets completely naked and he uses a strap to spank her over his knee. A young woman comes to meet a woman for an advertising position; she's told she would get paid more by taking a spanking position. She's willing to try. While she's being spanked by the female employee, the male boss enters and he's quite upset. He advises he the boss and if she wants a job she must adhere to him and only him. The employee must also be punished. A female employee is called to come to work early and speak to the boss in reference to cash missing, the books are off. She admits spending the money on bills. Instead of calling the police on his cleaning lady for stealing money, he takes matters into his own hands. Besides her bottom getting spanked and caned her hands get hit too.

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Tom Byron, Vinnie Spit, Virginia Lewis and Linette Case

Approximate Running Time: 37.24 minutes

Torri and Olivia had arrived at the home of Spyder and Spit – Rock Idles that had girls grovelling to get a piece of whatever was available – that would be like a trophy of victory for them.

Olivia didn’t hesitate, when the front door proved to not be locked, she entered the bachelor pad. Torri held back, her conscience was troubling her; however, Olivia soon talked her round.

Once inside the inner sanctum, Olivia said she was going for a shower and so leaving her reluctant friend to fight with her conscience for all of a second – before stuffing videos and tapes into a big holdall. She was so absorbed in doing this task she was unaware that the two guys had arrived home and were stood watching her.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realise what was going on and when she admitted she was not alone, Spider decided to go in search of the missing Olivia.

Spanking - He pulls her over his knee

Left alone with Spider, she soon finds herself lying over his knee, her short pleated skirt pushed up to her waist – well clear of her bottom. Her beautiful shapely bottom, bouncing each time his hand made contact with her quivering cheeks.

Spanking - She has a very sore bottom

It didn’t take him long to change her poor bottom to a very sore red bottom.

Meanwhile, Spit had found Olivia, wrapped in his bath robe, lounging on a couch reading a magazine.

He did exactly the same as his friend and pulled the errant girl over his knee. The bath robe fell away from her lovely slim body, leaving her without the protection of any clothing.

After reddening her bottom, he decides it’s time to join the other two downstairs in the lounge.

Spanking - Spit is dealing with Olivia

So the two men – each with a cheeky brat lying face down over his knee, being musical – they were soon spanking in unison. The sound of hand making contact with bare bottom rang out reverberating around the room.

Spanking - Both girls are being spanked at the same time

Just as the girls’ bottoms were getting very sore, so were the hands of their spankers and that’s when they brought out implements – that they shared. Spider would use a paddle on Torri’s bottom, then he’d pass it on to Spit to use on the naughty bottom of Olivia.

After an assortment of implements had been used on both girls, their bottoms were a fiery red.

Spanking - Two girls with two sore bottoms

Punishment over, the girls were pulled up into a sitting position – and the two guys showed their more gentle side – starting off with a passionate kiss, followed by ………………..

If you love watching OTK spankings – you’re in for a treat with this movie.

Rescue Me

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Amanda Morrison and Arthur Meeks

Approximate Running Time: 46.50 minutes

Marcus is impatiently looking at his watch; he’s expecting someone, a female someone, to arrive – but she’s not due for another hour yet.

Lost in thought, he’s startled when there is a cursory knock on his door and before he can respond to it – the door bursts open and this very attractive young lady runs into his room.

He can’t get a word in edgeways as she is hell bent on telling him why her rather dramatic entrance was necessary.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

April gives him a right cock and bull story – she’s due to go to a party in an hour’s time, but she doesn’t fancy the guy who was supposed to be her partner. So, she hopes that Marcus will rescue her and provide a sanctuary for her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is getting redder

He tells her she’s a spoilt brat and deserves a spanking for being so cruel as to hurt the feelings of her intended escort.

So she’s draped over his knee, her short skirt pulled up away from her bottom – revealing to him an expanse of creamy white cheeks. The hand spanking starts, her bouncing orbs are turning from creamy white to pink, through to an ever reddening hue.

Spanking Videos - she is helplessly tied up

After a prolonged otk hand spanking, he uses mild bondage on her. She is helpless – with her wrists fastened to her ankles, he is able to use an assortment of implements on her by now slightly bruised bottom.

Spanking Videos - the little leather paddle does its job

A couple of times, he has to remind her that she’s a human being and so capable of speaking – rather than grunting and yelping like an animal. What he’s wanting is a response from her.

Spanking Videos - He flogs her

Eventually, he tells her that she is going to go to that party and she’s going to be sweet to the lonely young men there – and when the party is over, she must return to him.

Spanking Videos - His kiss is gentle

She agrees to this and they kiss passionately.

Vicious Vixxxens 7 – Krissy The Love Sex Doll

Video: Vicious Vixxxens 7 - Krissy The Love Sex Doll
Watch This Video!
Studio: Julie Simone Productions
In the 7th installment of the Vicious Vixxxens series, busty Dominatrix Summer Cummings gets a present - a Love Sex Doll wrapped up and zip tied, ready for Her to exploit and fill each of its holes. Action includes caning, flogging, latex hoods and clothing, medical play, anal and vaginal penetration with fingers and toys, speculum, body cast, unusual insertions, bastinado, strap on sex, forced orgasms, gagging, mouth stretching, OTK spanking, age play and more!

Stars: Summer Cummings, Krissy Kage



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