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Shop Lifter: Canned and Ass Fucked

When the Store security Guard catches a shop lifter he gives her a choice: Punishment or jail. She is spanked with Cane, shoe, paddle, and a hard OTK spanking. Just when she thinks it is over he decides to fuck her in her tight little asshole.

Nadia’s Christmas Punishment Part 2

The OTK spanking Intensifies, Nadia cries and begs.

Country Girls Attitude Adjustment Paddling

Country girl has been caught using drugs again, this time by the police her attitude has been getting worse at work as well. Country Girl's attitude improves in record time once she is OTK and getting a bottom blistering hand spanking that quickly has her crying and begging. The crying really picks up a notch when the nasty plastic bath brush comes out and attacks her naught bare bottom. The heavy Oak Paddle with holes finishes her off. Crying and begging all through the spanking she learns not to be a naughty girl.

Fender Bender

When Lexus backs out the drive way she hits another car. To make matters worse Outlaw had told her just that morning to be care when backing out. He decides it is time for a spanking. She is taken OTK and first hand spanked, then spanked with the spanking spoon. Then Fucked Hard. This Movie runs for 21 minutes and features spanking and sex.

Be Careful What You Ask For

You know, it's true, I really am an addlebrained slut at times. Ok, most of the time. I can't help it, I simply have too much on my mind! You know, sucking dicks, getting fucked, blowbangs, bukkake, anal, etc. I swear, I would forget where my ass was...if I did not have the regular attitude adjustments Mistress Ann kindly provides when I ask her to. This one begins with me in my usual state of disarray and chaos. Not to worry though, I called my Mistress, and after some begging and groveling, lo, she soon appeared! As I had totally disrupted her day, she was not in a very good mood, and me playing with myself when she gets there did not help matters at all. First she gives me a fairly intense OTK, (that's over the knee), spanking, and she did not hold back, let me tell you! Then she switches to a hair brush, and disciplines my red ass even more. Then it's back to hand on my quite reddened ass. She moves back and forth between the hairbrush and her bare hand, delivering an epic spanking, all the time verbally berating me for being such an airheaded bimbo. Lots of excellent close up video footage of my , tormented face. Then it's over the couch, and out cums a large, nasty paddle. Then, a very, very wicked paint stick! With every new implement Mistress seems to get even more invigorated. This was an incredible beating. So much abuse, so much torture, so much pain. Then, I have to finish for Mistress what I had interrupted, she was giving a guy with a large cock a blowjob, and she brought him along for just this reason. (You can see the blowjob scene in part 2)

Nadia’s Wet Bottom Spanking and Ass Fucking Part 2

The OTK bare bottom spanking continues. Nadia is crying real tears.

Ebony and Ivory Lesbians Spanked and Butt Fucked Part 6

Outlaw gives Amber a very very hard spanking OTK with hand, paddle and strap. He then starts on Destiny as she goes OTK, Amber says, "I hope he beats your ass"

Ebony and Ivory Lesbians Spanked and Butt Fucked Part 4

Destiny finishes up with the Ping Pong paddle on Ambers ass then must go OTK for a spanking from Amber with hand and paddle.

Ebony and Ivory Lesbians Spanked and Butt Fucked Part 3

Both girls are made to spank one another as punishment. Destiny spanks Amber first. She takes her OTK and spanks her first with her hand and then with the ping pong paddle.

Cane On Nail

Video: Cane On Nail
Watch This Video!
Studio: RGE-Films
Cane on the Wall shows how good Rigid East is at making CP videos. The video consists of the usual round of OTK spanking, strapping and caning - but the way they weave these elements into a sophisticated film with a story, with suspense, with drama, with variety, is hugely uplifting.

The film starts with a slate showing the time and the date - and a girl's name: Alenka.

The first scene opens with a naked girl walking into her bedroom carrying a cane and a nightdress. She is sniveling. She hangs the cane up on the wall and crosses out some lines on a wall chart - cane strokes. She then kneels on her bed, applying some cream to her bottom before lying down on her tummy and cuddling her teddy bear. She is in tears. The camera hovers over her buttocks and opened thighs and we see she has been caned.

The slate comes up again: it's half an hour earlier.

Alenka is in her bedroom removing her street clothes. She is a tall, slim girl with dark hair cut boyishly short. She has a shaved pussy. She is interesting and attractive, but not classically beautiful. She puts on a simple white nightdress, or is it a punishment gown? She consults the wall chart and counts the strokes. Then she takes the cane down from the nail on the wall.

Next we are in another room where a man sits at a table reading a letter and looking at photos of a girl's bare behind. Is it Alenka's or his next visitor's? Alenka comes in and hands him the cane. She kneels before him to plead.

The slate comes up again. It is three days earlier.

We are outdoors, and the man is marching Alenka into the house by the ear. I don't know what she has done, but she's in trouble. It's only now that the spanking begins. A great deal of tension has been generated before we get to this point. This is quality and one you will not want to miss.

Fans of hard-edged domestic discipline will love this film!

Stars: Alenka



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