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Vicious Vixxxens 7 – Krissy The Love Sex Doll

Video: Vicious Vixxxens 7 - Krissy The Love Sex Doll
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Studio: Julie Simone Productions
In the 7th installment of the Vicious Vixxxens series, busty Dominatrix Summer Cummings gets a present - a Love Sex Doll wrapped up and zip tied, ready for Her to exploit and fill each of its holes. Action includes caning, flogging, latex hoods and clothing, medical play, anal and vaginal penetration with fingers and toys, speculum, body cast, unusual insertions, bastinado, strap on sex, forced orgasms, gagging, mouth stretching, OTK spanking, age play and more!

Stars: Summer Cummings, Krissy Kage

Free Spanking Videos – Girls Boarding School – Homework Test

Free Spanking Videos - Girls Boarding School - Homework Test
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Molly is your average blonde, pig-tailed under achiever at Girls Boarding School. Her past few weeks have shown very low scores during testing, and the headmaster is not appreciative of her lacking efforts. Headmaster calls Molly down to his chamber for a newly devised test he has specially created to let her redeem herself, but unfortunately she still hasn’t been maintaining her studies. Another failing mark convinces the Headmaster that a more stern punishment is in order. Molly is bent over the Headmaster’s knee for a stern bare bottom otk spanking, and much more spanking awaits her.

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420 Spanking Video – Double Jointed

Jane and Sarah are two of the fun kind of school girls. In this free spanking video from Double Jointed, these two rebels are sitting down for a nice marijuana smoking session. All seems pretty normal until the Headmaster catches them rolling joints in the common area. He informs the repeat offenders that they are in for a stern punishment, but the girls don’t seem to take it seriously. Feeling disrespected, he puts them both through otk spankings and strappings that would make any pot head squirm at the thought of smoking more weed.

Spanking Videos – Ask Mike

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Mike, Kordelia Devonshire

Approximate Running Time: 1.00 hour

This movie is a must watch for a Spanker who wants to be able to deal with the cheeky brat lying over his knee, but deal with her safely.

Mike demonstrates how to go about giving a ‘spanking for pleasure and fun’ – so that the spankee enjoys the experience, without coming to any harm – apart from a very sore bottom.

Kordy is more than happy to be spanked for demonstration purposes.

Mike starts off by talking about the otk position – to make sure that the spankee is comfortable.

Spanking Videos - The spanking starts on top of her clothing

As I have been on the receiving end of a spanking for over forty five years, that guy is talking sense. My dangling over a guy’s knee, while he’s sitting on a chair, leaves me feeling very insecure – if I wriggle about too much, which I am inclined to do – he might drop me.

He goes on to talk about starting off with using his hand on top of Kordy’s skirt etc. The importance of where each spank lands is explained fully.

Spanking Videos - Demonstrating the use of the paddle

Then he goes on to demonstrating the use of various implements. Most of the time Kordy is lying over his knee and you can almost hear her purring – that is until he demonstrates an implement that makes her squeal and move out of position.

The last implement he uses on her by now sore bare bottom is the cane. His explanation of the kind of cane and the importance of the spanker being able to control exactly where each stroke of the cane is going to land, is meant to convey that a cane stroke that is not delivered in the true target area – could cause the spankee to be hurt, but not in a pleasurable way.

Spanking Videos - Another implement is used

When I had my first caning – the spanker advised me to stay as still as possible – as moving out of position could cause the cane to hit my more delicate parts. Also, he started off caning me gently – allowing me to ask for it to be a little harder, until eventually we found a level that I was comfortable with.

Spanking Videos - kneeling with her bottom raised

So if you follow Mike’s advice, you and the spankee should have a very enjoyable spanking session.

If you both want to repeat the spanking session another time – surely that is proof of the pleasure of spanking and being spanked.

Free Spanking Videos – Shock Therapy

Free Spanking Videos - Shock Therapy
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This spanking video borders much closer to hard bondage than most of the spanking films we’ve featured lately. Spitfire is a new fetish studio we’ve recently gotten into, and their videos are fairly interesting. Shock Therapy blends otk spanking with bondage, suspension, electro-shock play and spanking implements. So, if you’re looking to kink up your spanking entertainment…this spanking video will most likely have something you’re into.

What we like about Spitfire is their choice of models. The spankees in this spanking DVD are all of the more erotic spanking variety. Some spankees act along with the pain component more than they truly have to for the camera’s sake, but the girls in this video all seem to just give into the arousal of being tortured. Don’t get me wrong, I love the role play angle. Although, something about a full figured woman taking a good spanking while her eyes role back into her head makes a man really want to dominate her.

Free Spanking Videos – Traditional College Punishment Series 11

Free Spanking Videos - Traditional College Punishment Series 11
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California Star brings another special video to fans of spanking discipline, a double feature. Our first spanking session is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videos.

Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to giving her a first hand demonstration, an otk spanking. Now her curiosity has reached it’s full heights! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She’ll not relent until she has received her full otj spanking treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney’s bottle of soothing skin cream is for.

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Thank You Erika

Video: Thank You Erika
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Studio: (Irene Boss)
Hard working Erika tries to do all the right things, but it's never good enough for her mean boss Tomiko. Wanting to punish Erika inappropriately, Tomiko attempts to humiliate her with leg strapping. Erika refuses to take this bullshit from the boss any longer and turns the corporate tables. Shackled, disrobed and bound, Tomiko must submit to Erika's erotic wishes or be discovered. Scenes include leg strapping, ball gagging, nipple play, breast slapping, OTK bare hand spanking, rope bondage, verbal humiliation and self pleasuring. Short skirts and business attire round off this sexy office role reversal romp.

Stars: Erika Kole, Tomiko

Spanking Videos – A Lover’s Quarrel

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Shannon Rose and Max

Approximate Running Time: 48.59 minutes

Max is busy sorting out bills that need paying and writing out cheques.

Shannon is also busy, goading him. She is being a total brat and seems to be determined to get some reaction from him, but the silly girl doesn’t know when she’s gone too far.

When he finally snaps and tells her he’s going to give her a very long overdue spanking, she still doesn’t take him seriously – that is until she finds herself upended lying over his knee.

Spanking Videos - He is serious about spanking her

Despite her wriggling about over his knee, it’s a battle of wills between them and he tells her he’s going to keep on spanking her until she is sincerely sorry for being such a cheeky brat. When he asks her if she understands, her nonchalant reply is ‘Whatever’. That is definitely one word that Max dislikes intensely. So that lengthens the spanking even more. He goes on to tell her that everytime she uses that word in future – she will be spanked.

Half an hour later, still dangling over his knee, with her knickers pulled down to mid thigh and her bare bottom is a deep rosy red, she has stopped being cheeky, so he let’s her get up and go to bed.

Next day she gets home from work – she’s in trouble again. He has an envelope in his hand – it’s addressed to her. He recognises it as being either a speeding fine or a parking ticket. She tries to lie her way out of trouble, but when he insists on her opening it, she does so very reluctantly, which is not surprising as it’s a speeding fine. She was going at 95 miles an hour in a built up area.

Spanking Videos - back over his knee again

So, even though she had had that long painful spanking the day before, she was soon lying back over his knee for another spanking. He has trouble getting her to understand that when she’s speeding, she is not only endangering her own life but that of other people too.
However, she is still anything but contrite and he’s determined to keep on spanking her until she sees sense.

A wooden backed clothes brush makes her reddened bottom redder still, but has she learned her lesson?

Spanking Videos - Will his belt make an impression?

No way. When he removes his belt from his trousers and ……

If you are a bare bottom otk enthusiast, this movie is a must watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Spanking Videos – Spanking Auditions

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jodie and Alexandra

Approximate Running Time: 28.43 minutes

Part 1 – Jodie’s Desire

Jodie, a very attractive young lady is being interviewed about her career as a ‘Spanking Model.’

She explains to the interviewer – that although she has been modelling for for some time, she enjoys being spanked so much, that being well paid for doing something that gives her so much pleasure – is the icing on the cake.

However, because of her love of being spanked – she has a desire / fantasy to be spanked in real life, but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening for her as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. The interviewer finds it hard to believe.

Now, it looks like her dream could come true.

The interviewer has arranged for a man – who happens to be a keen spanker, to meet and spank her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is bared

The spanker shows her the various implements he’s going to use on her, after a warm up hand spanking over his knee. The whole idea is that if she and the spanker get on well, he is willing to be her boyfriend.

He starts off by giving her an OTK bare bottom spanking that gives her a beautiful glowing red bum.

Spanking Videos - he lets her try the tawse

The implements are introduced by giving her two strokes of the slipper, tawse and cane etc. She then tells him which one she liked best. This turns out to be the broad leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - the slipper is not to her liking

Finally, he leaves her with his contact details so she can get in touch with him – that is if she wants him to be her spanking boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - she is left to think it over

Part 2 – Russian Labour

Alexandra, an immigrant from Russia is looking for a job. A friend tells her about an employment agency that’s looking for staff.

Spanking Videos - Being interviewed

She attends an interview, where it’s explained to her what the work entails. She can speak and understand English very well and agrees that she understands what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - starting her first spanking

But when the agency boss asks her to take down her trousers, she balks at the idea. He then explains to her that her work will be receiving a spanking on her bare bottom – therefore, he needs to see her bottom and give her a spanking – just to make sure she can take one.

Once she understands, she is only too eager to learn.

So he gives her her first bare bottom spanking. As she has never had one before, he has to lead her through each stage.

Spanking Videos - he bares her bottom

He finds that she is a very apt student, but not wanting to make her bottom too sore and red because he has an assignment for her that afternoon, he lets her off lightly.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is only slightly reddened

Giving her details of where she’s to go for her appointment – he wishes her luck and tells her not to let him down as the reputation of his employment agency is at stake.

Spanking Videos – Favorite Spanking Fantasies

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Amanda Morrison

Approximate Running Time: 56.00 minutes

Fantasy 1 – Darling Disobedient Daughter

Twenty-two year old Heather has her father wrapped around her little finger.

She’s going out for the evening and asks her doting dad to let her use the jeep. He agrees, but because there have been several hijacking incidents recently – especially of jeeps, he asks her to contact him if she’s going to be home later than 2.00 am. So off she goes with a generous wad of notes to help her enjoy herself.

Dad is waiting up for her. It’s well past 2 and she’s not home yet – nor has she phoned as promised. He becomes very agitated when there is a news flash on the TV about a jeep being hijacked. Is it Heather? In his worry, he contacts the police. He has just replaced the receiver when in she comes.

She tells him she was with her boyfriend. He is very annoyed with her for being so thoughtless, so he decides that a spanking is in order. She protests about being too old to be spanked, but he’s made up his mind.

Spanking Videos - Spanking his daughter Heather

She watches him apprehensively as he slowly pulls his belt out of its loops. Doubling it, he tells her to bend down with her hands on the seat of a stool. This is just a warm up. Although I must admit, much as I love receiving the belt, it usually follows a hand spanking otk.

After the spanking; her previously white creamy never before spanked bottom is now a deep cherry red.

She apologises for worrying him and they kiss – they’re friends again.

Fantasy 2 – Sophisticated Discipline

Amanda and Keith are discussing her spanking needs. What does she like, what doesn’t she like? He also asks her if she has a safe word and she tells him what it is.

He points to a bag in the corner of the room and invites her to have a rummage through it – choosing which implements she would like him to use on her.

Then the spanking starts. Firstly with her over his knee.

Spanking Videos - Now it's Amanda's Turn to be Spanked

There is a great deal of him stroking her sore bottom – causing her to gyrate her hips as she is obviously being turned on by his caresses.

He progresses through an assortment of implements – with her in a variety of positions. She even accepts some light bondage, when he fastens her wrists together.

Being a cheeky brat, she often would say something, knowing full well she was earning herself a few extra strokes of whatever he is using at the time.

Spanking Videos - He uses an assortment of implements

At the end of the spanking session, she is a very happy bunny – looking forward to the next time she needs his services.



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