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As Tears Go By

Video: As Tears Go By
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Studio: Shadow Lane
You'll sit and watch "As Tears Go By". A new, smoking hot Shadow Lane Video starring the incomarable Amelia Jane Rutherford and Arthur Sire. The new music instructress at Bramar Prep is in big trouble with the head master. After spanking 13 pupils in the first 3 weeks of term, one indignant parent has pulled his daughter out of school.

Held accountable for her profligate use of spanking by Mr. Carmon (Arthur Sire), Miss St. Clair (Amelia Rutherford) protests that she thought it both permissible and customary to spank naughty students. Mr. Cameron chides her for her ignorance of Braemar Academy protocol, which requires parental permission for subjecting any pupil to corporal punishment. Miss St. Clair is stunned, but willfully defends her compulsive spanking practices as fundamentally sound. Mr. Cameron doesn't bother to disguise his anger at the arrogant British girl's losing the school a student and risking its reputation, but proceeds at once to spank the leggy blonde until she cries real tears, not only once but several times.

First she goes over his knee in her lovely, crisp outfit and is spanked hard. Then she is stripped to her seductive black lingerie and spanked again. Finally every sticht is removed from her lith and graceful form and she is again spanked over the knee before being bent over for a strapping and leather paddling. The discipline just keeps coming for beautiful Miss St. Clair, until the teacher leatns her lesson by hear.

No one brings a blush to the cheeks of an English rose like an American spanker! The chemistry between this handsome, determined man and haughty (but very charming girl) is superb in a strict discipline senario with its own sophisticated spin. Anekua Habe Rutherford is the hottest thing to come out of the UK since the Victoria's Secret catalog is "As Tears Go By".

Stars: Amelia Jane Rutherford, Arthur Sire

Chelsea Spanks: Cherry & Clare

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Cherry & Clare
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
This video begins with a good old fashioned spanking for buoyant brunette, Cherry. Her figure may be gamine, but it still allows for a beautifully rounded rear. She fills the CS requirement perfectly. She is utterly, completely spankable! Chelsea had spanked Cherry once before, in "She Actually Spanks You!" (CP-100), so she knew her spankee's limits already. It just so happens, Cherry can take just about anything Chelsea can dish out and she gave Chelsea's arm a pretty good workout! Chelsea began by spanking Cherry over her jeans, but quickly required the assistance of a hairbrush. Those jeans had to come down pretty quickly, whereupon Chelsea went back to hand spanking, but only briefly. The hairbrush came out again in short order. Finally, a large wooden paddle was needed. Cherry must have been really naughty! By the look of her righteously reddened rear, she got just what she deserved.

The second spankee, since there are always two in a CS video, is Chelsea's own, real-life good friend, Clare Fonda. Now, usually there is no plot to the "Chelsea Spanks" scenarios, but Clare sort of created her accident. Chelsea and Larry arrived at Clare's apartment on the designated shoot day to find Clare sound sleep on the couch. She was dressed in a darling little, black lace nightie and passed out cold with a bottle of rum cradled lovingly in her arms. The door was unlocked (as Chelsea and Larry discovered when they knocked, got no answer and had to let themselves in). Chelsea tried to revive the sleeping beauty, but the liquor had definitely gotten the better of Clare. She wouldn't budge. It was obvious Clare was desperately in need of a solid, sound spanking! Larry set up the lights and camera. Once everything was ready to roll, Chelsea turned on the lights and shook Clare, several times, until her friend finally awakened...with a hang-over, no less. The rest of the story is exactly as one might expect. Chelsea proceeded to give Clare the spanking of her life - first for not being ready to shoot and then for being so careless as to fall asleep drunk, dressed provocatively, with the front door unlocked! Clare was hand spanked and paddled (with a variety of paddles) and Chelsea held nothing back. Needless to say, that incorrigible Clare won't be drinking and behaving so irresponsibly again!

Stars: Cherry, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer

Slut Training II – Maxine cums to play

Everyone knows Anna for her insatiable appetite for pussy too! Yes sir, Anna loves the ladies! Anna met the famous bondage queen and hottie MaxineX. Maxine invited Anna to her little dungeon downtown Toronto for some FUN. In Part 3 - Slut Training II - Watch how Anna ties Maxine down, puts on some nipple clamps, a gag and starts some bondage fun with Maxine. Watch how she starts slapping Maxine about - with poor maxine unable to move and Anna slipping her tongue into Maxine's mouth.. yummy! Yes pregnant Anna and her raging hormones always aim to please. Cumming in Part 4 - The boys come out to play!

Jenna Severely Punished as New Stepdaughter, Part 4

536 times Jenna's bare bottom is spanked!!! This is a LONG and VERY ACTIVE punishment session!!! It starts in the bedroom with 200 hand-slaps with Jenna OTK as her "Stepdaddy" sits on the side of her bed. Then he drags her to the front room by her wrist, bends her over and slaps her bare bottom again 20 times. Then she is made to place a table in front of the sofa and kneel on it to receive 20 more. Then she has to get the dredded Blue Holed Paddle to receive 92 strokes! Back in the bedroom she has to kneel on her bed to be spanked with the hairbrush 30 times before being taken OTK for 174 more strokes of the hairbrush!

Jenna’s Punishment for Poor Grades and Sex Tapes, Session 3

Yardstick ... Riding Crop ... OTK Hand-Spanking. This is just one continuous spanking-punishment of Jenna. This is the third of 4 punishment sessions that Jenna received for her poor grades and possible involvement in sex tapes. This session starts out with Jenna naked, bending over grabbing her ankles as her Headmaster uses the yardstick on her with 93 strokes! Then she is made to kneel with her head on the floor, her bottom raised high so her Headmaster can use the Riding Crop on her with 102 strokes! Finally, he takes her over his knee to spank her bare bottom with 120 hard slaps! Crying freely, Jenna is punished hard!

Jenna’s Punishment for Poor Grades and Sex Tapes, Session 4

Heavy Strap used 71 times on Jenna's bare bottom ... as she bends over a table -- bound! She isn't going to move for this punishment! This is another continuous spanking-punishment of Jenna. This is the fourth of 4 punishment sessions that Jenna received for her poor grades and possible involvement in sex tapes. This session starts out with Jenna naked, bending over a table with her wrists bound behind her back. Her Headmaster is spanking her with 200 hand-slaps on her bare bottom! Then he uses the ping-pong paddle on her with 110 strokes! Finally, he uses the heavy strap on her! Crying freely, Jenna is punished hard!

Jenna Severely Punished as New Stepdaughter, Part 3

OTK, naked, 200 slaps to Jenna's bare bottom. During this punishment session, Jenna learns that she will normally be inspected before her spankings as she stands in front of her "Stepdaddy", legs spread and hands on her head. Then she has to turn around, bend over and grab her ankles as he inspects her from the rear. Then it is over his knee for 200 slaps to her bare bottom!

Jenna’s Punishment for Poor Grades and Sex Tapes, Session 1

This is the first of 4 punishment sessions that Jenna received for her poor grades and possible involvement in sex tapes. This session establishes the tone of all sessions, ending with a severe strapping during her 4th session. This first session starts with Jenna receiving 6 hard face-slaps. And she receives several OTK spankings since she just does not seem to be able to behave properly. She receives 352 hand slaps on her bare bottom! In addition she is made to kneel on a worktable to be inspected and then whipped. She receives 83 strokes of the Slut Behavior-Adjustment Strap. OTK again she receives 20 strokes of a paddle. Jenna is severely punished in each of these 4 sessions.

Jenna’s Punishment for Poor Grades and Sex Tapes, Session 2

This is the second of 4 punishment sessions that Jenna received for her poor grades and possible involvement in sex tapes. Again Jenna is face-slapped but only 3 times at the end. However, she receives a more severe spanking with 100 strokes of her hairbrush, 104 strokes of the Slut Behavior-Adjustment Strap, and 280 hand-slaps OTK. She is definitely brought to tears and you can tell that she is being punished hard as she tries to avoid her spankings.

Jenna Severely Punished as New Stepdaughter, Part 2

143 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap! As part of her continuing punishment, Jenna is made to expose herself with her legs up and spread so that her "Stepdaddy" can inspect her thoroughly, including giving her a vaginal inspection. Then she is punished with 143 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap. Another excellent punishment session for Jenna!



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