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Brea Bennet The Nasty Coed

Video: Brea Bennet The Nasty Coed
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Brea Bennett is one nasty coed slut. While in Clare Fonda's office she starts fingering her bald pussy. Clare then bends her over for her therapy spanking session. After a few hard whacks on her naked butt, Brea has enough and decides to turn the tables on Clare. She bends Clare over and gives her butt some whacks with the back end of a brush.

Stars: Clare Fonda, Brea Bennett

Workplace Discipline 3

Video: Workplace Discipline 3
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Studio: British Discipline
The boss returns from a business trip to find his house keeper sitting around reading a magazine instead of cleaning. He's quite ticked off. He humiliates her and demands she takes her trousers off. He bends her OTK and spanks her till her bottom is nice a red. He soon discovers that she has lied and has two parties while he was away. She gets completely naked and he uses a strap to spank her over his knee. A young woman comes to meet a woman for an advertising position; she's told she would get paid more by taking a spanking position. She's willing to try. While she's being spanked by the female employee, the male boss enters and he's quite upset. He advises he the boss and if she wants a job she must adhere to him and only him. The employee must also be punished. A female employee is called to come to work early and speak to the boss in reference to cash missing, the books are off. She admits spending the money on bills. Instead of calling the police on his cleaning lady for stealing money, he takes matters into his own hands. Besides her bottom getting spanked and caned her hands get hit too.

Schoolgirls Spanking

Video: Schoolgirls Spanking
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Studio: Billie West Productions
Schoolgirls Jessica and Jamie are sitting on the couch trying to study for a literature exam. They both have their hair in pigtails and are wearing their cute schoolgirl uniforms. They are so damn cute studying together and they start to talk about fucking their English teacher Mr. Thomas. Jessica wants to study but Jamie keeps going off subject so she needs a good spanking. Jessica grabs the paddle and has Jamie lay down on her lap and gives her a spanking. Then she tells Jamie to take off her dress and get on her knees on the couch and stick her ass out. She spanks her tight little ass until it really gets nice and red. Jamie is getting excited, as her pussy gets nice and wet from the spanking. Then they trade places with Jamie spanking Jessica. Both of these hot little schoolgirls just love to get their asses spanked. Off comes Jessica's clothes and she kneels on the couch as Jamie lets her have it nice and hard. They get naked and fondle and kiss each other then do some more hot spanking. Getting bored they grab Jessica's sisters bag of skimpy bathing suits to try them on. Jessica grabs her video camera and videos Jamie putting on the sexy skimpy suits. Then Jamie grabs the camera and videos Jessica doing the same. It starts to rain outside and that means that Jessica's dad will be coming home early. He walks into the room and catches them playing with his oldest daughters swimsuits and tells the girls that since they are naughty they need a good spanking. He grabs the paddle and spanks both of their tight bottoms ending with a big whack on both of them, then goes to make dinner. Both girls get dressed then giggle and Jamie talks about sucking Jessica's dad's big cock.

Stars: Jessica Lake, Jamie Beach

Elite Pain Interviews: Nicky The Nurse

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nicky The Nurse
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nicky is a thirty-one year old woman who has come to ElitePain casting for the money like most of the others do. Her nervousness grows as she finds out that the instruments sitting on the table next to her will be used to torture her. They will be used on different parts of her body and leave slight marks which don't compare to actual one left from a film itself. Undressing and keeping eye contact was a bit difficult for her. As Nicky's breasts just linger in front of her body, Max gets a better look and feel for them by doing a bit of nipple twisting. Breasts piercings are next and the action to do so came very swift to unsuspecting Nicky. It hurts very much as he squeezes and pinches them as he places the needles through. Hands behind her back, Nicky is told to finish undressing and she will obey.

Nicky's appearance is short lived. Her dislikes outweighed her likes for the instruments. The three strikes on each her palms were enough to sent chill through her body. Clenching her teeth and closing her eyes did not help the horrible pain she felt on her leveled palms. Only one task was left for Nicky and it involved three huge stroking of her menstruating pussy and soles of her feet. Since Max liked her demeanor so much and her enthusiasm to make her some serious money was apparent, he offered her a position in one of his films. Agreeing to obey all orders given to her was all Max needed to hear for it to be official. Max has one last request, he wants Nicky to leave the studio with her upper body unclothed.

Stars: Nicky, Maximilian Lomp

Mood Castings – Sharon

Video: Mood Castings - Sharon
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Studio: Mood Castings
Sharon has attended this Mood Casting to, hopefully, be asked to perform in other Mood Pictures films. Her mistress for the day, Sonja Black, sets up a scenario to act out, where Sharon is relaxed on the couch with her feet up. Sonja is angry with her for putting her shoes on the couch, so forces her to strip her clothes off and receive 50 cane strokes as a punishment. She bends over the couch and receives the painful blows on her bare bottom, which quickly turns bright red with painful welts.

Stars: Sharon, Sonja Black

Mood Castings – Aranka

Video: Mood Castings - Aranka
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Studio: Mood Castings
Aranka meets with Sonja Black in this brutal Mood Casting session. She was recommended by a friend, but has never been spanked before - on film or in real life. Will she be able to take the harsh beating to her bare bottom? Sonja walks in to find Aranka eating, but she has gotten crumbs all over the carpet and couch. She must receive a punishment to teach her a painful lesson. She strips naked and bends over the couch, revealing her tender flesh. Sonja whacks her on the ass multiple times with a stick. You hear Aranka scream in pain with each stroke, and her round bottom is covered in welts.

Stars: Sonja Black, Aranka

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Tom Byron, Vinnie Spit, Virginia Lewis and Linette Case

Approximate Running Time: 37.24 minutes

Torri and Olivia had arrived at the home of Spyder and Spit – Rock Idles that had girls grovelling to get a piece of whatever was available – that would be like a trophy of victory for them.

Olivia didn’t hesitate, when the front door proved to not be locked, she entered the bachelor pad. Torri held back, her conscience was troubling her; however, Olivia soon talked her round.

Once inside the inner sanctum, Olivia said she was going for a shower and so leaving her reluctant friend to fight with her conscience for all of a second – before stuffing videos and tapes into a big holdall. She was so absorbed in doing this task she was unaware that the two guys had arrived home and were stood watching her.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realise what was going on and when she admitted she was not alone, Spider decided to go in search of the missing Olivia.

Spanking - He pulls her over his knee

Left alone with Spider, she soon finds herself lying over his knee, her short pleated skirt pushed up to her waist – well clear of her bottom. Her beautiful shapely bottom, bouncing each time his hand made contact with her quivering cheeks.

Spanking - She has a very sore bottom

It didn’t take him long to change her poor bottom to a very sore red bottom.

Meanwhile, Spit had found Olivia, wrapped in his bath robe, lounging on a couch reading a magazine.

He did exactly the same as his friend and pulled the errant girl over his knee. The bath robe fell away from her lovely slim body, leaving her without the protection of any clothing.

After reddening her bottom, he decides it’s time to join the other two downstairs in the lounge.

Spanking - Spit is dealing with Olivia

So the two men – each with a cheeky brat lying face down over his knee, being musical – they were soon spanking in unison. The sound of hand making contact with bare bottom rang out reverberating around the room.

Spanking - Both girls are being spanked at the same time

Just as the girls’ bottoms were getting very sore, so were the hands of their spankers and that’s when they brought out implements – that they shared. Spider would use a paddle on Torri’s bottom, then he’d pass it on to Spit to use on the naughty bottom of Olivia.

After an assortment of implements had been used on both girls, their bottoms were a fiery red.

Spanking - Two girls with two sore bottoms

Punishment over, the girls were pulled up into a sitting position – and the two guys showed their more gentle side – starting off with a passionate kiss, followed by ………………..

If you love watching OTK spankings – you’re in for a treat with this movie.

A Savage Thrashing

Video: A Savage Thrashing
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Studio: Syren Productions
Mistress Aiden, dressed in a short black skirt and blue blouse is punishing Bart for his tardiness on several occasions. Aiden gives Bart a sexy over the knee hand spread eagle to her bondage table. Aiden then tares into Bart with paddles, straps, whips, and canes. She also administers a particularly vicious birching to Bart's ass and thighs that has him howling.

Stars: Bart, Mistress Aiden

Stripped Naked And Spanked

Video: Stripped Naked And Spanked
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Studio: British Discipline
British Discipline presents "Stripped Naked And Spanked". We have a lineup of nothing but bad girls who land themselves in the spanking zone. They're stripped and get spanked with brushes, sticks and there's even some over the knee spanking for those girls who are extra jumpy, we don't want them going anywhere while they're being taught a lesson!

Mood Castings – Sandra Berger

Video: Mood Castings - Sandra Berger
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Studio: Mood Castings
Sandra Berger is a young 18 years old and ready to explore her sexuality. Her curiosity led her to the Mood Casting to see if she can withstand the prescribed 50 strokes of the cane. Sandra is timid at first when talking to Kyra, played by Jessica Lee, about her sexual fantasies, but she seems to open up as soon as she sheds her clothes.

Sandra strips down and leans over the couch. She sticks her ass in the air, as if to meet the blows up of the stick. Kyra has her count out loud then, but her cries and whimpering is too loud. Can she hang in there and withstand all 50 whacks?

Stars: Jessica Lee, Sandra Berger



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