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In This House

Video: In This House
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Studio: DropSeat Productions
While attending a small-town college, Suzie learns a painful lesson about not following the rules of her host family's home. Shortly after her arrival, she is prepared for her first spanking and forced to ask for her punishments.

After a blistering spanking, Suzie has to endure sitting on the "naughty chair" with a stinging bare bottom. Suzie is soon experiences a sharp slipper on her naughty bottom. Oh, but our naughty Suzie does not learn her lesson. House Mother punishes the tiny girls with more spankings, a pacifier, anal thermometer and diapering.

Stars: Julie Simone, Lystra

Spring Spank

Video: Spring Spank
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Studio: Powershotz Productions
A spanking is in order and Spring, a brunette cutie, is just the candidate for the situation. She is tied up, man-handled and spanked a bit. Her masked opponent loves every minute of watching her squirm and bend over for her spankings! He finally ties her really good and leaves her to squirm in his bed.

If you love to watch amateur girls bound and spanked, this Powershotz flick is one you shouldn't pass by!

Stars: Spring

Ladies Of the House

Video: Ladies Of the House
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Studio: Scorched
The Ladies Of The House are two lovely young women - one dark-haired submissive with ample tits and the other, a stunning brunette partially clothed in a sexy skirt and lingerie.

In this short feature, the brunette disciplines her submissive with spanking and ass-slapping until her perfect ass is cherry red. Scorched can always be counted on for great spanking footage and this one is perfect for fans of females spanking females!

Cortney Spanked for Being Irresponsible!

Cortney has always had a problem with being responsible. She has previously been punished for being late, not doing her work and other such things. Today she is punished hard by hand, with a hairbrush, a strap, a ping-pong paddle, and the Headmaster's belt! This is a long and continuous punishment session.

Heather Whipped for Being Late, Jenna is Spanked, Zara Watches

3 girls have been ordered to report for punishment. Heather is even late for being punished. However, before she gets there, Jenna speaks up without permission and must bend over to get spanked. When Heather finally shows up, she is made to present her bare bottom for a 50-slap hand spanking and 50 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap. The new girl, Zara, learns what happens to girls at the academy who are disobedient!

3 Girls Whipped for Saying Their Headmaster “Spanks Like Shit”!

After flying up from Florida to Columbus, Ohio, Cortney was given some very good spankings. However, being the arrogant, smart-mouthed little bitch that she is, she sassed the Headmaster by proclaiming that he "spanks like shit!" ... Well ... the Headmaster takes all 3 girls back into the Punishment Room to show them what "shit" looks like! Cortney receives 45 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap, Zara gets 30 and Jenna gets 30. When he finishes, there were no more smart remarks about how the Headmaster administers their spankings! This is just a real good whipping punishment session!

Prisoner N022127 Interrogation Part 5

Lieutenant Markise practice's extreme interrogation on the prisoner no 022127. He must under go all kinds of extreme torture in order to obtain what she wants

3 Girls Ordered to Strip Naked, Model & Get Spanked OTK

3 girls have been ordered to report for punishment. They have to strip naked and model for the Headmaster, then bend over his knee to get spanked. The new girl Zara receives 220 slaps, while Jenna and Heather each receive 200 slaps to their bare bottoms.

3 Girls Spanked in Punishment Session

This is an action-packed, multiple-spanking punishment session! 3 girls need to be punished and the Headmaster will take care of all of them together. He starts in the office-lounge. Cortney is spanked OTK with 55 slaps. Jenna has the hairbrush used on her 34 times. Zara gets spanked with 44 slaps. Cortney then receives 40 strokes of the hairbrush OTK, then the Ping-Pong Paddle with 20 strokes and the Discipline Paddle with 20. Jenna then bends over and grabs her ankles to receive 20 strokes of the Discipline Paddle, Cortney gets 10 and Zara gets 20. Off to the bedroom and Zara receives 104 slaps OTK, Cortney gets 84 and Jenna 60! Then each kneels in turn on the bed to be strapped with the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap: With feet kicking, Cortney receives 101 strokes, Jenna 111 and Zara 130. Then, Cortney gets special treatment in the Punishment Room with 50 strokes of the Slut Strap!

3 Girls Given Legs-Up Inspections & Whipped; Zara Paddled for Weight-Control

3 girls have been ordered to report for punishment. They each are made to kneel on a table to be inspected and strapped. Then they are given legs-up and spread inspections and are then whipped. Zara receives 90 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap, Jenna receives 40 and Heather receives 61. Then Zara does not think she has been punished enough and is given a spanking with a paddle for being over-weight.



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