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Rough Cutz- Summer

Video: Rough Cutz- Summer
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Studio: Michael Kahn Productions
It's always sunny for me when I'm in Summer. This girl was sooooo sweet and innocent. She had what it takes to be a model. Tall, slender, and pert tiny titties. But, she didn't realize just how far I would take her to my side of the world. I believe a little firm obedience training (dildo in the ass) can go along way to preparing a young lady for the rigors of "modeling"!

Stars: Summer

The Ambassador File

Video: The Ambassador File
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Studio: London Enterprises Video
Captured and dragged to a dungeon by a revolutionary, Darla is chained into bondage. Teased and tortured until she can bear no more! She is tortured every way; she is forced with a vibrator and orgasms beyond her control. She then experiences foot torture and is chained and whipped...and loves every minute of it! As will you!!

Stars: Fawna, Morgan Navarro, Ashley Renee, Bebe LeBadd


Video: Bobbie
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Studio: Far East Media
Meet Bobbie, a 19-year-old nursing student that Joe happened upon. Seems that she has trouble finding the motivation to go to class, but Joe prescribes an ass-tanning worthy of a doctorate to this platinum blonde bombshell! Great over the knee spanking, fucking, and ass fucking before Bobbie takes Joe's load in her eager mouth.

Stars: Bobbie, Joe Lewis

Maid For Punishment

Video: Maid For Punishment
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After inheriting millions of dollars, Jacqueline and Michael decide to hire a maid staff to care for their estate. Instead of ordinary housekeepers, they choose to offer $100,000 for young ladies who will submit to Jacqueline's sadistic desires. Jessica and Jennifer accept the offer because they need the money; Jasmine accepts the job in order to fulfill her lifelong desire to be a pleasure slave. This movie chronicles the first four months at the Estate in which you will witness all three young ladies punished far beyond their limits. Spankings that lead to tears and a bruised bottom are a daily occurrence. You will even get a peak behind closed doors, where Jacqueline explores the more sexual side of domination.

Stars: Jessica, Jasmine, Jennifer

Spanking 101

Video: Spanking 101
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Want to spank your partner but don't know quite how? We'll show you the kind of approach that women into spanking appreciate the most and how to follow through.
Want a spanking from your partner but don't know how to get it? This video contains common sense advice on how to communicate your needs.
Want to see cute and sexy women try to give advice on spanking while they are being spanked? Yep, we go there! Because Spanking 101 is a spanking video like no other, one that will amuse and arouse and but give you great tips on spanking, that you can apply in real life!
In addition to illustrating a variety of spanking techniques, our genial ensemble of two smart guys and three lively girls, discuss major aspects of the spanking culture, from the use of safe words to where it's safe to strike, in a lively and engaging manner. They also address important milestones in a typical person's journey through the scene, such how a spanking wife tells her vanilla husband she's in the scene, and how that vanilla husband can react, if he chooses, in a not so vanilla style, and wow his spanking wife with the discipline she craves.
We show you how ask for a spanking, how to give a spanking, how to keep a spanking safe and fun without sacrificing any excitement or spontaneity. Of course we couldn't answer every question a beginner might have about spanking in one video, so we concentrated on what we felt to be the most important facets of turning an interest in spanking into a satisfying recreational pastime.. We explore positioning, attitude, apparel, scolding, warm ups, implements, mercy words, whining and wheedling, obedience and disobedience, hand vs leather, leather vs wood, traditional over the knee spanking, with hand, paddle and strap, grab your ankles spanking, bend over caning and more. Running time: 1 hour.

Lesson One:
"Getting your husband or boyfriend to give you a spanking" Wanting a spanking and never getting one can be very frustrating! Since most people are NOT into spanking, this is a perpetual challenge to spanking enthusiasts. Perhaps your fellow hasn't turned you over his knee because he just hasn't thought of it. Maybe the time has come to plant the idea in his head. This video will show you how!

Lesson Two:
Includes: styles of spanking, positions of punishment, enticing apparel, spanking attitudes, where and where not to strike, implements of correction, mercy words and more all explanations accompanied by dramatic depictions. Concludes with a vigorous double spanking that demonstrates exactly when and how a mercy word can come in handy.

Lesson Three:
A good caning. Traci Greer and Alex Best take it to a different level with a strictly and precisely applied caning that leaves our lovely, leggy blonde bad girl well marked. The charming, vivacious and very naughty Clare Fonda hosts Spanking 101 and has her stunning bottom spanked and paddled by both Danny Chrighton and her fellow Brit, Alex Best.

Petite beauty Genesis is spanked in a raspberry satin corselette by Alex and a rose lace cocktail dress by Danny. Genesis is pretty in pink.
Danny co-hosts the instructional portion of the program with plenty of pep, enthusiastically turning Clare over his knee to demonstrate key techniques. Then, during the spanking dramatization, he plays the thoughtful (and possibly not so vanilla) husband of a sweet, shy young lady (Traci Greer) who has finally decided that she must have a spanking from her man.
Alex Best is a Brit who has crossed the pond many times to attend Shadow Lane parties. He's often stateside, combining business with pleasure, so we invited him to represent the UK in our Spanking 101 program, demonstrating how to give a jolly good caning to a naughty miscreant who knows what she's in for and has agreed to submit to this most stringent form of traditional corporal punishment. Here, the spankable culprit is the very attractive, copper haired Traci Greer, a real life submissive who can and will "go there" with the right dominant, which in this case, was the strict Englishman. At the conclusion of this serious caning, Traci finds herself well marked. It's a dramatic scene which provides a necessary balance to the levity and raucousness of some of the previous scenes. Many moods are touched on in this video, from purely instructional to light heartedly romantic to traditionally disciplinary. There is teasing, scolding and the giving of orders, countered by round retorts, polite protests, wails, whines and owies by the score. You'll love the cast, the dialog, the spanking and the reactions. This one's a keeper! Great for scene parties too.

Stars: Genesis, Clare Fonda, Danny Chrighton, Alex Best, Traci Greer

Ancient Regime Part 1

Video: Ancient Regime Part 1
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Studio: Mood Pictures
Part 1: Couple of decades ago in Eastern European countries' government agencies used force to get information even from young girls. This method attracted people to become officers to safisfy their needs to cause pain. This movie drives you back in time through an officer's memories.
Part2: We were trying to track down officers and their victims from the Communist Era... We found a young girl and an officer who tortured her for fun! We took back the officer to the place where he was "working" and asked him about his old job. He told us what a miserable life he has now, there is nothing left from that era, even this place is run as a garage now. We took the girl to the same place and she told us everything on the way to the garage. They had not known about our plan, but when they met old memories came back... painful memories...

Caned By The COuncil & Problem Solved

Video: Caned By The COuncil & Problem Solved
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Studio: California Star Productions
In "Caned by the Council" two prostitutes who are regularly caught streetwalking are sent to a special offenders section of the courtroom. Because of prison crowding they have decided that certain offences can be dealt with using corporal punishment.

At great expense they may have a top caning expert who shows no emotion or pity towards her victims. They are advised that surviving a caning by this dominatrix will ensure that no prison term be served. Their bare bottoms soon have a red glow from the hand spanking. However when the cane comes out one of the girl's retreat thinking that prison might not be so bad after all!

And in "Problem Solved" Jadie is unhappy with her housekeeper, who has a bad habit of hiding things away so that she can't find them. She decides to cane her so that a message of added responsibility gets through. Thirty no nonsense cane strokes after a bare bottom spanking has this problem solved.

Stars: Jadie

Spoiled Rotten!

Video: Spoiled Rotten!
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection

Domestic and at-home correction has obviously fallen off of the "to do" list. English femmedarme, Ms. Kelly is now dealing with another filthy, sniping, sass-talking little slut girl. She thinks she is too old for some good, old-fashioned discipline. That is about to change in this entry.

Its time for stepmom to take charge and does she ever. She knows this is going to be extra-taxing so a change of attire is needed here. Soiling mom's dress and messing up her closet is the impetus for the ordeal.

What is exciting here is that the ladies are similar in appearance and age. White panties showing under her nightie as Ms. Kelly assumes the classic, otk pose and begins a rapid-fire flaming of her fanny.

She has a big arse so plenty of room for Ms. Kelly to snap that bare hand on the target. Panties down to the cheeks and now the bare flesh becomes a quick pink. And then, making her remove her own panties, that is shame and back over the knee she goes.

A supple, jiggling bum this one has. And now, the slipper. Slippers and shoes really blister the shanks. Lots of rapid-fire attacks here. No wasted time or motion. The little step-bitch is still mouthing off so out comes the hairbrush.

Alternating cheeks, one well-placed stinger to each side, very rhythmic and in step. And the leather strap. Bared to her maximum shame across the bed, she is going to be welted real good. What a nice, chunky can she has and is this bitch jumping now.

Now, her mooned rump must jut skyward to really absorb the impact of the lash. Some great back-handed slashes from Ms. Kelly, relentless and methodical she is with her punishment to this tart.

The sassy brat is crying now and her mouth is contrite as opposed to snotty. That hole of hers looks pretty filthy, so maybe her choice of activities needs a good blistering too. Its wooden paddle time.

And with gusto, the new implement is taken to her bottom. And another. She is really whimpering and the shame of being called a bad girl, furthers the excitement. Ordered to pick up dirty panties, that is a trip.

An encore with the hairbrush, so for all you snotty little teasers out there, misbehave and Ms. Kelly will find you and the correction she has for you will be lasting indeed.

Stars: Michelle, Kelly Payne

Butt Bangers

Video: Butt Bangers
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Studio: Sly Productions
Horny mature women with busty breasts looking for some butt banging fun. Check some of the wildest women you have ever seen in your life taking extreme anal penetration with big dildos that makes them scream and squeal like crazy. Enjoy sexy women having fun with other women in threesome sex.

Stars: Heather Hart, Chanel, Shelby, K.C. Dylan, Tanya Storm, Tanya Fox

The Extremely Hard Torture

Video: The Extremely Hard Torture
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Studio: Redlight-Productions
Theresa is given a little bit of private education. She is taken to a small dugout in the woods, tied & bound, then she is tormented with clothespins and spanked. Then she is bound to the front of a jeep and spanked until her ass turns red. This is an act of discipline that she will never forget.

Stars: Theresa Lynn, Freddy Monte, Uwe Hammer



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