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Vacation Spanking

Video: Vacation Spanking
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
This adorable young lady is so cute and bubbly that you'll fall in love with her right away! But she has a little problem with her memory when she's on vacation, so her husband has to give her a little "reminder." And his idea of a little reminder is a LONG HARD OVER-THE-KNEE BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING!!! Boy, does he let her have it!! Watch the TEARS roll down her cheeks!!

Madame Bridgette Administers A Spanking

Video: Madame Bridgette Administers A Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Little Charlotte has been a very bad schoolgirl and when Madame Bridgette gets a hold of her, there will be hell to pay at the Wayward School of Little Girl Runaways. Little Charlotte's bottom is spanked so hard it turns beet red and she screams in pain...or is it pleasure? To be sure that Charlotte has truly learned her lesson, Madame Bridgette forces toys of pleasure into Charlotte's pussy and anus. Bad Little Charlotte, very naughty!

Stars: Charlotte, Madame Bridgette

Private School Spankings

Video: Private School Spankings
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
At this private school for girls, SPANKING is a way of life. But one teacher likes to fondle the girls while she spanks them! When the PRINCIPAL finds out, it's the teacher's turn to get spanked!! And this female PRINCIPAL really knows how to SPANK another woman!! Watch this strong woman SPANK the older woman so hard and so long that she starts whimpering with real tears in her eyes! And THEN, the same naughty 18-year-old student gets an over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking from the principal that has her kicking, begging, apologizing, and crying!!! Watch her bare bottom turn BRIGHT RED from the endless hot stinging spanks from the principal's bare hand. But that's not all! You'll see paddling, and yet another over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking of the student by the much older teacher, using her hand and a hard stiff ruler!

Are You A Student or a Bitch?

Video: Are You A Student or a Bitch?
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Studio: Scorched
"Are you a student or a bitch?" These are the words that Professor Maxwell utters before he unleashes a storm of a spanking on little Margaret. Mr. Maxwell beats poor Margaret's tushy until it turns beet red. Eventually he gets her out of that little schoolgirl outfit and uses a couple of toys on her tight little pussy and asshole. The session ends as Margaret delivers a juicy blowjob to Professor Maxwell as a final plea for mercy.

Stars: Margaret, Professor Maxwell

Tight Security

Video: Tight Security
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Studio: Bleu Productions
When lovely Ingo gets caught at the airport with a few suspicious objects in her bag, it's up to the tough security guard (Porsche Lynn) to show her what being a mistress is all about! She forces the would-be traveler to take a journey through submission, beginning with a humiliating strip search and moving on to display an exceptional talent for torture. She teases her voluptuous captive with an electric toothbrush and spanks her gorgeous ass with a big knife--and that's all before the full-body-cavity exam... Join Porsche Lynn and Inga for Maria Beatty's inventive romp through role reversal, edge play, and the sweet perversion of national security!

Stars: Inga, Porche Lynn

Dinner Party Madness

Video: Dinner Party Madness
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
This is one dinner party you won't believe! A couple tries to enjoy a nice romantic dinner for two together, but their table, rather their sex-slave they use as a table keeps misbehaving. After a few spankings their slave steadies herself again for our couple to resume dining, but not before inserting a romantic candle up their slaves ass...for ambience of course.
Still proving troublesome, they decide their sex slave might enjoy a snack, so they give her some French fries, but not in her mouth! Once their guest arrives, it's time for their slave to get her soy milk enema before doing a dance to entertain them all.
Now with their slave out of the picture, things really get interesting. After wrestling their dinner guest to the ground in some steamy all-girl wrestling, she's put in a straight jacket before dessert. She of course being dessert!

Sorority Sister Spanked

Video: Sorority Sister Spanked
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
It's amazing what a girl will do to get into a Sorority nowadays. A little spanking didn't seem so bad, but when he pulled that enema out.... Well, her eyes didn't exactly light up. She makes it in, but not with out a shiny red ass and wet rectum as well.

Schoolgirl Brandy

Video: Schoolgirl Brandy
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Studio: Far East Media
In her fourth and final Far East Media appearance (we say "final", because after this ass-pasting Brandy lit out for the west coast and was never seen again), we find 18 year old Brandy has returned to school and is trying for the "straight and narrow".
Also features a great bath-time scene after which Brandy gets her dripping wet ass tanned again.

Stars: Brandy (Porn Star), Joe Lewis

Indian Spankings 5

Video: Indian Spankings 5
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Studio: India Galaxy
Forced to lick the boot of her mistress while she holds her ashtray, this young slave must have done something very wrong to deserve this type of corporal punishment. Tethered with the leash of a dog and forced to bend over while she excepts her mistress's lashings, all she can do is keep her mouth shut and take it like a champ.

Christene Gets Spanked

Video: Christene Gets Spanked
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Studio: Color Crown
Sassy raven-haired Christene gets a royal spanking from handsome stud Joe Balls. Christene has a successful career as an aerobics instructor and Joe Balls is jealous. Christene is a petite hard body with a snowy white butt. Joe Balls comes home drunk and finds fault with her. He pulls her pants down and spanks her with his hand until her cheeks turn fire engine red. In scene two, Christene gets spanked with a black rubber strap. She doesn't like it and curses Joe Balls to no end! In Scene three, Christene turns the table on Joe Balls, she pulls his pants down and spanks him with the following: a black paddle, a black strap, a ruler and a ping pong paddle. She really hits him, no phony stuff here. In fact, she breaks the paddle on his butt! This is a real spanking video!

Stars: Christene, Joe Balls



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