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Video: Betrayed
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
Sleek and Sexy Francesca has invited curvaceous Mika Tan back to her apartment for some kinky spanking fun. Unfortunately for these two tasty tarts, the potent Sharon Kane comes home early and is unimpressed with Francesca's indiscretions. Hell hath no fury like Sharon Kane. Watch as the story unfolds and there are dues to be paid by the bad girls.

Stars: Mika Tan, Francesca Le', Sharon Kane

Hitchhiker Spanked 3

Video: Hitchhiker Spanked 3
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Studio: California Star Productions
In Hitchhiker Spanked Part 3 we find Mary Lou a changed woman with the help of her spanking psychotherapist. Her compulsive behavior has been successfully curbed, or so we thought! She is now a personal assistant to him. When she befriends a young hitchhiker and allows her to stay with them they find that the doctors' wallet soon goes missing. Believing it to be her that stole it, she is blatantly disciplined and left with welts across her soft bottom. But the truth comes out and Mary Lou has set up her new friend. The doctor has an even tougher course of action to enact across her bare bottom!

Stars: Alexis Payne, Jay Dee, Keri Kelly

British Amateur Spanking 6

Video: British Amateur Spanking 6
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Studio: Bizarre Europe
Bizarre Europe presents "British Amateur Spanking 6", starring Avalon, Angel, Shay, Mason, Mistress Red, Mistress Tiffany and Mistress Lucy. Get ready for some super British Discipline. These babes have been very naughty and they'll undergo a series of whippings and bondage to set them straight!

Stars: Shay, Angel, Avalon, Mason, Mistress Red, Mistress Tiffany, Mistress Lucy

Abduction Of Scarlett

Video: Abduction Of Scarlett
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Studio: Masterlen Productions
Scarlett thinks she is here for a modeling job but falls victim to a sex slave ring run by the evil Master Len and his beautiful slave Nicole. Watch as the terror sinks in when Scarlett is tormented until she agrees to being trained as a sex slave. Her training includes bondage so tight her tits turn purple. Dozens of clothespins are attached and ripped off while Scarlett is suspended by her wrist. Nicole seems to really enjoy being the tormentor this time.

Stars: Nicole, Scarlett, Master Len

Punished For Masturbating

Video: Punished For Masturbating
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Studio: British Discipline
Come see five scenes where submissive girls get in trouble for getting caught pleasuring themselves with their hands and dildos. They must be punished so they experience over the knee spanking with bare hands, caning and much more pain! These girls are spanked to their bottoms are cherry red! Come see all the action that unfolds! Enjoy!

Mood Castings – Sweet Chanell

Video: Mood Castings - Sweet Chanell
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Studio: Mood Castings
Sweet Chanell is a gorgeous 22-year-old who, while on the hunt for a dancing job, came across the Mood Castings ad. She really needs the money, and is determined to take her 50 cane lashes to earn the cash. Jessica Lee, playing the interviewer Kyra, asks her personal questions about her fantasies and sexual experience. Sweet Chanell confesses that she often enjoys a dominant role sexually, so today's audition should come as a new experience to her. She takes off her clothes and bends over the desk, ready to receive her caning. The stick makes bright red lash marks on her bare bottom, and she cringes in pain with each stroke. But she is desperate for money and is determined to withstand all 50 whacks.

Stars: Jessica Lee, Sweet Chanell

Free Spanking Videos – Failing Grades Again

Free Spanking Videos - Failing Grades Again
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Rick Cuban plays the responsible Daddy of Vanessa Lee (White) who has come outside to let her father know where she is going. Of course, dear old Dad wasn’t born yesterday…and notices her acting a little weird while holding a curiously folded piece of paper. Upon asking about the suspicious document, he finds out that she has received a “D” on her History exam. This cannot be brushed off without a stern punishment! Rick wastes little time in bending her plump bare bottom over outside, and lays a firm hand spanking on her defenseless cheeks.

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Spank Me Horny 2

Video: Spank Me Horny 2
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Studio: Scorched
Mommie, teach me to be a good girl...She starts by rubbing that ASS and then the tide turns and she begins spanking until her ass is bright pink and throbbing. She notices that the bad "little" girl is getting very arouse with each stroke. Finally, she lets her please her along with spanking that ASS

The Minimalist

Video: The Minimalist
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Studio: RGE-Films
Have you ever considered all possible things that could happen in an ordinary family?

Sure you have. And do you ever think about the family reality when watching a spanking movie? Most people don't...

A spanking movie is a spanking movie and its connection to reality is minor. Nevertheless, today we decided that the new movie by Lupus Pictures company should be based on a real event. And not only based, it is the real story, picture by picture and word by word. Yes, this has really happened.

It's the 1970's and we appear in an ordinary Czech family. The father, mum, and two daughters. And we shouldn't forget to mention the granny, a jolly, wordly lady. We penetrate the relationships within the family; we closely watch their everyday life, habits and characters.

And in this average family, the daughters get some spanking time to time. It's common; from the view of many even necessary and useful.

So when she comes four hours late from her date, the younger daughter has to sustain a proper beating with a wooden spoon. Tears, crying, the tiny girl's bottoms trembles with biting blows. And after the beating, she has to kneel on a grater. Next time, the naughty girl will think twice before she comes late...

But what happens when the elder daughter brings a rather unconventional boyfriend to such an ordered, rigid and prudish family? What "unconventional" means exactly, we won't tell. We can only assure you that even in a real, existing family there are whiles when the cane has a feast... And also that harsh spanking with such an archaic instrument is not condemned to existence in historical or fictive stories only. That the red and blue scars springing up on the girls' bottoms can have a stamp of reality. And that, to be honest, these blows can't change the young generation, they will go their own way, no matter what their parents say...

Well, if you wish to join such an excursion to reality and enjoy proper spanking, girls' nakedness and tears, as well as a good story, watch the new film by Lupus Pictures company called "The Minimalist" - we won't let you down!

Rick Savage Submission Bondage & Discipline

Video: Rick Savage Submission Bondage & Discipline
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Lauren, a pretty secretary from Ohio has seen one of Rick Savage's bondage videos. In the video, a secretary wrote a letter to Rick asking to be in one of his movies. Lauren was highly turned-on by the bdsm video so, figuring she's got nothing to lose, she writes a letter to Rick. A few months later, she finds herself on her knees in his dungeon, about to be the subject of Rick's next bondage video. Rick and camera arrive and the Master instructs her to tell us a little about herself. Lauren tells us that her boss back home has a very dominant nature, and she admits to having S&M fantasies about him. In one fantasy, he gives her a spanking. Rick says, "Well, today, some of your fantasies will become reality." He commands her to stand...and strip. Rick's new slave removes her top and her black leather skirt, leaving her dressed in a very sexy bra and panties, black stockings and black high heels. Rick pauses her striptease momentarily so his camera can take in the site of her dressed in sexy lingerie. Shortly, master tells her to continue stripping. Seems he has total nudity on his mind. Once she's completely naked in the very chilly dungeon, the camera explores her body. Gracefully natural tits, a completely shaved pussy and a lithe frame. Leather suspension cuffs are affixed to her wrists. The cuffs are attached to an overhead spreader bar and winch. Rick cranks the winch, lifting her arms over her head. Lauren's body is stunning. Rick stands behind her and gently caresses her body running his hands over her arms, her sides, her beautiful tits, her nipples. Eventually his focus settles on Lauren's firm tits. As Savage fans are well aware, his favorite form of tit torture is bare handed tit torture. And Lauren has such firm, natural tits. His strong hands squeeze deeply into his slave's breasts. Her nipples are rock hard, like erasers on pencils. Savage pinches them, squeezes deeply into her tits, presses them against her ribcage. Suddenly, a hard slap, as tit spanking now becomes part of her tit torture. Savage eventually picks up his favorite leather flogger and soundly flogs Lauren's jiggly boobies. But intermixed into this breast beating is gentle, sensual caresses. Suddenly, his flogger nails Lauren in the pussy. His flogger begins traversing the front of her torso, from her tits to her twat. Then a blindfold is added so that Lauren can't see the pain coming. A few more cranks on the winch stretches out that long, lean frame and puts our sexy secretary on her tip toes. Then, the harsh flogging and sensual caresses continue. Eventually Rick turns Lauren so her stunning ass is facing the camera. Standing on tip toes leaves Lauren's ass and the backs of her legs taught. Rick alternates bare hand spanking and cropping but soon focuses on hard cropping. Splotches of redness appear and Lauren's ass simply looks SO beautiful. Soon, the splotches of redness blend together. Savage wields his crop in one hand and his sharp bear claw in the other. The moment after the crop strikes her red ass, the sharp claws scratch across the tender flesh. After a magnificent session of butt punishment, Savage orders his new slave to turn on tip toe to face the camera again.

Lauren's nipples are rock hard, just seeming to beg for nipple torture. Savage takes clover clamps and slowly affixes them DIRECTLY on Lauren's swollen nipples. His camera zooms close to give us a breathtaking view of each nipple being crushed. Then, large fishing weights are attached to each clamp. As B&D enthusiasts all know, clover clamps tighten when you pull on them, so...Lauren's nipple torture just got taken up a notch. Kind master that he is, Rick decides to lift the weights slightly, to ease the pinching on Lauren's pained nipples. However, he suddenly drops the weights announcing, "OK, break's over."

Lauren's body looks SO hot, stretched out by the winch that Rick decides to stretch it to the max using suspension. He releases Lauren from the winch and affixes the leather restraints to her ankles. Totally nude (except for her black high heels) Lauren is hoisted until her beautiful, lean, stretched out body is suspended, dangling. Once again, Savage takes crop to body and resumes her torture, with much of the crop's focus being placed on Lauren's pretty, bald pussy. The torture is both severe, and sensuous. Occasionally, the large leather paddle is used to smack Lauren's ass. Rick grabs an erect nipple, and then uses the nipple as a handle to turn Lauren. Rick zooms a camera in close on the other nipple, pinches it, pulls. WOW, is that nipple hard and distended. Simply a thing of beauty. He teases a nipple with the crop, gently. Then, suddenly, THWACK. And Lauren's body spasms from the nipple pain. Savage now focuses on Lauren's shaved pussy, spanking it with the crop at varying speeds, driving the girl wild. Finally, mercifully, he moves on to the next position.

Rope bondage is used to bind our naked lady to a couch, on her back. Lauren had brought several changes of sexy lingerie with her to the dungeon, but Rick likes her body so much, it appears he will keep his new slave completely nude for the full duration of the video. He takes his Wurtenberg pinwheel and now assaults the front of Lauren's body, paying special attention to tease and torture her erect nipples and shaved pussy. The studio is exceptionally cold today. We can tell by the goose bumps on Lauren's smooth, shaved pussy lips. Savage now uses long tweezers to pull on her nipples, her pussy lips. Then, sturdy, painful, plastic forceps are attached to Lauren's tortured nipples. The camera zooms close and again the close up view of her hard nipple being flattened by the forceps is absolutely breathtaking. The nipple torture is simply excruciating.

For the final portion of her test, Lauren and her beautiful chassis are affixed to a St. Andrews cross. After a few gentle caresses, Rick begins pouring lots and lots of hot candle wax onto her boobs. The wax spills down the length of her sexy, sinewy tummy. Another glass full of melted wax is thrust between her legs, completely coating her shaved pussy. Rick's camera zooms close once again to give us an amazing view of this incredibly hot body, drenched in candle wax. After thoroughly exploring her body, the camera fades. This is one of my favorite movies created by the legendary Master Savage. Lauren is stunning to look at. Her submission is a thing of beauty. And the punishment, although it's extreme at times, is delivered in a sensual manner. This is a truly an intense, beautiful bdsm experience.

Stars: Lauren, Master Rick Savage



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