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Enjoy the Pain

slave mark is going to learn what it means to get an over-the-knee spanking, Mistress Trish style. The Sadist gleefully begins to strike his cheeks with Her palm, and soon draws an "Ow!" from mark with each blow. "When you say 'ow!' it makes Me want to hit you harder," Trish informs Her slave. With that, Her blows intensify, drawing a steady stream of "Ow!"s from the helpless slave, much to Trish's amusement and pleasure. The assault escalates as Trish joyfully makes mark's ass increasingly tender and sore. "It's still there - don't worry," She laughs, as he reaches back to touch his reddening butt. Soon, She is spanking both cheeks with both Her hands at once, drawing agonized cries. "Just relax and enjoy the pain," Trish commands, as She steps up Her attack. Finally, She tells the slave that he will take fifty more spanks, hard and fast. mark desperately counts out the final spanks, and Mistress Trish laughs and admires the warmth of his well-spanked ass.

The S/M Debutante And The Pain Slut

Video: The S/M Debutante And The Pain Slut
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Two very sweet, little hotties are in this one. Katie, who is a little more experienced and is showing Taylor, a cutie in pigtails a few new tricks. Taylor learns about the fine art of spanking, how to give and receive.

Our first timer gives Katie a really red ass with paddles and other spanking implements. In the end, Taylor gets a good finger fucking and tit sucking from Katie. The lesson went well for all!

Stars: Katie, Taylor

Girls In Control of Girls #2

Video: Girls In Control of Girls #2
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Studio: Scorched
We don't know why this blonde dominatrix is so pissed at her slave, but she is determined to make her slave pay for whatever she's done wrong! She starts yelling at her, pushing her around, while her slave laughs. Uh oh, she's laughing?!

Well, this dominatrix decides her slave needs to be punished, especially after she laughs at her! She spanks her with her bare hand, turning her ass a painful shade of red. But it's not until she brings out her other spanking implements that the slave's ass starts turning purple!

Holiday Delight

Video: Holiday Delight
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Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies
Someone has been a very naughty boy and Mistress Gemini is going to show him what happens when bad boys cross her path. This sexy Femdom puts her slave in his place very quickly with the help of some very interesting toys.

She gives him a spanking he will never forget before she puts her huge strap-on cock in his face and fucks it better than another man could!

Stars: Mistress Gemini

Punishments – Bestrafungen – Bestraffingen

The slave got punished: she has to lick eggs from the floor, got hit with a whip, got taken hostage, spanked and tied up with tangletie. Her face got blindfolded and tampons get rammed into her nose... ~~~~~ Die Sklavin wurde bestraft: Sie musste Eier vom Fussboden lecken, wurde gepeitscht, gegeisselt, gespankt, mit Klebeband maskiert. Das Gesicht zugeklebt und Tampons zur Atemkontrolle in der Nase... Slavin Jana durfte auch ihr neues Zuhause erkunden - ... ~~~~~ De slaaf werd bestraft: ze moet eieren van de grond likken, werd geslagen met de zweep, gegijzelt, gespanked en met klittenband vastgemaakt. Het gezicht werd geblinddoekt en tampons werden in haar neus gestoken... Slaaf Jana mocht ook haar nieuwe huis inwijden - ...

Lesbian S/M Debutantes

Video: Lesbian S/M Debutantes
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
Young and naive, Taylor falls prey to the kinky seductions of the devious Katie, a friend of her sister.

Katie takes advantage of her new job as apprentice assistant at a reform school. She lures Katie to her workplace, preying on her curiosity. Then she awes her with all the S/M toys, and makes her move!

It starts with a lot of kissing, licking, wrestling and getting undressed. But then, to Taylor's astonishment, gears shift to getting whipped and masturbated - and even having to insert a tampon in Katie's pussy!

Next in Taylor's initiation to S/M is learning how to be on the giving end. With a lot of trepidation and giggling, Taylor learns how to spank and whip Katie. To Taylor's incredulous astonishment, Katie is a pain slut who laughs through it all!

Among the implements that Taylor learns to use on Katie are a whip, a leather strap that imprints the word "SLUT", a wooden ruler, a cane, a hair brush, a ping-pong paddle and a belt.

Next, Taylor soothes Katie's burning butt with ice cubes. Then Katie spanks Taylor OTK and finger-fucks her pussy. Afterwards, some great kissing, licking and masturbation, followed by a sensual shower.

Stars: Katie, Taylor

Gemini Vs. Sin Sage

Video: Gemini Vs. Sin Sage
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Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies
Sin Sage is a sexy black haired beauty who needs to be taught a lesson in submission. Mistress Gemini is a fiery redhead with a rockin' bod who just so happens to know how to teach that lesson.

Sin must have been a bad girl, because Mistress Gemini is giving her punishment everything she's got! Watch as Mistress Gemini puts her slave through tight bindings, painfully tight clamps, spankings, hot wax and more!

Stars: Mistress Gemini, Sin Sage

Brutal – clip 1

Mistress Omega and I have our pain slut just where we want him - tightly tied to a bondage horse with his naked ass at our disposal. We start with some extremely hard bare hand spanking before grabbing two leather paddles and really lighting up this guys ass cheeks. Not only do we relentlessly pound his ass we inflict extreme pain on him by paddling his bare balls. You won't believe the sounds this man makes as he cries out in real pain as we slam his ass and balls with our paddles. It's Brutal!

English Discipline Series – The Riding Stable/Two Corrected Fillies

Video: English Discipline Series - The Riding Stable/Two Corrected Fillies
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Studio: California Star Productions
This film is about Charlotte and Jane's time at their father's best friend's stable. The two very attractive girls soon fall foul of the rules and the man in charge takes the girls to the tack room for some over the knee hand spanking on their bare bottoms.

This is followed by a hard stable strap and his leather belt to further ensure discipline in the stable yard. Finally, the girls are horrified to see him reach for a swishy cane which is used to good effect by leaving tramlines across their gorgeous bare bottoms.

Stars: Jane, Charlotte

Gemini Knows Best

Video: Gemini Knows Best
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Studio: Fatal Femdom Movies
Mistress Gemini strikes again. I mean strikes her pathetic submissive male all over his ass. She gets her slave ready so he can take her cock into his ass.

She gets his asshole good and ready for her strap on. He says it's real big! He thanks' her profusely as her kisses her ass over and over, as he should, like a good slave should!



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