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The Trainers

Video: The Trainers
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Studio: California Star Productions
These beautiful ladies know the line between harsh discipline and pleasure! Their biggest pleasure is to be dominated, taking their sexual experiences to a new realm and darker dimension where there are no rules! Teasing can never be enough. Sensual ladies with all natural bodies will be glad to be dominated. They're spanked, gagged and bounded, looking sexy as ever!

Stars: Brandy Martin

No Pain, No Gain

Video: No Pain, No Gain
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Studio: Genuine Films
Warning: Please keep in mind that these people are not actors. What you are about to witness was caught on tape as it really happened. Here we have a female domination title where one chubby girl with glasses, decimates sexy brunette! This girl can handle CANING and SPANKING from her Mistress! At the end she crawls to living room where she is met with a surprise!

The Best Of Bianca Rose Volume 1

Video: The Best Of Bianca Rose Volume 1
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Bianca is a precocious teen who thinks she’s best when she’s bad! But the women in her family are determined to break her of her mischievous ways by putting her over their knee. It all starts when acts up in school and her mother spanks her tight tushy until it’s beet red! Even her sister gets in on the spanking action to leave her humiliated in the corner once she’s done. I guess Bianca is one impish redhead who has to learn the hard way.

Stars: Bianca Rose, Joelle Barros

Lomp’s Court – Case 1

Video: Lomp's Court - Case 1
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Studio: Elite Pain
Mr. Lomp's private court is open for trials. For taking a case before Lomp's Court, both the victim and the offender must agree to be judged by Mr. Lomp. This can be beneficial for both parties. The victim can have a sweet revenge, the offender can go through the process quite swiftly, and can avoid jail. But there is one catch. If Mr. Lomp finds the offender guilty, the sentence is quite painful. But if the accusation is false, then the other party must endure the pain. Mr. Lomp's investigation method is quite simple but very efficient: he uses a big scary chair with electric wires to be attached to the body with clamps...

Stars: Rebecca, Melinda, Maximilian Lomp

A Thorough Caning For A Lazy Girl

Video: A Thorough Caning For A Lazy Girl
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Alex comes home and immediately stumbles over something lying in the middle of the corridor. Not enough, falling down, he breaks his left arm. Responsible for the chaos in their apartment and therefore responsible for the ache, Alex is going tough, Maggy has to be punished for this whole incident. Fortunately, Alex didn't break his right arm. Still furious about the broken arm and Maggy being negligent of tidying up the apartment, he gives her a real severe caning until she is left in tears ...

Stars: Maggy, Alex

Alcohol & Cigarettes Part 2

Video: Alcohol & Cigarettes Part 2
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After watching her best friend being spanked by her boyfriend, Sandra is sent home. However, Alex has not yet finished with Maggy whom he decides needs to be taught a severe lesson with the belt after he catching his bad little schoolgirl sneaking booze and cigarettes. Her bare bottom pays the price.

Stars: Maggy, Alex

Flex Force

Video: Flex Force
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Studio: Genuine Films
She may look like your run-of-the-mill sweet and innocent young girl. But she’s got a rebellious streak a mile wide and needs to be taught a lesson! She’s stopped right there in the driveway and made to crawl the rest of the way into the house. Once inside her Master flogs her pert little tits before he makes her undress to masturbate before he flogs the soles of her feet and spanks her until her tight little ass is beet red!

No Sleeping In

Video: No Sleeping In
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Amber was not supposed to SLEEP IN! But she did. A rude awakening for Amber, on her first day, caught in her new educator's clutches! If this was just the first morning on just the first day, it's only vaguely perceptible for poor Amber what's coming next in the weeks and months still ahead of her!

Spanking Totty

Video: Spanking Totty
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Studio: Television X
Watch five lesbian scenes with lots going on besides kissing and toys. Busty Beauty Ana fingers Evey’s pussy and bites her nipples before treating her bare bum to a light flogging. Evey returns the favor by massaging Ana’s clit till her pussy is soaking wet. Then it’s back to spanking and Ana loves slapping Evey’s arse and fingering her wet hole. Jazmine and Ana enjoy a toy and flogging. Watch Tiffany in this threesome so she demands Brook and Lexus to show off their arse cheeks then gives them each a vibrator and watches as they tease their clits and fuck their holes till they cum. Friends Brook and Lexus get their arses spanked raw then they suck each other’s nipples till they are rock hard. The girls get out their toys and tease their clits and wet holes till they both cum.

Stars: Tiffany, Jazmine, Brook, Ana, Evy, Lexus

The Cane At Work

Video: The Cane At Work
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Studio: Moonglow
Eleven scenes from Moonglow featuring authoritarian gentlemen spanking unruly but eventually, submissive women who deserve to be punished for their various bad and unprofessional behaviors. We begin with a scruffy young soldier woman getting a military beating that she very clearly deserves. Next up, a soldier arrives late, and is ordered to remove her filthy boots before the caning begins—and nine more scenes of caning still to come!



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