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Berlin session 08.3 – Full version

Laty Kate spits at the slaves and slaps the faces very hard. At the end the slaves are allowed to lick some milk from her legs!

Gdansk session 05.3 – Full version

Miss Paula and Lady Victoria chew different food like apple or joghurt and spit it at a plate, mix it with some ashes well the slaves dinner is ready. The stupid slave has forgotten to switch off his mobile and got a call while the dinner, the Ladys punish him for this behaviour with hard faceslaps!

Miss Paula 03

You know what means - game 25 - it is a face slapping game, the slave has to count down from 25, but by Lady Paula it means first 25 slaps, then 24, then 23 and so far! between the slaps she always spit in his face!

Gdansk session 04.2 – Full version

The three Ladies have a lot of fun producing any kind of dirt in the kitchen and having the slave to use his mouth and clothes to clean all the sh..t!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 13 – Full version

Slave swiss bitch shows me his poor small dick, he even trys to wenk it I laugh about him kick in his balls and slap his stupid face!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 12 – Full version

My stupid slave swiss bitch trys to tell me how beautiful I am. His English is very poor, so I am not satisfied with his descriptions and have to slap and kick his face for punishment.

Miss Paula 07 – Full version

After taking a shower Miss Paula lets her slave worship her feet first, then she starts to tease him by sexy walking around him (sitting on a chair) and using his face as a target for her spit and face slaps!

Miss Alysha 18 – Full version

Lady Alysha gives the slave a spitting and face slapping lesson. She slaps his face harder and harder and spits all the time in his mouth. She also spits on a black dildo and makes the slave to simulate a blow job!

Miss Diana Teneriffe 14 – Full version

My house slave swiss bitch has the obligation to keep my house clean, sometimes I have to take some control if he is working well...

Spankings For Two: In The Kitchen

When Amber doesn't clean up the kitchen as she promised her husband she would he promptly puts her over his knee for a hard spanking. All her kicking and squealing won't stop this spanking or her pants and panties coming down. When her husband takes off his belt Ambere is beside herself as she gets the belt full force on her naked backside. When her husband feels she has learned her lesson he lets her up but only to strip naked and put on her punishment apron and to clean the kichen.



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