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The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Eleven

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

Cora’s emotions were overwhelming her. Here she was in love with these two men. Master Percy is her master and she is his sub, while Master Peter and she are in love.

She looked from one to the other of the two brothers – a worried frown on her pretty face.

Then she brightened. She knew exactly what she should do.

The two men waited expectantly for her to enlighten them.

Now read on…

‘As I love you both and most importantly you both love me,’ she hesitated again glancing from one to the other. ‘As it’s leap year, I’m taking the right to propose to the man I love.’

She went to Master Percy and dropping down on one knee she took his hand and raised it to her lips, kissing it she placed his hand back in his lap.

‘I love you Master – err Percy, I have done so since the very first spanking you gave me.’ Then to his astonishment, she draped herself over his knee.

He took his cue from her. Bunching her skirt above her waist he then untied the ribbons that kept her bloomers up and they fell down her legs arranging themselves in a frothy pile around her ankles.

Raising his right arm, he brought it down so that his hand landed on her left cheek, raising his arm again his hand landed on her right cheek. Her beautiful rounded bottom now had a red imprint of his hand on each cheek.

‘Please spank me some more.’

Without hesitation he proceeded to give her a full blown spanking. Her bottom twitched and she wriggled about over his knee. With her head thrown back she screamed and groaned in ecstasy as she climaxed – thrashing about in an orgasmic frenzy.

When she was still Master Percy bent his head and kissed each red-hot cheek in turn.

She scrambled to her feet. And putting her arms around his neck she kissed him full on his moth.

‘Master Percy of Harmonington, will you do me the honour of being my husband?’

‘Yes of course I will, my beautiful girl.’

Now Cora moved across the room and stood in front of her lover Master Peter of Harmonington. Sitting down on his knee, she put her arms around his neck and forced her tongue between his teeth. The tip of her pink tongue darted in and out of his mouth. He gasped. Then removing her arms from around his neck, he pushed her backwards so that she was lying on the bed. Her legs parted and his long fingers opened the lips of her pulsating pussy.

‘Oh it feels so good,’ she sighed. ‘Please don’t stop.’

‘Never,’ he said, ‘I love you Cora.’

‘I love you too,’ she assured him.

With his magic vibrating finger, he strummed on her clit, bringing her to a noisy orgasmic climax.

Once again when she had stopped her frantic thrashing about, she again stood up.

Then again she dropped to her knee and said,

‘Master Peter of Harmonington will you marry me?’

‘I will, I will, I will,’ he said eagerly.
She stood beaming at the two men.

‘Lucky me,’ she said. ‘I’ve just proposed to the two men I adore and they have both said yes.’

‘But Cora my love,’ Percy interrupted her. ‘You can’t marry us both – it’s illegal.’

The beam left her face and tears welled up in her eyes, overflowing and running in rivulets down her cheeks.

‘I love you both so much, now what can I do?’ She wailed.

To be continued…

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Audrey’s Punishment

Video: Audrey's Punishment
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Studio: PunishedBrats
1. Housecleaning

Roommates Audrey and Amber are hosting a party, and they’re running out of time to clean their filthy apartment. Amber is becoming increasingly angry at Audrey as she refuses to vacuum the carpet, and instead won’t end her phone conversation. Finally, Amber pulls her lazy roommate over her lap and gives her a hard bare handed spanking.

2. Without Asking

With party guests soon to arrive, Pixie couldn’t find a dress she had planned to wear. She was shocked to see Audrey wearing her dress while not wearing panties. Pixie knows how to handle her intrusive roommate: a hard strapping on her bare bottom. As Pixie straps her roommate’s bare bottom, Audrey promises never to touch Pixie’s belongings without asking. When Pixie is satisfied that Audrey has learned her lesson, she requires that her roommate remove everything that belongs to her, leaving Audrey standing naked and humiliated in the living room.

3. Math Tutor

Audrey was doing poorly in calculus and enlisted the services of the best math tutor at the university. Miss Wells will not tolerate anything less than her student’s best efforts. When Audrey failed to do her assignment, she found herself over her tutor’s lap for a hard spanking with a hairbrush over the seat of her tight jeans, panties and then, bare bottom. As she was being spanked, Audrey was required to keep her eyes on the paper containing her undone assignments.

4. Speeding

Audrey was confronted by her father for a spate of unpaid speeding tickets. When the response to his concern was one of insouciance, her father administered a hard, bare bottom spanking until Audrey tearfully promised to drive more safely.

5. A Little Late

After her recent correction for speeding, Audrey was given a strict curfew. When she arrived home a little late, her father gave her an instruction on time management by spanking her on her bare bottom.

Stars: Audrey, Amber Pixie Wells, Michael Valentine

Stolen & Lost

Video: Stolen & Lost
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After Maja arrives home, she frantically searches her handbag. When she doesn’t find what she’s looking for she holds her head in her hands in frustration. When Headmaster Tom arrives home he wonders why Maja is so sad. She tells him she has lost money, 400 pounds! He begins to comfort her, but that doesn’t last long when he finds out that the money she has lost was his. Money she had stolen from him.

Headmaster Tom leaves and returns with the bunch, the carpet beater and the paddle. And, finally, the cane. He begins her punishment with just her trousers around her ankles. Then he demands she completely disrobe. She also has to stand on a pan of peas during her caning. When the caning is over she must kneel in the peas with her hands over her head and think about stealing money. Weeping, Maja’s bottom is red and bruised and her knees are completely pockmarked from the peas.

Stars: Maja, Headmaster Tom

Caught & Punished

Video: Caught & Punished
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Claire and Emma are searching through the Headmaster’s bed chambers. Claire finds some money and quickly stuffs it in her sock before Headmaster Tom comes in and finds them. When his queries as to what is going on yield nothing from the two girls, he proceeds to give both a good OTK hand spanking. The consequences for their silence will be long and severe.

Headmaster Tom has them undress completely from the waist down and is enraged when he sees the money that had been in Claire’s sock. As both girls kneel on identical chairs, he gives them a good caning for stealing. We they say they have learned their lessons, he sends them off to heal their welted bottoms.

Stars: Claire, Emma, Headmaster Tom

Stolen Money

Video: Stolen Money
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Mr. Lewis is very unhappy with Lisa. He has given her three occasions to clean the house and she has failed every time. He guides her around the living room, pointing out the lingering dust and dirt. In the midst of this, he finds a cache of $150, the same amount that went missing from his office. Lisa protests her innocence but Mr. Lewis does not believe her.

He promptly bends her over the table for a few whacks before putting her over his knee for a proper hand spanking. When he finally gets her to say that she will not steal money again, he finishes her punishment with her bent over the table again. Mr. Lewis leaves Lisa facing the wall and sobbing.

Stars: Lisa, Mr. Lewis

Cyberpunk Punished

Video: Cyberpunk Punished
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Penny Stone is a genius of digital technology and a bit of a brat. She is known as “Cyberpunk" on campus. Most thought it cute when the precocious Cyberpunk would hack into the school's system and change a grade simply because she could. All of that changed when Penny hacked into the government's security systems. Penny was subjected to several days of severe corporal punishment with Audrey, Michael Valentine and David Pierson.

Scene 1

Penny is a brilliant, yet precocious student and a master of all things digital. She would often hack into a system simply for the challenge of it. One day Penny was being chastised by Professor Valentine for hacking into the school’s system to change a grade when he received the alarming news the Miss Audrey of the national security apparatus was there. She informed the professor that his protégé had broken into the national defense computers. Miss Audrey made the girl strip off her clothing for a check. The she spanked her with a leather paddle and her hand for having the audacity of violating the defense grid.

The stern Miss Audrey, an agent of the government, continues to punish the precocious cyberpunk, switching between her hand and the leather paddle. The naked and vulnerable Penny promises not to hack into the government’s computers again and pleads for the spanking to stop. Following her punishment, Agent Audrey convinces Penny to sit on a hard stool, hurting her soundly spanked, bare bottom. In the position, Miss Audrey explains the dire consequences awaiting the Cyberpunk should she breech government security again.

Scene 2

After breaking into the government computers and her unpleasant experience with Agent Audrey, Penny now must face the wrath of her mentor, Dr. Valentine. This girl of the digital agAfter breaking into the government computers and her unpleasant e was stunned to hear that she was to be subjected to several days of corporal punishment, a form of discipline that she believed went out in before the invention of the computer. It was Dr. Valentine’s duty to provide her first punishment, done to ensure that future acts of digital mischief would be discouraged. Despite her protestations, she was taken over Dr. Valentine’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her leotards and proceeded to her bare bottom. Penny pleaded for her punishment to stop feeling both pain and the humiliation of being spanked by one she reveres.

When Penny first went over her mentor’s lap she was filled with an intense feeling of humiliation. “How can I ever face Professor Valentine again after he’s spanked me like a child?” Soon, as Professor Valentine’s hands descended upon his protégée’s naked bottom a whole new priority took over her hierarchy of needs. That was for the intense and increasing pain of her bottom to stop. With all worries of preserving dignity gone, Penny kicked, cried and pleaded for her punishment to stop. After her punishment was over, Penny was placed in the corner, bottom on display, to contemplate the foolishness of her actions. Now, her sense of complete of complete and utter humiliation has returned.

Scene 3

After the Punishment she received from Agent Audrey and the bare bottom spanking that she received from her mentor, Penny Stone, the Cyberpunk who hacked into the nations defense system simply to prove that she could, entered Dr. Valentine’s office at the appointed time expecting the worst. She fantasized that Dr. Valentine would admonish her for her behavior and send her on her way. When she saw her mentor holding two ominous looking wooden paddles Penny was filled with dread. “Are you ready for today’s punishment,’ Dr. Valentine asked of his protégée, in whom he was very displeased. Penny pleaded with her disciplinarian, “Please sir, not with that!” Unmoved, the professor placed Penny over a set of library stairs, raised her skirt and lowered her leotards, exposing her bottom. At first, all Penny could think of was how she was there, bent over, her bare bottom exposed to Dr. Valentine. Soon her concerns were less about that pertaining to her dignity, but how she could survive the pain she was enduring as the wooden paddle descended upon her naked bottom, over and over.

As that hard wooden paddle struck Penny’s naked bottom over and over, she could not restrain the cries emanating from deep within. ” I promise never to do it again,” said the cyberpunk in an effort to stop this onslaught of pain. Instead of relief, Penny knew that worse was coming when Dr. Valentine made her hand him the large school paddle. Several whacks with this large plank had Penny’s voice reverberating through the entire campus. After her punishment, the now contrite hacker, was left whimpering as she served corner time.

Scene 4

The Dean Is Back

Penny had been through much over the past few days. She was aware that the Dean was returning from his vacation to deal with the disaster that this cyberpunk had caused. Penny thought that she had been severely punished by Agent Audrey and Doctor Valentine. How much worse could a punishment from Dean Pierson be? As Penny entered the office she greeted the Dean but her eyes were drawn to a thick, menacing looking strap in Dr. Pierson's hands. Penny's confidence quickly faded as she was instructed to remove her skirt and bend over the punishment stool. In many ways, Dean Pierson regretted having to punish this brilliant young woman is such a harsh manner, However, he had been informed by Agent Audrey that Miss Stone needed to be dissuaded from future attempts at violating governmental security systems or she and her colleagues would. With that in mind, the dean lowered Penny's leotards and that strap landed with the force and sound of a lightning bolt. Penny shouted as the leather implement, that hadn't punished a student at this intuition since the middle of the last century, landed on her bare bottom time and again, leaving nasty looking red welts and Penny Stone in tears.

As the large, heavy strap fell, time and again, upon Penny's naked bottom, so loud were her cries that they reverberated through the entire campus. At this point, Penny wondered if this was a better punishment than being water-boarded at the hands of Miss Audrey and her minions? After several minutes of severe punishment the dean noted that he felt merciful and would end Miss Stone's torment with but twenty more hard swats. Penny failed to see how this was an act of mercy. She wondered how she could last through another twenty lashes with that vile implement? She was instructed to count each swat and thank her disciplinarian after each stoke or the entire punishment would resume again from the beginning. Following her ordeal Penny was made to lie in place and not move until she was retrieved. The implement that caused her so much pain was placed on her lower back. If it was to fall off she would receive another twenty. While lying motionless over the punishment stool, the young cyberpunk wondered what punishment yet awaited her.

Scene 5

Earned Stripes

It is Penny’s final day of torment. She has come to regret having hacked into the government’s defense computers. She entered Dean Pierson’s office with trepidation, still very sore after the punishment with the thick school strap just the day before. She was stunned and nearly paralyzed with fear when she saw the Dean holding the cane, an implement of chastisement that hadn’t been used at this institution in many years. Dean Pierson instructed Penny to remove all the clothing below her waist, noting that she may have need to kick. Then he instructed her to kneel on the couch with her bottom thrust back and upward to provide the proper target for this fearsome implement. Penny was stunned to hear that she was to received twelve hard strokes with the cane. She could only complain briefly as the Dean instructed her to prepare for her punishment, using the cane to push lightly on her pelvis until he felt she was in perfect position. Soon, Penny’s screams could be heard reverberating through the hallways of the school.

As her caning proceeded Penny wasn’t sure how she was going to survive. All she knew was that with each stroke of the cane, sounds of anguish emanated from her mouth that she didn’t know were possible. Dr. Pierson would give Penny a moment to scream and wait for the pain to subside and then reposition her so that her bottom was back and tilted up to provide the best possible target. After her punishment was completed, Penny was lectured on the hazards of hacking and then made to stand in the corner to contemplate her actions and the punishments she suffered over the past several days.

Stars: Audrey, Penny Stone, Michael Valentine, David Pierson

New Resident Angelina – Disgusting Behaviour

Video: New Resident Angelina - Disgusting Behaviour
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Mr. Lewis roughly pushes a naked Angelina into a room. She has to make up three weeks of homework in order to get her clothes back. But as soon as Mr. Lewis leaves, she tires of homework and instead begins to doodle nasty artwork. When Mr. Lewis returns to check her work he finds the doodles and is very upset. For this she will get the tawse.

He has her bend over the table and gives her the tawse on her bare bottom. She also has to raise the hands that made those disgusting pictures and he strikes them with the tawse. He goes from one to the other, bare bum to hands. When he is finished he tears up the nasty artwork and leaves the tawse as a reminder of the consequences of not finishing her homework.

Stars: Angelina, Mr. Lewis

Double Tawse Punishment

Video: Double Tawse Punishment
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Linda and Jenny wait nervously for Headmaster Tom, both silent in their fear of what’s to come.

And what comes is a double tawse punishment for the two girls. Standing on either side of a column, Jenny is the first punished, carrying on wildly as usual. Linda is yelping but more subdued in her agony. From one to the other he goes while they profess their sorrow at breaking the rules. He leaves them rubbing sore aching bottoms.

Stars: Jenny, Linda, Headmaster Tom

Mistress Jasmine On Sub Tony

Video: Mistress Jasmine On Sub Tony
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
Mistress Jasmine gave sub Tony an intense flogging across his chest before cutting a hole in his pants with scissors, which were big enough to cut his hand off if she so wished. Then for a second Mistress admired his hard cock before also flogging it with mighty lashes. Dedicated sub Tony was now on the floor still in his metal stocks, his ankles were also within the contraption leaving him rocking on the arch of his back as he looked up to his Mistress wanking her clit above him. His arse hole was stretched vulnerably by the position he was in. Mistress soon addressed his arse hole filling it with her fingers before spitting on it and introducing a glass bulb dildo stretching sub Tony's hole to the max.

Stars: Mistress Jasmine, Tony

Motivational Spanking

Video: Motivational Spanking
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Nowadays, baby boomers often get stuck with their insufferable children living at home. Eve and Butch sent Leela to college, and when they wasn’t enough they sent their cute, little boomeranger to beauty school, but still she claimed that she wasn't ready to move out, all the while being a burden to her parents. They racked their brains, trying to think of some way to make living at home less desirable to Leela. Eve reminded Butch that the reason they both left home when they were Leela's age was to avoid corporal punishment from their old fashioned dads. Convincing Butch that the only way to make lovely Leela hate living at home is to start spanking her, Eve volunteers to confront their live-in brat about moving out, securing a promise from Butch that if her spanking techniques fails to motivate Leela sufficiently, that he will back her up.

Act One - Eve Spanks Leela

As soon as Leela returns from her part time job, Eve demands to know why she is taking so long to find a place of her own. Leela insists she has a plan that involves long term saving prior to relocation. But Eve is not inclined to be patient and accusing her daughter of willfully stalling, takes her over her lap for a hand spanking, first over Leela's cute jeans, then across the seat of the 22 year old's matching burgundy bikini panties, then resoundingly on the petite blonde's bare bottom. Leela is a willful girl who takes a spanking stoically, but she feels it and it shows as the white turns to pink across her smooth, small, jutting cheeks. As a hand spanking proves inadequate in convincing her daughter to move out, Eve bends the bare bottomed Leela over for a mixed session with the hairbrush, a collection of leather straps and paddles and a wooden paddle. Smartening Leela up with wood and leather, Eve continues to lectures her lazy offspring on the pros and cons of leaving home. After dozens of hard whacks and smacks from this small arsenal of corporal punishment instruments, Leela finally agrees to obey Eve’s wishes and move out.

Act Two - Butch Spanks Leela

When Leela hesitates just a little too long in making good on her promise to move out, Butch conducts his own private interview with her, which includes a long, hard, over the knee spanking. Beginning in traditional style, over the slender blonde brat's short skirt, the hand spanking gives way to spanking atop Leela's black panties, and then to more spanking over the 22 year old's sheer pantyhose. But Leela is intractable, insisting that she has a plan that involves saving more money before moving out of the house. Butch demonstrates his own plan by pulling her pantyhose down and continuing to spank her on her slim but shapely bare bottom. After a sound spanking from Butch that leaves her sore and rosy pink, Leela finally agrees to take the leap into adulthood by leaving home.

Crazily enough, in almost thirty years of making spanking videos, Motivational Spanking is Shadow Lane's first foray into mommy-and-daddy-spanks-girl territory, but with Butch and Eve putting their own unique spin on the traditional domestic discipline fantasy. Violet October, who really does turn 22 this month, is about as adorable as modern brats get and takes a beautiful spanking. She pouts as her punishment progresses, but knows better than to argue with the inevitable, that stubborn girls get the spankings they deserve.

Stars: Eve Howard, Violet October, Butch Simms



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