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Too Late For PT

Video: Too Late For PT
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Amy has arrived late for physical training. It is not the first time. Catching her late arrival, the Headmaster plans a special session of PT just for her – his right hand to her bottom. She plants herself over his knee at the bottom of the stairs.

During her spanking he notices she does not have on her regulation white panties. She has a sorry excuse for this as well and her spanking is prolonged. As the Headmaster says, “no physical training means a sore bottom.” When finished he makes her do half-clothed squats in the foyer. Then he invites two students to come observe her humiliation.

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom

Jodie’s First Caning

Video: Jodie's First Caning
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Headmaster Tom summons Jodie to his office. We see a cane resting on a nearby chair. He demands Jodie tell him her real, full name and where she comes from. When she won’t, she has to partially disrobe and bend over the chair for punishment.

The Headmaster admonishes her for making this bad decision and begins to cane her bare bottom. After many strokes she still will not reveal the information. Thus, Headmaster Tom will have to meet with her in his office again tomorrow morning.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Playing Truant

Video: Playing Truant
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Linda and Jenny, instead of being in school, are having a lively game of tennis. The Headmaster finally finds them on the court. While watching them, he deviously calls Linda on her cell and she lies that she is in school. He calls her out on her lie and summons both girls to come inside.

Inside the foyer the two girls wait anxiously. The Headmaster is angry and embarrassed when he admonishes both girls on their bad behavior. Both are made to bend over a chair for a good caning; first over their knickers and then on their bare bottoms. The caning leaves both bottoms very red and covered with welts when he is finished with them and leaves them to reflect.

Stars: Linda, Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Exclusive Property

Video: Exclusive Property
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Amy is being reprimanded by Headmaster Tom for shouting in the house. As he makes sure she is all prepared for the next day and a peaceful night, he notices she has no shoes on. He makes her go get shoes and return to him. But it appears Amy has trouble finding her shoes and reluctantly puts on a pair of slippers she’s defaced. When Headmaster notices that she has drawn all over her official GBS white slippers he gets very upset. Shoes cost money.

The next thing you know he has Amy across his lap and is giving her a good spanking with one of the slippers. Eventually she lowers her knickers for a continued spanking with the other one. The Headmaster tells her to clean the slippers. He has promised that if the shoes do not look like they did in the beginning she will have to endure the same procedure as today.

Later, her knickers still lowered, her very red bottom is visible as she vigorously scrubs first one slipper, then the other.

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom

The Cane For Linda

Video: The Cane For Linda
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The Headmaster has an assortment of spanking implements on his desk when Linda arrives. He recites a litany of her bad behaviors. For these transgressions he promises her a severe punishment. But first, he makes her remove her shoes, skirt and knickers. Thank goodness she has on her white regulation underwear.

She’s made to bend over his desk to receive a caning. As it goes on she whimpers softly. When he is finished he faces her, hands on head, against a wall of bookcases, and continues on with his work.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Smoking Causes Pain

Video: Smoking Causes Pain
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Sally is lying on her bed reading a magazine and smoking. There is a loud knocking on her bedroom door. Oh dear! It’s Headmaster Tom. She has to act quickly. The cigarette is stubbed out in the ashtray, which is then hidden behind some ornaments on the shelf above her bed. The betraying packet of cigarettes is hidden in a drawer then she hastily gets back onto the bed and calls for him to come in. He comes in wondering why about the delay. Her wide-open innocent eyes look straight into his. Suddenly he starts sniffing. He tells her he can smell smoke. She keeps her cool and tells him she wouldn’t do that as it’s against the rules at Girls Boarding School. However, he doesn’t believe her and starts sniffing around the room, but he can’t find any incriminating evidence. That is, until he’s opening and closing drawers in her dresser and he notices she’s getting fidgety. Now he knows he’s onto something! So he checks the drawers more thoroughly. Behold! He finds the half empty packet.

Poor Sally’s head spins as she is put over his one knee that is raised. She is dangling there helplessly. He uses the back of a hairbrush on her knickered bottom – the strokes are fast. Then pulling down her knickers he continues with the spanking. He’s hitting her so hard the hairbrush comes to grief. She is lying face down on the bed and is told to keep that position while he goes in search of another hairbrush. Her position is changed to kneeling on the bed, bottom well up and rounded. She is instructed to count the next ten strokes that come hard and fast.

Sally promises that she will never smoke again. In order to test her, he holds out the packet of cigarettes and offers her one. She is adamant; no more smoking for her because smoking causes pain. Therefore, Headmaster Tom pockets the packet of cigarettes and leaves the room. Outside, he lights up one of her cigarettes and is smoking it as he returns to his office.

Stars: Sally, Headmaster Tom


Video: Stepmother
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Studio: Mood Pictures
A Stepmother enters the life of two young sisters. They have never experienced any form of corporal punishment before but form now any misbehavior is followed by a strict spanking with either the belt or the cane. First, they think that they will easily get rid their new "mother" but soon they must realize that things get just worse and worse. And, they also learn that the last stroke is alway placed on the clitoris... A domestic spanking movie from Mood Pictures.

Stars: Jennifer, Annette, Cindy Tracker, Maximilian Lomp

Locked – Justine

Video: Locked - Justine
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Mr. Lewis is in the storeroom looking for a snack. Suddenly, redheaded Justine approaches and quickly closes the door and locks him inside. She runs away grinning while Mr. Lewis bangs on the door and yells for help. Thirty minutes later, Headmaster Tom finally hears him and comes to see what the ruckus is about. Mr. Lewis tells the Headmaster that Justine took the key. They both find it most embarrassing. Headmaster Tom grabs a knife and tries to open the lock. He finally succeeds and they both go in search of Justine.

When they find her Justine is placed across the Headmaster’s lap for a firm and hard hand spanking. It is clear Justine has learned nothing from her last punishment. She is also caned with a thin and thick cane as she is bent over, her hands against the wall.

Stars: Justine, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Lewis

Linda’s Morning Sports

Video: Linda's Morning Sports
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Linda has arrived at Headmaster Tom’s office to show off her morning sports. She beings with squats, then jumping jacks. The Headmaster has to leave and instructs Linda to continue with her exercises. Instead she wanders around the office, finds a cigarette and takes a smoke while sitting on his desk.

Suddenly, Headmaster Tom returns and catches her smoking. He commands her to lower her shorts and gives Linda a spanking with the carpet beater. When he finishes she must begin her exercises from the beginning.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Wine & Belt

Video: Wine & Belt
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Now why is Lisa creeping about Girls Boarding School? She is carrying a roll of sticky tape and a pair of scissors. She wraps some of the sticky tape over the front door lock – cutting off the surplus tape with the scissors. Then, without hesitation, she goes to the kitchen and takes a bottle of wine out of the fridge. On a nearby trolley she finds a large wine glass and puts the glass and the bottle on the kitchen table. Sitting down, she pours herself a small amount of wine and sips it. She obviously likes it because she pours herself an even more generous glassful. Sitting there, she sips the wine with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

Meanwhile, Headmaster Tom has arrived home. However, when he puts his key in the lock, nothing happens. So he tries another key and has the same result. Oh dear! Poor Lisa, she forgot about the back door, because that’s how the headmaster gets in. It doesn’t take him long to suss out what she’s been up to. He’s annoyed with her for three reasons. First: the wine was a present to him from a very dear friend. Second: it’s a very expensive wine, over twenty years old, and costs $200 a bottle. Third: as a student at Girls Boarding School, drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. Ordering her to bend over a kitchen chair, he uses his belt on top of her blue denim shorts.

Stars: Lisa, Headmaster Tom



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