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50 Glowing Welts

Video: 50 Glowing Welts
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Annie is relaxing and reading a magazine, her thick red pigtails tied with red ribbons. She gets a phone call that is very distressing. When she hangs up she poses herself face down on the chair she’s been sitting in. It is a pose that awaits a punishment.

The Headmaster arrives shortly and we find out that instead of relaxing and reading, Annie should have been taking her sports lessons. Headmaster Tom begins the caning immediately. Shortly thereafter Annie’s knickers are down and she is being caned on her bare bottom. At the end, as she lays barely able to move, Annie has learned a hard lesson.

Stars: Annie, Headmaster Tom

Jenny’s Wild OTK

Video: Jenny's Wild OTK
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Jenny is sulking in the bathroom in her school uniform. The headmaster comes in and is very angry with her and is concerned about her manners. He instructs her to get up and come across his legs. He begins to spank her rear end. He pulls her white panties down all the while constantly hitting her ass quite hard. The headmaster makes her kneel in the window so people will know that’s she’s been a bad girl and has been punished and her ass is bright red.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

First Caning For Claire

Video: First Caning For Claire
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New resident Claire rudely enters the Headmaster’s office without knocking first. Headmaster Tom sends her back out to enter again. She does so correctly the second time but she is one hour late for her appointment with the headmaster. He bends the sullen girl over his desk and pulls up her skirt for her first caning.

Shorty after he begins, he pulls down her white, regulation panties and lays the cane on her bare bottom. Claire takes up a new position of bending over with her hands behind her knees. She remains silent through the entire punishment.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom

Russian Slaves 86 – Prostitutes In The Private School Part 1

Video: Russian Slaves 86 - Prostitutes In The Private School Part 1
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
The two students Irina Florova and Svetlana Zadrigailo are in class discussing extra money that they are earning for prostitution. The teacher walks in and tells the girls she must call the cops and she does. The girls are taken away and they are humiliated and are made to undress and touch each other, even some pussy licking. Then Svetlana is alone with the Sergeant and his slaps her small tits and slaps her shaved pussy and spanks her ass, of course belittling her the entire time.

Stars: Irina Florova, Nadezda Gorelova, Svetlana Zadrigailo, Jerry Geroshvilli, Nikita Guhman

Late Night Punishment

Video: Late Night Punishment
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Headmaster Tom brusquely pulls up Jenny’s coat as she kneels on all fours on the bed. He wastes no time giving her the cane. She falls down on the bed but he commands that she keep her position and quickly disrobe, so she takes off her coat and lowers her jeans. After a few strokes the headmaster examines his work.

Jenny gets a respite of sorts as she’s allowed to lie flat on the bed while the headmaster continues her punishment. He next administers a hard hand spanking to her already red bottom. Jenny is left standing, facing the wall and rubbing her deeply pink bum.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Smack My Cheerful Ass

Video: Smack My Cheerful Ass
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Studio: A Wizard of Ass
This sexy raven-haired cheerleader comes prepared for an all-out ass smacking good time. The Wizard of Ass has this uniformed hottie bend over, hula hoop, and lay over his knee as he smacks her ass. Then he breaks out a small enema kit for a little anal play, followed by binding her arms behind her with restraints.

Laura’s Good Morning

Video: Laura's Good Morning
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Headmaster Tom cheerily enters Laura’s room with a hearty good morning. It is Tuesday and every Tuesday Laura is scheduled for a good, hard morning thrashing. Headmaster puts the girl across his knee and begins with an OTK hand spanking. He pulls down her pajama bottoms and continues with the tawse. The final blows are with the hairbrush as Laura weeps and wiggles on his lap. Headmaster leaves until next Tuesday.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

Kinky Cate Dominates Her Employee

Video: Kinky Cate Dominates Her Employee
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Studio: Scorched
Kinky Cate is a seasoned dom who has blonde hair and quite the attitude. She’s the boss and everyone knows once you fuck up with the boss it’s over and there’s no coming back. For this lady, she’s caught masturbating and thus her ass gets spanked by Kinky Cate’s hand and her spanking implements. Cate makes sure her employee eats her out too.

Stars: Kinky Cate

Laura In The Attic

Video: Laura In The Attic
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We see Laura crouched on the floor of the attic, naked except for her white knee highs. She will receive her punishment there, hands prone against a cold, brick wall. After Headmaster Tom strokes her bottom with the cane she is left in the bleak attic, arms raised, to reflect.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

Jodie’s Corner Time

Video: Jodie's Corner Time
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Jodie stands in the corner with her arms raised and her trousers and knickers down around her thighs. When the Headmaster breezes past, she questions her time of punishment; she’s waited two hours already. Headmaster lets her know that it doesn’t matter, that it just may be two hours more she will have to wait.

In time we see the Headmaster administering in turn: the carpet beater, the paddle and the tawse to Jodie’s bottom. Jodie finally gets her punishment.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom



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