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Messed Room Messed Bottom

Video: Messed Room Messed Bottom
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Headmaster Michael is absolutely appalled when he enters Vanessa’s room. He finds an incredible mess and she is just sitting there, on the top bunk, reading. He gives her ten minutes to clean the room and then she is to lay over a pillow with a waiting paddle. When Headmaster Michael returns in ten minutes her punishment will begin.

The room is clean and Headmaster is pleased when he returns but Vanessa still deserves a punishment. He uses the wooden paddle on her bare bottom as she cries and struggles madly. He will be checking her room for cleanliness on a regular basis from now on.

Stars: Vanessa, Headmaster Michael

Alexa Interrupted

Video: Alexa Interrupted
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Studio: Scorched
When hip, bespectacled Alexa sat down in front of her computer to put on a solo dildo show for her webcam, she had no idea that she would soon have a costar! Her roommate comes home to find dirty little Alexa fucking herself on the couch, and she is pissed. This angry little minx flips Alexa over and starts spanking the shit out of her ass. Fortunately for our Alexa, sometimes a spanking isn’t much of a punishment at all.

Stars: Alexa

And Now Spank Your Roommate – OTK

Video: And Now Spank Your Roommate - OTK
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Sophie, silent and stoic, has moved on to give her roommate Jenny an OTK spanking. This is purely Sophie as the Headmaster is nowhere in sight. Jenny is spanked with her skirt down and then Sophie raises the skirt to spank her almost bare bottom. Jenny’s yells are just as loud as with the paddle.

Stars: Jenny, Sophie

And Now Spank Your Roommate – The Tawse

Video: And Now Spank Your Roommate - The Tawse
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Jenny, half-clothed, braces herself against a wall as her roommate Sophie uses the tawse on her bottom. It is easy to feel the sting of every stroke as we hear the tawse whip through the air. Although seeming to prepare herself, Jenny yells and gasps, eventually crying at the ninth stroke. Sophie says not a word throughout.

Stars: Jenny, Sophie

Classic Schoolgirl Punishment

Video: Classic Schoolgirl Punishment
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We are using Emma for our tutorial today on “Classic Schoolgirl Punishment.” Clad in a classic schoolgirl uniform of crisp white shirt and a red and black plaid skirt, she is always full of mischief and a perfect candidate for reprimand.

The Headmaster has Emma bent over a high table and begins with the cane. In addition to the caning, Emma must rise after each stroke, thank the Headmaster and profess her sorrow over her misdeeds. During this exercise her white, regulation panties are down around her thighs. Revealed is her already reddened bottom from past transgressions.

The punishment continues with Emma’s skirt and panties fully disposed of and the Headmaster utilizing the paddle. He leaves her outside on the patio, facing a wall, hands above her head. The girl weeps throughout.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

Santa Jane

Video: Santa Jane
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Christmas time is about giving. But Jane has been giving all to herself. Instead of playing Santa, she’s sat around eating all the candy and chocolates meant for the girls. And when Mr. Lewis, the Headmaster, discovers that she’s sold all the other girls’ gifts for makeup for herself, he is livid. How selfish can a girl be? Did she not think of her punishment for such bad deeds?

He puts Jane over his knee and begins to give her a hard, hand spanking, first over her uniform skirt, then on her bare bottom. Eventually he has her hand him a nearby paddle. To further her humiliation, she will have to explain, bare bottomed, to the entire school what has happened to their Christmas presents.

Stars: Jane, Mr. Lewis

Stand Up!

Video: Stand Up!
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The Headmaster tries to help Dana with her homework but she’s just not getting it, leaving him no choice but to bring out the punishment tools. He must try in his own way to teach her mathematics. He has her stand in front of him, lifts up her skirt and gives her a hand spanking while she works on her lessons. Dana’s plump bottom is already welted from previous punishments.

When this spanking does not seem to work, he continues using the leather tawse. Soon, after every wrong answer to the equations, the tawse gives way to the paddle. Eventually he puts Dana over his knee.

The Headmaster then leaves, urging Dana to finish before he returns in five minutes or they will have to start again; with the hand, with the tawse, with the paddle and maybe with the cane.

Stars: Dana, Headmaster Tom

Spanking In Progress

Video: Spanking In Progress
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The sign on the door says it all – “Do Not Enter! Spanking in Progress.”

Her face obscured by a mop of blonde hair, a student endures an over the knee hand spanking by Headmaster Tom. At first, she remains fully clothed, in jean jacket, cargo pants and trainers. But the spanking scenario graduates from her bare bottom to her completely unclothed naked body. The prolonged spanking draws whimpering and struggling but in the end the student is left in the corner, her hands above her head.

Stars: Headmaster Tom

Playing With The Ball

Video: Playing With The Ball
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Playing with a ball in his office, silly Jodie has broken one of the Headmaster’s pictures. There must be a punishment that follows such careless behavior.

The Headmaster summons Jodie and makes her bring a chair so that he can give her a hard hand spanking over his knee. He makes her fetch a hairbrush so that he can continue the spanking, and it progresses from her jeans covered bottom to her bare, red behind. She’s left on the floor, massaging her poor, sore bum.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Russian Slaves #85 – Discipline In Russian Convent Part 2

Video: Russian Slaves #85 - Discipline In Russian Convent Part 2
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
For these two attractive, slender Russian girls, discipline in a Russian convent means erotic spankings. Watch as the girls are disciplined into good behavior and very red asses. They beg for their father to take them home, but it seems they’ll need another six months of correcting!

Stars: Nadya Dozorova, Nina Govorkina, Alla Novikova, Nikita Mihalkov, Ura Zotov



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