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Poor Trapped Sarah

Video: Poor Trapped Sarah
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Sarah has run away from Headmaster Tom. But now she is trapped in the bathroom and he is outside the door, with the paddle. He is threatening her with just five strokes of the paddle, it is only fair, if she unlocks the door now. But she does not come out. The longer she resists the more the strokes increase – it’s not long before he is up to 10 strokes.

When she finally unlocks the door he immediately bends her over the bathtub and administers the paddle. She eventually must lower her trousers and take strokes to her bare bottom. When he is done the Headmaster locks her in.

Stars: Sarah, Headmaster Tom

Rule No. 1

Video: Rule No. 1
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Jodie walks across campus and does something suspicious, unaware that Headmaster Tom has observed her every move. When he follows her steps he finds that she has deposited a flask in an inconspicuous place. He calls her to the dining room for a talk and reminds her that one of the most important rules of GBS is no drinking. She denies drinking but her mouth falls open when he reveals the flask! Of course this is cause for punishment.

He leans her over the dining table and paddles her uniformed bottom while she repeats the most important rules aloud “No drinking and no smoking at Girls Boarding School!” When he is done and she is gone from the room, the Headmaster allows himself a little swig from the flask.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Badminton Fun Gone Wrong

Video: Badminton Fun Gone Wrong
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It’s a beautiful day at Girls Boarding School. Simone and Lottie are playing badminton on the lawn when they are interrupted by Headmaster Michael. Simone has forgotten her grounding but Michael is quick to remind her. He gives her a few pats on the rear with her racket on the way inside to her punishment.

Inside, Headmaster Michael expresses his disappointment with Simone. He makes her disrobe, bends her over the table and canes her in that position and when she bends over to touch the floor. When he is finished he leaves the cane nestled between her cheeks.

Stars: Simone, Headmaster Michael

Spy School

Video: Spy School
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Studio: Moonglow

Spy School
This film sees the return of Alison, a young lady familiar to and very popular with longer established Moonglow members. Set in a spy school for young ladies, it is filmed on a hidden camera basis. That is, it is almost all action. After the event, we decided to count the cane strokes; the two young ladies receive about 230 between them!

The story is about a section leader, Helen, at the training school. and a member of her section (Alison). Among the many scenes, we see Helen, bare-breasted, giving Alison a good thrashing.

Both girls are given sound unofficial spankings at one point; we see their bottoms glowing red by the end. We weren’t sure whether the spankers’ hand or the girls’ bottoms stung more at the end. On top of all this, we see the young ladies getting caned by several members of the staff. One for all enthusiasts for the cane!

Christine's Audition
Moonglow, always being thorough, conducts auditions for its aspiring young actresses, one of which is included here.

Stars: Christine, Alison, Helen

The Missing Report Card

Video: The Missing Report Card
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Headmaster Tom is in his office, going over all the girls’ report cards. He finds them all in order but is missing one – Jackie’s. He calls her into his office and questions her but she professes to know nothing about her missing card. He notices she has something in her hand she won’t reveal. When she finally opens her hands it’s a lighter she is holding.

It doesn’t take long for the Headmaster to put two and two together – missing report card - lighter. When he leaves the room he leaves Jackie waiting anxiously. After checking the chimney he returns to Jackie, bends her over the desk and administers a hard hand spanking with her knickers down and her uniform skirt up. Burning a report card, how stupid can a girl be?

Stars: Jackie, Headmaster Tom

Not Your Computer

Video: Not Your Computer
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Lottie has “borrowed” Headmaster Michael’s computer without his permission. As she sits in her room listening to music, he confronts her for taking his things and for wearing jewelry. For these things she deserves a punishment. He demands she stand against the wall with her bottom out for a hard, hand spanking. But that is not sufficient so he takes off his belt and takes down her knickers.

Stars: Lottie, Headmaster Michael

A Waste Of Time

Video: A Waste Of Time
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Maggy is playing a prank. Isn't funny turning off the television again and again, hiding behind the curtains with a replacement remote control, while Headmaster Tom is trying to enjoy his well-earned end of the work day and watch a documentary? Well, yes…indeed funny, though only a quite short-lived amusement for this stupid girl! After all her time in Girls Boarding School she should have known that her silly prank does not exactly match Headmaster Tom's sense of humor. A severe punishment with the belt - fully naked on all fours - helps her to reconsider how much fun it really is, wasting the Headmaster's valued time.

Stars: Maggy, Headmaster Tom

A Lazy Afternoon

Video: A Lazy Afternoon
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Dana is having a lazy afternoon, lying on the couch, asleep and surrounded by upturned chairs, dirty dishes and rubbish everywhere. Unfortunately, Headmaster Tom also finds her in this state of chaos. Disorder such as this deserves punishment. It is time for the cane.

Dana leans against the desk so that he can cane her blue-jeaned bottom. He tells her how tired he is of hearing “I’m sorry” all the time from these girls. He makes her lower her trousers and knickers and eventually touch her toes. The caning continues as he demands she begin cleaning the room.

Stars: Dana, Headmaster Tom

Abi’s Confession – Pure Humiliation

Video: Abi's Confession - Pure Humiliation
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As the door opens Abi quickly gets into the position she was supposed to be in when he had left her. Headmaster Tom is checking on how she is doing. He had left her sitting on the hard floor, wearing nothing but a cami vest. Her legs and feet were not allowed to touch the floor, so she was balancing on her coccyx. When he asks her if she has been in that position since he had left her, she swears that she has.

However, unbeknown to her, the hidden cameras have shown her with her feet touching the floor – and masturbating. HM Tom tells her she is disgusting. She explains to him that her reason for coming out of position was due to the discomfort she was in. But she receives no sympathy from him, as the pain and discomfort are part and parcel of the punishment. Therefore, he is going to leave her in that position for a further hour. She pleads with him – telling him she’s tired and beginning to shake. So he decides that she needs a cold shower to wake her up.

After a shower so cold that it makes her gasp, she agrees that she is now awake. Handing her a soft fluffy towel, he tells her to get dried and come back to the living room in two minutes. Unfortunately, she is a minute late and this angers him even more. So he tells her to stand facing the wall and bend down. He cracks the belt across her unprotected bottom, causing her to stand up clutching her bottom each time the belt makes contact with it. She’s to spend another hour in pain and discomfort – kneeling in a tray full of peas. There is no way she will be able to masturbate now.

Stars: Abi, Headmaster Tom

A Day In The Gym

Video: A Day In The Gym
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Greeting her with a cheery “good morning,” Headmaster Tom awakens Jenny for her morning sports. She puts on her sports attire and trainers and heads to the headmasters office. He surprises her with an elliptical machine and tells her to take 20 minutes of exercise on it.

Ten minutes later and Jenny is fading fast but the Headmaster won’t let her stop. Instead he gets a cane and combines her exercise with a caning. “Faster, Jenny, faster,” he demands, as he canes her bare bottom.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom



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