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Jodie, Expose Your Bottom!

Video: Jodie, Expose Your Bottom!
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As the Headmaster sits working in his office, Jodie comes in and brings him a letter marked "urgent." He rips it opens, reads it and finds out that Jodie is not participating in her sports lesson. When he asks her why she says she'd like to shower with her teammates but is embarrassed by her red bottom. The Headmaster understands and tells her that embarrassment is part of her discipline.

He asks to see her bottom and deigns it fine, fine enough to take another punishment within the one hour she has before her next sports lesson. Jodie protests but knows she has to bend over the table, no ifs, ands or buts. She lowers her trousers and bends over.

The Headmaster returns with a cane and takes it immediately to her bum. He asks if she will take part in her lesson today and when she answers no, he continues with the cane. It is her decision, you see. He asks again and the stupid girl refuses again and is now treated to a whipping with his belt. She finally begs him to stop and says that she will attend her sports lesson. The Headmaster deems that a wise decision. He also determines that she will take part naked.

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

The New GBS Secretary

Video: The New GBS Secretary
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Headmaster Tom is getting to know the new secretary for GBS. He leafs through her past jobs and is concerned because of the number of jobs she has had and is even more worried that she has been fired every time. However, her qualifications are good and she should be a good secretary, so he decides to give her a try. He asks her to make him a cup of coffee so she confidently sets off to the kitchen to make one.

“Marita stop,” he calls after her, “why are you not wearing shoes?” She makes some feeble excuse about being more comfortable without them and HM Tom is not at all impressed. He also takes her to task about her wearing blue jeans. He tells her that, as the secretary at GBS, she represents GBS and therefore, she should be wearing smart office clothes. He points out that if she had read the Conditions of Employment – she should have seen that. He gives her a choice – be fired or accept some corporal punishment. As she needs the job she chooses the punishment.

Putting one foot up on the chair, he puts her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her jeans. She dangles there somewhat precariously, but he has a firm hold of her. When he lets her get up, she is disappointed to hear that her punishment is not yet over. Now he tells her to take off her jacket and remove her jeans and knickers. She soon realizes that arguing with HM Tom is not a good idea. He puts her over his knee again and carries on spanking her bare bottom. When he finally releases her, he tells her the job is hers, providing she dresses appropriately.

Stars: Marita, Headmaster Tom

Spread Your Legs!

Video: Spread Your Legs!
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Linda is hurriedly brought inside by the Headmaster, flung towards the fireplace and told to bend over in front of it and spread her legs. She does so and is given punishment with the paddle. Whack, whack, whack.

When Headmaster asks if she thinks her punishment would be much more effective on a bare bottom she disagrees. "No, sir," she says. "Of course it would," retorts the Headmaster, "now get your trousers down." Linda has been at GBS long enough to know there is no disagreement with the Headmaster. Her trousers come down and she resumes the position.

After more paddling the Headmaster tells her to stay in the position for 2 hours. Linda weeps but does not move.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

All My Work

Video: All My Work
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Lisa's bottom is looking very sore, very red, bruised and blotchy. As she stands there, her knickers pulled down to mid thigh - holding her skirt bunched up around her waist, Mr. Lewis comes back to check on her. He lectures her and it becomes clear just why she's received such a sore bottom. Her geography knowledge is practically non-existent.

However, she assures him that she has learned her lesson. So now Mr. Lewis turns his attention to English Literature. Her homework was to write a poem about the countryside. The silly girl tries to pass off William Wordsworth's Daffodils as all her own work. He humors her and praises her for writing such a beautiful poem and she has the audacity to sit there with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

The smirk turns to horrified dismay when she realizes that he knows she's lying. He brings out the large leather paddle and goes on to paddle her bare bottom. She yelps and jumps up after each stroke, but he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Although her bottom was already very sore from her previous spanking - now he brings back a flush to her cheeks. She struggles to break free, but he has too firm a hold on her. Then, ordering her to sit down, she objects because her bottom is so sore. Yet sit down she has to do. Now he's leaving her alone for two hours to indeed write an original poem. Will she? Can she? Or is her bottom going to suffer again?

Stars: Lisa, Mr. Lewis

A Proper Uniform

Video: A Proper Uniform
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Pretty new GBS student Jodie is given a new uniform by the headmaster with the instructions to try it on and then iron it, so that she will look smart and proper for class the next day. However, she has her own ideas about fashion, and when she is caught making plans to meet a boy AND wearing banned clothing, the headmaster has no choice but to teach her a lesson. He reddens her pert bottom with his hand, the paddle and the strap. Maybe next time she’ll think twice about breaking the dress code!

Stars: Jodie

Kinky Cate Dominates 2 Subs

Video: Kinky Cate Dominates 2 Subs
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Studio: Scorched
Kinky Cate has 2 of her subs over and wants nothing more than to dominate them on her posh sofa in her decadent living room. She orders them and bosses them around, mostly instructing them to perform cunnilingus on one another. She soon becomes too hot and bother and decides to join in on the action via a strap-on dildo.

Stars: Kinky Cate

Before Bedtime

Video: Before Bedtime
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Dark-haired Emma enters her bedroom, pulls down the covers, yawns and gets into bed. She is ready for a good night's rest. Unfortunately for her, she has not noticed that Headmaster Tom is sitting in the darkness. He has been waiting.

He reminds Emma that she has been tardy to class, by two whole hours. And as such she has incurred two punishments: a caning in front of the class and, before she goes to bed, a good OTK hand spanking. He inspects the caning marks she received earlier in front of the class and to which he intends to add a hard, hand spanking. He bends her over his knee and spanks her already red and sore bottom.

As she struggles and weeps, flailing her legs, he continues, encouraging her to just make sure she is never to come late again. He gives her 20 more seconds of hard spanking before sending her off to bed.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

A Terrible Afternoon

Video: A Terrible Afternoon
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Pigtailed Sophie sits on the patio, reading a newspaper. From the balcony, Headmaster Tom calls to her and asks what is she doing? She flippantly responds, "homework." He calls her out on that and says to him it looks like she is reading a newspaper. She argues back and forth with him so he calls her inside to do her homework. He gives her the choice, either she comes in or he comes out. Sophie remains defiantly outside in the sun.

Before the Headmaster can get down the stairs from the balcony, Sophie races inside, finds a key and locks the door to the outside. When Headmaster cannot open the door, he also searches for the key and when he cannot find it he realizes that Sophie has locked him in. He shouts through the screen for her to let him out but she remains resolute in her desire that she stay outside and he stay in!

Of course he finds another way out of the house, through the window, and now he is angry. He charges over to Sophie, grabs her out of her chair and immediately administers a hard spanking to her bottom. She finally says she is sorry and he commands her inside.

Before they get inside, when he sees her choice of reading materials it also raises his ire. He gets a switch from a nearby tree in order to teach the little minx a real lesson. Sophie hides by some bushes near the pool. The Headmaster tries to cajole her out and as he waits the number of switch hits she will receive grows to 15 from an original 5. He makes her remove her skirt and panties, takes her to a corner of the balcony and tries once again to reason with her. Sophie bends over to take her punishment. When he is finished the Headmaster lets her throw the switch away. Her bottom looks terrible but it is all her fault.

A half hour later Headmaster Tom is still having trouble with Sophie, so much so that he has to administer another punishment, the tawse on her hands. Has she learned her lesson yet? Silliness will not be tolerated at GBS!

Stars: Sophie, Headmaster Tom

The New Bench

Video: The New Bench
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Blondes Jane and Taylor are enjoying themselves in the shower, kissing and fondling each other's naked bodies. Their fun comes to an end when Mr. Lewis enters and angrily tells them that this sort of behavior is absolutely forbidden at GBS. He orders them to get dried and come to his office in one minute.

The girls take two minutes to arrive and this seems to raise Mr. Lewis' ire even more. He shows Taylor that Jane's bottom is already red from her misbehavior yesterday, and soon Taylor's bum will match it. He asks them to move a specially made bench, made for punishment, and says they will have the honor of its first use.

They are both bent over the bench and he paddles their bottoms alternately. He asks them if they think "they're clever now," and accuses them of filthy and disgusting behavior that will not be tolerated. Girls will not be familiar with each other at GBS. Do they understand him!

Before he dismisses them to clean the shower room, he makes sure they know that they will not be allowed contact with each other for at least one month. Is their lesson learned?

Stars: Jane, Taylor, Mr. Lewis

The Broken Plate

Video: The Broken Plate
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Bent over a small table, Jenny stares at the broken plate. It is the cause of her despair. With a cane already in hand, Headmaster Tom enters and chastises her, for this is the THIRD plate she has broken. And now she must be punished.

He canes her over her trousers as she stoically takes every blow without a sound. Then he commands she remove her pants and assume again the position. Her purple thong does not cover her reddened bum and she grows more uncomfortable and begins to softly whimper.

When the Headmaster is finished he puts Jenny into the corner to reflect on her situation.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom



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