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The Broken Cell Phone

Video: The Broken Cell Phone
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Another case of disobedience and stupidity at GBS. Against all warnings Maggy couldn't resist fiddling around with Headmaster Tom's shiny new toy, a brand-new cell phone with all the bells and whistles! That was the disobedient part…now comes the stupidity part: she dropped it and it breaks into pieces! Oh ham-handed Maggy, this means trouble! BIG trouble!

Headmaster Tom has a fit of temper, taking Maggy over his lap for an old-fashioned OTK spanking, followed by dealing out a series of blows with the paddle on her bare bottom. And she knows, if she can't follow his instructions and deliver a new cell phone to him the next day, the same procedure will apply again! Watch Maggy pay a HIGH price for her stupid mistake!

Stars: Maggy, Headmaster Tom

Big Bottom Spanking

Video: Big Bottom Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Scorched Studios I here to present Big Bottom Spanking. The movie features a naughty thick redhead who gets dominated and gets her plump and round bottom spanked and turned a very deep shade of red! The dominatrix is a gorgeous blonde, who is very adept and skilled at spankings and she’s brought along some vibrators and paddles to the party too!

Playing A Prank

Video: Playing A Prank
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Headmaster Tom is mad as hell! He missed an extremely important phone call when he couldn't enter GBS because one of the girl changed the door code! What was meant as an innocuous prank turned into the most severe punishment that Sanna has yet received at GBS. Starting with a series of blows with the carpet beater, followed by 30 continuous strokes with the strap and finished with a fury of birch that leaves Sanna in tears and her buttocks swollen for days!

Stars: Sanna, Headmaster Tom

The Return Of Elin

Video: The Return Of Elin
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It's about 2 years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in GBS was over. She had turned the corner successfully, from a defiant and conceited brat, to a well behaving, well educated and honorable young lady. So can you imagine Headmaster Tom's bafflement when 2 years later all of a sudden a contrite Elin popped up in his office voluntarily asking for a readmission at GBS? Well, not exactly voluntarily, but with a letter from her husband, reporting a sudden and unexpected relapse into truculence, insubordination and disobedience. Well, Elin…then back to the drawing board, welcome back and get ready for your first OTK spanking and the wooden paddle immediately after. Right now!

Stars: Elin, Headmaster Tom

Punished For Disrespect

Video: Punished For Disrespect
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An official visit at GBS from Mr. Alex Peterson, checking if everything is in order. And, of course, there is no reason for objection at all, everything is shipshape at GBS as always and as was expected. If there only wouldn't have been this one incident the evening before with Nicole, who obviously didn't give a hang about the importance of Mr. Peterson and the impact he is having on GBS as a board of control representative.

A cheeky girl with no respect for his hard-earned reputation is certainly not what Mr. Peterson expected to find at GBS. Of course this was an embarrassing situation for Headmaster Tom on the one hand, as Mr. Peterson might receive a false impression about the efficiency of his hard work, keeping the girls well in line and under control. On the other hand, it's just an appropriate and welcome situation for a live demonstration to Mr. Peterson of how a corporal punishment can change a girl's questionable attitude within only 5 minutes.

Watch Nicole being held in an embarrassing diaper position, for a strong punishment with the belt on her backside. Also don't miss the extra minutes at the end of this video, when Simone is putting lotion on the swollen bottom of her sobbing roommate.

Stars: Nicole, Simone, Alex, Headmaster Tom

First Contact

Video: First Contact
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This movie shows Nicole's first encounter with Headmaster Tom. Since she has been warned by the other girls, and since she heard all the rumors about him, she knew that this will not going to be a walk in the park. Being spanked as a disciplinary measure? On her NAKED bottom?? Yes nicole! hat's exactly right! And guess what, considering your history of misconduct and deep wrongs since you moved in at GBS, we will turn rumors into action right away! A long OTK spanking, followed by an extra punishment with the paddle will teach you telling right from wrong!

Stars: Nicole, Headmaster Tom

Beach Day Gone Wrong

Video: Beach Day Gone Wrong
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Don't be deceived, Sanna! Your startling discovery that Headmaster Tom is not in the house does not necessarily mean that he is not around! Well, guess Sanna should have read this warning BEFORE she decided to play truant, choosing a nice day at the beach instead.

We watch Sanna leave the house in her swimsuit, with a bathing towel, sun cream and her sunglasses, before… after only a few meters, she bumps right into Headmaster Tom!! On this day the entire neighborhood learned that punishment by spanking is still common practice here! This day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a ruckus. He paddled her bare bottom with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!

Stars: Sanna, Headmaster Tom

Both To Be Sentenced

Video: Both To Be Sentenced
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It’s not the content, it’s the words!

Simone’s objective is to write an essay about proper punishment while spelling every word correctly. When Headmaster comes back 10 minutes later, he is vexed to discover she’s been texting with pig-tailed Molly instead of concentrating on her essay. Summoning Molly, he lets both girls know how naughty and disobedient they have been. So they must be paddled, word… for… word. Both know it’s for their own good.

Stars: Simone, Molly

Russian Slaves #87 – Prostitutes In The Private School Part 2

Video: Russian Slaves #87 - Prostitutes In The Private School Part 2
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
Two prostitutes are in trouble. The chubby girl with dark blond hair gets a bit of hand caning while standing up from the older pervy man we all know. Then a physical test of both of them, which I find rather unappealing due to the redhead’s numerous labial piercings. Eventually a muscle-bound gentleman emerges with cane in hand and he is there to watch the festivities. The nice-looking red haired gal is chained down on the table and her beating begins. The strokes are heavy and after just 3 or 4 strokes, her face is streaked with tears. There are diversified pauses throughout the proceedings as our hero lectures the girl and commands her back in position to deliver some more strokes, the girl starts moaning in anticipation. This one is a gem. Have amusement, gentlemen.

Stars: Svetlana Zadrigailo, Irina Florova, Nadezda Gorelova, Jerry Geroshvilli, Nikita Guhman

A Quick Reminder

Video: A Quick Reminder
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Cheaters never prosper, and so long as there are those who do not wish to achieve and instead labor off of other individuals toils, so long as there will be a need for discipline! She has trifled with the wrong academic institution’s headmaster, and as sure as his fury is bold, will it be as swift and as archaic a punishment; A spanking for her with the rug beater!

Stars: Simone



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