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Irreparable Damage

Video: Irreparable Damage
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Bart-Simpson is very distressed when two apprentice French polishers come around to her expensive townhouse to polish her valuable dining table. "Where is Mr. Humphries? She asks, "We will bring you table up beautifully. However on close inspection, Mrs. Bart-Simpson discovers to her horror that the girls have been using inferior wax, and have left horrible blotches on her table. The only thing going on in her mind is how she is going to punish the young women for the irreparable damage they have caused. She confronts the girls, terrifying them, into submitting to receiving some severe punishments on their bare bottoms. The girls are stripping naked, tawsed and spanked before the cane is brought to bear across their shapely buttocks, leaving more than a few scuffmarks.

Antique Methods

Video: Antique Methods
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Studio: California Star Productions
Why is it that every time Mr. Murdock's antique shop falls victim to a shoplifter's treachery, the perpetrator invariably happens to be some lovely young lady who will agree to almost anything rather than face the police? This time, he has spied two such feminine felons. Against their better judgment, they each reluctantly lower their panties for Mr. Murdock's own peculiar punishment. Two delightfully round and tender behinds, once smooth and pin, are now a deep throbbing red, due to Mr. Murdock's skillful use of his antique cane. The price of pilfer can be very high indeed.

Stars: Stacy Summers, Brian Paddler, Alison Brett

Danny’s First Enema

Video: Danny's First Enema
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
It’s a wonderful occasion. Danny’s going to college, but before he can do so, Danny is due for a checkup in order to be compliant for when he registers for the fall semester classes. After ignoring letters and then finally being dropped from classes he decides to come for his annual exam. The nurse has no patience for this cocky bad boy. When he begins to get fresh and smart she puts him in his place immediately with a good sound bare bottom over the knee spanking and mouth washing with a stick of soap. . After his rectal exam she decides he needs a cleaning so she reams his ass with the soap stick. Not satisfied she decides he needs at least 2-3 qt enemas. She uses an expandable nozzle and one large custom nozzle. He is made to hold both enemas. His complaining and moans do not go unnoticed by this nurse.

Stars: Kelly Payne, Danny

Stephanie’s Whipping Girl

Video: Stephanie's Whipping Girl
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Studio: Shadow Lane
With over the knee spanking, tickling, nude bondage, flogging, nipple tweaking, hair pulling & whipping on foot soles.

They're supposed to session with a wealthy European client, but Koko shows up two hours late, missing the appointment completely! Stephanie would have been even more furious but the client, who is gone by the time Koko arrives, has thoughtfully left enough allowance for the punishment of the errant submissive to take place anyway.

Stephanie makes Koko understand that she is going to be spanked and spanked hard for disappointing both their client and her mistress. The tall, commanding Stephanie Locke pulls the petite, 24 year old Thai beauty over her skirted lap and begins Koko's hand spanking over the expensive, glove tight black leather dress the naughty brunette has on, but soon makes Koko stand up so that the dress can be unzipped and summarily stripped off. Back over Ms Locke's strong thighs goes adorable Koko, to have her black lace panties warmed and then pulled down for a sound, bare bottom spanking. Taking the slender minx by her long, silky black hair, Stephanie makes Koko squirm and bitch out by applying ever harder smacks to her cute, well rounded seat.

Next, Stephanie rope ties the diminutive nude Koko over a spanking bench, taking care to tie even her toes. Stephanie teasingly torments her captive by tickling her dainty feet, tiny waist and vulnerable armpits. Stephanie pinches the erect nipples of the girl's perfectly proportioned breasts until Koko squeals. The whipping commences and includes not only Koko's exquisite bottom, but also her tantalizing lady parts.

Back and bottom flogging, pussy whipping, nipple tweaking, tickling and classic rope bondage fill this beautiful woman tops girls scene with a variety of seductive corporal punishments. In complete control of her excitingly responsive underling, Stephanie submits Koko to both a long and short flogger, as well as shriek-provoking tickling, until the strict disciplinarian is satisfied that her mischievous assistant has learned that when your mistress is counting on you, you don't let her down.

Stars: Koko Kitten, Stephanie Locke

The Campus Cooze

Video: The Campus Cooze
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
At least 1 in 6 college students experience the roommate that just doesn’t know how to keep their hormones in check. They bring back all sorts of company to their room, and the sexual escapades never seize. This happens to Chris, whose roommate Annie, just can’t seem to keep quiet while she’s studying. Chris also finds out that Annie has been fooling around with some of the other girls’ boyfriends. She finally confronts Annie about and they get into a cat fight. Chris rips Annie’s clothes off and decides what this girl needs is a good old-fashioned Spanking.

Afterwards, Chris notifies the Dorm Mother Miss Payne. When she shows up, the two of them really teach Annie a lesson. They tie her to the bed and give her a good strapping and paddling. They untie her and make her hold a butt plug in her bottom. Then a vibrator finishes the job. Annie is taught a lesson she will never forget.

Stars: Annie, Kelly Payne, Chris (Female)

CFNM Vol. 3

Video: CFNM Vol. 3
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
What is more appetizing than watching a nice fit hunk of a man getting felt up by horny women? A couple of nude dudes get their manly parts inspected by two beautiful, fully dressed women. These women spank their asses, slap their chests, grab their balls, insert dildos into their asses and stroke their dicks to the point of cumming all over themselves!

Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law

Video: Spanked By My Wife & Mother-In-Law
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
It’s simple, don’t piss Miss Daisa off. Well, unfortunately, she is fed up with her husband. He has been taking advantage once again. He has been inconsiderate, irresponsible & disrespectful.

When he showed up an hour late and made her late for a client, it's the last straw. She decides he needs to be taught a lesson and it has been way too long since she's turned him over her knee for a good sound spanking.

She decides his punishment needs extra humiliation, so she calls her (real) mom to help her. Together they spank, strap and paddle Daisa's husband. He soon realizes he will not get away with his flippant, smart mouth remarks around his mother-in-law...especially after she washes his mouth out with a bar of soap and then is made to bite down on the soap while he is severely strapped. He's also bound spread-eagle to the bed and is strapped with the Razor Strap Daisa's mother used on her father.

This is a real spanking with a mother, her daughter and her son-in-law.

Stars: Miss Daisa, Miss Torres

Cell Block Z

Video: Cell Block Z
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
This young lady was brought in on possession and disrupting the peace. She has no regard for the law or the female police officers in charge of watching her. The woman’s smart mouth gets her thrown in the slammer and when she is caught writing on the walls and mouthing off at the guards. The 3 officers decide to teach her a lesson she will never forget. She is given thorough spankings from all 3 officers. Then she is strung up stripped and beaten with prison straps until her ass is red and freshly spanked. Still resisting and being smart she continues to make the guards the angry, so she is tied to a metal bed frame and whipped with belts. To finish off her punishment she turned over each guard’s knee and paddled until she is crying and begging for forgiveness!

Stars: Kelly Payne

The In Person Session

Video: The In Person Session
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Mistress Kelly Payne is a firm believer in tough love! When your boyfriend, lover or husband irritates you, disobeys you, or in any way disrespects you…assert your natural feminine disciplinary authority over him! Put that chauvinistic male over your knee and spank his ass until his bottom is beet red and stinging! So scold, spank and slap to your heart’s content and remember; if you can’t bring yourself to do it – Kelly has no problems showing you how it’s done!

Stars: Kelly Payne

The Spanking Game

Video: The Spanking Game
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
Leah and her boyfriend are playing an innocent game of cribbage. Leah states the game is boring and suggests an alternative form of play. The Spanking Game "Object is simple." She says, "Make me weep and you get a slave for the day. No tears then you are my slave for the same period." Leah then gets subjected to some over-the-knee action with hand, hairbrush and strap, then after that ordeal Leah is bent over the purposely built "Spanking Horse". See Leah being swatted with whips, paddles (both leather and wood), riding crop and cane. Does she shed tears? The caning she received drew platelets. Did that make Leah weep? The wooden paddle actually gets broken on her ass. Still does she shed a tear?

Stars: Leah (i), Harry Charles
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