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Cherry Red Bottoms – Ashlee

Eleanor Powell
Starring: Ashlee
Approximate Running Time: 30.38 minutes

Ashlee has returned to the studio for some more spanking good fun.

It’s a case of whatever Ashlee wants, Ashlee gets.

Her greatest desire is to have a cherry red bottom. This entails having her bottom spanked. The redder her bottom – the more turned on she becomes.

The young man who is spanking her, is not immune to her many charms – this is proven by his enormous erection.

she rides him

She is spanked not only by the young man but the cameraman also joins in and she squeals with delight – as her pussy oozes her juices.

double the pleasure

Vibrators are used – there is a cock sucking session and the cherry on the cake is when the young man goes down on her and uses a vibrator to excite her clit.

utter contentment

As he gets close to shooting his load, she requests that he cums all over her cherry red bottom.

Now Ashlee is in heaven.

Mood Castings – Erica Major

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Mood Castings
Starring: Betty, Erica Major
Approximate Running Time: 09.06 minutes

Erica has turned up at Mood Castings with high hopes of becoming a spanking movie star.

Betty interviews her – trying to discover what exactly was Erica’s motivation. Also, she was interested to know how Erica heard about Mood Castings.

Erica admits that she has never done anything like this in real life – but she wanted to test herself – how much pain could she stand?

Before starting the caning part, Betty tells Erica she needs to test her acting ability.

just acting the part

So she tells Erica the scenario she wants her to act out.

The would be movie star proves that she can act. So now it’s time for the punishment part of the interview.

She explains to Erica that she would most likely be offered some work in the future – if she could accept the obligatory fifty strokes of the cane.

The young girl removes her clothes without hesitation and kneels on a chair with her unblemished bottom stuck well up and out.

Each time the cane bites into her tender flesh she jumps and cries out. And each cane stroke leaves its mark by way of an angry blue-black welt.

This is for real

She does very well – but does she manage the full fifty strokes?

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Twenty

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

At the Initiation Ceremony Madeline and her lover were in line to prove how obedient each submissive was.

It was now Madeline’s turn to go through her paces. Her master commanded her to step forward.

Then ……

Now read on ……

There was a drum roll. And Madeline found herself dazzled by a bright spotlight on her.

She blinked rapidly. This wasn’t in the rehearsals that she and her lover had practiced several times.

The Mistress Superior was back on the stage. She beckoned to Madeline, inviting her to join her on the stage. Madeline hesitated and looked at her lover for guidance.

‘Obey the Mistress Superior at once,’ he hissed.

Madeline still hesitated.

‘Madeline,’ he said menacingly.

With tears in her eyes she stumbled up onto the stage.

The Mistress Superior placed an arm around her shoulders and announced to the others. ‘This is Madeline; she’s here tonight to prove to us what an obedient little subbie she is. If she passes the test we have set for her, she will become one of us – A fully fledged member of the Secret Society of Spankos.’
A loud cheer went up from the audience.

‘Right Madeline are you ready?’

‘Y-y-yes,’ she answered quietly.

‘Speak up Madeline everybody must hear every word you say. Are you doing this of your own freewill?’

‘Yes I am,’ her words rang out clearly.

‘There you are ladies and gentlemen, you are all witnesses to this submissive. At the end of her test, you will decide if she is good enough to join us.’

She led Madeline to a long table. At one end was a packet of playing cards – at the other end of the table there was an assortment of canes, paddles and straps.

‘Shuffle the cards Madeline,’ poor Madeline was so nervous she dropped most of them onto the carpeted floor.

‘Butterfingers Madeline,’ the Mistress Superior laughed. ‘Never mind, we have enough cards on the table for the moment.’ She smiled down reassuringly at Madeline.

Madeline started to relax and returned her smile.

‘How dare you smile at me,’ the mistress superior said coldly. ‘I can’t allow you to be so familiar with me.’

Without further warning she dragged Madeline across the stage and sitting down on a straight-backed chair, she pulled Madeline over her knee.

She had a hard hand and used it over and over again on poor Madeline’s upturned bottom. Despite her efforts to escape, Madeline found herself in an iron grip.

Madeline wasn’t counting, but she received enough spanks to have her blubbering like a baby.

The Mistress Superior pushed her off her knee and Madeline landed on her hands and knees on the carpet.

‘Get up Madeline,’ the Mistress Superior ordered her.

Without hesitation Madeline was very quick to obey.

‘That’s better Madeline,’ she smiled at Madeline.

Relieved Madeline smiled back at her. Then like a small child caught doing something wrong, she clapped a hand over her mouth.

With an exaggerated sigh, the Mistress Superior dragged her, apologising profusely across the stage again. Sitting down on the straight-backed chair – she pulled Madeline over her knee.

Madeline didn’t see the Mistress Superior smile at her again as she had her head down and her eyes were fixed on the carpet in front of her.

She became aware that the Mistress Superior was speaking to her.

‘Madeline don’t sulk, it doesn’t suit you. Come cut the cards.’

The cards were cut and Madeline showed everybody that she had the ten of diamonds.

‘Good Madeline, remember that number. Now go to the other end of the table and choose one of the implements there.’

What will Madeline choose

To be continued ……

Nicolette’s Tutor Teaches Her a Lesson Part 1


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Wizard of Ass

Starring: Nicolette, Andre Chance

Approximate Running Time: 42.47 minutes

Nicolette has been failing her exams, so her parents hire a tutor for her.

When she visits his home for her first tutorial. She makes it clear from the start that she’s not at all interested in her lessons. And it doesn’t take him long to suss that her main interest in life is her latest boyfriend and the sex that goes with it.

She dresses like a slut and acts like one.

Over his knee he's reddening her bottom

He tells her to read a couple of chapters of a textbook while he goes out to the shop.

Just before he leaves, she notices a box on a table – it’s covered with a blanket. She’s curious and asks him what’s in it – he tells her it’s his private property and she should leave it alone.

He leaves her dutifully reading the book – that is until he’s gone out the door. Then tossing the book aside she goes to the table and slowly removes the blanket. She really is curious when she brings out the assortment of ‘things’ one by one from the box.

‘What’s this for?’ She asks herself.

‘What’s that for?’

This is not spanking her

She is so engrossed in what she’s doing she doesn’t notice that he’s back.

Oh dear, he’s annoyed with her for invading his privacy.

Therefore, as she is so curious about the contents of the box, he tells her he’s going to demonstrate the use of some of them. This is meant to be a punishment.

He gives her a choice – accept the punishment or he’ll tell her parents what a slutty daughter they have.

So she opts for the punishment.

He starts off by spanking her. Demonstrating the use of various paddles and straps. However, stubbornly she refuses to apologise to him – and the punishment continues.

Peeing for him

He ends up giving her a bath in the kitchen sink.

Spanking – Failing Grades Again?

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Urge Alliances
Starring: Vanessa Lee
Approximate Running Time: 06.03 minutes

Vanessa has come home. Her father can’t believe that she has been to school dressed like she is. A tight sweater that shows her pert stiffened nipples through the flimsy material. And as for her denim shorts – they barely cover her bottom cheeks.

Her father asks her how she did in her History Test and she doesn’t give a straight answer. So he quizzes her. Did she get an ‘A’?

Then he notices that she is clutching a piece of paper and he insists on seeing it.

It’s the results of the History Test.

He’s puzzled at how she could have possibly failed it yet again. He’d even hired a private tutor to help her get better grades.

So he tells her he’s going to spank her. He unceremoniously pulls down her shorts and knickers and removes them completely. She then has to kneel on the sofa – her bottom is rounded and easily accessible.

He is spanking her naughty bottom

He starts hand spanking his naughty little girl’s bottom – that soon turns a deep red.

But what is happening? Her pussy is very wet – in fact her juices are running down her legs.

why is she so wet?

Could he be right that she seems to enjoy being spanked?

However, the father is puzzled as to why the tutor refused payment for his services.

Now the truth is coming out

There are obviously other things Vanessa enjoys.

Mood Castings – Ivett

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Mood Castings
Starring: Jessica Lee as Kyra and Ivett
Approximate Running Time: 10.50 minutes

Ivett is being interviewed by Kyra who is the casting director for Mood Castings.

During the interview

Kyra likes to know what motivated Ivett to apply for a possible position as an actress for Mood Castings.

Ivett is honest – she has had no experience of spankings etc. But her main motivation is the money. So Kyra agrees to give her a chance.

When told to remove all her clothing including her shoes – Ivett is quick to respond. She then kneels on a couch with her legs spread. Her bottom is in an excellent position to receive a caning.

The cane leaves vivid red marks across her bottom. She screams as each stroke meets its target.

A badly bruised bottom

A couple of times Kyra reminds her that there is no shame in calling it off, but Ivett is determined to carry on and receive the full fifty strokes.

The cane has left its mark

Now she has the final ten strokes to receive – will she manage it?

Mistress Real – Nurse Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: DOM Promotions
Approximate Running Time: 09.36 minutes

Mistress Real is not too pleased with two of her nurses, as they have failed their exams.

cane in hand - she's going to punish them

Now she is going to punish the two naughty ‘girls’. As she tells them – real corporal punishment. After all they do want the jobs don’t they?

They have to bend over a desk with their bottoms well up ready to receive whatever she deems necessary.

She proceeds to change their wriggling white bottoms to a deep rosy red.

First she gives them a warm up spanking with a leather strap and after each stroke they have to say, ‘thank you Mistress.’

See those bottoms wriggle

The warm up spanking is followed by six strokes of the cane each. This time they each have to keep count and if they miscount the caning will start again.

Each stroke of the cane she doles out is harder than the previous one. Boy do those ‘little girls’ bottoms wriggle.

waiting for her decision

When the caning is over, she gives them her decision ……

Bare Bottom Brits Vol 19

Eleanor Powell
Studio: British Discipline
Starring: Robin and Shay Hendrix
Approximate Running Time: 10.41 minutes

Robin is in big trouble.

She had been left to pack an order for some very wealthy and important clients. The courier was on his way to pick up the parcel.

However, she hadn’t done a very good job of it.

Her boss is furious with her and tells her she is about to receive a spanking that would ensure a little more care and attention in the future.

The value of the goods in the parcel is over £1000 and is fragile.

So she ends up over her boss’s knee getting a bare bottom spanking.

Let the spanking begin

As the spanking hurts, she comes out with a mouthful of obscene language that her boss is shocked by – so she prolongs the spanking and ends up using a leather strap on Robin’s already sore red bottom.

The strap hurts even more

Satisfied that she has done a good job of spanking her employee, she tells her to stand up and go and face the wall with her hands on her head.

Then still with her jeans bunched up around her ankles and her bare bottom in full view, she is told to repack the parcel properly.

Shay’s Spanking

Shay is a would be actor / spanking model.

During the interview with the casting manager, she is saying what she doesn’t want to have used on her.

No canes, hairbrushes or straps.

Who's calling the shots round here?

The casting manager is amazed by her audacity – who’s doing the interview here?

In view of the demands this impertinent girl is making – it’s a wonder she is given a chance to redeem herself.

The spanking is given on her bare bottom

So with her trousers bunched up around her ankles, she is hauled over the casting manager’s knee for a hand spanking.

She ends up with a very sore bright red bottom.

Will she make a spanking model?

Lap Dance Lessons

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Starring: Christina Carter
Approximate Running Time: 37.49 minutes

When Christina started work at his Lap Dancing Club – Steve was very pleased with her. She was beautiful and with the most curvaceous body he had ever seen.

All went well until the night he finds her getting a bit too familiar with one of the clients.

Steve realises that he must put a stop to her cheap behaviour. So he gives her a choice.

Be fired on the spot or accept a good spanking that would end with her apologising and promising to behave in future. He explains to her that he could lose his license – that her actions were just not on.

She agrees to the spanking as she admits she needs the money.

See how her bottom is getting redder

So he gives her a prolonged over the knee spanking that leaves her beautiful shapely bottom very sore and red.

After the spanking for a few weeks she is the model employee and he is very pleased with her.

But she can’t keep it up. He finds her with a client doing things to him that she shouldn’t.

Steve contacts the client’s wife by way of his cell phone and she comes to the club – the pair of them sneak into her room and catch them red handed.

Now the injured wife quite enjoys giving a naughty girl a spanking, so Christina finds herself in the time-honoured position over the other woman’s knee.

look at her face - is she enjoying it or not?

That spanking again leaves her with a healthy glow to her nether regions.

Christina is out for revenge.
She phones through and leaves a message with the receptionist, saying that she is too sick to attend work that day.

Does Steve believe she is genuinely sick? The only way to be sure is to pay her a visit and assess the situation.

He takes her temperature and finds it is normal.

Once again she finds herself on the receiving end of another bare bottom spanking that leaves her in floods of tears.

she must be getting used  to being spanked by now

Has she learned her lesson …… ?

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Nineteen

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline and her lover had arrived at the venue where her initiation ceremony is to take place.

She is wearing a long black hooded cloak – her lover helps her take it off and she is now standing there, feeling vulnerable and very shy. As her eyes get accustomed to the semi darkness, she sees that all the other women are dressed identically to her.

Now read on ……

Her lover brings a dog’s lead out of his pocket and attaches it to a leather-studded collar around her neck.

Madeline taking a quick look around the room sees the same thing happening to all the other women.

A man dressed in a black rubber suit and with a black mask over his eyes got up on the stage.

‘Welcome everybody, it’s such a good turn out,’ he smiles at all the upturned faces.

He continues, ‘I’m sure you all know why you are here. So let the show begin.’

He waved his arms in a big gesture. The audience clapped their hands.

‘Let me introduce you to the Mistress Superior.’ He was joined on the stage by a very tall woman also dressed in a black rubber suit and her identity hidden behind a black mask.

‘Okay Masters, it’s now your chance to show everybody just how obedient your plaything is.’ She laughed at her own joke. ‘Will each couple get in line please?’

There was some jostling about. Eventually everyone was settled in his or her place in the queue.

Couple number one stepped forward – she was a beautiful redhead. Her nipples were perky despite the nipple clamps dragging them downwards. She stood there her eyes cast downwards. Her master shook the lead that was attached to the leather-studded collar around her neck. As he took a step forward, she too took a step forward. When he stopped, she stopped.

‘Down,’ her master spat out the order and she immediately dropped down onto her hands and knees. ‘Sit up and beg,’ he again ordered. She obeyed. Her master smiled down at her then patted her on the head.

He then led her to the other side of the room.

The next couple went through a similar routine, except she knelt in front of him and sucked his cock – he shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed it.

There were two more couples in front of them. Madeline watched as each girl obeyed her master without question.

Now it was Madeline and her master’s turn. She stepped forward at his command.

Then ………..

To be continued ……



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