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The Ballerinas

Video: The Ballerinas
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Kelly Payne is here to bring some discipline! It is time for dance class and these two lovely ballerinas are too busy messing around and causing trouble! One girl knows nothing after weeks of classes and the other girl is always tardy and a smart mouth who thinks she knows everything about everything. The dance teacher decides to show these girls just how serious she is when it comes to dance. Both these girls are turned over her knee and given a few good spankings with the hand and paddle. They are also lined up and switched with a long wooden yard stick. By the time she is finished with them they have all the steps down perfectly.

Stars: Katie, Brianna, Kelly Payne

Chloe James – Spanking Ass

Chloe James loves to have her ass spanked hard. She grabs a heart shaped crop and really goes to town spanking her own ass. Watch as she turns her butt cheeks nice and red.

Chloe James – Spanking Tits

Chloe James unzips her top and starts spanking her tits with a heart shaped crop. She spanks her tits from different angles until she can't take it anymore

Miss Diana Teneriffe 03 – Full version

My friend Miss Mia Andersson visited me, and we started some kinky spit and face slap games with the looser slave swiss bitch. He looks so disgusting with our spit in his stupid face!

Gdansk session 04.2 – Full version

The three Ladies have a lot of fun producing any kind of dirt in the kitchen and having the slave to use his mouth and clothes to clean all the sh..t!

Miss Paula 03

You know what means - game 25 - it is a face slapping game, the slave has to count down from 25, but by Lady Paula it means first 25 slaps, then 24, then 23 and so far! between the slaps she always spit in his face!

Gdansk session 05.3 – Full version

Miss Paula and Lady Victoria chew different food like apple or joghurt and spit it at a plate, mix it with some ashes well the slaves dinner is ready. The stupid slave has forgotten to switch off his mobile and got a call while the dinner, the Ladys punish him for this behaviour with hard faceslaps!

Berlin session 08.3 – Full version

Laty Kate spits at the slaves and slaps the faces very hard. At the end the slaves are allowed to lick some milk from her legs!

Berlin session 10.1 – Full version

Lady Kate prepares for a beautiful day of her perfect life as a goddess. First she smokes and uses slave Isaura as a astray, then she continues with brushing her teeth and using her slaves as a spittons. But what would be a morning without a morning sh..ting. The slaves are begging for being allowed to eat the sh..t from the toilet bowl, but Lady Kate says them to serve her for some years first before they will have this honor!

Berlin session 10.3 – Full version

What a lucky bustards this slaves ... Lady Kate teases them with her perfect body ... she shakes her hot ass in different panties while slaves ahave to to wenk ... sometimes she even gives them her yummy spit or slap the faces if she is not satisfied with the result ...



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