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Spank Me Red 5

Video: Spank Me Red 5
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Studio: Scorched
Having done something to upset her Mistress, this bad girl brunette is willing, perhaps even eager, to accept her punishment. The striking blonde Mistress doles out a severe spanking using her hands, a paddle, and other spanking implements to punish her slave. In between painful strokes of the paddle, the Mistress fondles her slave, caressing her and then striking her again and again. When the punishment comes to an end the red-bottomed slave looks just as pleased as her Mistress!

Syren Strapping Scenes

Video: Syren Strapping Scenes
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Studio: Syren Productions
Sit your submissive ass down and prepare to be pushed to the limits of your endurance with women who love to test the mettle of their personal slaves! Our first video dedicated entirely to women using leather straps which includes some unreleased footage. Contains scenes from the following videos: Washing His Mouth Out; Paddled by Ms Monet; Bullwhipped by the Boss; Gemini's Bootcamp; The Vicious Professor; Lashing the Agent; Paddled by Persephone; Vinyl Queen's Target Practice; Nicole Masters Whips Ass; Charge Card Blues and Malicious Mina.

Stars: Mina, Mistress Persephone, Mistress Gemini, Monet, Vinyl Queen, Nicole Masters

Discipline In Russia 15 – Agency

Video: Discipline In Russia 15 - Agency
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
This movie sheds light on the madness of well-to-do people in Russia presently. There exists a Special “Agency” which hires poor, young and attractive woman to work as maids in these well-off individuals’ houses. But there’s more than just cleaning that occurs within these households. Unspeakable humiliations and other acts are inflicted upon these poor maids to ensure servility. This movie shows the use of a rattan cane on the maid within the presence of her boss and fellow employees for failed business practices and poor performance.

Stars: Jerry Geroshvile, Nadya Dozorova, Toma Lotkina, Olga Kremenko

Sappho Spanking 4

Video: Sappho Spanking 4
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Studio: Scorched
Sappho Spanking 4 features a submissive brunette with a great body and a fat ass that gets spanked repeatedly until those bubbly cheeks turn red. She gets spanked in a thong, gets stripped down to her birthday suit, bends over, and gets spanked again. After partaking in some over the knee action, she stands up and gets spanked again!

Bart’s Revenge

Video: Bart's Revenge
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Studio: Syren Productions
Bart arrives home from work to find out his girlfriend isn’t cooking his dinner like she should be. Instead Mallory has been at the beach all day long with her girlfriend’s goofing off. Bart takes her over his knee and gives her a good spanking. And then humiliates her by using her as a human coffee table while he drinks his wine. He still thinks Mallory has a bit of an attitude so he beats her ass with a big fly swatter.

Stars: Mallory, Bart, Antonia

Russian Slaves 74 – New Russians & Interviews

Video: Russian Slaves 74 - New Russians & Interviews
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
A maid is hired to do work around a Russian house but she quickly abuses her employer’s trust by trying on her boss’s garments. She endures the humiliation of getting completely undressed and spanked in the ass numerous times! At least for next time she knows not to do this! Submissive employee needs the money.

Stars: Nadezda Dozorova, Masha Kalinina, Jerry Geroshvilli, Tatyana Markova, Olga Strugayeva, Tatyana Furtseva, Irina Skolnikova

Spanked Submissive 4

Video: Spanked Submissive 4
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Studio: Scorched
This is a movie for all of you BDSM fans out there! And this fabulous effort features two extremely beautiful ladies! One of the ladies is a beautiful blonde, fully-clothed, dominatrix and the other is a magnificent brunette with a beautiful body and also with some substantial submissive tendencies! You will love seeing the blonde dominatrix paddle and spank the beautiful brunette into proper submission!

Divine Bitches – Featuring Lorelei Lee and David Chase

Video: Divine Bitches - Featuring Lorelei Lee and David Chase
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David Chase has been locked in a CB6000 for a week. Mistress Lorelei Lee has ZERO sympathy for this horny little fucker. It's day 2 and if this slave is going to be up to Divine Bitch standards extreme measures must be taken immediately. Slave David thinks Mistress Lorelei is sweet letting him out of chastity but she hits him with the reality of the situation one after another. He's placed in bondage, flogged, caned, clamped, humiliated, teased and has his balls shocked. His ass is deeply invaded with a gigantic strap-on dick while a cock and ball smashing CBT device is placed on his aching, boiling balls. Mistress Lorelei uses her flirty personality to trick David into thinking he's going to get release. This wicked bitch even goes as far as fucking this slave’s cock for her pleasure. Little does he know his new industrial metal chastity belt is chilling behind him on ice. Mistress Lorelei totally denies him and stuffs his aching prick in the ice cold belt then sends him on his way for another week in chastity. This should teach this horny bastard to control his filthy fucking piece of man meat!

Stars: David Chase, Lorelei Lee

Discipline In Russia 27 – Dispossession Of Kulaks Part 1

Video: Discipline In Russia 27 - Dispossession Of Kulaks Part 1
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
The Bolshevik officers are looting the farmers, but these girls have hidden the grain from them. They decide to interrogate the lovely young girls in the only way they know how- they drag them to the woods and have them stripped and bound to a tree. Then, they proceed to cane and whip the information out of them. This is an Original Russian movie with English subtitles.

Stars: Jerry Geroshvile, Nadezda Gorelova, Nikita Guhman, Vladimir Ipatyev, Irina Serova, Galina Dobrenko, Dora Korovenko, Ho Chen

Discipline In Russia 7 – Corporal Punishment In Private Schools

Video: Discipline In Russia 7 - Corporal Punishment In Private Schools
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
In a special private school for the daughter’s of rich Russians, discipline is a permitted and encouraged thing. This lineup of girls was caught misbehaving, so they face the consequences. They are bent over for some serious caning, paddling and spanking, all of which is administered by a sadistic teacher. The first few girls’ naked posteriors glow red, while the final girl was whipped on her hands.

Stars: Elena Loginova, Galina Strogonova, Corina Sergienko, Nadesda Pugacheva, Jerry Geroshvile, Tatyana Markova, Dina Zorina



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