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Alpha Dykes – Dana And Sheila

Video: Alpha Dykes - Dana And Sheila
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Dana has been a naughty girl. She has missed school and lied to her Mistress that she did not Mistress Sheila called her school beforehand and found out she did not attend. Dana said she must have been late and missed attendance. It turns out that Dana was out messing with stupid boys. She is ordered to bend over her mistress lap where she receives a spanking to her bottom. Before you know it Dana is forced to lick Mistress Sheila's vagina and asshole. Dana's tits receive some clamps which give her some pain. It turns out to be some crazy Lesbian domination action consisting of pleasure and pain. Enjoy!

Stars: Dana, Sheila

Mood Castings – Samantha Forest

Video: Mood Castings - Samantha Forest
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Studio: Mood Castings
Samantha Forest has attended a caning casting session before, and withstood 50 strokes, so we have faith she will pass the test of this Mood Casting. She sits down with Jessica Lee, who plays Kyra the interviewer, and talks about her past experience. She says she didn't necessarily enjoy the pain, but can certainly withstand it quite well. After Samantha strips naked, leaving her sexy white stockings though, she bends over the couch and sticks her ass out. She withstands the brutal force of the stick on her bare bottom flesh. She cringes a bit, but seems to be enduring the pain with each stroke.

Stars: Jessica Lee, Samantha Forest

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Nineteen

The story so far ……

Margie is reluctantly following the directions of the doorman at the Excelsior Hotel. She has removed Tazeline’s clothing, so that she is now standing there naked.

But, what is happening; the doorman appears to be having difficulty breathing? He’s gasping and grunting.

Margie turns away from Tazeline – and what she sees makes her catch her breath. He is ……?

Now read on ……

He’s standing there, his purple headed cock in his hand, and he’s wanking himself. Meanwhile, he’s oblivious to her standing there staring wide eyed at him.

However, when she moves, he notices her. ‘Come here,’ he orders her.

She approaches him nervously. His next command really shocks her.

‘Kneel down Fraulein and close your eyes.’

Pushing his long thick rampant cock towards her mouth, he says, ‘Go on Fraulein, open your mouth.

She clenches her teeth and twists her head away from him.

‘Open your mouth, you stubborn girl.’

She clenches her teeth even more.

He grabs hold of a handful of her hair and pulls on it so hard, she opens her mouth and lets out a loud ear splitting screech.

Quick to take advantage – he rams his cock into her open mouth, so far down her throat, she finds herself gagging on it.

‘That’s right Fraulein, now suck on it.’ He still has hold of her hair and is able to force her head to nod up and down.

Poor Margie thinks she is going to choke, because his ramrod cock is swelling in her mouth and the more she tries to pull away from him, the tighter he holds her.

Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her mouth; it happens so fast, she falls backwards onto her sore bottom, and she cries out.

He goes back to wanking himself; while in a couple of strides, he is behind Tazeline. Dragging her across the room, he pushes her face down over the table. Roughly nudging her legs apart with his knee, he enters her from behind.

She can’t escape, as she is impaled on his cock and he plunges into her – deeper and deeper.

His grunts become louder as his cock grows ever larger inside her. Faster, faster, faster he goes, while she is screaming and crying with the pain.

Then her cries change to a soft moaning and she is moving in time to his thrusts. Unable to help herself, she comes at the same time as he does.

Withdrawing his limp cock from her pussy – he wipes it on her still sore red bottom, while his cum begins to run down her legs.

‘Stay there,’ he orders her as he pushes her back over the table.

‘Fraulein, come here,’ he beckons to Margie and like a zombie, she obeys him immediately.

‘Your friend needs some help,’ he tells her.

What kind of help does Tazeline need?

To be continued ……

The Brutal Birching

Video: The Brutal Birching
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Studio: Syren Productions
Mistress Persephone plays the role of Ms. Jones, the sadistic school board member who finds out that Principal Skinner has been abusing some of his students. Ms. Jones blackmails him into taking a lashing from her if he wants to keep his job. Ms. Jones beats the hell out of this imbecile, all the while getting in some wicked and hilarious verbal jabs. She pummels him with paddles, straps, and a ruler. She saves the most severe implement, the birch rod, for last. Skinner is given hundreds of excruciating lashes with the rods. When Ms. Jones breaks one rod, she grabs another and starts a new. She seems to have an endless supply. Next she grabs a four foot long switch and beats him like a red-headed stepchild. Very severe Corporal Punishment.

Stars: Mistress Persephone, Steven

The Bondage & Discipline Of Julie Simone 2

Video: The Bondage & Discipline Of Julie Simone 2
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The submission, bondage & discipline of Miss Julie Simone continues. Another day, another hotel room. She enters the room, lays the bondage and S&M gear out on the bed, raises her skirt, kneels, calls Master Savage and informs him that she is ready. Then, she waits. Master Savage arrives, sits and admires the sight of his slave, kneeling, waiting. He strokes her hair, her shoulders. He rubs his face against her hair. The simple command, "Stand up." She obeys. He admires her derriere and informs her to pull her panties up, into the crack of her ass. She obeys. He instructs her to place her hands on the edge of the bed and look directly into the camera. As with volume one, there is no gentle "warm up" to the action. Rick uses a large wooden kitchen spoon to deliver 5 knee-buckling blows to Julie's beautiful ass. This is a movie about consummate submission. Rick commands. Julie obeys. Every time.

Rick instructs his slave to strip off her blouse and bra. We now see that Julie is wearing the classic all-black bra, panties, garter and stockings. Rick commands her to kneel. She obeys. He now holds out an ice bucket and instructs her to take ice cubes and place them inside her bra. Rick now uses a separate, hand held camera to give us the POV perspective on his torture. He reaches inside her bra and pulls her round, firm, bulbous boobs out over the top of the bra. He uses the ice cubes to inflict nipple torture. He runs the ice over her creamy white full breasts, her hard nipples. We hear trembling in her breath. After a bit of this "ice nipple torture," Rick discards the ice cubes and with Julie Simone's nipples, quite hard, frigid and erect, he affixes suction tubes to each nipple. The camera close up view of Julie's nipples is utterly amazing, as we see them seriously distended deep into the clear tubes. Julie's breath is measured, shallow. The suction tubes are creating intense pain in her nipples, but super submissive Julie is determined to show her devotion, show that she is willing to take ANYTHING her master wants to give her. Julie admits her nipples are throbbing. She can feel her pulse in her distended nipples. Abruptly, Rick pulls the tubes off Julies incredibly erect nipples, giving his subbie quite a jolt. He takes metal tweezers and continues the nipple torture by pinching, pulling, twisting her nipples with the tweezers. Julie confesses that her nipples REALLY hurt, so the kind, considerate Master Rick again rubs ice cubes on them to make the pain go away. What a nice guy. Rick instructs Julie to put her tits away and she places them back inside her bra. Rick now packs the insides of her bra cups with many ice cubes. Julie gasps. Rick stands behind Julie and places both his hands over her ice and bra covered titties. He now squeezes, massages, rubbing the ice inside the bra all over her chilly breasts. It's SUCH fun to watch Julie tremble and gasp as this iced tit torture continues. He now leaves Julie to meditate for a few minutes but tells her, "Don't worry. If all the ice melts, I have plenty more."

When Rick rejoins Julie, she is no longer shivering. That's because all the ice in her bra has now melted. Time for some rope bondage. Rick commands Julie to stand and strip off her bra and panties. One rope is used to pull her elbows together, causing her big tits to jut forward. Another rope secures her wrists at her waist. Another rope circles her neck, passes down the front of her torso and cuts deeply between her wet pussy lips, passing between her butt cheeks and ties off at the rope connecting her elbows. Rick ties a ball gag into Julie's mouth. He caresses her boobs and notes, "Wow, they're still cold." Rick notices that the red marks left on Julie's buttocks by the wooden spoon have begun to fade, so, after some barehanded spanking, Julie Simone's ass is now soundly paddled with a Japanese wooden paddle. She gasps, winces, cries so nicely beneath her ball gag as the wood collides with her lily white ass cheeks. A long, harsh paddling puts a nice glow of crimson in those cheeks. And it's nicely framed by the black garter belt and the tops of her black stockings.

Rick's in the mood to inflict more nipple torture. Julie must wonder, haven't her nipples endured enough? First, Rick flogs Julie's tits and nipples with a very wicked little rubber flogger. Often the very tips of the rubber strands nail Julie directly on her sore, erect nipples. Rick puts down the flogger and now places old fashioned metal C-clamps on Julie's nipples. These are the types of clamps used by carpenters. Again Rick's camera comes in for a super close up, and the site of Julie's hard nipples, flattened by the steel clamps is just amazing.

After leaving her alone to endure her nipple torture for a while, Rick returns, to re-construct his rope bondage. He now uses plenty of rope around her chest and between her boobs. This causes Julie's big boobs to jut nicely. Julie is now tied to the bed, on her face and knees. Savage renews his assault on her ass flesh with his wooden paddle. Julie's gasps and cries are sweet music to our sadistic ears. After a long ass thrashing, Rick releases her from her bondage, flips her over and spread eagles her on the bed, naked, except for her black stockings, and a blindfold. Rick's fingers caress her soft, creamy flesh. Then, using one of his hottest burning candles, Rick begins a candle waxing that decorates Julie's body from her tits to her shaved pussy. Mother nature chimes in, as we hear a thunderstorm in the background. Rick is focusing plenty of attention on her tits and her tender, tortured nipples. At one pick he removes the wax covering her nipples. Why? Because he intends to further drench those nipples in more hot candle wax, and doesn't want them protected by the first layer. As the waxing of Julie's hard nipples with the scalding hot wax continues, we enjoy watching her writhe in pain against her rope bondage. Finally, just as he ended volume one, Rick informs Julie of the time and hotel for their next meeting. We find ourselves hoping that again, Rick brings his camera along.

Stars: Julie Simone, Master Rick Savage

Workplace Discipline 2

Video: Workplace Discipline 2
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Studio: British Discipline
You may remember when you may have made a mistake while working that may have had a negative effect for the workplace. In this movie the bosses are her to confront their employees for their wrong doings. If these employees do not want to get fired they have no other choice then to take part in a discipline session of some hardcore spanking till their bottoms are cherry red. You think after all this pain they will become great workers? We shall see...

Mood Castings – Roxy Gerison

Video: Mood Castings - Roxy Gerison
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Studio: Mood Castings
In this Mood Casting session, Roxy Gerison will switch roles from a dominant to a submissive. She confesses to Kyra, played by Jessica Lee, that she is experienced in torturing others in her personal life. She has caned and whipped men and women, and is interested in feeling the suffering for herself. Roxy is very vocal, screaming out and cursing as she receives her 50 can strokes and her ass turns bright red with welts.

Stars: Jessica Lee, Roxy Gerison

Spanking Big E 13 – Punished Call Girl

Video: Spanking Big E 13 - Punished Call Girl
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sandy, a high class call girl, displeases two of the madam's best clients, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. When called into madam Soma's office she tries to make excuses for not doing certain sexual acts which she felt were above and beyond the call of duty. But madam Soma thinks differently. She severely punishes Sandy and makes her return for another session free of charge.

Stars: Sandy, Goddess Soma

Rescue Me

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Amanda Morrison and Arthur Meeks

Approximate Running Time: 46.50 minutes

Marcus is impatiently looking at his watch; he’s expecting someone, a female someone, to arrive – but she’s not due for another hour yet.

Lost in thought, he’s startled when there is a cursory knock on his door and before he can respond to it – the door bursts open and this very attractive young lady runs into his room.

He can’t get a word in edgeways as she is hell bent on telling him why her rather dramatic entrance was necessary.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

April gives him a right cock and bull story – she’s due to go to a party in an hour’s time, but she doesn’t fancy the guy who was supposed to be her partner. So, she hopes that Marcus will rescue her and provide a sanctuary for her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is getting redder

He tells her she’s a spoilt brat and deserves a spanking for being so cruel as to hurt the feelings of her intended escort.

So she’s draped over his knee, her short skirt pulled up away from her bottom – revealing to him an expanse of creamy white cheeks. The hand spanking starts, her bouncing orbs are turning from creamy white to pink, through to an ever reddening hue.

Spanking Videos - she is helplessly tied up

After a prolonged otk hand spanking, he uses mild bondage on her. She is helpless – with her wrists fastened to her ankles, he is able to use an assortment of implements on her by now slightly bruised bottom.

Spanking Videos - the little leather paddle does its job

A couple of times, he has to remind her that she’s a human being and so capable of speaking – rather than grunting and yelping like an animal. What he’s wanting is a response from her.

Spanking Videos - He flogs her

Eventually, he tells her that she is going to go to that party and she’s going to be sweet to the lonely young men there – and when the party is over, she must return to him.

Spanking Videos - His kiss is gentle

She agrees to this and they kiss passionately.

Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Goth Girl

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Sandra The Goth Girl
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
A warm welcome to Elite pain casting! We've come together to get to know Alexandra the Goth girl, but she goes by Sandra! She has come to Elite Pain Interviews like many others for an opportunity to appear in a film. Her nervousness is making her seek other views in the studio with Maximilian watching her. Sandra once appeared before, but she was unwilling participant. Sandra ran once before, but Maximilian is not letting it happen again or he will dismiss her. The nineteen year old has never had sex in this country at least, but has abroad. Max tries to make her feel comfortable, but instead he makes her feel uneasy! Alexandra seems to be a very carefree young woman. He instantly pulls her pussy lips apart and it is clear that she is a low grade sexual female. She gets whipped on her hands and feet, but no one does she bother to react to way he thought she would. Her perky nipples are pierced with a sterilized needle by Max and still no reaction. Pussy punishment seemed to have been one of the tests he performed that she didn't like at all. Keeping her legs apart was a task! br>
With her pussy hurt and all, Sandra manages to sit down and express which instruments really bothered her. Max thinks that she would be great for a role in his film. They make an agreement for her to endure thirty to fifty cane strokes on her behind for one thousand bucks. She nods in agreement and Max says they are done for the day!

Stars: Sandra, Maximilian Lomp



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