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Mood Castings – Paula

Video: Mood Castings - Paula
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Studio: Mood Castings
Paula is a serious MILF with her fiery red hair and big breasts. But soon, her beautiful image will be tainted when her ass is covered in bright red welts from the caning she will receive. First, she sits down with Kyra, played by Jessica Lee, for a casting interview. But she is eager to get to the spanking portion...she must be a masochist! Watch as she strips down and bears the pain of a brutal caning session for this Mood Casting.

Stars: Paula, Jessica Lee

The Bondage & Discipline Of Julie Simone

Video: The Bondage & Discipline Of Julie Simone
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Julie Simone is the epitome of the submissive woman in this classic bondage video from legendary master, Rick Savage. Julie has her instructions and she follows them explicitly. She goes to a seedy crack hotel in the Hell's Kitchen section of Manhattan. She enters the hotel room and lays out the ropes and the S&M gear on the bed. She removes her skirt. She kneels on the floor next to the bed and uses her cell phone to call her Master, informing him that she is "in position." Then...she waits...kneeling, head bowed. Finally, Master Savage enters. Julie's eyes remain on the floor. She will not look up until she is told to do so. Rick sits on the bed next to her, admiring the beauty of her submissive nature. Eventually, he commands her to arise and "assume the position." Julie stands and places her hands on the bed. Rick compliments her on her pretty panties. He then hoists them up into her butt crack so that her bare butt cheeks are totally exposed. Suddenly, WHACK! His cane harshly bites into Julie's ass flesh. No gradual warm up here. Master Rick knows the limits, the thresholds of this slave and he begins her punishment in high gear. AGAIN, the cane bites into her flesh. She gasps and her knees buckle. Folks, this is rock 'n roll, right from the start. After 5 intense blows from Rick's cane, he tells her to face away from the camera so the "audience" can get a good look at the red welts that have immediately risen. Rick tells her to remove her blouse and we see her bra and panties are a pretty, matching floral pattern. A length of bright green tape is used to bind Julie's hands behind her back. Rick squeezes her breasts, then slowly lowers her bra. He now administers his favorite kind of tit torture - BARE handed tit torture. He stands behind Julie Simone and squeezes deeply into her tits, twisting, mashing, pressing them hard against her ribcage. Rick now uses the roll of bright green tape to finish Julie's bondage position. The tape circumnavigates her torso just above and below her natural tits. It passes through her mouth forming a gag. It passes through her crotch, pulling her panties up between her wet pussy lips giving Julie quite the camel toe. The tape is used to bind her ankles together, then Rick's incredible bare handed tit torture resumes. Julie winces as Rick's strong fingers squeeze deeply into her boobs. Suddenly, he slaps her tits. Julie has quite a capacity for absorbing pain. But as Rick's vice-like claws dig deep into her boobs, she gasps and winces. More tit-spanking, then Rick brandishes the horse hair flogger. A hard blow from a horse hair flogger creates the sensation that one's flesh is being assaulted with a hundred needles. Rick nails Julie's tits and nipples repeatedly with the wicked little flogger. The horse hair then finds another target - Julie's camel toe. He holds the camera in his left hand and uses his right hand to wield the flogger and to pinch her nipples, thus giving the viewer that POV perspective. Rick places a pair of sturdy wooden clothes pins on the "toes" Julie's camel toe. He bends them, flicks them. The sight is quite beautiful.

The submissive Julie is placed on the bed face down. The rope bondage connects her wrists to her ankles. A ball gag is tied into her mouth. Her ass, still adorned with the welts from her caning, is now attacked with a very heavy, leather flogger. Her back and her buttocks receive a long, hard flogging. Occasionally, Rick puts down the flogger to administer some barehanded spanking. Then, the butt punishment gets seriously harsh as Rick uses a wooden Japanese paddle and a long, hard wooden kitchen spoon to brighten the shade of her crimson ass cheeks. Julie's gasps are music to our ears. The wooden spoon ass beating now continues in that POV camera style. Finally, Rick flips Julie over to punish the front of her anatomy. He adorns her natural boobs with plenty of sturdy wooden clothespins, then wickedly flicks, bends and plays with the clothespins. Julie gasps beneath her ball gag. Eventually, Rick adds to her tit torture by placing a clothespin on each nipple.

Rick takes a big drink of water from his water bottle then suddenly douses her panty-covered shaved pussy with water, startling his helpless slave. He smacks her wet pussy several times with his bare hand, a little pussy spanking, then uses his favorite leather flogger to inflict her pussy torture. Rick puts wooden clothespins on Julie's pussy lips, then plays them, bending, pulling, twisting on the clothespins. Then, the clothes pins are connected with twine. Slave Julie knows what's coming next. Any moment, Rick will yank on the twine, ripping the clothespins from her tender pussy lips. A pussy zipper! Rick begins to talk to Julie so that his zipper can catch her off guard. Suddenly, he yanks on the twine, tearing the wooden pins from her pussy meat. Julie's body contorts in pain. She gasps. Rick commands her to open her legs for the camera. Then he simply gives her the time and date of their next meeting. For our part, we sure hope Rick brings his camera again.

Stars: Julie Simone, Master Rick Savage

Flight into Trouble – Part Sixteen

The spanking so far ……

The doorman at the Excelsior Hotel in Berlin was about to teach Tazeline the consequences of being cheeky and rude to him.

Now she was standing blindfolded – her legs wide open and her hands on her head.

What was going to happen – what was he going to do? She was so frightened.

Now read on ……

Tazeline felt so isolated. She couldn’t see and the thick rose pink carpet muffled his footsteps; so that when she felt him pull on her ponytail – until her head was pulled up and back, she jumped.

‘Are you afraid of me Fraulein?’ he asked.

She didn’t answer, but her bottom lip quivered.

‘Good,’ he said as if she had answered.

Once again, she felt something cold on her tummy. ‘Right Fraulein, don’t move, the last thing I want to do is hurt you,’ and he laughed mirthlessly.

She felt his finger slide inside her knickers leg and she was shocked to feel her pussy juicing up. Oh! How she hoped he wouldn’t notice, but that hope was dashed by his next words.

‘Why, Fraulein, don’t tell me you’re enjoying this.’

She tried to tighten the muscles in her pussy to stop the flow; however, because of her legs being wide apart, that was mission impossible and the juices ran freely down her legs.

His probing finger entered her juicy throbbing pussy and coaxing her clit from its hood, he started to strum on it.

She gasped audibly and tried to pull away from his vibrating digit, but he pushed it even deeper into her sopping wet love passage.

Then to her utter disgust with herself, she felt the waves of a climax start to send her into a frenzy of squirming about.

The doorman allowed her to come down before he carried on with his original plan.

Grabbing hold of her ponytail, he pulled her sagging body upwards until she was on her toes.

‘Fraulein, please keep your body upright or I may have to change your position.’

She froze – now she knew what the cold thing was.

He had taken a handful of her black fuzz and was snipping at it. ‘No,’ she said.

‘Fraulein you’re in no position to say no to me, now put your hands back on your head and keep them there.

He moved his hand and gave her wriggling bottom a resounding slap. ‘Keep still, I won’t tell you again.’

She realised that antagonising him further was not the best idea, so she backed down.

He went back to using the scissors, but he wasn’t attacking her pussy hair anymore, yet she couldn’t think what he was doing.

He worked in silence for a few minutes.

Then the blindfold was removed, Tazeline blinked in the light.

‘Right Fraulein, I’ve redesigned your panties. Do you want to see what I’ve done?’

She made no reply.

‘Ok,’ he said. ‘Take your knickers off Fraulein.’

She hesitated. Taking it as disobedience, he sat down on the chair he had been sitting on while spanking Margie. Hauling Tazeline over his knee – he immediately pulled her knickers down her legs and off completely.

‘Look Fraulein, see what I have done,’ he showed her his handiwork but her head was hanging down, so he pulled her head up by using her ponytail. ‘I said look at them Fraulein.’

Tazeline was shocked. He’d ruined her favourite pair of knickers.

‘Don’t you like them?’ he asked, sounding disappointed. ‘I only did it for you; now you will be able to put your knickers on the right way, even if you’re blindfolded, see what I mean.’

What has he done to her knickers?

To be continued ……

Her First Time & Therapeutic Caning

Video: Her First Time & Therapeutic Caning
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Studio: California Star Productions
After a good party Loren goes home with Nik for a little fun. Nik loves spanking girls but this will be Loren's first time ever doing something like this. He starts with a good over-the-knee hand-spanking and follows up with a leather strap. Next he gets out his wooden paddle and works it very well on Loren's firm bottom. Then another strap is used before finishing her up with his trusty cane. All this spanking really has Loren feeling quite turned on and Nik takes full advantage of it.

In our second story Chloe sees a new therapist, Sir Nik, but Nik isn't your average doctor. He likes to use old-fashioned discipline in this therapeutic practice. A painful spanking is the best way to help his patients focus on life's problems. He starts by warming her up with his hand and moves on to a few implements. To end her first session Nik decides to give Chloe a strong therapeutic caning. This is exactly the kind of therapy Chloe needed!

Stars: Loren, Chloe, Sir Nik

Mistress Keket – TV CP

Video: Mistress Keket - TV CP
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Mistress Keket is the wrong mistress to upset...and that's on a good day! So you can imagine how pissed she was when her crossdressing slave arrived for their appointment unable to walk beautifully in his new red pumps. The spanking he gets is unbelievable, but the whipping that follows is the real treat!

Stars: Mistress Keket

Spank Me Horny 1

Video: Spank Me Horny 1
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Studio: Scorched
I love it when you treat me harshly. You spank me horny! What you don't realize is what your hands are doing to me. Every time you spank me, I get closer and closer to fruition. That's right, harder, and faster. Go. I can't take it. I feel like I'm going to erupt, especially after you used that big black thing on my ass. I can't take it. I'm red hot, and you forcing my fingers into my own wet slit is pushing me over the edge!

Spanking Videos – Secretaries

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Miss Taylor, Miss Sullivan and Mr Dent

Approximate Running Time: 42.24 minutes

There is trouble ahead for Miss Taylor and Miss Sullivan. As the two very efficient secretaries of Mr Dent, they have blotted their copy books well and truly.

He had left them to type out a contract for a new and very wealthy client. Unfortunately, due to having had a boozy night out prior to doing the contract – they made a right cock up of it – so losing Mr Dent over a million dollars worth of business.

He is going to have to punish them both. But to make things even worse – Miss Sullivan turned up for work that morning, still wearing the clothes she wore the night before when she went to a sexy night club.

Ordering the girls to report to him at 5.30 pm, in the Conference Room where they won’t be disturbed, he leaves them trembling in fear and trepidation.

At 5.30 on the dot, the girls knock on the door of the Conference Room and hearing Mr Dent shout, ‘Come in,’ they obeyed.

Spanking Videos - Miss Taylor's Turn First

First for punishment was Miss Taylor. She has to drape herself over his knee so he can hand spank her. But when he tries to pull down her knickers, they are so tight he has to tell her to stand up and pull them down herself.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan's turn

She doesn’t take her punishment at all well. What with wriggling about, and putting her hand back in an effort to protect her poor sore bottom – plus constantly protesting her innocence. He’s in no mood for listening to her and tells her several times to stop talking.

Next it’s Miss Sullivan’s turn to go over his knee. With her skirt just about covering her bottom, he has no problem getting to her bare backside.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan in trouble

Spanking Videos - A Paddling for Miss Taylor

After the hand spanking, he goes onto using a paddle on each girl. Followed by a swishy cane, that leaves raised welts on the girls’ sore red bottoms.

All through these various changes of position and implements – Miss Taylor carries on with her tirade of trying to explain what happened. This earns her an additional six strokes of the cane.

Spanking Videos - The Cane Stripes Miss Sullivan's Bottom

Eventually, the two Secretaries have very sore red hot bottoms – with cane marks transversing across the area.

Although they were not going to lose their jobs, they were made to understand that the punishment will be repeated whenever necessary in the future.

If you enjoy seeing two white creamy bottoms turned into two blazing ones, you’ll enjoy this movie.

Free Spanking Videos – Traditional College Punishment Series 11

Free Spanking Videos - Traditional College Punishment Series 11
Click the Image Above for Free Spanking Video

California Star brings another special video to fans of spanking discipline, a double feature. Our first spanking session is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videos.

Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to giving her a first hand demonstration, an otk spanking. Now her curiosity has reached it’s full heights! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She’ll not relent until she has received her full otj spanking treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney’s bottle of soothing skin cream is for.

Watch this Spanking Video in Full HERE

Alpha Dykes – Raven and Star

Video: Alpha Dykes - Raven and Star
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Raven and Star star in Alpha Dykes. Raven makes sure to give Star one hell of a spanking and a nice dose of pussy punishment as well. We're talkin bout rough dildo face fuckin, cellophane wrapping, clamps on juicy pussy lips, face smothering; getting forced to eat out pussy, and much more in the span of only 28 minutes!

Stars: Raven, Star

Alpha Dykes – Raven and Star

Video: Alpha Dykes - Raven and Star
Watch This Video!
Raven and Star star in Alpha Dykes. Raven makes sure to give Star one hell of a spanking and a nice dose of pussy punishment as well. We're talkin bout rough dildo face fuckin, cellophane wrapping, clamps on juicy pussy lips, face smothering; getting forced to eat out pussy, and much more in the span of only 28 minutes!

Stars: Raven, Star



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