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Spanking Videos – You Can Get Off My Lap Now

Starring: Alex

Studio: Content Broadband

Running Time: Approximately 1 Minute

Alex is lying sprawled out over the knee. Her bottom is bare and as his hard hand makes contact with it, she gasps and cries out.

Spanking Videos - Lying OTK

The spanking video only lasts for one minute, but for the OTK bare bottom spanking enthusiast, it’s one minute of pure unadulterated pleasure.

Then he asks her if she’s going to be good in future and in a sweet little girl’s voice she says, ‘Yes daddy.’ So satisfied that he’s done a good job with her, he tells her, ‘You can get off my lap now.’

Spanking Videos – The Caning Caretaker

Studio: Moonglow

Approximate Running Time: 40.05 minutes

Sarah and her friend have been out for the evening, now on their way home – they have popped into the caretaker’s flat, which they did regularly.

He suspects that Sarah has been unfaithful to her husband – so he uses blackmail to get her to accept a spanking from him. But first he insists on the girls spanking each other entirely for his pleasure.

Spanking Videos - The girls spank each other

After they had reluctantly reddened each other’s bottoms, he sends Sarah’s friend home.

Now Sarah is alone with him.

Spanking Videos - He paddles her

He spanks her with his hand, a paddle and finally the cane. By the time he is finished with her, her poor bottom is a blazing red.

Spanking Videos - The spanking continues

However, as a final act of kindness, he rubs some soothing cream into her belaboured bottom.

Spanking Videos - The spanking is finally over

Free Spanking Videos – Gonzo Spanking

Free Spanking Videos - Gonzo Spanking
Click the Image above for Free Spanking Video

When it comes to spanking, British Discipline knows how to get the job done. Here are six scenes filled with naughty little girls who, for one reason or another need to be spanked. Some sincerely enjoy it, others are applying for jobs that need to test their endurance, and some just want to know what it feels like. Either way, if you’re into spanking and feel like watching some hot British girls get their little bottoms paddled this is the film for you.

In this free spanking video, Angelina Cortez takes a fine hand spanking on her bare bottom just before stripping down completely. Little does Angelina know that her rear is going to feel much hotter after being spanked with the brush that comes next.

Spanking Videos – An American Brat in London

Studio: Strictly English

Approximate Running Time: 38.25 minutes

Nicky is in such trouble with her uncle.

What can she have done to bring this upon herself? Standing in front of him – she’s confused as to why he’s reading the riot act to her.

He soon makes it clear to her, that as a guest in his house, she has certain responsibilities regarding the smooth running of the house.

Her uncle is extremely annoyed with her – she is so slovenly. After taking a bath she leaves the bathroom looking like a bomb site – her dirty clothing is lying strewn around the room. And she eats a meal and walks away from the table, leaving the dirty dishes still sitting there.

So he goes on to tell her that unless she bucks up her ideas by taking on some household chores, he’s going to have to resort to teaching her some good old fashioned English discipline.

The silly girl pushes him too far and finds herself lying over his knee. Despite her struggling to get free and protesting loudly – he goes on to turning her virginally white bare bottom into a very red sore looking one.

Spanking Videos - she finds herself over his knee

He continues with the spanking until she shows some signs of being sorry – genuinely sorry, not just paying lip service.

After she agrees to wash her own clothes and wash the dishes, not to mention tidying up after herself in the bathroom, he ends the spanking, but with the threat that if he has to spank her again it will be with the cane.

Spanking Videos - using the hairbrush on her bare bottom

He has reason to spank her again the very next morning, when she expects to be waited on hand and foot. It’s eleven o’clock and she wants to know what’s for breakfast. She is rather put out when he tells her breakfast was two hours ago. Meanwhile, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and she should wash them immediately.

Again, she goes full steam ahead, being a cheeky brat – ignoring his warnings of what’s to come if she continues along that route.

Once more her slim shapely body is lying face down over his knee. With his hand, he soon brings her still reddened bottom back to a deep cherry red.

He keeps his promise and fetches a cane, allowing her to hold it and spitefully she snaps it in two. He’s very annoyed with her, but tells her that he’s going to get another cane, that’s thicker and heavier than the one she broke.

This cane viciously bites into her tender young flesh, bringing raised blue / white weals to the surface.

Spanking Videos - Trying in vain to rub away the soreness

She threatens that she’s going to phone her parents in America – she is sure that they will be aghast at the way he’s treating her; he tells her to go ahead and points to the phone. A few minutes later a rather subdued Nicola puts down the receiver.

Her parents had approved of the way her uncle was treating her. They hoped some good old fashioned English discipline would change their spoiled brat of a daughter – into a daughter they could be proud of.

Nicky does not change her ways overnight, but her uncle persists in spanking and caning her until finally she does.

This is a movie for the otk enthusiast. Nicky’s flouncing about and her constant back chat – you know what’s going to happen to her, but she doesn’t seem to realize.

Spanking Videos – How Spanking Saved the Planet

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Beverly Bacci as Bree and William West as Will

Approximate Running Time: 38.07 minutes

To Will it made perfect sense – Bree should move in with him and it would save on the household expenses.

But first he made it clear to her that he ran a green house. She was happy with that idea and said she wanted to grow orchids. However, he pointed out to her that that wasn’t the kind of green house he meant. He meant conserving energy. So she nodded her head and agreed with what he said. She even suggests that if she wastes energy, he could put her over his knee and spank her. She then totters out of the room on her high heals – she has an appointment with her Personal Trainer.

Six weeks later, Will comes home from work, to find her with all the lights on all over the house and the fire is on in the lounge, despite it being a warm evening.

When he tells her off, she pouts at him and says she has to be warm and have plenty of light or she is miserable.

He’s exasperated with her. After their discussion about conserving energy, he’s received his utility bills and they are almost double what they used to be. So, he decides a good spanking may drive the lesson home – and as he says to her – it was her idea anyway.

He hauls her kicking and squealing over the knee. She is very indignant and protests that she was only joking about spanking her.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

But he is deadly serious and sets about turning her pretty pale cheeked bottom into a very red very sore looking one.

Initially he starts spanking her on top of her dress. Then as the spanking progresses he pulls up her dress and carries on spanking her on top of her pale blue frilly knickers – followed by them being pulled down and the remainder of the twenty minute spanking is on her bare bottom.
She wriggles and squeals, but he has a very firm hold of her and there is no escape.

He has a breakthrough with her, when she seems to be ready to negotiate with him about how she could help save energy in future.

So that spanking comes to an end.

Six weeks later, he again comes home from work – to find her lounging about with the heating full on. He asks her what she had done that day, and she says she went for an interview, because what they feared had happened – she was laid off from her previous job. She also went shopping and bought some new shoes.

He shook his head in disbelief at her wastefulness.

Then taking her by surprise, he upends her and she finds herself lying over his knee again. She is in for another long hard spanking, with his hand – then the hairbrush.

Spanking Videos - She finds herself over his knee again

He wanted her to do some work around the house, eg washing the dishes, making the bed, even some gardening. But being a spoiled brat, she tells him she doesn’t do housework and hasn’t a clue how to do gardening.

They are both as determined as the other. He intends to go on spanking her until she gives in and she has no intention of giving in.

But the fire that has been ignited in her poor bottom finally becomes unbearable and she reluctantly agrees to going to the kitchen to wash up and prepare the evening meal.

Meanwhile, Will hopes that his spanking her has helped save the planet.

Watch this Spanking Video HERE

Free Spanking Videos – Double Trouble

Free Spanking Videos - Double Trouble
Click the Image for Free Spanking Video

Dear spanking viewers,

Men are weak creatures, and all strictness is gone when a beautiful crying student kneels in front of one with her mouth slightly open and starts to unzip your trousers…

But the thing that happens next, and be sure many things are going to happen, is not all we’ve prepared for you this time.

Would you like to know why the girls are always going to the ladies’ room in twos? What do they talk about in there? We’re going to show you the answer today…

Spanking Videos – Be Careful

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Elin and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 15.28 minutes

Elin isn’t in trouble yet.

She’s sat on the couch typing on her laptop – when Headmaster Tom comes in.

She’s acting as the school’s typist.

He gives her a document that needs typing within an hour and tells her it’s the original – so she must take great care of it and whatever she does she must not knock over the glass of coke she is drinking from.

Spanking Videos - accepting the document

She gets busy on it right away.

Then oops! It happens. The liquid spreads in all directions. Poor Elin is frantic. What can she do?

She phones Headmaster Tom and breaks the bad news to him.

Spanking Videos - he starts hand spanking her

Within minutes, he has joined her, surveying the damage.

He tells her he’s not annoyed by what has happened – he’s furious. The ruined contract was worth thousands of dollars.

His solution is to phone the person who provided the contract and humble himself – begging for another one to be prepared. Luckily, the benefactor agrees, as long as Elin is severely punished for it and he hastily assures him that that is about to happen.

Spanking Videos - he starts using the belt on her

He reddens her bare bottom with his hand spanking, then, orders her to clean the spillage from the table.

Putting one of the cushions from the couch onto the table, and he orders her to remove all her clothes and lie over the cushion.

His doubled leather belt makes contact with her already sore bottom, causing the redness to change to an even deeper red and bruising soon follows.

Eventually, all bad things come to an end. And he leaves her to dress again.

Spanking Videos - her ordeal is over

She rubs gently at her throbbing bottom, trying to rub away the hurt.

Speaking of Spanking – Behind the Scenes

Spanking Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it’s like on the set on the day of a spanking shoot? Well, I hope so ‘cause I’m gonna spill – like it or not!

If I’m ready on time, they’re late. I’m sitting around watching the clock and organizing and re-organizing everything, trying to keep my cool. I hate to be flustered when we start.

If I’m running late, they’re on time, or early. This usually leads to them ringing the doorbell over and over until I come running down the stairs to let them in, half dressed (hopefully in a robe, although not always). I seriously don’t like too early of an arrival. That might win a girl an extra hard spanking if she didn’t warn me first. Or worse, she warned me she’d be coming early and then showed up even earlier. I mean, really! Who is THAT anxious to be spanked!!

Once they’re here and we’re all ready, we get releases and photo IDs taken care of first. At least, I like to remember to take care of that stuff first. It’s only happened to me once…a long time ago, but it sucks if you get through a shoot and suddenly the model is reluctant to sign the release and stuff. Of course, if they don’t they won’t get paid, but still, my time and energy has been wasted. Not fair! Don’t worry. It only happened once.

I have some clips of some pre-scene prep that I’d like to share. The first is with Lena Ramone as we discuss the upcoming plot. The second is a little interview with Amelia-Jane Rutherford, right before we began shooting and the third is with Ashley Fires as we put some of my stuffed animals to use (yes, I have stuffed animals and I’m not afraid to admit it). And the fourth is with Chloe Elise as she chooses implements for her Chelsea Spanks reality spanking session. I hope you enjoy!

To play: Right Click on window and press play.

Free Spanking Videos – Disciplined By The Headmaster

Free Spanking Videos - Disciplined By The Headmaster

These four naughty school girls think that they can get away with whatever they want whenever they want. Little do they know the headmaster keeps a close watch on everybody and no one will escape their OTK spanking punishment if it is deserved. These girls get spanked to no end and you won’t want to miss out on their bare bottoms being taught a valuable lesson!

Click on the free spanking pics below for a free spanking video from Disciplined By The Headmaster. This little brunette tart bends over like a good girl and takes her over the knee spanking by the fire place.

Spanking Videos – Bedtime Punishment

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Keagen and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 14.40 minutes

Headmaster Tom is relieved when there is a knock on his door and Keagen comes in.

She is holding a pad to the right side of her face and looking very sorry for herself.

Spanking Videos - She's so sorry for herself

He is showing concern for her after her terrible ordeal at the dentist and she tells him that she is in agony since the removal of two of her teeth.

spanking Videos - over his knee

Still full of sympathy, he sends her to her room to relax. However, as she is about to go out of the room – he calls her back and orders her to go and stand in a corner.

Protesting loudly she obeys him. While she has her back to him, he tells her he’s phoning the dentist to check whether she did go.

Realising that carrying on with the lies was not going to serve her, she then admits that she didn’t turn up at the dentist. Her fear of the operation was stronger than the genuine pain she was in.

He sends her to her room – promising to join her very soon – he’s going to punish her for lying to him.

Spanking Videos - she has a sore red bottom

Pulling her down over the knee, he proceeds to give her a hand spanking on top of her tight blue jeans. The pain in her bottom makes her forget about the pain in her mouth.

Then telling her to get up – he’s going to get the paddle and she should be in position waiting for him – kneeling on the bed with her trousers down.

On his return with the big wooden paddle, he tells her to also pull down her knickers.

The paddle makes contact with her poor quivering bottom and she is mortified when he phones Mr Robinson the dentist and she has to apologize to him – while Headmaster Tom is actually paddling her bare bottom.

Spanking Videos - Rubbing the pain away

When the spanking is over, he leaves her kneeling on the bed rubbing at her sore red bottom; regretting her decision to lie to him.

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