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The House Part 1 – Victoria’s Room

Video: The House Part 1 - Victoria's Room
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Studio: Strictly English
Victoria lives with 3 other girls and 2 guys in a shared house. As usual she has failed to attend the weekly house meeting. Annabel (played by Lucy Bailey) suggests that they should leave Victoria a note saying that the meeting decided they should all spank her for never attending the house meetings and never doing her share of the household chores.
Later that evening Victoria returns and finds the note. She is mortified at the thought of being spanked by the whole house. She tells David that she will accept a spanking from him o the condition that they do it n the privacy of her room and not in front of the whole house. Naturally David is only too willing to oblige.

Stars: Victoria, David, Lucy Bailey

Mistaken Punishment

Video: Mistaken Punishment
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Hodges, the geography teacher, is confronted in her quarters by one of her students, Catelin, a pudgy little blonde, who explains that Mr. Hodges, the janitor and her husband, has been trying to sexually molest her.

Outraged at this suggestion, Mrs. Hodges believes that Catelin is, in fact, trying to bribe her, since she is aware of their recent lottery win. Her story is hastily ignored and her skirt is pulled up for an over-the-knee spanking upon her navy blue knickers. This is, in turn, followed by a bare-bottomed spanking.

During this punishment, the headmistress, Lady Vernon enters and calls for all punishment to cease until they get Mr. Hodges' side of the story. Catelin is furious and spurts out that Lady Vernon is obviously on medication! Lady Vernon swiftly canes her bare bottom for this disgusting insult!

Mrs. Hodges returns in a state of distress because she finds out that her husband has indeed been molesting the girls! Lady Vernon has only one solution. The geography teacher will have to be bent over for a severe caning to compensate Catelin for her punishment!

Stars: Catelin, Lady Vernon

Get Off It Bitch! 2

Video: Get Off It Bitch! 2
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Studio: Fantasia
These girls fight over everything! Just keep your mouth shut and off of her things and you'll be ok. If not, you'll get a sharp talking to and some good ole ass-slapping action!

Spanked Pest

Video: Spanked Pest
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Number 1 spanking diva, Chelsea Pfeiffer, punishes her real life friend Clare Fonda for her pesky ways. Spanking and paddling prove to be sufficient punishment for the tortuous and annoying friend who needs to learn a lesson in humility! The girls were enjoying the afternoon in a home office, but later Clare can't seem to sit at her desk. Enjoy!!

Stars: Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer

A Victorian Maid

Video: A Victorian Maid
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Studio: California Star Productions
Rose, the head maid, is summoned by the caretaker, and must explain why Florence, the governor's daughter has not appeared for breakfast. Rose tries to cover her whereabouts with an obvious lie, but it is soon learned that she had been out for a ride with Gregory, the stable lad.

When Florence is finally found, she is made to strip down to her pantaloons and receive a very hard spanking across her bare bottom. Not satisfied, the caretaker then pulls out a hard paddle, smacking it across her bottom; all the while she is looking sexier in her Victorian pantaloons.

Rose, too, is summoned and birched for her conspiracy in the cover-up. It's a frightful experience for the girl and it leaves her bottom in a purple haze.

A lot of very hard strokes is enough to ensure that both women have received just reparations for their misdemeanors.

Stars: Rose, Florence

She’s The Boss

Video: She's The Boss
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Studio: Shadow Lane
An explicit spanked husband video with sexual foreplay starring Gretta Carlson and Joey Moffat.

After Gretta's hapless boytoy gambles away 5K, she is forced to fire her gardener and cleaning lady and cancel her cable. So of course she expects her man to take over their chores... and entertain her. Naturally, he lets her down. Gretta works herself up into a righteous snit and Joey's for it. She marches him into the house, gives him a piece of her mind and a good, long, over the knee bare bottom spanking. Joey takes it so well that Gretta begins to melt and lets him kiss her all over and fondle her magnificent breasts. Then she sends him to heaven by manipulating him with her hands and awakening his manhood with her mouth. This action goes both ways before Joey is allowed to obtain a blissful release between the lips of his beloved mistress. This is a female couples scenario in which the well-spanked husband receives erotic gratification from his lovingly assertive cougar wife. Small and boyish looking, Joey fits perfectly across Gretta's luscious thighs for his stinging spanking. Beautiful Gretta showers discipline and love on her disobedient boy.

Stars: Gretta Carlson, Joey Moffat


Video: Leah
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Studio: Far East Media
95 pound little Leah is 20 but looks much younger. She made a wrong turn in life into the Far East Media studio, and word has it her ass is still smarting. Spanked. Fucked. Ass-Fucked. Leah learned her lesson the hard way, with a hard spank and a hard cock!

Stars: Leah, Joe Lewis

English Spanking Classics # 6 – Punished Wife

Video: English Spanking Classics # 6 - Punished Wife
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Studio: California Star Productions
When Michael returns home from a business trip he is shocked to find his wife surrounded by camera equipment and a crew prepared to make videotape right they're in his home. He makes up his mind then and there that in order to save his marriage he has to give her some old fashioned discipline!

He takes our cameras into his home and records a complete day with them including his chastisement of his wife with brush and hand spanking and other handy implements until she is incredibly sore and sincerely repentant! A true home discipline movie.

The Spanking Session

Video: The Spanking Session
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
A real hard BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING!! This real-life couple likes to role-play. They have regular spanking sessions! She's a "naughty schoolgirl" and he's her "daddy." They taped a SPANKING SESSION and gave the tape to us!!

It starts out as a very serious DISCIPLINE SPANKING. He scolds her for misbehaving in school, after her teacher called. He turns her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom HARD, using his hand, hairbrush, and a HUGE PADDLE!! After thousands of HARD swats, her BRIGHT RED butt gets BADLY BRUISED!!! It really STINGS!!! When he finally decides she's been disciplined enough, the SPANKING continues, but it's now an EROTIC SPANKING!!!

If you like to see SEX mixed in with SPANKING, this is the video for you! He spreads her cheeks and inserts his fingers and the hairbrush! Watch all the other things he does! He finally shoots his load on her! You've got to see this video!!

Smarty Pants

Video: Smarty Pants
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Keith is trying to do some last minute number crunching on his laptop before leaving for work, but Dia keeps creating loud noises that disturb his concentration. He appeals to her to show mercy but the bouncy blonde virtually ignores his pleas, running her blender and slamming cabinets until he's ready to jump out of his skin. His patience finally at an end, Keith turns the naughty minx over his knee and gives her a good spanking in a scene that begins over her sheer pantyhose and panties and ends by tinting her stunning bottom dark pink.

The next day, Keith notices Dia wastefully leaving the tap running. But every time he turns the faucet off, she willfully turns it back on, just to see what will happen. What happens is that Dia gets bent over the countertop and has her luscious backside exposed for a strapping with Keith's belt as well as more spanking. Dia squeaks and squeals, wriggles and pitches, but continues to behave most contrarily, egging Keith on by spraying him with cold water. Naturally, this results in a harder course of corporal punishment for the mischievous young woman.

In the final scene, Keith is playing a long distance chess game for high stakes on his laptop when Dia enters, her killer body clad in a shortie nightie set and eager for attention. She begins her usual routine of making an obnoxious amount of noise to attract his interest and winds up once again over his knee. Dia's discipline concludes with a nude bottom warming that leaves her glowing and in the mood for much more.

This delightfully high spirited spanking video is perfect for couples and everyone who loves mischievous girls and believes in the romance of discipline.

Stars: Keith Jones, Dia Zerva



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