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Elite Pain Interviews: Nikita Blumberg

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Nikita Blumberg
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Nikita Blumberg appears as a contestant in the BDSM Game show Painful Duel 1 and as the voluntary submissive in Elite Club's 18th Case. This is her initial casting audition.

Nikita has come to the Elite Pain Interview because she wants to be pushed in very demanding situations. Max asks her if money motivated her, as well. She smiles and says that yes, of course money too was a motivation for her. Max launches into a series of intensely intimate questions, trying to gauge her capacity to withstand humiliation. She is not shy at all, talking openly about her many sexual partners and about her sexual preferences.

Max puts clamps on her nipples and uses a crop to smack them off. She winces in pain when Max cruelly twists her nipples after removing the clamps. Next he uses the multi-tail whip to test her tolerance for pussy punishment. He talks to her throughout, explaining what he is doing. When he wants to put clamps on her pussy, she pushes her lips outward to give him a better view. Finally, he uses a multi-tail whip on her breast and insist that the more are given the worse it feels. Max is pleased with how the test has gone from beginning to end, and offers Nikita a role in a film in a movie.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Nikita Blumberg

Elite Club:18th Case

Video: Elite Club:18th Case
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Studio: Elite Pain
Two girls inquire the Elite Club to organize a special competition for them. They want to test their ability of withstanding pain. So this time we will see two girls suffering voluntarily. This doesn't mean that their pain will be less than the others. They start competing with a single-tail whipping duel, and their sufferings continue with severe tit lashings, pussy whippings, full body single-tail whippings, and one of the girls receives a horrifying clitoris piercing.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Nikita Blumberg, Mistress Jessica Lee, Meredith Mitchel

Sex And Submission #10 Featuring Gabriella Banks & Mark Davis

Video: Sex And Submission #10 Featuring Gabriella Banks & Mark Davis
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Gabriella Banks is a hot red head that gets some nice flogging and sucks cock in tight Japanese bondage. Featuring spectacular footage of a swinging suspension blowjob! Sex and Submission is the ultimate fetish film that will be sure to satisfy all your dirty little cravings! Enjoy!

Stars: Gabriella Banks, Mark Davis

Whipped Ass #8 Featuring Paris Kennedy, Sydnee Capri & Kelly Wells

Video: Whipped Ass #8 Featuring Paris Kennedy, Sydnee Capri & Kelly Wells
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Sydnee Capri and Paris Kennedy team up on Kelly Wells who is chained and shackled. These sexy dommes take turns smothering and riding Kelly's face while the other flogs and vibrates their submissive to orgasm. She also gets tied with rope and strap-on fucked. Then she is held down for some deep anal penetration.

Stars: Sydnee Capri, Kelly Wells, Paris Kennedy

Bed Bad & Beyond

Video: Bed Bad & Beyond
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring Dia Zerva, Amber Rayne and Susan Mills

Featuring hard spanking, embarrassing exposure, crackling dialog, strict caning, explicit anal dildoing, deep down affection, personality and endearingly feminine charm!

Dia bursts into her neighbor and friend Amber's house demanding to know why her Honeybear's cell phone is full of amorous texts from Amber referencing the exciting anal sex she had with Dia's husband quite recently! Amber pretends that she was merely joking with Honeybear in sending those ill advised texts, but Dia knows better and threatening to tell Amber's husband of his wife's inexcusably slutty behavior, Dia forces Amber to submit to her will and begins to revenge herself on her adulterous best friend by turning Amber over her knee and spanking the brunette's pert bottom rosy red.

The spanking of Amber and her attendant cries and sobs begin to disturb a neighbor, Susan Mills, who at that very moment has her bridge club over. Miss Mills calls to complain and is rudely told to "sit on a candy cane" by Dia.

Ignoring the distraction, Dia pulls Amber's clothes off, instructs Amber to spread her cheeks, inspects her cheating friend's charms minutely, punishes Amber's bottom with a strap, including disciplining Amber's anus, and then subjects Amber to deep dildo penetration in her small bottom, using a long, thick, ripply, glass phallus to vigorously possess the slim, dark haired, fast-talking husband stealer. This scene is rated X for explicit action beyond the anal enthusiast's wildest dreams. Nor do the thrills stop there!

After she has been punished to the point of orgasm, Amber takes stock of the situation and realizes that she has reason to complain of her treatment at Dia's probingly outrageous hands. Accusing Dia of violating her husband's sacred rite of privacy by reading his text messages, Amber demands satisfaction on behalf of their shared stud. The fair-minded Dia instantly realizes that Amber has a point. Also, she's become rather aroused topping Amber and taking her bottom. So she doesn't really fight it when Amber aggressively turns the tables on her, dragging Dia over her lap.

Amber spanks the hell out of Dia and pulls out such implements as straps and paddles to assist her. Then she goes into Dia's own toybox and pulls out a number of invasive butt toys to insert into the tight bottom of the voluptuous blonde. Dia's clothes and shoes come off and her sex is fully exposed as her corporal punishment continues. Amber warms to her work, scolding, spanking and roughly seducing her best girl friend and finally taking Dia's bottom with a thick rubber dildo.

Dia reacts with squeals, wails and yips as Amber belabors her luscious bare bottom with implements of correction and stimulatingly invasive punishment toys, to the growing dissatisfaction of their neighbor, Susan Mills, who again calls to ask them to please keep the noise level down. This time it is Amber who tells Miss Mills to go and have sex with herself before blithely hanging up on her highly irritated neighbor.

The sizzling scene concludes with Amber bringing Dia to a blissfully embarrassing anal climax that leaves both girls in a heap of erotic exhaustion, with all infidelities and privacy issues forgiven.

The next day, Amber and Dia are happily hanging out together when their neighbor Susan Mills enters without knocking and proceeds to lecture the rowdy neighborhood sluts as only an off duty police officer can. She tells the girls that she isn't about to tolerate their disrespectfully lewd disturbing of the peace to the slightest degree and that they can either agree to take the discipline they have coming from her, then and there, or have her process them through the criminal system. Of course the girls agree to submit to an appropriate punishment from their offended neighbor, who turns out to be a cop, and go one by one over her skirted lap for an old fashioned spanking a piece.

Not satisfied that the neighborhood bad girls have been sufficiently punished for their amazing rudeness, Susan Mills takes up a cane and ordering them to kneel side by side with their bare bottoms uppermost, she lays into them in classic style, leaving both brats marked evenly with pink cane marks up and down their behinds. This is a spanking boiler maker in every sense of the phrase, unexpectedly polishing off an incredibly explicit hardcore scenario with a piquantly well behaved, crisply traditional finale.

Stars: Amber Rayne, Susan Mills, Dia Zerva

Stockholm Syndrome

Video: Stockholm Syndrome
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Studio: Mood Pictures
Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages, in which the hostage shows signs of loyalty to the hostage-taker, regardless of the danger or risk in which they have been placed. In our story Lara gets a letter from her long missing friend Suzie. Lara is asked to take Esther to rescue Suzie, who is held as a captive in 'the castle of pain'. The two girls visit the mysterious mansion with a camera to record whatever they find there while rescuing their friend. What they find there, is something they have never expected.

Stars: Lara, Bambi, Jessica Lee, Esther, Angie Vicious, Kessy, Mya Chianta, Suzie Muller, Alisson Sew, Sandy Scott

Water Bondage #10 Featuring Hollie Stevens

Video: Water Bondage #10 Featuring Hollie Stevens
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Lew Reubens is a master of rope bondage. Watch as he expertly takes Hollie and turns her into a helpless and immobile bondage slut. Then once she is tied, he can have his fun with her, forcing her to fuck herself with a dick on a stick, tickling her, spraying her down, and making her cum.

Stars: Hollie Stevens, Lew Rubens

Men In Pain #10 Featuring Penny Flame & Nick

Video: Men In Pain #10 Featuring Penny Flame & Nick
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As promised, the stunning Penny Flame straps on as Mistress Penny in this hot barn shoot. Mistress Penny just absolutely loves to sexually tease her slave into a writhing barn animal using her gorgeous body, sassy wit and stinging cane. She has the cock sucking machine do the work until she rides him like a pony before shoving him into stocks and fucking his ass.

Stars: Nick, Penny Flame

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 24

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 24
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Studio: British Discipline
Zoe Montana has been a very very bad girl. She's in detention, which means that this blonde haired Brit is going to get a nice punishment from her headmaster. She gets a nice canning on her bottom, which goes from creamy white to rose red. Maybe by the time it's all over she'll learn to be a better schoolgirl.

Stars: Zoe Montana

Ladies Of The Manor

Video: Ladies Of The Manor
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
In charge. Continuous trouble with one of the house boys gets these women angry and to thinking. This guy has been taking advantage ever since their father gave him the job. Now they have a surprise in store for him when he starts slacking off at work. The sisters decide to teach him a lesson with the good old-fashioned method an over the knee spanking. All four girls turn him over their knees. He is spanked with their hands and hand brushes. He also is given a severe strapping with his belt. By the time they are finished they have him working for free.

Stars: Kelly, Nicole, Christine, Giselle



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