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Charge Card Blues

Video: Charge Card Blues
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Studio: Syren Productions
Clueless Kirby has been running up his wife's credit cards so she sends him to her friend Mistress Pandora who specializes in creative credit counseling. Mistress Pandora secures Kirby to her whipping post and warms him up with a hand spanking before thrashing his worthless ass with a gigantic weightlifting belt. Mistress Pandora swings with all her might and the force of the blows knocks Kirby around like a pinball. Later she breaks out an old fashioned green prison paddle that is about two and a half feet long and wails on him even harder. By this time Kirby is moaning and whining but this evil sadist is not finished. She takes out a single tail whip and beats him like a red headed step child and even gives him a few lashes with her 8 foot bullwhip.

Stars: Mistress Pandora, Kirby

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 17

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 17
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Studio: British Discipline
Watch young submissive girl Ellie-May and Jenny receive punishment for being bad in this spanking flick. It begins with Ellie-May put in detention for being caught smoking again. In scene two Ellie-May puts on a strip tease show. Scene three Ellie-May is late again and gets a hand to her bare bottom. Jenny puts on a strip tease show in scene four. Scene five Jenny gets an OTK spanking. The last scene Jenny receives another OTK spanking for being a lazy assistant at her job.

Stars: Jenny, Ellie-May

Tasha’s Revenge

Video: Tasha's Revenge
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
In part 1, we see Tasha get it good from Miss Kelly Payne. We also find out that it was her husband who gave her up to Miss Kelly. Now that Tasha's bottom is feeling better she decides to surprise her husband with a little punishment of her own.

He is confronted when he arrives home that evening. Of course he denies it at first but then a special appearance from Miss Kelly and 2 of Tasha's best friends begins to jar his memory.

Now it is his turn to learn that fibbing on your wife is just as bad as committing the bad act yourself. So he gets a good sound spanking on his bare bottom over each of the ladies laps. He is then paddled good and hard until his bottom is bright red and he has learned his lesson that a fibbing can get you into just as much trouble.

Stars: Lara, Jonathan, Kelly Payne, Eloise, Tasha Lee

Caught Red Handed

Video: Caught Red Handed
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Two roommates catch a neighbor in their apartment with a pair of their panties on. Instead of reporting him to authorities they decide to have some fun with his pussy ass. First he is taught a lesson with a hard OTK spanking. Then his ass is strapped across the bed until it is blistered. He is spit on and humiliated by being forced to suck each girls large strap on dildo. After he gets them nice and wet the ladies take turn fucking his virgin ass. He is forced to suck the others while his is fucked hard and deep. He is also forced to worship their sweaty feet.

Stars: Joe, Racquel, Daisa

Elite Club: 4th Case

Video: Elite Club: 4th Case
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Studio: Elite Pain
A waitress gets in trouble now. She was abused by a customer .... Sandra broke a bottle on the customer's head. Now she is fired, she is in trouble... But the Elite Club helps her too... Electrical torture, caning, pussy whipping, tit whipping, back whipping and more... that's the price for the help. This video contains a bonus scene: Sandra's friend Claudia made a headache for the producers with to much messing around during the shooting. The producers decided to give her the most brutal full body whipping of her life...

Stars: Jessica Lee, Maximilian Lomp, Madame Lady Jenny, Sandra Greenwood

Tasha’s Punishment 1

Video: Tasha's Punishment 1
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
I was informed via e-mail from Tasha Lee's husband that she was making fun of my New York accent on my last visit to Chicago. When I confronted her - she admitted. So on my next visit she got the punishment she really deserved. An over the knees spanking and a strapping with numerous straps and, of course, every type of leather tawse she and I owned. This punishment brought real tears and true remorse from Tasha. When she found out her husband told me, she was not pleased..forget what she planned for him! Coming soon: Tasha's Punishment: Part 2!

Stars: Kelly Payne, Tasha Lee

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 16

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 16
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Studio: British Discipline
Watch young submissive girl Jody and others receive punishment for being bad in this spanking flick. It begins with Jody being woken up for having dirty knickers in the wash that show that she has been playing with herself, so she receives an over the knee spanking. In scene two three lesbians all get together and take turns spanking one another. Scene three two school girls get their bottom spanked in the classroom. Scene four a girl is strapped after school from her teacher who quickly takes a smile off her face due to hearing bad news from a PTA meeting. Scene five a teenager gets in trouble for talking back. Scene six is a continuation of scene five where the sister gets in trouble for laughing while her sister got in trouble for talking back. And lastly Jodie gets her bottom smacked to learn some respect.

Stars: Jody, Jodie

Breaking All The Rules

Video: Breaking All The Rules
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Back to school and already Julia and Chrystyne are caught breaking the rules. In this prestigious college the Principal believes in old fashioned discipline. To be specific corporal punishment is given on the bare bottom with hand and or numerous implements. The newest addition to the Institute is Miss Tasha Lee. She is told about the disciplinary action to be taken when any of the girls do not follow the rules.

She is also told that the punishment extends to teachers that break rules. After Miss Lee catches 2 of the girls smoking outside she attempts to spank them. She does not know that Principal Payne is watching on a camera from her office. The girls make a joke about Miss Lee and Miss Lee allows this. This is when Miss Payne steps in and takes both girls over her knee for some serious discipline on their bare bottoms. They are both made to bend over the bench for a strapping. After they are sent back to their class Miss Payne then deals with Miss Lee the same way a little harsher and little more is given to the teacher to make sure she understood just how strongly & seriously St. Thrashmore takes their discipline methods.

Stars: Julia, Kelly Payne, Chrystyne, Miss Tasha Lee

Ladies Party

Video: Ladies Party
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Studio: CruelAmazons
Usually it takes only one dominatrix to put a submissive into their place, but this time it is decided that a party be made out of it. One after another they take turns whipping, caning and flogging the submissive male at hand. He is silenced by each stroke they take on his bare back. It's a party, but not everyone is having fun.

And It’s Gonna Get Worse

Video: And It's Gonna Get Worse
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Studio: RGE-Films
A naughty brat growing up in a socially weak environment during the communist reign, where a bottle of alcohol was the only way how to escape reality - not only for the father, but also for his depraved daughter. You can only dream about what an alcohol addicted man can do to his daughter after he realizes there is no money for another bottle... You can only dream about that - or watch our story called "And it's gonna get worse".

Stars: Luzitania Nagyova, Karol Dobsinsky



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