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A Simply Divine Spanking (Entire Movie)

Kelly is a very, verrry naughty young woman. She is also very, verrry easy on the eyes. Miss Divine's real claim to fame however, aside from her not inconsiderable boudoir skills, is her simply outstanding bubble butt. Now, when confronted with a very, verrry bad girl with a very, verrry fine bottom, any gentleman worth his salt knows there is but one course of action.

Southern Belle Submission Bondage & Torture

Video: Southern Belle Submission Bondage & Torture
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Sexy brunette Donielle, from Dallas, Texas, watches some bondage videos and gets very turned on. So, she writes a letter asking how she can appear in one of his movies. To her surprise, Rick's response is swift and she soon finds herself in front of Rick's camera in New York. Master Rick informs her that nothing but strict obedience on her part will be acceptable if she wants to appear in one of Rick's bondage videos. She agrees to submit, and the fun is on. After Rick's camera pans the length of this leggy brunette, he commands her to stand up and dance for him. She says, "But, I don't dance." To which Master replies, "But I told you to dance." Demonstrating shyness, Donielle slowly begins to move her body." Rick informs her, "Your dance is a tribute to my old pal, Bruce Seven." After more undulation, our hot brunette is blindfolded and commanded to strip. After stripping off her business suit jacket, and her short skirt, Rick tells her to stop, so his audience can inspect her sexy lingerie. After turning around for the camera, she is told to continue stripping. Her bra drops to the floor, revealing small, firm tits with proud nipples. She slides her panties to her ankles and now stands before us totally nude and blindfolded, wearing nothing but her high heel sandals. Again, Rick's camera explores her body.

Her journey into the realm of B&D begins with rope bondage. First Rick ties her hands behind her back. His hands now gently caress her sensuous body. Rick sits his new slave on the edge of a couch with her legs spread. Rope is tied to her ankles, then tied to the legs of the couch, holding her legs in this spread position. The camera zooms between her legs, showing us that Donielle has nice, long pussy lips. AH, all the more labia for the creative pussy torture that Master Rick is so skillful at dishing out. But first, bound, totally nude, blindfolded in this vulnerable position Rick informs Donielle that he wants her to tell us about any fantasy she's had involving bondage or S&M. She tells us about a time when she went to a drive in movie as a teenager and then fantasized that her boyfriend put handcuffs on her so that she would be helpless and he could do whatever he wanted to her.

Savage approaches his bound slave with his riding crop. At first the crop caresses, teases her breasts, hard nipples, inner thighs, and then the crop teases and taps on her totally shaved pussy. Donielle moans nicely. Then the leather flap at the end of Rick's crop begins a gentle, but rapid pussy spanking. Occasionally Rick pauses to slide the shaft of the crop between her wet lips. He drops the crop and uses his bare hand to suddenly smack Donielle's vulnerable pussy. Then another. And now we have a hot barehanded pussy spanking in process. The crop, the bare hand, the shaft passing between her lips. Donielle's moans tell us that she is enjoying this pussy torture segment of her S&M journey. Time for Rick to abuse those LONG pussy lips. The master now places sturdy plastic clothespins on both Donielle's outer and INNER labia. Then....his fingers play with the clothespins that are brutally pinching that most sensitive part of the female anatomy.

Spanking and other various forms of ass punishment are next on the menu. Our still blindfolded Texas pain slut is bent of the back of a chair, shaped like a high heel shoe. Rick begins with barehanded spanking, but soon graduates to flogging our hot brunette's ass with his favorite leather flogger. Then....Rick's riding crop inflicts it's punishment upon Donielle's now red ass.

After more bare hand spanking, flogging and ass cropping, Donielle is released and tied to a 4-poster bed. Her ankles are pulled up over her head and tied to the tops of the posts behind her. With ball gag in place the pussy torture and asshole torture commences as Master Rick uses his small, RUBBER flogger to flog her totally vulnerable, totally shaved pussy AND her asshole. Mixing pleasure with her pain, Rick occasionally applies a vibrator to her pussy. Then, the pussy torture is taken to another level as sturdy plastic clothespins are attached to her labia and the vibrator is used to bend and play with the clothespins.

What follows is the most interesting bondage position I've ever seen involving a 4-poster bed. It might just be easier to look at it than read my description, but....with ball gag still in place, Donielle's hands are tied to the posts near her feet. She is then rolled up onto her shoulders so that her legs drop to the bed OVER her head. Her ankles are then tied to the bed at the opposite end of the bed as her hands? Can you picture it? In any case, Donielle's asshole is left pointing towards the ceiling. Rick now uses his steel, Wurtenberg pin wheel to torture her pussy AND her asshole. Again, the vibrator provides some release while the asshole torture and the pussy torture continue. Then, harsh forceps are attached to each pussy lip. The forceps are tied to our Southern Belle's thighs, painfully pulling her pussy wide open. And pussy torture........continues.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Donielle

Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 8

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 8
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Studio: British Discipline
Bare Bottom Brits Volume 8 brings you five scenes of naughty school girls misbehaving. They will receive punishments of over the knee spanking, bend over spanking and caning. Jodie seems to have an innocent school girl look but has to have her bottom spanked for being late in scene two. It is a pleasure looking at their cherry red bottoms!

Stars: Jodie

School Girl Bound and Spanked

Video: School Girl Bound and Spanked
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This school girl has been a naughty girl...and her master has decided to teach her a lesson. He makes her face the wall with her hands braced against it while he slaps her little derriere. Then he decides that that's not good enough; so he binds her to a table that holds his spanking equipment for a better angle while she's disciplined. After spanking her bottom with all of his paddles and her bottom is cherry red - he makes her stand in the corner of the room to think about her actions!

Chair domination Pt6 – Dildo in holes MQ

Medium version: He tied me to the chair with a colored belt so that my pussy and ass were exposed to fucking. He heated my pussy and ass with a few strokes and then he fucked me with a dildo. The dildo vibrated in my pussy and the Wanachi massager on my clit. Then he inserted the dildo into my asshole and I knew that I would come soon...

Spank Suck, Spank Fuck – part 1 – Realmedia

Jeannine calls her little sissy servant girl and has her crawl around the floor and purr like a little sex kitten. Then she comes over and sucks mistress Jeannine's cock. Although Jeannine is nice and hard and enjoying the blow job she is not distracted form the fact that Janet needs to be punished. Jeannine bends this little whore over her knee and pulls Janet's skirt up exposing her naked ass. Janet gets a stinging open hand spank and Jeannine spits into her ass hole and fingers it telling Janet how she is going to get fucked when her punishment is over.

Angela’s Fact And Fantasy

Video: Angela's Fact And Fantasy
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Studio: Moonglow
Sixth former Angela is a crazy mixed up kid. At her college, Oscar the caretaker is responsible for corporal punishment. Angela calls him uncle and has fantasies about him. When she has to report to him for punishment, her fantasies run into overdrive. In her room, playing with herself naked on the bed, she imagines what is to come, but very much her own version.

A little later, she is in Oscar's sitting room for some real spanking and caning. There, to her horror, is the tuck shop owner, from whom she stole some sweets, waiting for her. Oscar spanks her in front of the shop owner, then both of them apply a range of paddles across her shapely bottom.

Finally it is the cane from Oscar. Back in her room, naked on the bed again, her fantasies go back into overdrive. She imagines calling out to Oscar to spank her again, saying that he did not do a very good job. Finally her mind really becomes truly imaginative as she goes into a bondage fantasy, spiced up with candles. How long will it be before she gives Oscar more reason to chastise her?

English Punishment Series #17

Video: English Punishment Series #17
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Studio: California Star Productions
Global Warming

Baby Nice and Posh Nice are going far, with high record sales and a sold out tour. But when their Manager finds out that they are dealing with the boss of Global Records behind her back, she is infuriated. The boss is also disgusted by their treachery, and the two of them go to sort them out. The girls are shocked to learn their fate sound beating from both their Manager and the record company boss. A series of spankings ensue, followed by fierce strappings and canings, with the girls squealing, as only professional singers can. It's not long before both girls are naked with very, very red and sore bottoms.

Property Punishment

Sam and Nina are interrupted by an Estate Agent concerning their mortgage records. Sam is no stranger to getting away with this and has made arrangements with the building society manager, and insists that they might be able to perform sexual favors for the Estate Agent. Having never been spanked before they are quite nervous when the Agent dashes out to collect her tools. Nina is first and after a firm hand spanking her eyes are as red as her bottom. Then Sam takes her place over the Agent's knee and is treated to a beating. Nina is a contortionist and is put in extremely unusual positions. The punishment she receives of spanking and caning is most severe.

Eviction Order

Jane is keen to sell her empty house to Gwyneth, but she warns her that it's not the best state before taking her on a tour. Gwyneth is very impressed by the indoor pool and is eager to see the rest of the building. But, they find a scantily dressed young woman asleep in the master bedroom. Realizing that the young woman has been squatting on the property, a terrible row ensues. However, there is a solution! The two women go downstairs to collect some punishment implements, and it is not long before the young squatters' behind is glowing red from the punishment that they give her. Spanking, paddling and caning are involved in her punishment. But there is more to the story, there is another young woman hiding out, watching the action. When she is found, the punishment with the cane teaches her a very valuable lesson.

Caning International - Part 1

Mary's intentions were very honorable when she decided to go to Africa, working as a Missionary. However, she has a very weak side when it comes to sex. This shows in the inappropriate way that she dresses, and in the fact that she has been fornicating with the local Chief's son. This became the last straw for the Director-In-Charge of the Missionaries. Mary was summoned and punished with a spanking on her bate bottom before being stripped naked for a tawsing and a caning with the implement kindly provided by the Chief himself.

Caning International - Part 2

A refugee sees no harm in flirting with one of the aid workers. On a recent inspection, it is discovered that she has a large hoard of food. She is summoned before the Director lectured and then beaten on her bare bottom. She is reluctant to tell the Director where it was that she acquired the contraband food. But the many cane strokes across her bare bottom soon starts to make her tongue wag.

Defenseless suspended

Joachim slave is chained to the ceiling. So suspended defenseless he now strikes with the whip ... 5/43 Wehrlos aufgehngt Sklave Joachim wird an die Decke gefesselt. So wehrlos aufgehngt bekommt er nun Schlge mit der Gerte... 5/43

Discipline In Russia Volume 20 – Terrorists In Russia

Video: Discipline In Russia Volume 20 - Terrorists In Russia
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
This story is based on the facts of a real tragedy, which took place in 2007 in Moscow with the family of a Siberian magnate. His daughter and her friend were kidnapped in the daytime. Both girls were taken to an apartment on the outskirts of Moscow and were forced to undress in front of terrorists--a gang of professional sadist interrogators from the Chechnya Republic. They were then systematically subjected to shameful torture, consisting of whippings to their bare naked bodies until they agreed to call their father to beg him to pay a ransom for their release. Severe beatings left the girls' ravaged to submission.



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