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Apprentice Part 1

Video: Apprentice Part 1
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Studio: Elite Pain
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A special release of the EliteClub Series, Apprentice Part 1 features torture and sexual humiliation of three young girls. These tortures are all performed by the MASTER of the EliteClub (only M/F punishments). The first girl receives clamps and electicity on her most sensitive body-parts; the second girl is sexually humiliated, strapped with the large Texas Prison Strap while her tits are severly flogged. The last girl is tied to a whipping post, and receives a full body whipping with different type of whips. You will see real tears on all three of their faces!

Stars: Jessica Lee, Jenny Greschienko, Avril Gavach, Jennifer Malovich, Mistress Cathy, Timothy Larotte, Max Lomp

Brat Whack

Video: Brat Whack
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Studio: Shadow Lane
A hardworking businesswoman (Gretta Carlson) finds her daughter lazing around in pajamas mid morning instead of attending her college classes. Plus Julie is rude and demands her allowance. Realizing her daughter is spoiled rotten; Mrs. Manner takes immediate action and gives the badly behaved babe the spanking she deserves. A second (hard hair brush) spanking is administered to the adorable but oh so naughty Julie, after her mother discovers all manner of illicit items in her baby's purse. The exciting and vivacious production marks Gretta's triumphant return after a 9 year absence from videos. She looks and sounds totally convincing as the little blonde's concerned and loving parent, administering the strict bare bottom discipline her bad girl so richly deserves. Fantastic spanking action highlights this domestic scene.

Julie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body and flirtatious ways. But one afternoon, she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. It's the last straw as far as Rick is concerned and he takes her over his knee to air his displeasure, via a very hard spanking, starting on her skirt, progressing to her cute panties, then vigorously proceeding to her beautiful, curvaceous bare bottom. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand.

Finally, Julie agrees to let him see her completely nude for the first time. She strips off her clothes and shows off her natural charms to her sweetheart, but then continues to tease him, allowing her hand to brush against the front of his pants, as though by accident. But she doesn't let him touch her in return. More teasing results in more spanking. And though she never yields all to her ardent admirer onscreen, she does get an even redder bottom for driving a pretty nice boyfriend crazy.

This video introduces two delightful new talents to Shadow Lane viewers, the exquisite Katherine St. James and her big, strapping, forceful, traditional and extremely articulate 22 year old top Kyle Johnson. Together they are dynamite in a classically provocative scenario that features the fully nude spanking of a cute, small girl with a very large tolerance for pain.

Stars: Gretta Carlson, Katherine St. James, Kyle Johnson

Porn Magazines

Video: Porn Magazines
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Simone is caught in her wicked way s again! This time she's caught reading a porn magazine by the school disciplinarian, Michael. He turns her nude body over his knee and begins her punishment. He starts off by whacking her bottom with just his hand. But when she starts to struggle against him, he makes her get on all fours so that she's in the perfect position for his whip to kiss her bottom! Will this spanking teach this naughty girl her lesson?

Stars: Michael, Simone

Beschimpfungen und Ohrfeigen

Sklave Matthias wird von Herrin Gina besonders freundlich empfangen: Sie begrt ihn mit Beschimpfungen und Ohrfeigen. Der Wurm kann kaum reagieren, da findet er sich gefesselt und geknebelt auf dem Strafbock wieder, und was ihn dort erwartet gefllt dem Jmmerling gar nicht... 6/9

Spank Suck, Spank Fuck – part 2 – Divx

Janet's punishment continues with very hard strap blows and then Jeannine has her transsexual sex slave suck her cock again. Jeannine has Janet get her throbbing cock all wet and slobbery. Then Jeannine gets up and turns her ass to Janet and has her lick and suck her asshole. Jeannine grinds her bubble butt into Janet's face. Janet alternates between sucking Mistress Jeannine's cock and then licking her asshole.

Cheaters Get Spanked

When Sierra catches her lover cheating there is hell to pay. She benders her over the and rams her with a large dildo while spanking her bare ass. She mercilessly spanks her pussy with the dildo. She spanks her to tears and beyond as her big cute ass gets repeatedly whacked. She begs and pleads to no avail. Traci cries and cries but Sierra won't stop spanking her. Available soon FROM WELLSPANKED.NET.

Spank Suck, Spank Fuck – part 3 – Wmv

Jeannine is going over Janet's sex training. Starting with sucking her dick as position number one, Jeannine calls out a number and then fucks Janet in that position. Jeannine alternates from fucking her sex slave hard to spanking her just fucked little ass. Jeannine takes Janet back over her knee and spanks her hard turning Janet's checks a bright red. Then Jeanine has a little talk with Janet while she pulls and squeezes her slaves little transsexual nipples.

Zen and the Art of Spanking II: Ass Fucked and Caned

Shy is back and hasn't mended her naughty ways. Her boss decides to teach her a serious lesson with the cane and the strap. Swatting her bare bottom until she is crying uncontrollably. He then bends her over his knee and spanks her bottom unmercifully. Then when she thinks it is all over he makes her take his dick in her tight little ass. Very hard spanking action and butt fucking.

A Terrible Week

Video: A Terrible Week
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Simone is sent to Michael, the school disciplinarian, after misbehaving all week long. This time she's been sent to him for skipping classes earlier this week and now she's sent to him for not doing her homework! He wastes no time putting this mischievous girl over his knee to spank some sense into this girl! Next, Simone gets a caning for not obeying the dress code and sent to the corner to think about her naughty actions afterwards!

Stars: Michael, Simone

Hot Young Latina Submission Bondage & Torture

Video: Hot Young Latina Submission Bondage & Torture
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Hot young chica, Madison, a secretary of Puerto Rican descent, has written a message to asking if she can appear in one of his bondage videos. And here she is. Madison tells us she is 21-years-old and has enjoyed B&D with a couple of friends in the past, but she has never worked in a bondage video. When she mentions that she works as a secretary, Rick ponders, "We seem to get a lot of secretaries who enjoy S&M, B&D. Why do you suppose that particular occupation tends to produce so man bondage sluts?" Through her sweet smile Madison offers, "Well, as a secretary I'm always being bossed around, told what to do. And I guess if I'm going to be good at my job, it would be good for me to be obedient." Madison now confesses that she'd much prefer working as a slave in a dungeon than work as a secretary in Ohio.

Well...Master Rick will just have to put her to the test. He instructs her to take off her skirt. She obeys, and he admires her sexy, sheer white thong. He instructs her to lift up her top and show him her tits. And wow, what firm, full, natural boobs topped with very erect nipples. Our hot young Latina is given leather wrist restrains and told to put them on. Next Madison is affixed to a St. Andrews cross, facing the cross so Rick can begin her pain test with a back and buttock flogging, and WOW, what a firm, succulent tushie she brings to the dungeon. Using one of his heavier floggers, Rick begins the flogging gently but quickly builds up to hard blows. When the flogger nails her in the ass, the butt globe jiggling is simply beautiful. After a sound flogging, Rick takes Madison off the cross, and instructs her to kneel, and pull her panties down to the tops of her stockings. She obeys. She is instructed to place one hand over her pussy and press gently. She is instructed to close her eyes. Master now tells his new slave to share with us a description of one of her personal bondage episodes. NOT a fantasy. Rick wants her to share something real from her life. Maddy's tale of her first B&D experience, involving complete nudity and rough sex on a moonlit night on a golf course should get a rise out of any man with a pulse.

Rick now ties Madison's hands behind her back and uses another rope to pull her elbows closer together. Her ankles are tied together, knees tied together. A ball gag is tied into our new slave's mouth. Rick bunches Madison's sheer panties together and pulls them up between her moist, shaved pussy lips. A rope is wound around the front panel of the panties, then up around her waist, so the rope really "hoists" her "panty wedgie" up into her pussy. Madisons' perky, firm breasts are now about to experience one of Rick's favorite types of torture - bare handed tit torture. He stands behind her, and immediately squeezes deeply into Madison's gorgeous boobs. She winces, as the pain is acute. Rick now decides on a very strange way to "warm up her tits." He SOUNDLY flogs them with his leather flogger. The site of those Jell-O boobs jiggling is more than Savage can resist, so he blends some hard, barehanded tit-spanking into the flogging. Young maddy's boobs now experience an odyssey of pain as Rick flogs them, spanks them, squeezes them, pinches her hard nipples and pulls them upwards. Tit torture fans will surely love this severe, "organic" form of tit torture. With her tits red from the spanking and flogging, Rick focuses in on SERIOUS barehanded tit torture, squeezing brutally deep into her tits. Madison appears to have very sensitive nipples, so Rick applies a very sturdy set of nipple clamps, then....leaves Madison alone in her bondage for 30 minutes to enjoy her pain.

Upon returning to the dungeon, it's time for the spanking, butt punishment portion of our young Latin slave's "test." Rick affixes her hands to a spanking horse and warms up her firm young butt cheeks with the leather flogger, then enjoys a good barehanded spanking. The camera excellently captures the gorgeous jiggling of her ass flesh with each spank from the master's hand. After a hard spanking, Rick uses a sturdy leather paddle to continue in Madison's "ass test." Again, the camera captures all the butt jiggling action as Savage really reddens that gorgeous young ass of hers.

For the next portion of Madison's "audition," rope bondage is used to secure her in a very vulnerable position. She is placed on her back on a bondage table, her thighs tied to her ankles and her knees tied to the sides of the table so that her legs are held wide open. Another rope serves as a "picture frame" for her glorious tits and also binds her arms behind her back. The ball gag remains tied into her mouth. The camera begins on a close up of her totally bald, wet pussy and we realize that pussy torture will be the next flavor of B&D to be experienced by young Madison. Rick uses his bare hands to pull her tender twat open and my, how wet it is. Sturdy wooden clothespins are now affixed to her pussy lips, and duct tape is used to tape the clothespins to her inner thighs. Maddy is NOT very comfortable, so Rick uses a very strong, antique vibrator to press against the clothespins and her clit. Several minutes of this pussy torture/pleasure leave the young lady quite breathless and a bit desperate. Not quite delirious, but....close.

Next, Madison is introduced to needle play, as her tit torture takes a more serious turn in the road. Totally nude accept for her stockings and heels, Madison is tied to a small chair. Her rope bondage still encompasses her breasts and holds her hands behind her back. She is blindfolded. Rick doesn't want his new young slave to be scared by the site of the needles approaches her pretty tits. With more than a dozen needles laid out before him, the Master slowly begins inserting them into Madison's beautiful boobies. Some needles are inserted quickly, but...some are pressed against her tender young breasts and...pushed in s-l-o-w-l-y. Madison gasps as each sharp needle punctures the surface of her tits. In short order, her stunning boobs begin to look like pin cushions. Rick has one needle left. A gentle poke here, a poke there, he drags it gently across her tit, teasing. Where to insert it? The anxious look on Madison's face is priceless, as she holds her lips pursed, yet slightly open, waiting....waiting....for that final prick. It arrives. She gasps. Rick's camera now explores his creation. Finally he informs her, "Report to work tomorrow if you still want the job." Her breasts adorned with needles, Madison smiles and says, "Yes, Master."

Stars: Madison, Master Rick Savage



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