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Maid For Punishment

Video: Maid For Punishment
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Mr. Kelley is the persnickadiest client on their list. If work is done to his standards, he rewards the maid with a nice tip. If the job is not up to snuff, Mr. Kelley turns to a time honored discipline method for girls: spankings!

None of the maids want to draw Mr. Kelley's house, but someone must go there every week. Usually, the other maids assign the newest girl to the job, sort of a "hazing"ritual for them.

This week, it's newcomer Liz Beth. Liz Beth is unaware of the strong possibility of spankings, So she takes no special precautions, or makes no special effort to accomplish the level of cleaning demanded by Mr. Kelley.

In Fact, she falls asleep during her shift. None of the chores have been done. Only some minor cleaning and straightening took place in the kitchen and bathroom. The carpets haven't been vacuumed yet.

Liz Beth is now about to find out about what sleeping on the job at Mr. Kelley's house earned her. After explaining his position, Liz Beth agrees to the punishment, and is promptly placed over his lap for a bare fanny whacking. This fair-skinned girl's ass starts turning a glowing red very soon.

Later, she's led to the garage, and placed over a motorcycle! Then Mr. Kelley pulls out his trust spanking paddlem and drives some serious swats home.

She howls in pain, but Mr. Kelley knows she needs every blast. To embarrass her further, he place the girl on the floor and instructs her to raise her legs up to her shoulders, exposing not only her pretty tight pussy, but also her now welted ass.

As she holds her legs in place, Mr. Kelley blasts more paddle swats into her searing cheeks, adding more deep red blotches to her bottom's flesh. Mr. Kelley even introduces Liz Beth to the business end of a hand broom, whacking it's thick wooden back across her punished rear.

Punished Girl

Video: Punished Girl
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Studio: 6666 Productions
She's instructed to put on her schoolgirl outfit and then go see the disciplinarian. The young woman is bent over and her ass is given the punishment that she deserves. First she's taken over the knee and spanked soundly. She is then given the paddle. Finally the blonde spanker pulls out a cane and puts the final touches on the young woman's red ass.

Traditional College Punishment Classic Series #6

Video: Traditional College Punishment Classic Series #6
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two young co-ed have been ditching their gym class. This callous disregard for authority is not to be tolerated at St. Margurette's. These girls are immediately put on a special training program to instill obedience. They are made to perform rigorous calisthenics under special supervision. When their performance is not satisfactory, they are subjected to spankings and canings on their bare bottoms. Tears of regret bare silent witness to the effectiveness of these rather harsh disciplinary procedures. Their throbbing red buttocks serve as a remainder of the consequences of disobedience.

Paddle Perfect

Video: Paddle Perfect
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Watch the perfect paddling done on this attractive blonde. She's in big trouble as she attempts to clean up spilled nail polish on a table top. She will have to pay the price. And she does. Using a paddle and a belt and being bent over his knee she gets a good spanking. I'm sure she'll be much more careful when doing her nails.

Punish A Thief

Video: Punish A Thief
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Studio: California Star Productions
Young school girls are disciplined with loving pain as they get their asses spanked, whipped and caned. The young school girls willfully succumb to their teachers desire to "set them straight," offering no resistance and accepting the painful discipline they deserve. It pays to be the teacher's pet.

Blonde Ass Turns Red

Video: Blonde Ass Turns Red
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Studio: 6666 Productions
Join this hot young blonde as she plays with herself on the couch, she fingers her shaved pussy vigorously until she is disturbed by a knock on the door. The guy knocking is angered because he came home to find the door locked so he's forced to knock. Upon being let into the house he must discipline the blonde for locking him out so he spanks her, even taking her over his knee, beating that cute ass until it glows bright red.

Spanked On Arrival

Video: Spanked On Arrival
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Studio: California Star Productions
Jim hated going to the airport as it was, but driving around and around looking for his niece infuriated him even more. She had been given specific instructions to be outside the airport, but there was no sign of her anywhere. "There she is...Come on Jamie...I could spank you here and now. I can see why you have been sent to me...get in the car...I can't wait to get you home...The trouble and inconvenience you have caused me already...You will not start your first day without respect for me." Jamie was nervous. She had been informed that her Uncle Jim was a very stern man who would not put up with any nonsense and just looking at him confirmed these rumors. Jamie learns that even at nineteen, she is not too old to learn respect for both Uncle Jim and her parents after his bottom burning administrations!

Stars: Carolyn Marvin, Kenneth Carpenter

Detention House 1

Video: Detention House 1
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Studio: RGE-Films
Do you consider our production too meek? Or do you miss some of your favorite themes, which have not appeared in our movies yet?

Now you can enjoy an extraordinary spanking movie, taking place in a strict detention house. Prepare yourself for big servings of nude girls, degradation of all sorts and - as always - vigorous spanking of nice girls' butts.

The schoolgirls are lined up under strict supervision of their preceptress - a striking redhead. Their innocent faces clearly show their fear of what will come, of upcoming punishment and ignominy. The Headmistress walks in. The girls stand tight and we learn what their transgression was. They were caught all in one bed after the lights-out. The slippery educator not only wants to punish them, but primarily to disgrace and spatter them. And, we must say, she is good at it. Gradually, the girls get naked and are forced to confess that they caressed each other in bed. Although it was not the truth, they were only cold, the educator has her own truth and holds onto it.

And then comes the verdict. They will be spanked over their buttocks and thighs. The harshness of the punishment, 50 strokes, strikes them instantly. They have to admit their masturbation activities and confirm that they broke their virginity themselves.

The girls are then beaten, one after another gets her 50 strokes over the knees. Exposed private parts are cruelly mutilated. The girls cry and try to avoid the blows, without success. Cruel educator has no mercy... If you thought this was the end, you were wrong. The worst is yet to come.

Are you interested? Has the movie struck some of your fantasies, or do are you simply want to enjoy such scene?

Believe us - you definitely should watch this movie!

Caught & Spanked

Video: Caught & Spanked
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Rules are more strict at a construction site than at the Vo Tech School. These female students are about to painfully discover this fact when they visit a site for on-the-job- experience hey listen to their foreman, then try to do their jobs. Everything goes just fine, until their horseplay gets out of hand. That's when Foreman Keith decides he's had enough, and that it's time to punish them with some good, old fashioned spanking! One by one they must drop their draws and panties, and bend over the knee of the angry construction worker .Their firm and tight asses get strong butt warming thought the embarrassing punishment session. Although their bottoms are becoming fiery red, Keith is not nearly finished .Handling the girl a piece of scrap lumber .He instructs the girl to make a wooden paddle. Once it's complete the punishment begins again. Each girl receives several no nonsense whacks and while they twist turn and moan they cannot escape this foreman's brand of on the job discipline .Later bone sassy girl decides to take revenge on the Foreman Keith by destroying by destroying part of the construction site .When she's caught she finds herself back over the knee of the knowledgeable foreman after hours for one of the longest hardest bare-bottom hand spankings ever caught on tape.

Stars: Keith

New Fetish Maid

Video: New Fetish Maid
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Studio: 6666 Productions
She's a hot maid looking for a little bit of work. She applies for a job but has she gotten in over her head? This big blonde lady is going to test out all of her maid skills, from house cleaning to pussy licking. This isn't a simple clean and sweep job. If she wants employment she's going to have to get on her hands and knees and do a little dirty work.



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