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Lady Libertine’s Dungeon Lust

Video: Lady Libertine's Dungeon Lust
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Studio: DOM Promotions
Lady Libertine is one lust Lady, her dungeons sessions are filled with passion. A passion for domination and punishment of worthless slaves and transvestites. Watch as she subjects her favourite slaves to torments with electrics and nettles then forces her transvestites to please each other, before giving them a good fucking with her trusty strap-on. In this movie, even Lady Libertine gets her own forbidden pleasures as she is worshipped and pleasured by her slaves.

Stars: Lady Libertine

Resolved By Corporal Punishment 14 – Authentic Spankings

Video: Resolved By Corporal Punishment 14 - Authentic Spankings
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Though she had just turned 18 years old, Jane had already accumulated quite a driving record. Her license had been suspended, and it was going to cost a bundle to take care of the fines and penalties, and to get her license reinstated.

We agreed to pay the fees for her, and to help her get her license back. But, of course, this young lady would have to be punished for her "juvenile" method of managing her driving privileges. Jane's tight, 18 year old tush was completely covered with red blotches right after the hand spanking began.

She howled and protested, but admitted throughout her need for such tough discipline. Next, the girl was made to stand in the center of the office, drop her panties, and grab onto her knees for a thorough, ass-blistering paddling. Tough, painful paddle blasts made her petite bottom glow brightly.

Then, after wiping away the tears, Jane was restrained -- for her safety -- by her ankles and wrists, to our caning bench. Thirty, deep wilting strokes from the bamboo spanking cane were delivered extremely harshly, and cruelly. Jane's small body jerked and convulsed as each stroke bit deeply into her ass flesh. The result was a completely damaged, bruised and welted young bottom.

Stars: Jane, Tierre Ainese

American Spanking Classics #5

Video: American Spanking Classics #5
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Studio: California Star Productions
Miss Carson ran training school for young ladies seeking position in very good households waiting on very important people with an iron hand. Her clients knew that girls from Miss Carson's establishment never made a mistake. You can imagine how angry Miss Carson was when one of her pupils did not show up for Friday's training and then had the audacity to pop in on Saturday pleading for it. Miss Carson puts her right in her place with a sound caning followed by a severe discipline with lots of spanking and more caning. The girl's painfully sore and crimson red bottom will attest to the fact that discipline will prevail.

When Justine's mother caught her smoking, she was shocked. Justine seemed to be so well adjusted, popular and so level headed. She knew she would have to handle the matter but it was no big deal. The big deal came later, when she rang the dean at school and was quite stunned to learn that Justine hadn't been attending classes. This called for drastic measures and even at eighteen Justine was not too big to be spanked. Justine, teary eyed and repentant, finds her bottom chastised by a very upset mom.

Stars: Justine, Lisa, Miss Carson

Cock Fetcher_low_res

The heavenly Mistress Ardenne returns to the dungeon to find that her Puppy Dog slave has not been a good obedient boy during her absence. No rewards or treats for this dirty mutt who is now in for some serious Femdom discipline. Enjoy!

Big Tit Submissive MILF – Bondage & Discipline

Video: Big Tit Submissive MILF - Bondage & Discipline
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Catherine, a librarian from Pennsylvania (with big tits) wants to know what it's like to be a real slave, so she writes a letter to Master Rick Savage and soon finds herself with a one-way bus ticket to New York City. In the master's dungeon, she begins her slave training. Before getting her naked, Rick puts leather restraints on her wrists and affixes them to an overhead winch. He explains the need for her total submission, her willingness to accept pain or whatever her master wants her to accept. Catherine is eager to "learn the ropes" and she agrees to submit, to be totally obedient. Rick caresses her arm, shoulder...his hand grazes across her tummy. He unbuttons her blouse to reveal big natural tits bulging beneath the confines of her sexy, lavender bra. He lowers her skirt to her thighs revealing sexy panties beneath her pantyhose. He asks her about previous S&M play and she confesses that she enjoys the occasional spanking from her boyfriend. Savage squeezes her boob, hard. He unclasps her bra and lifts it over her head. It's time for Rick's FAVORITE kind of torture - barehanded tit torture.

Savage squeezes DEEPLY into her left breast with his strong fingers. Catherine winces, cries out. He brutally squeezes her other breast, then suddenly...SMACK. A firm slap to one of her tits. Catherine is not receiving much of a gradual build up here. She is receiving a harsh tit spanking and Savage's hands are pressing deeply into her boobs, pressing the tit gland against her ribcage, rubbing it over her ribcage. Catherine is gasping in pain. Savage let's go of her big boobs and smacks them again....and again. Fans of Rick Savage tit torture will find this to be one of his better tit mashings. Rick removes her cute granny glasses and blindfolds his potential slave. Suddenly...SMACK, another harsh slap to a tit. After more nasty tit spanking, Savage uses a pair of long, sharp tweezers to tease Catherine's boobs. She gasps in fear and anticipation as Rick pokes her tits, then uses the tweezers to pinch and lift up her nipples. His camera zooms close to witness her nipple torture. Rick now presses the sharp tips of the tweezers into a boob. But....two big boobs...needs two pairs of tweezers. So, Rick picks up another identical pair and abuses both nipples and and both big tits with the points of both tweezers.

Catherine has been instructed to hold her legs apart so that her skirt does not fall to the floor, but....she loses her concentration and drops her skirt. Rick informs her, "Disobedience is either met with punishment, or we just send you home. Do you want to be sent home?" A breathless Catherine pleads, "no," so Master Rick brutally twists, squeezes and smacks her wonderful big jugs. Rick now slides her pantyhose and panties down to her thighs and uses his riding crop to whack her shaved pussy several times. He is now going to leave Catherine alone in the dungeon to meditate on her vulnerability, but first, he applies very sturdy wooden clothespins to her erect nipples and shaved labia. Upon his return to the dungeon, Master Rick strips Catherine naked, puts her pantyhose back on and ties a ball gag into her mouth. He affixes Catherine to the large "Catherine's Wheel," facing the wheel so he has easy access for the ass punishment he will now inflict. Her pantyhose are pulled down to just below her buttocks. After soundly beating her jiggling ass cheeks with one of his heavy floggers, Rick administers a hard, barehanded spanking. Occasionally, after a very hard spank, he will grab a big piece of her stinging ass flesh and pinch it hard. When he deems it time to give the palm of his hand a break, Savage breaks out the heavy artillery, a harsh leather paddle and one of his sharp bear claws. Again and again, Rick smacks her ass with the paddle, then rakes the stinging flesh with the sharp bear claw, occasionally poking her red butt cheeks with the points of the claw.

Catherine's introduction to the world of B&D continues with some insanely tight breast bondage. Catherine, completely nude, except for her black high heels and a blindfold now sits on a simple chair on the front edge of a stage. Using bright, purple cord, Savage binds Catherine's natural big boobs incredibly tight in a circular fashion. Her boobs turn purple and look like water balloons about to burst. Rick's camera views her tits from every possible angle. Knowing they're throbbing, he reaches in and squeezes them with his bare hands. It's now time for the long, sharp tweezers to make their return. Now that her boobs are swollen and engorged, they are MUCH more sensitive to the sharp tips of the tweezers. Her yelps and cries are music to our ears as Savage pokes her purple balloon boobs with the sharp tips.

Suddenly Rick abandons the tweezers and smacks Catherine on her bare pussy. Her natural reaction is to pull her legs together. Rick commands her to hold her legs wide open and NOT to close them. He now administers a pussy spanking. He warns her NOT to let her legs close on threat of punishment, and at the same time, increases the severity of the pussy spanking. It's fun to watch our poor girl struggle to be obedient and keep her legs open wide when the natural reaction is to close them. Finally, as a "reward," Rick affixes huge rat traps to each swollen pussy lip and tells Catherine he will permit her to meditate on her pain for half an hour.

Slave Catherine's final "test" is a very painful rope bondage position. Her big boobs have STILL not been untied, so they are now seriously purple. Rick puts Catherine in a kneeling position on the large bondage table and binds her thighs to her shins. A crotch rope passes between her wet pussy lips and attaches to the overhead framework of the bondage table. The rope is pulled tight, cutting deeply into her wet slit. Her tits are purple and swollen. Her nipples are dark and swollen. One can't imagine that those nipples could bear the pain of any type of clamp. But then....not everyone has the imagination of the devious Master Savage. Rick affixes sturdy clothespins on each nipple and informs his new slave that once again, he is going to leave her alone in the dungeon in this miserable position to meditate on her pain. But first, the lens of his camera captures his sculpture of bondage and pain from many angles.

Catherine, the librarian from Pennsylvania has proven to be an incredible pain slut and a very worthy slave. To see more of her, check out Rick Savage Pussy Torture, 7, on this same studio.

Stars: Master Rick Savage, Slave Catherine

Spanking Vol. 03

Video: Spanking Vol. 03
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Studio: William Higgins Productions
These lads are in need of some serious discipline. Watch a couple of wayward twinks get beaten on their bare bottoms by their priest for jerking off. Their punishment requires spankings strokes of a cane and strokes of a cock. There's also a muscular cadet that submits to OTK, some harsh caning and some slapping of his cock, ouch! Watch these horny young studs learn their lesson and walk away with some stinging red butts.

Stars: Jirka Gregor, Zdenek Langer, Szolon, Jiri Cepila, Martin Bogdan, Mirek Voight, Risa Kraus, Ondra Rehart

Spank My Ass

Video: Spank My Ass
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Studio: All Worlds Video
A Projex Video double feature...two full length videos now on DVD! Hard-bodies, crimson 'n stinging butt cheeks, rock hard dicks, muscled military guys, and aroused libidos--a volatile mix that leads inevitable to red hot man-to-man sucking and fucking! Discipline and frenzied dickin'...just the way they like it--nice 'n piggy!

Stars: Sam Dixon, Dean Maxwell, Tony Acosta, Jirka Kalvoda, Jarda Kolar

Cheerleader Spanking At Central State

Video: Cheerleader Spanking At Central State
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Just because they're cheerleaders - the elite at any school - doesn't mean they can get away with anything they want. When these snotty girls practice, they find out that being the cutest girls in school won't protect them from their coach.

Ms. Sueck is tired of these girls' attitudes, and decides to do something about it. Both naughty girls are forced to take down their panties for hard, bare-bottom spankings. When it seems that this harsh punishment is not enough, she makes each girl bend over a stool for an intense whacking with a wooden ruler.

The girls cry out in pain as every blow blisters their already reddened asses. The humiliated girls begin plotting their revenge while in the showers, comforting each other's stinging bottoms. They decided to get the coach in trouble with the principal by planting dope on her desk. Their plan succeeds.

Coach Sueck is given an embarrassing and painful over-the-knee spanking. The girls watch gleefully through a window as Ms. Sueck's ass reddens under the principal's hand. Their pleasure, however, is short-lived.

Their plot uncovered, the girls are dragged nude from the shower for simultaneous nude spankings! This movie features some of the hottest scenes we've ever shot! This is a movie NOT to miss! You'll drop your jaw as we spank their bottoms RAW!

Sitting Pretty & English Beauty 2

Video: Sitting Pretty & English Beauty 2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Two babysitters are found having lesbian sex by the untimely arrival of the Fosters from their dinner engagement. They find them in compromising positions and their baby is in obvious disarray upstairs.

Furious, Mrs. Foster threatens to tell the girls' parents. A good spanking and paddling follows for both girls. The husband is in suck an excited frenzy that he too issues them a brutal paddling. They are made to watch each other take humiliating canings. Babysitting is indeed a serious business, and these girls won't be sitting for some time!

Sula’ s Painful Punishment

Video: Sula' s Painful Punishment
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sula lives with a close friend of her fathers, "Sir Nik". When she is going out the door, he stops her and asks why her school keeps calling him. Sula has been screwing in class. Nik decides some corporal punishment is needed, with a good old fashioned spanking. It's either this or a phone call to your father he explains. Sula chooses the punishment, and a painful punishment she receives. Nik starts off with some over the knee hand spanking, then moves quickly to the leather strap and then some wood paddles. The following day Nik picks up Sula from school, and this time the school has threatened to kick her out. Sula knows she will be punished hard and takes a good thrashing before receiving some very painful strokes of the cane.

Stars: Sir Nik, Sula



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