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Slave exam Pt5 HQ version

HQ version: After I repeated I want to be your slave maybe for hundred times, he gave me a gag and ordered me to dance for him. So I danced and he spanked me with his belt. Then he put an inflatable plug in my pussy and forced me to dance with the thing inside. He turned on vibrations and inflated the plug on maximum. Than I had to dance with spread legs until the plug fell out of my pussy. He repeated that procedure for three times while I went on with the dancing....

My Naughty Daughter With Chloe Elise

Video: My Naughty Daughter With Chloe Elise
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Chloe Elise has been sitting outside in her bikini, and her mom doesn't like her provocative ways. She throws her daughter over her lap and gives her a good spanking to teach her a lesson! But when Chloe borrows her mom's clothes without asking, it's time for another butt-paddling punishment. Watch as her bare tush turns red with each whack. I bet she'll think twice before crossing Mommy and Daddy ever again!

Stars: Clare Fonda, Chloe Elise

The Reformatory

Video: The Reformatory
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Studio: California Star Productions
Four young girls at an institution for criminally and socially undesirable females are brought before a visiting governor for their part in a riot. The charges are read out and there is only one course of action for the governor. Unruly behavior of this kind will not be tolerated under his regime. Tough new measures are to be brought into force immediately. Corporal punishment will be re-introduced. Spanking, strapping and caning is to be applied to the bare bottoms of those girls who do not conform. Each girl must strip out of her uniform of blue blouse and navy dungarees. The governor performs his task with great aplomb.

Stars: Denise Lindsey, Marsha Whealon

Therapist – Doctor Spank

Video: Therapist - Doctor Spank
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Studio: California Star Productions
Our two young ladies who decide to visit Dr. Spank are both excited and perplexed. They haven't quite realized the healing powers that he can exhibit. But they will soon as both Krissy and Little Bit are methodically hand spanked and caned. Even the wooden paddle is used. It won't be long before these girls will be coming back for more!

Stars: Krissy, Little Bit

English Spanking Classics #57 – Punishment Podium

Video: English Spanking Classics #57 - Punishment Podium
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Studio: California Star Productions
A right little madam has been put in charge of finding girls for a special assignment involving spanking and caning. Her advertisement in Stage Magazine, however, doesn't clearly say what the girls are required to do. When the first woman arrives, she is put on a modeling podium for examination. The poor girl is humiliated when the madam points out that she has lied about her age on her application, "saying she is younger", and gets angry with the madam.

The madam anxious to try out some spanking and caning for the lucrative contract, and unwilling to take any of the girls lip, orders her to strip. It proves to be her lucky though, as this recruit is very much into the subject herself and is only too happy to teach her some of her methods. When a Russian girl turns up, they both smack and cane her together, changing the color of the tearful girls bottom. Meanwhile in preparation for the interview, one other girl is having her gorgeous bare bottom smacked by her man.

Naughty Schoolgirls Punished

Video: Naughty Schoolgirls Punished
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Studio: California Star Productions
Sarah and Kerry, two beautiful blonde college girls have decided to spend the afternoon drinking in one of their mother's back garden instead of performing at the school's sports gala. Mrs. Obrian can't believe it when the school calls her to tell her that the two have gone missing. On returning home, Mrs. Obrian finds Sarah and Kerry drunk and behaving very badly and orders them into the house to face the consequences of their actions. The two beautiful blondes are spanked, paddled and caned hard by the ruthless woman who clearly had quite enough of the two girl's misdemeanours as the tell tale tramlines appear on their gorgeous bare bottoms, it is made quite clear that the vodka will not be coming out for some time.

Stars: Sarah, Kerry, Mrs. Obrian

Ashley Edmonds On Spanked Sweetes

Video: Ashley Edmonds On Spanked Sweetes
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Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Ashley Edmonds is a hot blonde with nice natural average tits. She interviews about her life of various spankings and how she grew into loving them. Watch as she is spanked by a mature fully clothed woman, whose main objective is to do nothing but spank her ass until it turns a bright red. This is a hot amateur film that really hits the spot and makes you easily get off if spanking is your fetish. Get a load of these two chicks going at it!

Stars: Ashely Edmonds

Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth

Video: Sex & Spanking With Kailee & Seth
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Spanking superstar Kailee makes her hardcore debut!

Seth is annoyed with his beautiful girlfriend Kailee for flirting with other boys at the party they have just returned home from. He accuses her of disrespecting him and tells her that she needs a good spanking. Protesting her innocence, Kailee is swept across Seth's lap in her smart cocktail dress and immediately feels the impact of her sweetheart's severe hand on her bottom through the satin of her skirt. That skirt is soon pushed up to reveal Kailee's luscious backside, clad in a pair of black panties. Seth scolds and spanks Kailee hard, fully expressing his indignation at her flighty behavior.

Next Kailee's panties come down to expose her lush seat, tapering down to long shapely legs and elegant feet in sexy high heels. The tall, slim, stunning brunette is a leg and bottom man's dream with the face of a young Venus, a delicately sculpted, budding bosom and ravishingly ample behind.

Kailee takes her spanking sullenly, with pouts and frowns and then with squeals and cries. Seth is unmoved by her excuses and plays the jealous boyfriend to the hilt, belaboring her bottom smartly until she understands that she needs to give in and admit she was wrong before she can be forgiven.

After about twenty minutes of relentless hand spanking and leather paddling with a very solid paddle, Kailee finally apologizes for her slutty behavior and promises to be a good girl, her bottom much the rosier.

Their reconciliation is both romantic and erotic as hugs and kisses lead to oral sex and passionate love making. Kailee gets down on her knees to blow her guy and his meaty member feels the good of her skillful sucking and feathering tongue. Several classic positions of penetration follow, including doggy style and then with Kailee sitting on her lover's manly organ and riding it like a carousel pony. The hard cock in tight pussy action is explicit and lovely Kailee is fully nude from her perky breasts to her pinkened cheeks throughout the love scene, which concludes in mutual satisfaction.

Finally, to assert his ultimate control over his girl, Seth administers an additional, major, fully-nude spanking to Kailee, post orgasm.

Kailee is one of the most popular spanking models in the world. She wanted to make her hardcore sex and spanking debut for Shadow Lane with her real life boyfriend and that appealed to us. (It also surprised us, because Kailee has traditionally been a fairly modest performer, the butt-plug scene in "Ashley Pratt Is a Brat" being as far as she had ever gone before.)

Kailee and Seth proposed they become our "alt." (Alternative) spanking couple, as opposed to our traditional romance of discipline couple, to give their scene a different twist and one that was uniquely their own. The current generation of young spanking enthusiasts may look a little different than the baby boomers, but the attitude is basically the same, boyfriend knows best and girlfriend gets spanked. (Though Seth does divert to take Kailee by the hair, which is pretty hot.)

At 24 and 23, Kailee and Seth are the consummate young fetish couple, who play at B&D because they're into it. The loving making in this video is warm and real, with genuine hugs and kisses to sweetly counterbalance the hardcore pistoning. Gen Y embraces extremes, expressing its passion through physical means; spanking fits right into its radical mystique as does hard-hitting sex.

This serious discipline drama contains full nudity, hard, bare-bottom spanking, leather paddling, oral sex, explicit intercourse in classic sexual positions and a rousing hand spanking finale.

Stars: Kailee, Seth McCallaster

Brutal Ass Whipping_high_res

Mistress Roxy shows no mercy on her slave's yearning ass! She flogs, canes, cracks, smacks, and wacks his bright red moons until he dances in stinging rhapsody! Enjoy!

Turning The Tables

Video: Turning The Tables
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Studio: Syren Productions
This entire video is spanking, spanking, and more spanking. Bart starts out by punishing his roguish girlfriend for coming home late. He takes Gabriella, who is wearing a "way too short" plaid skirt and slutty tee-shirt, over his know for a hand spanking and then begins paddling her ass a nice shade of pink. Gabriella still has a smart mouth so Bart also flogs and canes her ass to his satisfaction. Bart finishes off Gabriella with a painful hairbrush spanking that leaves visible marks.

Don't feel too sorry for Gabriella because in the second half of the video she gives Bart three times what he gave her. This little vixen starts off with OTK spanking and paddling before making Bart bend over a table to take the cane, strap, and more paddling.

Stars: Gabriella, Bart



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