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Spankings Canings & Roses

Video: Spankings Canings & Roses
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. James' gardener is frustrated with the demanding nature of his employer. He is only at the estate one hour a week and is continuously barraged by countless items to do. Today he has been asked to prune the vines, inspect the roses, clear the leaves and repair the drain. All in one hour! Today though he decides to use his last half hour to good use, and decides to give Mrs. James something that she truly deserves. A good spanking! She is humiliatingly stripped in the back garden and put across his knee for a hand spanking. She is then taken inside for a tawsing and caning, which to his delight begins to arouse her sexual desires.


Candice, a beautiful black R&B singer, goes to her friend's Sharon's house to meet with a leading record companies new artists team. However she finds that the best way to impress these music experts is less with her voice and more with the amount of caning and spanking she can bear. So her friend Sahron decides to spank and can her to insure that when the executives arrive she will be well versed.

Stars: Candice

Tender Love – A Spanking Love Tail

Video: Tender Love - A Spanking Love Tail
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Studio: California Star Productions
Alice and her husband "Master Liam" have a fantastic relationship. Liam loves to give a nice hard spanking from time to time, and Alice in turn loves to receive one! These two are just perfect for each other. In this film you will witness an excellent thrashing! We're talking, O.T.K., paddles, straps, leather, wood, and few canes! So please sit back, relax, and enjoy as this love unfolds.

Stars: Master Liam, Alice White

Chelsea Spanks: Veronica & Sinn

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Veronica & Sinn
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Veronica's Spanking: How do I describe spanking a woman who is one of the premiere spanking tops in the business. As a matter of fact, she's probably my main rival as far as being a good, strict and skilled spanker. Did this increase my pleasure at being given the opportunity and privilege of being able to spank her? That's a no-brainer. It completely increased my pleasure. Did it increase hers is probably the more accurate question...

I launched into Veronica's half-hour session a little carefully. I admit to being just a little intimidated. But, I quickly warmed to my task at hand. We were shooting at the beginning of a weekend of spanking at the Shadow Lane party and she says I ruined her behind for the rest of the weekend. I didn't realize I'd ended up spanking her quite that hard. Ooops!

The spanking began with a bit of a warm up over her tight jeans. She's a real pro. She definitely knew the significance of a good pair of tight jeans. Ultimately, though, those jeans had to come down and her reaction once they did was immediate. I know she can spank every bit as hard as I can, so I really didn't want to hold back too much...

By the time we finished, I'd used a black strap, a long handled, pretty thick hairbrush and a huge, thick wooden paddle...all her own implements that she'd chosen herself. She cried!

If she didn't get to play the rest of the weekend, I say it's not MY fault...

She admitted to me later that it was one of the most intense spankings she'd ever taken. Goodness! I consider that a compliment!

Sinn's Spanking: Sinn Sage is one hot tamale! She embodies sexiness with her bodily confidence, her darling little pert breasts and that bubble bottom to die for. She's a self admitted spanking enthusiast and purely a bottom, or spankee. She said she and her boyfriend hadn't had the chance to do much spanking lately, so she was a little out of practice. I've always been able to spank Sinn as hard as I can spank without having to hold back. So, when I began spanking her as I usually do, she definitely felt it! Poor thing.

Still, by the end of her half hour, she was grinding away on my lap and panting breathlessly as much as she was crying out...the kind of reaction only a true lover of spanking could produce.

I started with my hand, of course, and then ran one of my usual gambits of implements. She took my big bath brush, my small wooden paddle, my black, steel reinforced strap and my thickest, biggest heart-shaped wooden paddle. Oh, and along the way, I managed to get her out of all of her clothes!

I can't really describe this scene any better than to say that afterward she was VERY worked up. She sat at our dining room table in a seeming spanking trance for quite a while before she was able to get herself up to go home. It was as if she didn't want to go home. She even thanked me. Again, I considered that a compliment. I don't mean to brag, believe me, I just state the truth...


Stars: Sinn Sage, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Veronica Daniels

Sharp Teeth_Mp4

Mistress Widow performs all manner of sensual tortures on Miss Mitsu's soft, supple flesh! Beware the Widow's bite as she sinks her teeth into Mitsu's delicate breasts and nipples! Extremely erotic action! Enjoy!

Sharp Teeth_low_res

Mistress Widow performs all manner of sensual tortures on Miss Mitsu's soft, supple flesh! Beware the Widow's bite as she sinks her teeth into Mitsu's delicate breasts and nipples! Extremely erotic action! Enjoy!

Railroad Office Spanking

Video: Railroad Office Spanking
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Baxter, like so many others see C.P. as the first choice of discipline for wayward employees. So when young Sophie comes to see her, complaining of financial difficulties and asking for a pay raise, she is anxious to practice on her, seeing as how Sophie's work has been quite slow and inefficient.

After speaking to a friend who works around the corner at Mr. Grimes strip club, Sophie feels that she would be better off working there. As she can make the same amount for 20 minutes worth of spanking as she can working an entire week for Mrs. Baxter.

Little does Sophie know that Mrs. Baxter and Mr. Grimes know each other quite well, and just the previous week, Mr. Grimes brought a young woman over for some discipline training. When the session was over however, Mr. Grimes left some of his implements behind.

This was most beneficial to Mrs. Baxter, because she convinced Sophie to agree to a very strong paddling and caning, in exchange for her raise in pay.

Much to Sophie's dismay, the painful punishment was so severe that her firm, round bottom became blistered after the beating.

Rick Savage Femdom: Submission To Mistress

Video: Rick Savage Femdom: Submission To Mistress
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Hot, blonde, big-titted Mistress Cristian is auditioning a new slave. He desires to worship, submit to and wait on her 24-7. She will determine if he is worthy. She orders him to take off his clothes. She makes it understood that he is there to pleasure her, to meet any and all of her demands. She orders him to move a table out of the room, but alas, her ashtray was on the table. So...his mouth now becomes her ashtray as she flicks the ashes from her cigarette into his open throat. After using Slave Jeff as a footstool, the mistress instructs him to shine her long, leather boots, using his tongue. Despite his enthusiasm, his efforts are considered inadequate. Cristian commands him to give the long heel of her boot a blowjob, to suck it deep into his throat. He obeys.

After pressing the spike heel of her boot into his nipples and genitals, Mistress gives Jeff a taste of her crop, as she beats his ass. 32 strokes. One stroke for each year of his wretched life. Jeff admits he is not enjoying the pain. Mistress informs him, "WRONG answer! You enjoy it because I am enjoying it." With his ass adequately reddened, Mistress' crop explores his cock and balls. Time to adjourn to the medical room, so they play "horsie," with our busty Mistress riding on Slave Jeff's bare back.

It appears a medical scene is in Jeff's near future, as he is informed by the mistress that he must endure a full medical exam before he can become a house slave. First, our potential slave is bent over a spanking horse for a hard caning. After his caning, Mistress puts Slave Jeff in some shibari type rope bondage, with the rope surrounding his cock and balls cinched extra tight. The CBT begins with simple squeezing of his nutsack. But after our favorite busty blonde mistress drives her Wurtenberg pinwheel across his nipples, the little wheel of pins assaults his balls and his pathetic stiff little dick.

After some excruciating nipple abuse, and with her big tits spilling over the top of her corset, Mistress encases Jeff in a black leather strait jacket, explaining, "The medical exam can be quite painful. We want to make sure that you don't move around too much." On the gyno table, this slave wannabe's feet are put in the stirrups and a spreader bar placed between his ankles. CBT appears to be part of our slave's medical exam as rope is tied tightly around the base of his balls. Mistress puts on latex medical gloves and squeezes each testicle, telling Jeff to turn his head sideways and cough. She closely examines his private parts, then begins to adorn his balls and his little hard on with lots of sturdy clothespins. Jeff winces in pain as mistress then flicks and twists the clothespins. Our slave's pain intensifies as mistress s-l-o-w-l-y removes the clothespins while asking him questions about how badly he wants to serve her. The clothespin right near the tip of his dick seems especially painful when it's removed.

After slapping the insides of his thighs, Mistress breaks out the K-y and informs him it's time for his rectal exam. Her fingers now probe deeply, twisting and turning in his asshole. I guess Slave Jeff has passed the test, because Mistress Cristian shows him a humongous dildo and explains to him that within a few months he will be taking the whole thing.

Stars: Mistress Cristian, Slave Jeff

St. Lukes Harsh Strokes

Video: St. Lukes Harsh Strokes
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Studio: California Star Productions
In "Schoolgirl Spectacular" we witnessed the harsh ways in which the Head Girl at St. Luke's dealt with wayward pupils. It's another day and Barrett decides to have Mrs. Rubaix, the janitor called into the office. The trophies for this afternoon's presentation are in disrepair and won't be back in time. Infuriated, some ruthless hand spanking is followed by numerous hard strokes from the cane. This ensures that Mrs. Rubaix will be reeling from her incompetence for several weeks afterwards.

Later that day Barrett's tennis partner, Herbert, comes to her quarters and explains that she will not be able to play with her hurt foot. Barrett is in no mood for excuses and threatens her with the cane. As Head Girl she is entitled to do as she pleases! The tearful Herbert has no option. Both her foot and bare bottom will be in pain very shortly.

Stars: Barrett, Herbert

Samara Pizza Spanking

Video: Samara Pizza Spanking
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Studio: HotOldMovies
Did anyone order a pizza? Well someone did and the delivery driver accidentally ate the pizza which made the man upset. So to pay him back for eating his dinner, he insists that the delivery woman come inside to receive her punishment. Once inside, her ass is spanked and set right on fire with a ladle.

Stars: Samara

Sklave arschgefickt – Slave fucked in the ass

Sklave arschgefickt Lady Linda in Hochform! Sie fixiert einen Sklaven auf der Streckbank, spankt ihn hart mit einem Holz und fickt ihn mit einem Dildo in den Arsch! ... Slave fucked in the ass Lady Linda in bestform ! She fixes a slave on a chair, spankes him with a paddle and fuck his little ass with a blue dildo.



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