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English Spanking Classics #55 – Sussexful Therapy

Video: English Spanking Classics #55 - Sussexful Therapy
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Studio: California Star Productions
Claire was asked to lower her knickers by the therapist, Ms. Tyler. As the therapy progressed and her bare bottom was kissed by the leather strap and the cane strange sensations throbbed through her body. It was sexual pain and pleasure together. Soon it was time for Miss Winter to experience the same type of therapy. This is what keeps her patients coming back for more!

Tricky Treat

Video: Tricky Treat
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Clare and Chelsea are about to make off for a Halloween Party. But, when Clare arrives at Chelsea's door having paraded herself through Chelsea's neighborhood in slutty little naughty nurse outfit, Chelsea takes the time to remind Clare of her manners!

Chelsea thoroughly spanked poor Clare, perhaps a tad to thoroughly. Clare feels the need for revenge, especially since Chelsea's costume isn't exactly modest, either! Clever Clare knows a hypocrite when she sees one!

Stars: Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer

Double Feature #1

Video: Double Feature #1
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Starring Georgia Gold and Nick Phoenix Georgia Gold fans will love her as the naughty blonde stripper who tries to wheedle favors out of the club manager, but winds up across his knee. Chelsea Pfeiffer and Vincent Calabrese Chelsea's talents as a natural comedienne, along with everything else, are displayed in this sketch of a reluctant figure model that frustrates the artist who hired her to pose for him at every turn. Finally, rather than tear his hair out, Vincent decides to release his tension by administering a well-earned spanking.

Stars: Georgia Gold, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Nick Phoenix

Suck His Cock Slave

Video: Suck His Cock Slave
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Studio: FemDomFilms
Slave JoJo tried to sneak out on his wife to try and find a mistress, but what he found was a true dominatrix who is ready to teach him a lesson. Bow down and worship me slave. Mistress Alexandra and her slaves Richard Steel and Jojo are making a big deal in the BDSM industry. The Mistress commands her slaves to partake in different submissive activities. There is some bootlicking, forced blowjobs being given, caning, whipping and other stuff. Watch as the great Mistress tame her pets.

Stars: Richard Steel, Mistress Alexandra, Slave JoJo

Barely 19 Spanking & Bondage

Video: Barely 19 Spanking & Bondage
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Here it is. The very first adult movie ever made by adult film star Keegan Skky. It all began with a letter to Master Rick Savage, asking "How do I get into movies." He invited her to the small town of Midland, Pennsylvania where he filmed her in 2 bondage movies. As this movie begins, Keegan confesses that she is turned on by a good spanking. So, to get things heated up, Master Rick gives Keegan an old fashioned, severe over-the-knee spanking. The spanking begins on the outside of her tight blue jeans, and soon becomes a paddling with a wooden paddle. Before Rick strips away her jeans so that he can punish her unprotected ass-flesh, he decides to use rope bondage to immobilize Keegan. He commands her to kneel in front of a chair, and put her tits on the chair. Her knees and wrists are tied to the chair. Now that his teenage slave can't possibly run away, the spanking and paddling continue. After several minutes of ass abuse, Savage slides her tight jeans down and continues his ruthless spanking through her white cotton panties. A few minutes later, the panties come down to expose Keegan Skky's flaming red ass cheeks. What to do? Why, continue spanking and paddling of course. After brutally spanking and paddling those bright red teenage ass cheeks for several minutes, Savage adds his leather flogger to the ass-beating process. Keegan gasps and moans sounding much like a woman being fucked. This is simply an amazingly severe spanking and paddling session.

Next, Keegan Skky gets dressed in a sheer pink teddy and panties and is introduced to shibari, a Japanese style of rope bondage. The thick rope crisscrosses her torso with one large knot pressing deeply into her pussy. A ball gag is placed in mouth and her teddy is pulled aside so Master Rick has unabated access to Keegan's hard nipples. Our young slave's introduction to nipple torture begins with highly erotic pinching, pulling and twisting of those hard, chewy brown nips. After adorning Keegan's natural titties with plenty of harsh wooden clothespins, Rick presses, flicks and twists the clothespins. Then, small hangman's nooses made of thin gold twine are cinched down on Keegan's hard nipples. Of course, Savage spends quite a bit of time, pulling up and down on the twine. Ouch! While pulling upwards on the twine, Savage, slowly removes the clothespins, with our young slave gasping as the blood rushes back into her tit-flesh.

Pussy torture is next on the menu. Keegan's panties are stripped away and she is tied to a chair with a spreader bar holding her legs wide open. First Savage assaults her vulnerable shaved pussy with a small RUBBER flogger. The stinging rubber strands of the flogger wander to her sensitive inner thighs but most of the blows land directly on Keegan's clit and pussy lips. Then, another new discovery for our young slave - pussy spanking. Savage administers a long, hard pussy spanking with his bare hand that leaves Keegan gasping and breathless. But Keegan's pussy torture is taken to another level when 8 sturdy wooden clothespins are attached to her pussy lips, and duct tape is used to tape the clothespins to her inner thighs, thus holding her pussy wide open for our view, while painfully pinching her delicate pussy lips. Naturally Master Rick pushes and pulls on the clothes pins to heighten her pain.

This movie, Keegan Skky's very first, introduces the young actress to pussy torture, nipple torture, rope bondage and one heckuva severe spanking. I guess she enjoyed it, because she went on to make many, many more adult movies.

Stars: Keegan Skky, Master Rick Savage

Santa Dreamin’ 2

Video: Santa Dreamin' 2
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Studio: SpankThis
Twas the night Santa was to arrive and all the twinks of Spank This were ready. Some were naught and needed to be punished, while others were nice and wanted Santa's firm hand on their bare ass regardless. Watch as Santa pleases and teases Tommy Anders, Tyler Berke, Jason Andrews and Dustin Revees.

Stars: Jason Andrews, TJ Wood, Tyler Berke, Tommy Anders, Dustin Reeves

Jail Or Slavery

Video: Jail Or Slavery
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Disliked by women and loved by men, Morgan is the kind of girl that makes some jealous and others crazy with desire. Morgan is a good girl but she has a secret. One that could get her in big trouble with the law. Her boss fnds out and he gives her a blackmailed ultimatum, Jail or Slavery. What happens when you give yourself up to a depraved bondage sicko?

Stars: Morgan March, Ogre Kabneched

Abusing Dawson

Video: Abusing Dawson
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Studio: Abused Dude Video
Dawson is a 23 yo masculine hottie with a nice lean body and big cock. First he plays the dom role when he really "goes to town" on Tristan's ass. He spanks and paddles Tristan, then pounds away while roughly fucking him. But Dawson soon finds himself submitting to Nick who tickles the stud's nice hairy pits, hard abs, big feet, cock and balls and uses his favorite prickly tool all over those same sensitive spots while the bound dudes laughs, struggles, moans and curses through the entire ordeal. In the final scene, Nick takes Dawson as his pet for the day; slowly stripping the young stud while he puts Dawson through a variety of short punishments, including nipple play, clothespins and a nude workout. Then Dawson is bound from the ceiling with his hands and feet in spreader bars. Nick takes advantage of his vulnerable position applying his favorite prickly tool all over Dawson's body and gut-punching his abs with boxing gloves. Finally Nick focuses his attention on the hung dude's nice thick, hard cock; slapping it around, sucking and stroking the big tool until Dawson shoots another big load.

Stars: Tristan, Nick, Dawson

Caned For Pleasure

Video: Caned For Pleasure
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Studio: California Star Productions
Single parent Monica is delighted when her new boyfriend Brian comes around one evening. When she sees that nothing of any importance is on the telly that evening, she takes that opportunity and tells Jemma, her college age daughter, that it's time for her to go to bed. She also tells Brian that he is in for a special treat. She leaves and returns in her old school uniform and allows Brian to spank her bottom in it!

Brian immediately rises to the occasion and notices a leather strap on the side and a thick cane. Whilst using these he hears a noise outside the sitting room and realizes that Jemma has been listening in instead of sleeping. After the sound thrashing of Monica, Jemma is summoned in and made to bare her bottom in front of Brian, and it soon meets a similar fate to her kinky Mom's. Hard caning is Brian's forte and in this film the viewers are not let down!

Stars: Monica, Brian, Jemma

Two Slaves #3

Video: Two Slaves #3
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These two slaves get their submission consensual fantasies fulfilled as they are stripped naked, ball gagged, tied up or dangling, left immobilized and tortured to the point where they can't help but cum. Leah Wilde and Lielani Li's submission is consensual but will the agony of forced pleasures become too much for these two to bear?

Stars: Leah Wilde, Lielani Li



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