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Zara Spanked: Don’t Play Around at Night in Vegas

Zara is made to strip naked, place 2 pillows on her bed and lay down over the pillows to present her bare bottom so her Sugardaddy can whip her with his belt. He administers 50 strokes of his belt to let her know that she had better not run around at night in Vegas. Although the Headmaster is Zara's Sugardaddy, he is still very strict with her, and when she disappoints him, he whips her hard!

Roped footjob Pt2 Medium version

Medium version: He told me to wank his cock with my feet. I did it obedient, gave him perfect footjob while playing with my pussy. He spanked me with the horse switch and spat on my soles to make them slidy. Then he fucked my throat and pussy roughly...

House On Punishment Lane

Video: House On Punishment Lane
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Studio: Bruce 7 Productions
In my neighborhood, you can find people who are into cars, boats, traveling, and other kinds of recreational activities.

You wouldn't expect to find a dungeon and all sorts of hot and sexy girls dressed in leather and carrying riding crops, going in and out of your next door neighbor's house. Hell, maybe he'll invite you over for some pie!

Stars: Dru Berrymore, Davia Ardell, Summer Cummings, Misty Rain, Nikki Shane, More...

Zara Learns Submission, Session 2

Zara is made to report again for another submission training session. This time she is spanked with a hairbrush and ping-pong paddle 60 times each on her bare bottom. And, again, the riding crop is used on her over 270 times, whipping, especially her pussy as she is made to keep her legs up and spread!

Roped footjob Pt2 HQ version

HQ version: He told me to wank his cock with my feet. I did it obedient, gave him perfect footjob while playing with my pussy. He spanked me with the horse switch and spat on my soles to make them slidy. Then he fucked my throat and pussy roughly...

Mistress Red Slave Training

Video: Mistress Red Slave Training
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Studio: Asphyxiation Films
Asphyxiation UK Fetish introduces Mistress Red to unsuspecting subs whose bruised backsides tremble and pulsating pussies quiver for days after they're assaulted by Mistress Red's penchant for subjecting her pupils restricted nether regions to her own BDSM curriculum.

With hard punishment and painful penetration with whips, crops, paddles, pegs, and roller spikes, cries of pain and pleasure penetrate her house of detention.

Stars: Mistress Red

Ashley Pratt Is A Brat

Video: Ashley Pratt Is A Brat
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Introducing yet another spoiled rotten Braemar girl with a total disrespect for authority. But Ashley Pratt (stunning 23 year old spanking superstar Kailee) draws a detention with the wrong teacher, as Mr. Dominick (legendary adult star, lifelong spanking enthusiast and superb top Tom Byron) knows how to deal with impertinent seniors. He makes a deal with her to wipe out Ashley's detention if she takes a good spanking instead, stipulating that it will be bare bottom and HARD. Ashley carelessly agrees, thinking nothing of it, but soon finds out that a real punishment spanking is no joke. In fact, it hurts like hell. But Ashley made a deal and twist and whimper though she will, she takes every swat on her beautiful backside like a good submissive should.

In spite of the pain and embarrassment of her first discipline session over Mr. Dominick's knee, Ashley shows up in his detention class the very next week for the degenerate delinquency of demeaning her chubbier classmates and urging them to binge and purge. Deciding that Ashley must be taught not to try to control others by showing her how it feels to be completely controlled herself, Mr. Dominick offers to erase her week of detention if she submits to a hard spanking, a strapping, a paddling, caning AND a butt plug. Ashley agrees!

Mr.Dominick insists that Ashley be totally nude for her discipline. While she doesn't like it, the sullen girl obeys, even to the point of bending over and spreading her bottom for inspection. The scenario becomes even more provocative when the determined teacher turns the recalcitrant student over his knee to push the plug up her bottom prior to her final spanking. Then the unhappy girl learns just how wrong it was to have bullied her classmates.

Spectacular corporal punishment, explicit insertion and one of the hottest dom/sub combos ever add up to an instant classic in Ashley Pratt Is A Brat.

Stars: Tom Byron, Kailee

Paraneuer: Psycho – Doktor

Video: Paraneuer: Psycho - Doktor
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Studio: Video
This German fetish movie has some great scenes with some real bondage beauties. You'll get to witness the secret whippings and paddlings forced on these obedient, submissive women. They're clamped and weighted on their breasts and still want more and they get it. When the candles come out, they whimper in pleasure as the hot wax hits their skin.

They love to be tied up and whipped by their masters, you'll love it too, welcome to the dungeon.

Ripping Yarns

Video: Ripping Yarns
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Studio: Lady Suspender
Ripping Yarns is a cliffhanger of a fetish flick. The first four scenes are filled with the sexiest vintage lingerie in all of The United Kingdom, two gorgeous women, and some amazing over the knee spankings!

For the pantyhose enthusiast out there, the girls change in and out of several sexy pairs, and there's no shortage of ripping, and plucking! In the end, the two ladies switch roles and the Dom becomes the sub. Be sure to stay tuned for Ripping Yarns 2!

Lifestyles In LA

Video: Lifestyles In LA
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Studio: Genuine Films
This chubby brunette was sitting at home minding her own business when an intruder broke in and had her perform extremely perverse acts as he forced her into submission.

Watch as he conducts sadistic torments to her nipples, crotch and ass, among others. The tears are pouring down her face, and at the end of the film she is left bruised and battered.



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