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Disciplining Betty

Video: Disciplining Betty
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Razor wants Betty to get better grades in college, but she can't seem to focus on that. She agrees to submit to discipline to help her concentrate, before realizing exactly what that means to her boyfriend. Familiar with "fun and games" style spanking, the feel of a hard and disciplinary hand on her silky smooth bottom comes as something of a shock!

Razor spanks Betty hard and scolds her roundly. But Betty is a modern girl who resents such condescending treatment and doesn't scruple to let him know this. (Since this is a spanking video, her protests are ignored. Don't try this at home - unless you're dating a fellow spanking enthusiast!)

After a not very gentle warm up, Betty's classic straight skirt is lifted and she treated to a brisk panty warming, during which the disciplinarian boyfriend barely pauses to notice the elegance of her silk lingerie combination. In due course, the voluptuous coed is stripped down to her dainty matching bra and panty, heels and hose ensemble, to receive the full measure of her strict lover's discipline. A bare bottom spanking completes the first scene and proves to the curvaceous brunette that Razor is determined to improve her academic standing by making sitting impossible for her for the next few days.

In Act 2, Betty is again, initially spanked on the seat of her evening outfit, before being reduced to garter belt, hose and high heels for a scintillating, bosom-baring spanking and paddling with the red maple heartthrob paddle. The exposure of her luscious, naturally full breasts adds intimacy and sexiness to this handsome drawing room scene, in which the carefree younger girlfriend is punished by her serious, slightly older boyfriend for running off to San Francisco for a party weekend with her friends instead of staying home and applying herself to her studies.

Clearly, Betty doesn't like her spankings but is too proud to back away from her commitment to the discipline plan. The result is a very red, well punished bottom for a lackadaisical scholar who ought to know better -- than to choose a boyfriend in The Scene!

This video features the picture-perfect positioning and vigorous corporal punishment of an exquisitely spankable young lady by a traditionally implacable young man.

Razor (32) and Betty (24) are fresh, attractive, real life spanking enthusiasts who are frequent visitors to our online members clubhouse and attend our parties. Razor has been in videos for Real Spankings and Firm Hand, on both sides of the hair brush, as has Betty, who also belongs to a touring acrobatic dance troupe. We loved her look and womanly body, which so accurately mirror the mischievous style of fetish pinup queen, Betty Page. Razor made his Shadow Lane video debut in Justice For One but is quite as interested in giving as receiving. Betty and Razor have been filmed together before, but always with her spanking him.. This was their first video in which he spanked her. To put it bluntly, Betty learned that paybacks are a bitch.

Stars: Betty Blaze, Razor Ryan

Spanking In The 21st Century

Video: Spanking In The 21st Century
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Studio: Shadow Lane
By the end of the 20th Century, genetic engineering had become commonplace. Now able to determine the sex of their offspring, the majority of American couples opted for girls. Hence, by the year 2050, the shortage of single men in the sprawling megalopolis of Los Angeles had become acute.

It was thus that a strange phenomenon took place in the spanking scene. Where once there were 2 men for every woman into spanking, now the reverse was true. And nowhere was the loss of "man power" more keenly felt than by the surfeit of female submissives - who now possessed more disposable income than ever before.

The House Of Love Pain And Fuck 8102

Video: The House Of Love Pain And Fuck 8102
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Studio: Redlight-Productions
When pleasure and pain come together with six beautiful women including Jessica Sanchez, Simona Sun and Laura Picasso, you know you're in for a XXX good time!

The Doctor ordered a prescription for pain and pleasure, and these horny sluts are in for a big dose of cock! Trust me, this movie is worth seeing.

Stars: Salma de Nora, Jessica Sanchez, Simona Sun, Laura Picasso, Freddy Monte, More...

The Spanking Professor

Video: The Spanking Professor
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Professor Woodward decides to deal with a lovesick student that's been stalking him by giving her a good spanking. Summoned to his home, Charlotte is at first delighted at the prospect of being spanked by her idol, but the moment the moment the spanking begins the coed is shocked to realize that punishment spankings hurt! This short and highly realistic scene depicts a young woman (who is definitely not in the scene) being spanked hard for the purpose of correction alone.

At the conclusion of her punishment, Charlotte is happy to promise to never stalk her teacher again. Cured of her teacher's hackles one last time by dropping several provocative remarks about his wife's reputation for being man crazy. Not only a spanking professor but also a spanking husband, the hunky educator awaits his wife return from her daily round of tennis, swimming, shopping and bridge practically with hairbrush in hand. The moment Tracie breezes in, Professor Woodard takes her to task for flirting so much around campus that even his students are talking about her. He takes issues with all of Tracie's personal trainers, sports coaches and even her bridge club being all male.

He protests her flirting around all day and playing instead of looking for a job to help with expenses. And he finally demands that his wife gives up all those frivolities, settle down and behave herself. Naturally this scolding is scoffed at by Tracy, who fails to take any of her husband's complaints seriously until he turns her over his knee. A long hard bare bottom spanking begins to convince the leggy campus flirt that her husband is sincerely disappointed in her. The subsequent strapping and paddling firmly administered to her slim and curvy bottom drive the lesson home. Tracy has no choice but to obey her husband and give up all the males in her life. (In return she is granted a reprieve about going out to find a job.)

Stars: Raven, Erica Scott, Steve Fuller

Young Starlets In Spank Ass Auditions

Video: Young Starlets In Spank Ass Auditions
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Studio: Fantasy Film Studios
Unknown to them, three young ladies submit to getting their bottoms spanked and groped by Sick Billy Bob trying to get a part in his (fictitious) play. When they first meet up with Sick Billy, His southern accent immediately puts the girls at ease.

While reading the script, he tells the girls that they aren't angry enough, and he wants to help them channel that emotion. He does so by hiking up their skirts, pulling down their panties, and spanking their virgin asses!

Stars: Cindy, Naughty Jen, Sick Billy Bob, Sierra Lovelea

Hit Parade

Video: Hit Parade
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Studio: Fetish Dreams
Spanking enthusiasts are going to love this classic footage from director Louise E. Anna. She understands that one good smack deserves another and you'll see plenty of light spanking in this Fetish Dreams film.

With two scenes of all girl ass beating, this fetish film will satisfy your desire for girl on girl light punishment.

Switch and dildo Pt1 HQ version

HQ version: I was there on my four my ass up and my mouth full of the dildo. He spanked my bottom with the switch hardly and ordered me to take the dildo as deep as possible into my throat. Then he fingered my pussy and asshole to prepare them to rough fuck

Knickers Up, Knickers Down

Video: Knickers Up, Knickers Down
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Studio: California Star Productions
Everyone must report their illness to the company doctor, but Linda has refused to do so. When the company female controller finds out, she has no other recourse but to let the authorities know. That is unless she submits to a bare bottomed spanking and caning. We soon learn what Linda has decided!

And since you've come here to see a hot chick get spanked, you're going to get just that! Only it's better because you'll see one chick spanking another! Is there anything hotter than girl on girl action?!

The Dressing Lesson

Video: The Dressing Lesson
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Studio: California Star Productions
The pretty blond is forced to strip naked by her male guardian, revealing fresh cane marks administered by her head mistress. She then has to put on her school uniform at top speed. But it's not fast enough for him and the cane whips across her bottom time and time again. Her sobbing and whimpering do not stop him from repeating the ritual.

Don't miss this classic domination film from the United Kingdom and California Star Productions.

The Victim

Video: The Victim
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Studio: Fantasy Film Studios
Long after the physical and emotional trauma of her acting audition Naughty Jen's tummy was still rumbling. See the extreme acting audition that caused Naughty Jen's upset. Plus, witness Naughty Jen's very first enema. She tries to give herself an enema, but can't get the nozzle in her asshole.

Jen calls her friend for help. Jen's friend promptly turns her over & spreads her ass cheeks. She then inserts a long white nozzle into Naughty Jen's tight little butthole. Jen is helped to the bathroom where she expels her first enema. We're sure it won't be her last.

Stars: Mrs. G, Naughty Jen, Sick Billy Bob



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