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Heather’s Punishment by Hand, Hairbrush, Holed-Paddle

As can be seen by this photo, Heather receives more harsh punishment. The bruises from the holed-paddle are evident, and she could not sit down for a couple of days without remembering her spanking! Her punishments were recorded over a period of several weeks as she is spanked 2 or more times every week, plus some "touching-ups" where just a quick 2-minute spanking of her bottom is sufficient. HOWEVER, this session demonstrates that she is frequently punished with some rather harsh spankings. Here her bottom is slapped by hand 206 times. Her hairbrush is used on her with 163 strokes. And, the dreaded Blue-Holed-Paddle is applied hard 223 times to her bare bottom! Heather knew that she had been spanked when this session was over! As almost always, Heather cried throughout her punishment. Crying is common with Heather, and here she does not disappoint her Headmaster who spanks her until she is crying.

Heather’s Weight-Control and Self-Mutilation Punishment

Heather has a problem that many girls have -- she cuts herself with razors and burns herself with cigarettes. She has lacked self-esteem and turns against herself when she becomes frustrated with herself. Her Headmaster (Master) will have none of it and is working hard to help her overcome this very disturbing problem. But, he also has to help her lose weight -- with a good spanking! He uses the paddle on her bare bottom as she leans over and grabs her ankles. Then he makes her kneel and then stand as he uses the riding crop on her bottom, back and legs. If she is going to be hurther Headmaster is going to do the hurting.

Bail Out Buster Part II

The pants come off and Black Pearl goes OTK, she gets a very very hard hand spanking that leaves her crying uncontrolably.

Bail Out Buster Part III

Black Pearl is back OTK this time for a very hard spanking with a slipper, this slipper is 1.25 inches thick and packs a nasty whack. She is spanked unmercyfully then when she thinks it is over out comes the whicked bath brush she is balling uncontrollably before it is over. Extended crying scene.

Bail Out Buster Part IV

In the final scene Black Pearl is beating soundly with the prison strap. She cries all through it and begs for mercy. Very hard spanking action.

Spanking – The Art Of Punishment

Video: Spanking - The Art Of Punishment
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Studio: DOM Promotions
What happens when you misbehave? This sort of behavior will not be tolerated and the mistress shall see to it and give a lashing to any naughty young co-ed. Over the knee spanking, caning and red hot asses are the central points of this movie.

These girls are in need of strict discipline. Watch the girls get bent over their head mistresses' knee and caned until their asses are beet red it's just an example in The Art of Punishment.

Impostor’s End – (Final Part of The Impostor Series)

Video: Impostor's End - (Final Part of The Impostor Series)
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Studio: Connoisseur C.P.
Jenny is in BIG trouble again. She has defied her parents and has been seeing her boyfriend behind their back, ignoring strict orders to stay away from him. The scene opens with Jenny bent over a stool, being soundly spanked by her stepmother, Nurse Fisher, who rapidly creates a glowing, bright scarlet bottom. She is soon joined by Mr. Fisher, who met the School Headmaster and Councilor Morgan and invited them back for a drink.

Councilor Morgan arrives shortly after with his extremely shy girlfriend, Anna. When Jenny opens the door to greet them, she suddenly looks alarmed, and we soon realize why. As Anna tries to hide her face, the School Headmaster let's out a gasp, "YOU!" he exclaims, much to the surprise of Councilor Morgan. "You're the woman that claimed to be the School Inspector". "You," adds Mrs. Fisher, "you spanked me claiming to be a Police Inspector". "Well," says Mr. Fisher, "I thought she was the Night Nurse whom I caught caning Jenny".

Councilor Morgan, meanwhile, is dumbfounded and demands to know what is going on. Soon, it is revealed as a scheme, dreamt up by Anna and Jenny. Anna is a student who is studying "Pain & Pleasure" and who has paid $150 to Jenny for her help in arranging the three previous episodes.

When Anna offers her apologies and tries to leave, the situation is very quickly turned around. As she has caused so much trouble, she is going to receive the PAIN, and the four adults are going to receive the PLEASURE, by punishing her. An evening of discipline ensues, with plenty of bare bottom action as each adult takes a turn at spanking, strapping, caning, and birching the unfortunate Anna and her previous personas.

Anna is finally allowed to leave and the four adults turn their attention to Jenny's bottom, which receives a similar punishment to Anna's for her part in the deception.

Stars: Nurse Fisher

The Night Nurse – Part 3 of The Impostor Series

Video: The Night Nurse - Part 3 of The Impostor Series
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Studio: Connoisseur C.P.
With her father having been summoned to the headmaster yet again, we find Jenny upended over her mother's knee for an old-fashioned hand spanking.

Unfortunately mum has to go to work but she's arranged for a night nurse friend to come and sit with Jenny.

The phone rings; it's the night nurse who is lost. As mum is late for work she hands the phone to Jenny to give travel directions with a warning to behave, but the scheming girl has other ideas. She lies and tells the real night nurse that she's no longer required "'cos my dad's just come home". She then makes a call to her friend Claire; "I've got the house to myself, so come as soon as you can".

Claire arrives, still in her waitresses' clothes, to find Jenny rubbing her bottom and queries the reason; a bottom inspection follows and she thinks Jenny is making a fuss over nothing. A discussion then ensues along the lines of "I can take more than you can". As a result of this, the two girls spank each other; following this Jenny produces a variety of paddles and straps which each applies to the other. Jenny then goes out and returns with an assortment of canes and a birch. The girls again take turns to use these canes on one another.

Father returns unexpectedly, to find his daughter, bottom bared, knickers lowered, being birched by the babysitter. He demands to know what's going on and "who the hell are you?" Jenny says she is the night nurse that mum has sent and they were just playing. Father decides that the night nurse should not be punishing Jenny and proceeds to demonstrate what real corporal punishment is all about. He hauls her over his knee for a good OTK spanking; then decides she should experience all the implements the girls have used. As Jenny produces each implement it is applied to her ever reddening bottom.

Finally satisfied, father sends Claire out and starts to give Jenny her promised beating. All too soon mother comes home; after hearing that Jenny had been playing with her babysitter, she finds Claire's discarded apron. The story is related and mother asks "Claire?" "Claire who?" "I sent Nicola". She picks up the birch "who's Claire? Jenny, who's Claire?" she repeats her question again and again, emphasising it each time with more strokes of the birch - Jenny remains silent. So Who is Claire? Find out in the final part: Impostor's End

Heather’s Punishment Session

Comprehensive Punishment Session! Hand-spanked OTK. Strapped hard bending over the ottoman and kneeling on her bed! Face-slapped 10 times! Hairbrush used 100 times on her bare bottom OTK. Ping-pong paddle used 120 times on her bare bottom as she kneels on the ottoman. 50 strokes of the cane! 131 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap! 400 hand-slaps on her bare bottom! Dressing and undressing as ordered to assure obedience. Whipped and spanked, Heather is severely punished! Her punishment finishes with her kneeling on her bed naked getting the strap used on her VERY HARD to impress on her that her obedience will be obtained!

Spanking – Now You’ll Get Something To Cry About

Video: Spanking - Now You'll Get Something To Cry About
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Studio: DOM Promotions
"Now you'll get something to cry about", remember hearing that when you were a kid? Well Fiona is far from a child but her old-school daddy is all about that old school discipline.

For being disrespectful and not obeying the house rules, she pays for her actions by being turned over her father's lap first, and he makes sure that her ass is nice and rosy before he lets up.

But he's not satisfied, so he brings in an old disciplinarian friend who quickly takes charge of the situation with a swift hand, and a big stick!



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