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Girly Spank

Video: Girly Spank
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Studio: Scorched
Who's been a bad girl today? Cum find out for yourself in another hot offering from "Scorched!" These sexy women don't waste any time when it comes to spanking and domination!! Watch a gorgeous little submissive get her ass beat bright red by a beautiful and ferocious FemDom who simply adores the feel of warm, tingly flesh against her palms. Don't miss out spanking fiends!!

English Girl, American Cane

Video: English Girl, American Cane
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Hello again from Ceil B. Ok, let's start by saying that this film is a tribute to our English producer of An American Girl, English Cane. Just with a few changes from our friends perspective detailed in his film from across the pond.

We begin with Our English Tart and then Ceil B. enters the room to dole out the spanking that she has earned. The spanking include the hand, a triple cane, paddle and then the real English cane that will have you asking for more and one sore bottomed tart begging for things to stop

Stars: Cecil B., The English Tart

House Rules

Video: House Rules
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
These two ladies have some House Rules that will make you think twice about going against them, or not following the House Rules to the T.

What do you think would have if one of the housemates that created the rules goes against them? I could go on and on about this movie but I really think that you need to see it for yourself.

Stars: Ally, Kordelia Devonshire

Cyber Discipline IX

Video: Cyber Discipline IX
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Our Cyber Spanker from Cyber Discipline VIII was back at it again surfing the internet spanking chat rooms and finding another interested woman. This time it was Dawn Soul. Once again the meeting was set up at a posh hotel. When Dawn arrives he greets her at the door and wastes no time getting into it. Once again we have a very happy Cyber Spanker. He picks up very quickly on how turned on she is and takes it a little further. He realizes she is really enjoying the experience. He gives her a good hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush, a dose of the strap and even spanks her pussy. Our second time cyber spanker has a great time again and so will you.

Stars: Dawn Soul

Cyber Discipline VII

Video: Cyber Discipline VII
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Our Cyber Spanker was surfing the internet spanking chat rooms again, and ran into that beautiful porn star, Katrina Isis. She had stumbled into the chat room, and was not sure that she wanted to be spanked, but she decided to give it a try... well this fellow was more than happy to oblige her wishes, and give her a taste of spanking. He set up a meet at a posh hotel. Well Katrina was not really up for what happened. But once again we have a very happy cyber spanker. He took it a little further than she thought he would and left her bruised. He gave her a good hard hand spanking, followed by the hairbrush, and then a magnificent dose of the strap, and ended with the cane. Our cyber spanker has had an absolutely marvelous experience, and so will you, but was it real? You be the judge! He doesn't know if she will be back, but he sure hopes so. This is a very hard and severe spanking session.


Stars: Katrina Isis

Lil’ Sister

Video: Lil' Sister
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
As the story begins the big sister, Tasha Lee, is fed up with her little sister, Dawn Soul. Not only has the bratty Dawn turn the house into a sty but Tasha has also discovered her naughty little sister has been stealing from her. Completely fed up, Tasha takes the naughty girl over her knees and proceeds to give her the kind of bottom thrashing the imperious Ms. Lee has become famous for.

Unfortunately for Tasha in meting out discipline to her little sister she's broken the cardinal rule in her home _ she did not get advance permission to do so from her husband, Cecil B. What follows Cecils return home is a classic lesson in discipline where both ladies learn just who's in charge of this household.

Stars: Tasha Lee, Cecil B., Dawn Soul



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