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Paddled & Penetrated

Video: Paddled & Penetrated
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Thrill to a severe spanking, paddling, strapping, caning and butt plug discipline video with a male on the receiving end!

Gemini is the strict Librarian who exacts justice from casual readers who fail to return their library books. Tom has kept ten books out, among them, Harriet Marwood, Governess.

Taking her cue from that famous dominant heroine, The strict, British Librarian spanks Tom to a turn, paddles him, straps him, bends him over and humiliatingly forces a plug into his bottom and then continues with hard discipline, including a smart caning, until he is thoroughly sore, red, filled and embarrassed. Tom is then stood to face the wall and ponder his crime and punishment.

This is a severe spanking scenario with the kind of reprimands that only an English woman is capable of administering. Gemini scolds, spanks and penetrates with laser beam accuracy. We have never produced a male submissive video this explicitly erotic, (what with the plug that keeps popping out and keeps getting shoved back in), but make no mistake, it is a punishment video.

You will grin at the clever ways in which The Librarian gives the still insolently boyish Tom Byron exactly what he deserves, in the most humiliating possible way.

Stars: Gemini, Tom Bryon

Classified Spanking

Video: Classified Spanking
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Studio: Bare Bottom Video
Samantha has a need, but not just an ordinary need. She needs a spanking, a real old fashion bare ass, red cheeks spanking. But she has no one who will grant her this wish, until she meets Sonny. Then the fun begins. Watch as our pretty leading lady lives out her fantasy with hot over the knee action. See her squeal with delight to the music of the hand, the ruler, and yes the strap. All in all, a truly exciting hour of a connoisseur of true spanking.

Stars: Samantha York, Sonny Daze

Prison Punishment Part Two

Video: Prison Punishment Part Two
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Studio: California Star Productions
Prisoners 56 & 57 are sent to the Warden to explain why their cells are such a mess and in one case drugs have been discovered. When they have difficulty explaining, the Warden decides old-fashioned spankings on their bottoms would be more appropriate than sending them to the solitary cells this time. You can see the Warden enjoys this sort of work, and has considerable experience in dealing with these offenders. However, it is not in her jurisdiction to give out corporal punishments, and when Mr. Hunt returns he is furious. He sends her out with a punishment gown telling her to return in 15 minutes with it on. By which time he has severely dealt with Prisoners #56 & 57. His biting cane is use unsparingly on everyone who crosses his path. Mr. Hunt is not evil though, he does warm their bottoms up first with his array of leatherwear. The Warden's larger than usual bottom is not spared on her return, a few good strokes across it ensures the respect of Mr. Hunt for a long time.

Out of Control

Video: Out of Control
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Studio: HotOldMovies
She's totally lost it this time and is Out of Control! To tame her problem drinking, this dumbfounded male has enlisted the help of two doms to tame her disturbing behavior. With a good round of spanking and paddling, this chick may finally learn to alter her antics...or she may just enjoy it more!

The Smoking Nun

Video: The Smoking Nun
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Sister Angelina had broken the rules many times, and Father Cecil is about to confront her. He enters her room and finds her lying on a couch smoking a cigarette. Well, this infuriates him and he is going to try to straighten out her attitude with a severe corporal punishment session. He spanks her by hand very hard first. Then he moves on to the leather paddle, wooden paddle, and finally very hard strokes with a cane. By the time he is finish, she is crying and quite repentant, but in the back of his mind he feels that she will transgress again. Come back again and find out.

Stars: Cecil B., Leahnim Lavada

Cyber Discipline II

Video: Cyber Discipline II
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
From The Desk Of Cecil B.:
Our erstwhile Cyber spanker has been at it again, surfing he Internet spanking chat rooms. This time he has come upon that stunning beauty, Christine Carter. After a few times talking via the chat line, they gave agreed to meet for a session. This time he has decided to go all out and has rented a room at swanky hotel, complete with a fireplace, and ritzy ambiance. She shows up at the agreed upon time, and on taking off her coat we see she is really prepared.

She has on this beautiful, sexy, pink lingerie outfit, and she looks as good as we would expect. After a few pleasantries are exchanged, they get right to it. This is a traditional over the knee session and is very hard. By the end she is beat red and purple from a very long, exciting, and extremely erotic spanking, and he even soothes her battered buns with a few very cold ice cubes. This has been one of the best experiences our cyber spanker has had, but was it real? You be the judge! And tune in for his next experience, which we are sure will be real soon.

Stars: Christina Carter

Spanked Virgins

Video: Spanked Virgins
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Studio: 1st Strike
These young and budding women have decided to be inducted into the world of spanking and submission. In the hands of their elder masters each is treated to spankings that marks their virgin flesh. From canes to paddles they take each lash in stride and find themselves looking forward to the next lesson.

Stars: Honey, David Charles, Jack Uppitt, Shay Hendrix

Payback’s A Bitch

Video: Payback's A Bitch
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Studio: Bum Rap Productions
Payback's A Bitch is the story of how one angry woman does her best to demonstrate just how she deals with a deserving male who's pissed her off.

At a spanking party, the beautiful and imperious Glory has walked in to find her friend, Yoni, doing a tad more than merely spanking her girlfriend. Enraged, Glory takes Yoni to another room, where she proceeds to toss the hapless male across her knees and spank him with her bare hand. Yoni, a natural brat who's never met a smart-ass remark he didn't utter, makes the mistake of sharing these comments with Glory. Unfortunately for him, this only serves as encouragement to Glory, who spends the next 50-minutes wailing away at Yoni's bared backside, by hand and a variety of paddles.

For fans of hot femdom action, Glory's overt excitement at delivering this blistering spanking is a fitting climax to this scintillating video.

Stars: Yoni, Glorious Glory



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