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Tales Of The Rod

Video: Tales Of The Rod
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Studio: California Star Productions

In our first production, an attractive Russian woman has been caught stealing sweets from a grumpy old storekeeper. She has already been suspect, but after giving her a thorough search he discovers more sweets in her panties and threatens to call the police. She asked him not to turn her in as her immigration papers aren't in order. Taking this opportunity he strips her naked and spanks her lovely bare bottom. He then puts her through some humiliating routines in the nude before caning her numerous times across her curvy red buttocks.

And in the SPANKING:INGREDIENT OF THE DAY our master chef, Marco, purchases when he finds that she has been unable to find all the ingredients that he needs for today's menus. This is not the first this has happened and his other chefs bemoan her ever been hired. Marco then decides to spank and cane her leaving large welt marks across her bottom. He then parades her before the others chefs so that they know he means business.

Stars: Marco

Caned Prefect

Video: Caned Prefect
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Studio: Cheeky Video
This sixth former is a bully; she soon learns that it is unacceptable behavior, especially for a prefect. This is not the usual padded out schoolgirl video; it was shot to be as authentic as possible, hence it is shorter than most at twenty-five minutes. Saying that, she receives at least fifty cane strokes and thirty-five with a genuine Loch Gellie tawse. I know because I felt every one of 'em! Culminating in genuine tears, not for the faint hearted.

The Spanking Bench

Video: The Spanking Bench
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Studio: Ohh Tee Kay
Well you guess it, Cecil B had his good friend Dan make one of the first spanking benches that will fit every one no matter what your size is and the best part is will fit in the trunk of most cars.

Wow! Now you can really take your favorite toy with you when you go to your next spanking party.

Well now for the movie.

We begin with Cecil B. introducing his friend Dan as the spanking bench master builder before moving on to a demonstration on the use of the bench with Ceil B's an his favorite model Kordelia D.

Oh I'm sorry I was watching the movie so as to write this. I feel you must really watch this yourself for you to really get the feeling I did. I just want to remind you that this movie doesn't stop there with the Introduction of Dan the builder, it moves on with Ceil B. and Kordelia Devonshire show you the use of the bench and more & more & more. I really believe this is a must see film and along with a toy that should be in every home.

Stars: Kordelia Devonshire, Cecil B.

Phantom Image

Video: Phantom Image
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Studio: B & D Pleasures
A daydreaming man has great difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality. All of his fantasies are about tying up and gaging beautiful women! As he works it out with his terrific shrink, Dr. Bob Daniels, his fantasies come to life for your enjoyment. The man, played by Jay Dee, has fantasies so real you'll swear it's really happening as he binds and gags five different fantasy girls; an equestrienne, an exotic dancer, a cowgirl, a harem slave girl, and a tennis player, cute in her whites, are the dream girls our hero puts into his special bondage situations! His fantasies become reality as you watch!

Stars: Darian Haze, Jay Dee



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